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Small devotional acts. (Of self and platonic love)

  • Wear cozy/comfy clothes
  • Listen to music that makes you feel empowered
  • Sing along to your favorite songs
  • Give little gifts to your friends
  • Go for an evening walk
  • Sleep in when you can
  • Bring more gentle colors into your life
  • Clean your room and let some fresh air in
  • Drink tea with honey 
  • Visit the ocean or find some ways to be connected to it (sea salt, seashells, etc.)
  • Write a letter to your future self or one to her
  • Glitter!
  • Go to a store and try on some new clothing styles
  • Leave positive notes in random places
  • Change your look every once and a while
  • Treat a friend to some drinks/dinner
  • Don’t limit yourself and your style because of stereotypes
  • Support small businesses
  • Take a day off and do whatever you want
  • Watch some cute animal videos
  • Visit a garden
  • Go on a picnic
  • Stand up for those who need it
  • Buy yourself some flowers
  • Be there for your friends
  • Eat those extra sweets
  • Wear more makeup/jewelry if it makes you feel nice
  • Compliment people more
  • Try out some new face masks
  • Take more selfies and pictures (by yourself and with friends)
  • Enjoy floral scented things
  • Go to a movie by yourself
  • Many, many, many other things not said here

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Vernon for the random au?

  • paramedic!vernon 
  • is the youngest of the EMT’s unit and everyone baby’s him and calls him cute when he comes in with his hair clipped back and his uniform on
  • and he’s like iM NOT,,,,,cute 
  • and they’re like ok mhm sure,,,,,,,but literally the nurses love him so much and when he’s on the night shift they’re like “vernon, here have a granola bar and some coffee and this extra heat pack-”
  • won’t say it, but he thinks doctors are super cool and he really likes watching them work
  • thinks he doesn’t have to wear his seatbelt when they’re riding in the ambulance but that’s a big mistake and almost knocks down a bunch of cotton swabs when the driver does a fast turn on the freeway
  • you,,,,,,are not the world’s most handy person so when you decide it’ll be a good idea to fix your curtains at literally 11 pm on a tuesday you don’t expect that you’ll make (1) false move
  • and go tumbling off the stairs, scrapping yourself on your coffee table and hitting your arm against the floor
  • and thankfully a neighbor hears the commotion and dials for the ambulance (since your arm hurts way too damn much)
  • and when it gets here,,,,,you see vernon and you’re like,,,,,,,woah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,cute
  • and he’s asking you questions along with another EMT and you’re just dazed, maybe because you hit your head, maybe because he’s got the prettiest chocolate brown eyes you’ve ever seen
  • but you’re just like uhuh or no and vernon is like ‘ok let’s get you to the ER’
  • and as you’re laying in the ambulance, vernon shutting the doors 
  • and he leans over to get to treating the cut on your arm and he’s like “how did you fall?”
  • and you’re just like “are you an angel?” and he’s like,,,,,,,,,,,what
  • and you’re like “have you seen yourself? like how you look. like. what. like. did i hit my head that hard and im in heaven now or???”
  • and vernon is looking down at you and he’s like,,,stuck between being flattered and being confused
  • and he’s like 
  • “sorry, but are you flirting with me after you just broke your arm and are bleeding?”
  • and you grin and you’re like “yes” and vernon is like,,,,,,,well this is a new one
  • and you’re like “seriously? i feel like you get flirted with all the- Oh MY GOD MY HAND HURTS SO MUCH WHY DID I TRY TO MOVE IT”
  • and vernon is like akgfhlefjf but he gets your hand situated in a makeshift cast and he’s like “don’t move it or shift your weight,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and when you get to the ER he’s like “the nurse will take you from here.” and you’re like ok,,,,,,,,,will i see you again
  • and vernon is like if you break your arm again and you’re like really??? and he’s like oh my god don’t get any ideas here ill write my number on your arm- wait it’s broken ok let me scribble it on your hospital bracelet while the nurse isn’t looking 

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How the turtles would act when drunk around their crush?


He’s very self controlled so when he gets drunk he knows better than to go around you. He’d avoid you and you’d try to get to him. Because he’s drunk he can’t really say anything so he just stays quiet while you chase him and he runs aways from you as best as he can. Of course him being very fit he is way faster than you and you have no choice but to give up. When he gets sober he walks towards you with a blush on his face and apologises for what he did and explain to you why he did it.


Run, just run. Oh boy, when raph’s drunk you gotta run as fast as you can that is if you still want to be able walk tomorrow. When raph’s drunk he’s SUPER horny so you better watch out. He’ll scream “I LOVE YOU S/O, PLEASE SLEEP WITH ME” and chase after you. You run as fast as you can to run away from raph, well you tried at least. Raph is of course way faster than you and catches you immediately. well get ready for some good fucking


This little cinnamon roll would be extra clingy. He’d never leave your side LITERALLY. He’d cling to either your waist, legs or arm. He’ll keep on showering you with random compliments and he’d wont stop saying “I love you so much s/o please accept my feelings” over and over again. The next day when he’s sober he apologises over and over again to you saying that he was drunk and he didn’t mean anything. You get sad and said “so does that mean you don’t like me”. Donnie gets flustered and his face turns red while trying to tell you that he loves you.



Combeferre is the excitable biology professor that chats with students all the time and goes on tangents about the deer that won’t get out of his damn apple trees. He’s always way too chipper at 7am Ornithology lab because he’s so. excited. about. nature, and he’ll give you extra credit if you bring him a cool bone or some frog eggs. His lab exams can be hell, though, and he only gives, like, five tests a year because he likes it that way and also hates grading, watch out.

Joly is the anatomy professor that always has a huge smile on his face no matter what. His main class is a year long, and it’s one of the hardest things a bio student can take, but he’s so fun to have that a lot of people forget how difficult it actually is. He sticks random Japanese words and phrases into the directions for the practical bits of his exams because “you should always know how to be polite no matter where you go.” He’s rarely seen by students outside of class, and those that have never had him elevate him to “campus cryptid” status.

I Thought You Were Gone

Characters: Sam + Dean Winchester x sister!reader. Also, two others that I don’t want to reveal yet, but they’re from the episode 5x16

Words: 3300 (I could have made it into two parts, but I didn’t really know where to part it so, yeah.)

[Angst, Sadness, Character Deaths, Blood, Comfort]

Tags: @evyiione, @daughters-and-winsisters, @samanddeanshotsis, @fabulouslycassie, @darkestgrungeuniverse, @delessapeace-blog, @mariairwin666, @1amluke

A/N: This is a bit spontaneous, as I didn’t finish the fic I wanted to post. I found this one instead though, but sorry if there’s any undetected errors :)

Also, this takes place in season 5.

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Your name: submit What is this?

You sighed and leaned back against the headboard of the motel bed. It was quiet except for the mumbling of the random show on the TV. You weren’t even watching, you just put it on to break the silence, as you weren’t really used to it. The other day, Dean won some extra cash by hustling pool, and you all decided to splurge it on a second motel room, since well, it gets kind of crowded when you’re three and share one room. You had expected Dean to take the room by himself and leave you and Sam to share, not that you would question it, it was his money. But, he didn’t. Instead, to your surprise, he decided to be generous and gave you the room.

Even though it was a lot more spacious and not as warm, you still felt a bit odd being alone. Although, you appreciated the act. You really did, it was sweet of him.

Soon, you lied down on top of the bed, not even bothering to take off your clothes. You were quite exhausted from today’s, well yesterday’s — since it was past midnight — salt and burn. And that was probably the only reason you were able to sleep in that empty motel room.

You jolted awake by the loud sound. It took you a split second to place it, your heart hammering against your ribs. Gunshot. It was a gunshot. You flew off your bed onto your feet, confused. The noise was so loud you could have sworn it was in your room, but no, you were still alone. You were practically trembling because of the adrenaline pumping through your system. You were confused about the empty room, until you remembered why. But then, you were confused where the sound had come from until your realized that it must’ve come from the room next door. And who camped out there? Your brothers.

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Having A Bit Of Fun

Request: Could you do a tom and reader on set,  where reader is Tom’s crush and he’s always nervous around her. She trys to talk to him and he just goes all cute and shy but mega nervous so she trys to reassure him by squeezing his thigh a little to high,  which makes matters worse for him cuz of a slight issue that has risen leading to a steamy make out session,  maybe abit of smut 😊 please and thanking you 👌 

Warnings: A make-out session.

A/N: This is my first Tom Holland x reader, And probably my last. Just saying xD

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Tom smiled as he watched you reading the script for the movie. You had been sitting there for maybe a half hour and hadn’t taken your eyes off of it once. And, you only had one line. Tom supposed you knew the whole entire script by now.
He knew you were basically just some random extra on set, and he should probably be focusing on the next scene but he couldn’t help but stare at you. You were so perfect.

“Yo Tommy!” Harrison snapped a finger in front of Tom’s face.

“Hmm” Tom had to rip his eyes off of you to look at his friend.

“Are you ok? You’ve been like, staring off into space for-” He looked down at his watch. “-Twenty minutes and thirty seconds”

“Oh, yeah yeah I’m fine” He scratched the back of his neck as he stood up.

The director had called Tom to the set to do one of his stunt scenes.

You looked up for about 2 seconds to see what he was doing.

He caught eyes with you and in a split second he had fallen flat on his face.
You knew it wasn’t your fault bit you felt very much responsible for it.

one of the directors help stand him up and the first thing you saw was his bloody nose.

“Holy crap” You said to yourself.

You saw Tom walk over to one of the trailer thingys and go inside. You decided you better go apologize.

“Uh, Hi, I’m Y/N. You probably wouldn’t recognize me I’m just an extra”

“Oh I-I-I recognize Y-You. Y/N right?” You laughed.

“I think that’s what I said"He turned red.

You scooted closer to him and realized that he was actually shaking a little bit.
In a spur of the moment decision trying to call him down, because god he was scaring even you, you reached to the side and brushed your hand against his thigh. He turned even redder if that was even possible.

Tom couldn’t take it anymore, If he had to spend one more second without his lips against yours he thought he was gonna lose it.

He turned to the side and kissed you forcefully. As surprised as you were you kissed him right back.

You wrapped your legs around him and the kiss continued. You only broke apart for a moment to get some air when you saw Harrison behind you.

"So I’m on the set of homecoming, and it looks like Tom and Y/N Y/L/N are having a bit of fun” He said into his phone.

“Harrison!!!!” Tom yelled as he chased after him.

Some random platonic Supercat headcanons
  • Cat asks Kara one morning why she never gets herself a coffee when she picks up Cat’s. Kara tells her she can’t afford it, and Cat starts doubling her order and giving the extra to Kara every single day. 
  • Cat once took Kara to dinner at a restaurant so expensive that Kara couldn’t understand half the ingredients on the menu. Cat closed a $35 million deal while surreptitiously watching Kara spit out snails.
  • Kara works from Cat’s apartment on Friday nights. Cat needs to be home with Carter, but has trouble finishing up the week by 5pm. Kara helps her by coming over after work. She sits on their expensive couches, TV playing Carter’s shows, her laptop resting on her knees while she works.
  • Kara sings, and she sings well, when she thinks no one is listening. One Friday night she stayed way too late at Cat’s and Cat convinced her to stay over in the guest room. Cat walked in to set a towel on the bed and from beyond the guest bathroom door, she could hear the strains of “Walking on Sunshine” floating in. She lingered longer than she should have and grinned like an idiot, but only because no one was around to catch her doing it.
Stiles Smut~ Strangers

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 1107

Warnings: NSFW, smut, oral (male recieving)

Dylan smut based off of Stangers by Halsey

A/N: Guys, I promise I had this done and ready, but the storm I was tlaking about ended up cutting the internet off. You can ask my mom, I ranted to her all night about it I was watching Supernatural for Christ’s sake.

Anyways, kinda wanna add more fandoms like idk Supernatural, Voltron, Twilight, random ones. I’m going to catch up on some tv shows later on like Riverdale and stuff.
IDK. Inbox is empty. Send in requests pleaaaase. :))

Extra: Song X

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Eyes On The Road

Characters:  Dean x Reader with a side of Sam

Summary:  Dean and the reader have some fun on the road.

Word Count:  1526

Warnings: This is just pure smut.  I felt the need to write some down and dirty good old fashioned smut.

Tags are at the bottom.  Feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

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Eyes On The Road

Dean hasn’t been able to take his eyes off you all night. He tracks you as you move around the club in the skirt that barely covers your ass accompanied by those heels that could impale a man. You can practically feel his gaze burning your skin. There’s an extra swing to your hips as you work the crowd, flirting with possible suspects. When you lean over to talk to the men, you give him a good, long look at those round breasts. Every time you whisper breathlessly into some random guy’s ear, you watch his jaw clench. You know that by the time you get out of here he’ll be fit to be tied. Hmm…maybe you’ll tie him up. There’s a thought.

Making your way across the room, you size up the newcomer at the bar. He spots you sashaying toward him and turns to face you as you slide into the stool at next to him. “Hey there, beautiful. Buy you a drink?”

Biting your lower lip, you bat your eyelashes. “Sure, sugar. I’d like that,” you say in a breathy voice. “Looking for some company tonight?” You lay a hand on his arm and watch him wince when your silver ring touches his skin. “You okay?” you ask innocently, removing your arm and leaning forward to give him a front seat to your cleavage.

“Yeah, I’m good. What do you say we get out of here?”

In answer you hop from the stool and indicate for him to follow you. Out of the corner of your eye you see Sam and Dean rise and shadow the two of you out the back door. Once you are in the dark alley the shifter makes a move, trying to grab your arm. Sam and Dean burst through the door. Sam pulls the shifter off of you while Dean plunges a silver blade into his chest.  

All in all, a good night’s work.

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So did either of you acknowledge that you gave her another origami flower? I'm dying at all this cuteness

fkadlfjad;lfkj ok here’s the rest of the story

so. i left the thing on her laptop and then i ran away went to eat lunch, so i didn’t get a chance to stick around and see how she reacted when she first saw it. but then later on my supervisor stopped me and was like “wow i saw the thing!!!” bc apparently flower girl was showing the thing to other people and telling them i made it for her (even though i didn’t like… leave a note or talk to her or anything, she knew)

and then she finished for the day and was doing some grocery shopping before she went home. i was bagging at the time so i was like “oh i hope she comes through my line this is good i can smile at her but i don’t really have to make a lot of conversation bc she’ll probably be talking to the cashier mostly,” but guess what!!!! as fate would have it, right before she was about to check out it was getting kind of busy so i was told to go open another register, and just as i was getting set up she was literally right in front of my aisle with her basket and was like heeeeyyy!!!

so obvs she came through my line, and immediately she was so excited about the thing i made her and she was talking about how my sup wanted one but then “i told her she’d have to advocate for herself & ask you to make her her own because i’m sure as hell not giving up mine!!” (i KNOW!!!!) and she actually had it in her hand and was taking it home with her. and then we just talked about food and stuff (lmao i work in a grocery store, all we ever talk about is food) and anyways i was Normal and not awkward and we smiled at each other a lot and there was a lot of eye contact and it was nice.

and i think—i THINK—she knows that i like her, like she MUST right??? i am the least subtle person when it comes to gay thirst, it’s a problem. i mean i guess all of this could sort of be construed as platonic… just like… a gal… making paper roses for a pal…… but idk there was a lot of eye contact going on as i was checking her out (heh) & i’m really maybe trying to Go For It (in like… an 8th grade flirting kind of way). plus my instagram is literally just portraits of fictional lesbians & i have rainbows coming out of my ass so she must at least know that i’m gay.

i mean the straight people i work with literally see the rainbow sticker on my water bottle and the rainbow pins on my backpack and my converses w the rainbow soles and still have NO CLUE and don’t realize i’m not straight (???? how???? i guess it just never occurs to them because?? heteronormativity??? they’re literally like “omg your shoes are cute i want to get a pair” and every time i want to be like nnNNO. these are not!! for!! you!!!). but anyways flower girl is def not straight and she also has rainbows coming out of her ass so i’m sure if i clocked her she must have clocked me right???

oh OH also back to storytime. my friend told me that apparently as i was going out to get carts (this was right after i came back from lunch so she already had the flower i made her but we hadn’t acknowledged it yet) flower girl looked up from her work (she’s very focused when she works it’s cute) and turned her head to watch me walk out the door so………… idk what that means. i mean i’m literally always watching her walk away, apparently it’s getting really obvious and people make fun of me for it all the time. but yeah she watched me walk away. SO. there’s that.

anyways we’re both working again tomorrow, she’s opening and i’m not scheduled until 11 but i think i might come in a few hours earlier and just set up shop with my laptop and try to make some progress on some artwork or something. i mean i definitely have to come in earlier anyways bc i still can’t drive myself and 11am is an inconvenient time for other people who don’t work random hours. but i might come in extra early like at 8 or something so i can just… sit at a table facing the flower booth and pretend to Do Stuff but actually just watch her work for 3 hours lmao i’m a MESS

Jake Gyllenhaal Imagine

It was a quit evening at the apartment you shared with Jake. Now the two of you weren’t dating just two friends who lived together. But sure as hell it felt like it. The two of you spend a lot of time together. Drinking wine, eating, watching movies or just sitting and talking. Even tho it was a Friday night you wouldn’t want to spend it any other way then sit with Jake in the kitchen talking about any random subject that came to mind. 

“Okay then what would you rather have. Two extra arms or eyes at the back of your head?” in some weird way you came to would you rather questions. 

“How did we get here?” you asked taking a sip of your wine. Jake did the same and answered

“Well some people say that we are God creations but I like to think we were put here by alians.” you could tell he was amused by his own joke. 

“Not that you weirdo. How did we get to these questions.“ You asked laughing and his silly answer. He looked at you with a deep look that showed he had more in his mind then he said. “What is it Jake?” He smiled took a sip. Slowly got up and set next to you. “I want to ask you something.” You nodded “have you ever thought of us more then friends?” His question did surprise you but at the same some made excited. Maybe it was the wine or just you wanted to speak the truth. “Yeah I have. Have you?” You said with a flirty smile. He smiled back at you. Then just nodded. Suddenly it seemed like time was going in slow motion. You watched as he leaned in and closed his eyes. You did the same. Soon enough your lips met in the most amazing kiss you’ve ever had. Butterflies filled your stomachs. After breaking the kiss he held your now read cheeks in his hands. “God how I’ve wanted this moment for so long”


Apparently I wrote 2 imagines for the same prompt so here’s some extra Happy for you!

You were a simple person. You weren’t too demanding when it came to things like your love life or work. You just asked for respect and gave it back. Otherwise if the respect wasn’t there, you didn’t give any. Which it seemed like this random croweater didn’t seem to grasp.

She must be new, you thought to yourself. You walked up to the hoe that decided tonight was a good night to start rubbing up on your man. You stood there for a good second as you watched Happy trying to push the crazy lady off of him before finally clearing your throat. She glanced back but looked back at Happy who was looking at you in thought. He knew how defensive you could get.

You glared at the back of her head before grabbing her shoulder and forcing her to turn around. “What?!?” She asked you with attitude in her voice. She seemed a little slow. You cocked your head to the side as you glared at her.

“I don’t think my Old Man likes you rubbing up on him, harlot. Maybe you should take your dump somewhere else.” You told her as you walked around her and sat in his lap. He wrapped his arms around you and buried his head into your neck.

“What the fuck does that mean?!?” She asked, offended. She huffed as Happy wasn’t showing her any attention.

You laughed at her. “Do you not know what harlot means?” You asked her. You felt Happy smile against your skin and his body shake with silent laughter.

“Duh, I don’t speak geek.” She said as her voice got higher.

You spoke slowly, as if talking to a child. “It means whore, hoe, how any other way to say to cum dump.”

She gasped. You laughed at her reaction. “Man, are you dumb.” You said.

Some of the others were laughing at her, too. That was until she decided she was gonna talk back to you. “You cunt! I think you’re the whore here!” She said as she crossed her arms.

You stopped laughing and your face went serious.

“Bitch, you better know who you’re talking to.” You heard from behind you. You turned your head and saw Tara standing behind you and Happy. She stood there with her hands on her hips and a glare in her eyes as she stood up to the croweater.

The croweater backed off a little as she saw that she was unevenly matched with two other women after her along with some of the Sons around you that were watching the situation, waiting to push the bitch out of here.

Finally, she huffed off to find another conquest for the night. Hopefully, a single man. Don’t need anymore drama tonight.

sometimes you’re just watching an anime and a perfect scene comes on.

Like in episode 11 of KHR, where a random girl gives Takeshi an ‘extra’ lunch that he offers to share with Tsuna.  Hayato responds by shoving forward his bread and asking Tsuna to have some.  I couldn’t resist.

because this show basically keeps having these two trying to one-up one another to gain Tsuna’s affection, it’s really hilarious.  And Takeshi’s face is perfect here to show exactly what he thinks of all of this

30 Days of Nothing: Kara no Kyoukai Challenge Masterlist

I’m rebooting the KnK challenge that got interrupted my miscellaneous hiatus-related events and I forgot to restart on June 15th but to my credit I did watch A Study in Murder 2 while cooking and doing chores at the formal end of my hiatus on Monday, June 19th. Hopefully some of the old players will still be game. 

There won’t be any “lightning round” catch-up days from me, but at hopefully the randomness of the day of the month I’m restarting the challenge will be somewhat encouraging to those who dropped out (like me) in May.

 Since I’ve actually been getting somewhat organized over the last few weeks, I’ll be in a better position to reply to other participant’s responses quickly, and include an extra nibble of KnK content with every post. 

I’d really love it if a few people who primarily interact with the Kara no Kyoukai via Fate Grand Order would join. *slowly turning head towards @sosei* I’m very curious to see answers from the perspective of people who only have had brief exposure to the light novels and/or Ufotable film adaptations have to say about the questions on this list along with the film & novel obsessed veterans. 

Even if your answer is “I have no clue what you’re talking about,” to some of these questions, I’d love to hear what fate series gamers have to say, too!

  1. What do you like most about the franchise?
  2. What do you dislike most about the franchise?
  3. Do you feel any sympathy for Araya Souren?
  4. Favorite character
  5. Favorite character design.
  6. Favorite antagonist
  7. Who do you like more: Ryougi Shiki or Ryougi SHIKI?
  8. Favorite film
  9. Favorite spin-off/character cameo (manga, video game, etc.)
  10. Do you believe Ryougi Shiki could defeat a Servant?  If so, how and why?  Ignore the wiki/guidebook crap about a defensive fight.
  11. Most romantic Shiki x Mikiya moment
  12. Favorite voice performance
  13. Favorite moment in the franchise
  14. Least favorite character
  15. Least favorite character design
  16. Least favorite antagonist
  17. What’s your favorite KnK quote?
  18. Least favorite film
  19. Least favorite spin-off/character cameo (manga, video game, etc.)
  20. Least favorite voice performance
  21. Least favorite moment in the franchise
  22. Favorite piece of music from the franchise
  23. Least favorite piece of music from the franchise
  24. Favorite fan work
  25. Favorite crossover (non TYPE-MOON)
  26. Your history with the franchise
  27. Your KnK merch collection
  28. Do you prefer the films or light novels?
  29. Unpopular opinion(s) about the franchise
  30. What’s your origin? Explain why!

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k...komaeda and,,, deaf reader,, anything,, maybe..

Nagito Komaeda/Deaf Reader

Submission attempt 2.0! Hopefully my computer actually cooperates this time-
Anyway! I saw a request for Komaeda and a deaf reader, and I got a little bit excited at the opportunity to experiment with writing both Ko and a deaf character. Both of which I have never attempted before, so hopefully this turned out okay. This is also my first time posting my writing in a public place, so any constructive criticism is welcome for this newbie.

I couldn’t resist adding the slight feels at the end there. Sorry not sorry. ~gracefulguardgoyle

Never before had you seen your boyfriend, Nagito Komaeda, as enthusiastic as the time in which he asked you to teach him sign language. It came as a surprise to you, since you’d never really seen him get excited about anything before. But when he explained that he wanted to learn in order to be able to communicate more efficiently with you, you couldn’t help but feel happy. You see, you were born deaf, and when communicating with people who didn’t know ASL, you had to stick to reading their lips and then writing on a notepad you carried with you. You had gotten much better at it ever since you entered Hope’s Peak Academy, but it was still a bit of a hassle. Of course his willingness to learn made you happy. So who were you to turn him down? After agreeing to teach him, you both worked out a plan for him to stop by at your house later that evening to begin his lessons. Tonight’s lesson would be fingerspelling, which he was more than happy to agree to. After parting ways, you made your way home, excited for this evening.

And that pretty much explains how you had come to this situation. You and Nagito were sitting on the couch in your house. Your notepad was sitting in your lap with random words and sentences scribbled all over it, and your pencil was tucked behind your ear. Nagito sat beside you, watching you— specifically your hands— intently as you made the sign for the letter X for the second time. You then motioned for him to do the same, and he obeyed. This time he got it right, after a minor mistake with the positioning of his thumb. You offered the luckster a smile and a nod to confirm that he had made the sign correctly this time, and his face lit up.

Removing the pencil from your ear, you found some extra space on the page already open on your notepad and wrote something down quickly. You then showed it to Nagito, who searched for the new writing on the page before taking a brief moment to actually read it.

“Next, of course, is the sign for the letter Y.” He read in a mumble. He then directed a smile at you, nodding his head to confirm his readiness. This was just something you’d been doing before every new sign. Despite the fact that he told you he would know you were moving on if you hadn’t given a notice beforehand, you still felt the need to do so. You just didn’t want to confuse him, that’s all. You wanted to be extra careful and make sure he understood. When he stated that there was no need to be so careful with “trash” like him, you simply fixed him with a glare before scribbling your retorts on your notepad. There was even a whole page dedicated to these retorts every time he made these self-depreciating comments. Eventually he just gave up on trying to convince you of the meaninglessness of these warning, and you two carried on.

It only took Nagito one try to get the sign for the letter Y correct after watching you do it once. After the usual smile and nod of confirmation and the written notice about moving on to the next sign, you showed him the final sign. The letter Z. Again, it only took him one try to get it correct. Once again you confirmed this, and then grabbed your pencil again. You found the last bit of available space on the paper, and wrote out a new message.

The message read, “You’re doing great! You seem to be getting it really well, Nagito!” After reading it, a small smile tugged at the corners of the boy’s mouth, and he looked up from the paper to meet your (e/c) eyes.

“What’s with the praise and enthusiasm, (y/n)?” He asked with a light laugh. He leaned back against the arm of the chair, running a hand through those white locks of his briefly. “I’m not that great. I only just started learning today, after all. Besides, trash like me doesn’t deserve your p—”

You cut Nagito off by gently smacking him on the head with your notepad. Placing it back on your lap, you flipped to a new page and began writing on it again. Once you were finished with your scribbling, you showed it to him with a pout on your face, and he read it aloud.

“Quit talking like that, Nagito. You are not trash. You are not worthless. You are not scum. You are perfect. You are my everything. I love you so much. So please, stop talking like that.”

The boy raised a brow after he finished reading, then looked back at you again. He then chuckled as he gently removed the notepad from your hands and placed it on the coffee table, and then place his own hands in yours. “I’ll never understand how you manage to feel that way about me, but I suppose I won’t complain. I’m just so lucky that you do. And I love you too, my little hope.”

With that, he leaned forward and pressed his lips to yours. You happily returned the kiss, and when you two parted after a moment, a smile graced your features as you mouthed a silent ‘thank you’. You then grabbed the notepad again and wrote out yet another message.

“Think you can sign the alphabet now? Of course it’s alright if you can’t— that is quite a bit to memorize.”

After reading this, Nagito pursed his lips in thought, and his gaze drifted to the nearest wall as he did. After a few seconds, he fixed his gaze back on you, and that usual smile was back on his face.

“Sure, but I’d like to try and sign something else before I do that,” he told you. You raised a brow and tilted your head slightly, wondering what he could possibly be thinking of. Nevertheless, you nodded your head as a sign for him to go on. You watched him as he began to spell something out, going very slowly as to make sure he was getting each sign correct.

I… L… O… V… E… Y… O… U…

By the time he finished, Nagito was blushing ever so slightly. It took a minute for you to put it together in your head with his slow and drawn-out pace, but of course you got it. And when you did, your cheeks matched his in color.

He hadn’t really expected you to start giggling. At that point, he became afraid that he had made the wrong sign somewhere in there and completely changed the meaning. He watched nervously as you grabbed your pencil and paper and scribbled some more. But that nervousness was alleviated when he read what you had written out for him.

“I love you too, silly! And good job signing there. You really have caught on quick. Next time we’ll work on your speed though. And there’s a faster way to sign ‘I love you’, by the way. I’ll show you.”

He looked up from the paper to see that you were showing him a new sign with your free hand. Your pinkie, index finger, and thumb were raised while your middle and ring fingers were curled down at your palm, and you pushed that hand slightly toward him. He mimicked the sign and gesture, earning a sweet smile from you. Then you went scribbling on your paper again.

“Good job, Nagito! Remember that one~ I’ll teach you more phrases and words later on. For now, why don’t we get some sleep? It’s getting pretty late. You can stay over, if you want.”

“Are you sure you want trash like m—” The glare you sent his direction told him not to finish that sentence, so he obeyed. Instead, he smiled and stood up from the couch, extending a deathly pale hand towards you. “That sounds like a good idea, (y/n). Shall we go, then?”

Satisfied with the fix, you returned the smile and nodded your head. You took his hand and allowed him to help you up, then led him upstairs to your room. After placing the notepad and pencil on the nightstand beside your bed, you sat down on the mattress and tugged him down next to you. Before he could protest, you pulled the blankets up over you both and wrapped your arms tightly around him to prevent his escape. Surprisingly, he didn’t struggle too much. He just chuckled and wrapped his arms around your waist and placed his chin atop your head.

“So persistent, (y/n),” he whispered. However, you had no idea, since you weren’t in a position that allowed you to read his lips. But you didn’t mind. You simply closed your eyes and nuzzled into your loving boyfriend, and soon enough you were out like a light. He remained awake just a little bit longer, with a small smile on his face as he gently ran a hand through your (h/c) locks.

He loved moments like this. He loved the peace and serenity that came with simply holding you in his arms. He could ask for nothing more than this, than you. You were his beacon of hope, because to him, your hope shined brighter than anyone else in the entire academy. You were his everything.

He missed you more than anything else during his time on Jabberwock Island. His thoughts of you kept him from completely snapping, even though the others thought he had already passed that point. And you were the last thought that raced through his mind as he inhaled the poison gas that would lead to his demise.

Marvelmas (4/13) - December 16 - Thor Odinson x Reader

Words: 1116
Pairing: Thor Odinson x Reader
Featuring: Loki
Warnings: none
Authors Note: i felt like drinking hot cocoa with thor would have been funny. it was.

Marvelmas Masterlist. Masterlist.

“Everyone, we are gathered here today to honor the person who saved the world!” The person standing in the middle of the room called, “(Y/N) (L/N)!”

Miles of cheers came at your name. The people loved you; you saved the world your amazing device! You had awards, and ceremonies, all in your honor. You did it all by yourself, too, it was unbelievable!

That’s how you knew it was a dream; you couldn’t do it alone. You’re part of a team; you wouldn’t be able to do it yourself!

You were now in control of the dream, and all your friends suddenly appeared from what you were thinking. They were all just, in the wrong outfits. Somehow, your mind gave your dream the message that you wanted to see your team dressed in the different suits. Granted, it was hilarious, but it was also confusing the hell out of you.

You gave yourself wings and the power to hold Thor’s hammer, which he was not too happy about. “(Y/N)!” He shouted at you, making you laugh. “(Y/N)!” He yelled again.

“What?” You mumbled.

“(Y/N)!” Thor yelled, making your eyes shoot open. He was standing over your bed, trying to wake you.

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Play This Game - The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (PS3/Vita)

So, with Trails of Cold Steel 2 set to come out in early September (or late Sep, XSeed employees have said the September 6th date is a placeholder) and the first game being one of my top games of 2015 I figured I’d write a little post encouraging people to get into this series.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is an JRPG made by Falcom. If you haven’t heard of Falcom (and sadly, a lot of people haven’t) they’re a relatively small Japanese developer who have been around forever, and making awesome games the entire time. Most notable is probably the Ys franchise.

Trails of Cold Steel is a game about a class of students at a military school in the nation of Erebonia - A vaguely Russian-esque nation currently in the middle of a large amount of class-based strife (the social kind, not the academic kind.)

Erebonia is an empire with a monarch and nobility, with the nation separated into many small provinces ruled over by nobles. However, the Prime Minister, who wields a significant amount of power, controlling the national military and many other aspects of the government, is a reformist. He wants to do away with nobility entirely, a stance that naturally causes a lot of tension between himself and the nobles. It’s all very interesting and Falcom’s world building is one of the best parts of these games.

This conflict is tied to the core plot of the game, and it’s actually written very well. What’s really impressive is that Trails of Cold Steel avoids not only the most common issue stories like this have, but also the trap hole most people who dodge the first fall into. Neither side is presented as smelling like roses - although most people are still going to side with the reformists, the story doesn’t portray the issue as totally black and white.

Furthermore, it avoids the cheap route of making one side ‘right, but then comically bloodthirsty’ that a lot of lazy stories go with (cough, Bioshock Infinite, cough). The reformist side is headed by an authoritarian who is also big on expansion and imperialism. He has a heavy hand and isn’t particularly sympathetic when people oppose him, but he’s also genuinely interested in dismantling the rigid class system of the nation has. 

To contrast, while the nobles are amicable and generally seem alright, they really do believe they’re inherently better than you and you need to stay stupid and working, peasant.

The circumstances of the protagonists art part of this. The military school that serves as the primary setting for the game has classes separated by social class, but the protagonists are part of a new class, that’s mixed with members from both social classes. This comes up multiple times, with tension between the classes leading to tension between members of the party.

As for the party themselves, they’re all great.

I’m sure a lot of people tensed up seeing a picture of the cast because they look so similar to the cast of a lot of bad animes - but that’s sort of the point. Falcom really loves using current trends in anime in their games, but since Falcom has a really good team of character designers and writers, the result is almost always really good. I’m paraphrasing, but a Falcom executive once literally said “we might put moe stuff in one of our games someday, but we’re going to make it good” which I think is a pretty good philosophy to have. The cast all have really distinct personalities and actually have backstories that make their personalities make sense. And while at first glance they appear to be archetypes, Falcom subverts your expectations by fleshing them out into well defined characters distinct from the typical stereotypes. I mean, they have a tsundere with twintails and isn’t intolerable and acts like a real human being. That alone is pretty impressive.

To flesh out these characters, you get to.. well. They’re Social Links. Continuing with the ‘Falcom likes to make trends their own’ thing, the game features times when you can spend time with your party, in ways that are more less exactly like Social Links in Persona (although more focused on character relations, than fixing their personal problems). Further fleshing out the characters is the fact that each part of the game focuses on two of them, their relationship to the protagonist, and what’s more important, their relationship to each other. It might come off a bit formulaic, but the focus on establishing the party’s relationships with each other rather than simply the protagonist goes a long way in making everyone feel like actual characters, rather than simply a gallery of people you can potentially romance.

The format of the game is chapters - each one takes place half at the school, and half in another part of the country, on a field study. This seems a little formulaic but it actually makes the world seem pretty big, and it keeps the places you’re running around diverse enough that the game never feels repetitive. And being able to see the way the country works adds depth to the central plot conflict of the reformists vs. nobility. And even at the school, nobody is ever in the same spot twice (thankfully, the map shows where your party members are, so you never have to hunt them down), even NPCs, and all your party members and even most of the NPCs have their own little 'stories’ they go through over the course of the school year - some you can interact with, and some you can only watch occur from a distance.

The gameplay is not world-changing, but it’s a very polished JRPG system, with some twists that make it more engaging than normal affair, including the ability to interrupt turn order with a super move, which actually does make quite a bit of difference. Since some turns get bonuses, like extra damage or guaranteed crits, interrupting the turn order to make sure a boss doesn’t get to crit your entire party is actually very, very important. The gameplay is enjoyable and won’t get stale, it’s complicated enough to have some strategy in bosses but not so complex that every random encounter requires a ton of strategy, which would quickly get tiring.

The visuals are basic, being a game that’s also on the Vita, but everything looks distinct and the music is incredible; Falcom has always had amazing composers working for them and Trails of Cold Steel benefits immensely from a great, memorable sound track.

The game is relatively affordable and can be completed in around 40 hours, give or take a few.

anonymous asked:

I love yuzu with All My Heart (I've been watching him since he was 17 I'm sentimental sue me) but why do some of his fans have to be so extra :/ like obviously he's vv good but they can't accept that not everyone loves him the way they do?? And people have Different Opnions™ and that's okay?? what are ur thoughts surrounding all of this

Why do…some…fans…have to be so extra? Like asking me (a random internet stranger) about my opinions of a corner of the fandom in which I don’t participate? 


Even if Christmas had stopped being about religion ages ago it still seemed to remain sacred. At least no one bothered plotting political intrigues over the Christmas holiday and spent the time with their families, politely ignoring their political rivals.

New Year’s Eve on the other hand…

The Prime Minister held a small New Year’s party at Number 10, very exclusive and no one had even made an attempt to make it look like he didn’t play favourites – Mr Holmes had muttered about the lack of tact since he had first heard about it three weeks ago. Then there was the constant fear that Prince Harry would show up in the tabloids on January 1 in anything between his Birth suit and a Nazi uniform. Not to mention the not-so-scandalous but oh-so-tedious number of ministers and cabinet members who could would break their wedding vows with some junior staffer.

She didn’t mind working on New Year’s Eve, being sent to posh parties to babysit grown-ups who couldn’t handle both political responsibility and alcohol at least took the edge of the pressure of “having something to do on New Year’s Eve.” And with her social life, what else would she do really? All her acquaintances, somewhat friends and random flirts were all at these parties.

This year’s dinner was with some people form Department of Transport. It wasn’t her favourite crowd, but she came in second place in the Pop Music of the Year-Quiz (earning herself an extra glass of champagne) and afterwards they met up with some senior staff members from Treasury who really were her crowd. Even when they didn’t talk about work. Actually, especially when they didn’t talk about work. Or when they didn’t talk at all, she thought as she watched Jespersen got up to get another round of champagne for the table.

A couple of minutes before midnight she got a text message:

Nothing of interest here. Status update? - MH

She didn’t even think about her reply as she typed it up, and she pressed Send before she realised that it might be inappropriate.

Tomorrow she would blame the champagne.