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BIGBANG as Sons of Gods/Goddesses


G-Dragon/Jiyong: Son of Persephone

  • eyes and hair change color depending on the seasons
  • lowkey loves picking flowers but doesn’t do it in front of people
  • doesn’t like his father but associates with him because he wants to be the heir of the Underworld
  • sneaks out and hangs with Youngbae

Taeyang/Youngbae: Son of Demeter

  • only showed himself during the yearly crop harvest
  • hates Hades for taking his sister, Persephone, but glad he atleast got to see her for four months out of the year.
  • is actually really close to Jiyong
  • his mom gave him a piglet for his 20th birthday

T.O.P/Seunghyun: Son of Dionysus

  • makes the finest of wines
  • turned his father’s lyrical poems into raps
  • happiest during harvest time because he gets to show Youngbae his new wines
  • loves watching theater shows that honor his father

Daesung: Son of Kratos

  • has a daily workout schedule
  • wears sleeveless tops because theM ARMS
  • is left out most of the time due to his father not being a “real God”
  • can be out of control sometimes, so his father chains him up to prevent any damages that could happen

Seungri/Seunghyun: Son of Hermes

  • loves traveling, has many friends all over the mount
  • very cunning and clever
  • able to make undeniable deals with people
  • his cunning appearance makes ladies swoon over him

kpop gods as sons of greek gods/goddesses. :-)

-Admin Loki

Harry Styles (requested writing prompt)

18. “Don’t fucking touch me!”

+  44. “I’m really sorry.” (it fitted in well with this one and it was requested too)

The night had started off dreadful. You should’ve known that going out was only going to lead to more problems.

Yours and Harry’s relationship was currently in rocky waters. There was a lack of communication between you both, and Harry always jet-setting off to LA was not helping by any means. The band’s hiatus was supposed to give you and Harry the time you so desperately needed together, but with Dunkirk and LA being his favourite place you rarely got to spend time with him.

The strain its put on your relationship is devastating. You missed Harry so much. Even though he was home at the moment all his time was spent with other people or at the recording studio for his new solo career.

You watched silently as Harry showed off his inner social butterfly. He was talking to everyone apart from you, leaving you to feel left out and neglected. You just really wanted to go home and sleep off this bad day.

“Harry” you nudged his side for him to completely brush you off.

He was drunk, you could tell by the red surrounding his iris and his slurred speech. A drunk Harry could often cause problems if you set him off in a bad mood, and with the tension between you two the night was doomed.

“Harry” you tried once more.

This time he actually acknowledged your presence. He sent you a glare. A warning for you to stop what you’re doing.

At the point you have had enough.

The pain of Harry’s jerk-like behaviour caused tears of anger and frustration to gather in your eyes. Collecting your bag while you downed your drink, you was ready to leave.

“I’m leaving” you announced your departure to the rest of the table.

You weren’t sure why you told them you were leaving. They all ignored your presence, it wouldn’t be like they’d notice if you left. They would all be too busy in their high-class world to give you someone who lives in a different world to them, the time of their day.

One thing I hated about Harry was often his choice in friends.

After ignoring you all night, Harry suddenly had something to say.

“What do you mean you’re leaving?”

The tone of his voice was demeaning and his eyes contained a glint of anger.

“I’m fed up of it all now, I want to leave” you explained, even though you probably shouldn’t have; he didn’t deserve anything from you at the moment.

“What the fuck are you fed up about? we’re all having a good time here and you’re being a buzzkill”

Harry’s voice was already loud as he had to shout over the music for you to hear him, but the volume kept rising as anger filled him.

“Well it’s a good thing you won’t have to worry about me being a buzzkill when I’m not here”

And with that you were gone.

As you approached your car you heard Harry shouting for you.

“Where do you think you’re going? You can’t leave without me, you’re my ride home”.

Of course he only things of himself, you thought to yourself.

“Leave me alone, I can’t be arsed to deal with you right now.”

“No, don’t walk away from this. We are talking” He hissed while catching up to you to harshly grab your bicep to slow you down.

His firm grip on your arm sent pain signals to your brain and caused tears to collect in your eyes. The moment he decided to pull you back was the moment you nearly fell over onto the cold, hard pavement. Out of instinct, you pulled back from his grasp. Never would you have thought Harry would ever manhandle you like this.

Clearly, Harry didn’t get the memo that he caused you pain and that you didn’t want to be touched by him because he went to do it again.

Before he could even lay his hand on you, you pulled back and created more distance between the both of you.

“Don’t fucking touch me!” you shouted.

You were causing a scene. People were beginning to look at you both, some getting ready to step in if things got worse.


“No! I don’t want to hear anything from you. All I want to do is go home, go to bed and sleep off this terrible night.” Your voice strained from all of the emotions. ‘Are you coming or not? because I’m sure you can get a lift off of someone else or a taxi”

Tears glazed over your eyes from exhaustion and frustration. Harry must’ve noticed the tears in your eyes as he began to feel remorse.

“I’m really sorry” He uttered with guilt. “I haven’t been the best boyfriend lately, I know that”.

You didn’t say anything, he was right and you just really wanted to go home.

“C’mon, lets go home, petal. Lets see if I can sort things out”.

The stupid pet name brought a small smile to your lips. It’s been a while since he called you ‘petal’ or any other nickname out there. It’s also been a while since he spoke to you in such a comforting way.

He opened his arms, inviting you in for a cuddle. He knew you couldn’t resist a good hug, it’s what brought you both together; you both loved cuddling.

Your bodies collided as you rushed into him. His comforting smell and warmth consumed your senses. You missed this so much. His strong arms were wrapped around your shoulders and you buried your face into the crook of his neck.

You didn’t want to let go in fear of this never happening again. Hopefully things would get better between the both of you, you were in this relationship for the long-run. You didn’t want to give up now.

“I’m sorry, so fucking sorry” Harry spoke with a hoarse voice. “I love you so much, so, so much.”

“I love you more”.

“Doubt it.”

“Shut up and let me enjoy this, alright?”

“Alright, petal”

[ A/N: I’m going to combine a few requests because I’ve got so many to do. If you do have any requests though you can pop them in my ask.  I haven’t written in a while so I’m a bit rusty soz. Hope you enjoyed it though and sorry for any mistakes ]

Hard Rock Hallellujah (Part 1)

Well this is my attempt on fanfiction, I hope it goes right. Dedictaed to @gotham-ruaidh @lenny9987 @outlanderedandoverhere and my bestie @lianaofrome for get me into fanfiction and drive me crazy with her rock music.

Jamie was lounging on his chair at the station watching Ian going up and down showing the first sonograms of his new baby. He had already seen them, of course, as the uncle of the future baby, he had been the first on see them.

His daydream was interrupted by his phone starting ringing, it was a number he didn’t recognise, so he answered quite coldly.


‘Jamie?’ The female voice at the other side made him jump ‘It’s me. Claire, Jenny’s friend. How are you? I hope I haven’t interrupted anything.’

‘No, no, I wasna doing anything. I’m fine, thanks, and ye?’

‘Fine, yeah. I know it looks a bit bold, we haven’t known each for that long, but I wanted to ask you something.’

He had met Claire few weeks earlier, she was a new doctor at the same hospital his sister worked in. A bonnie English lass who had moved to Inverness few months ago. He had admired her form the first minute, but after Jenny had told him she had moved to Scotland after the break up of a long relationship, he had decided be just his friend, his drinking companion on the nights they were out with Jenny and Ian.

‘Dinna fash, ye can ask whatever ye want.’ He told Claire at the phone.

‘See, I have two tickets for a music festival but the person who was coming with me has just withdrawn and I’ve thought if you want to come with me.’

Jamie found himself unable to answer, just sitting still on his chair with the phone firmly at his ear,

‘Jamie? Are you still there? Hello?’ Claire’s voice at the phone brought him back, ‘What do you say?’

‘Yes, why not? It can be a nice plan.’

‘Great. I have to go now. See you on Saturday. Bye’

‘See ye. Have a nice day.’

Few seconds later, she sent him a message with the hour, the address of the venue and a very curious requirement- “Wear leather”.

To be continued…

anonymous asked:

what makes everyone hate william? and sometimes * his name? i'm new the watching the show and wasn't sure

well honestly the short version is that hes a dickwad that gets away with it because people find it hot. Deeper explanations can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here aaaaaaaaand here

People blur out his name because they dont want their post to show up in the “william” tag i would assume?

Milo Ventimiglia has a message for Gilmore Girls fans who want yet another season

Team Jess readers, you might want to sit down for this: While hottie Milo Ventimiglia loved playing Jess on Gilmore Girls, he wants it to be clear that he’s moved on.

As you Milo fans already know, he’s doing quite well for himself as a father of three named Jack on This Is Us, NBC’s new must-watch series. But despite his recent success, one show from his past keeps creeping back up on him. (Hint: It rhymes with Filmore Furls.)

Debra Birnbaum of Variety recently had the chance to sit down with Milo, and she couldn’t help asking him a few questions about Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival (we don’t blame her!). And, surprising or not, Milo’s responses are so typical of the moody Stars Hollow heartthrob.

That’s right, Milo gets adorably testy when you bring up another Netflix GG revival.

“If [creators] Dan Palladino or Amy Sherman-Palladino ever called me, of course,” Milo said. “They are the reason why I show up. Amy created Jess, and I loved speaking her words. But I do kind of feel like audiences shouldn’t get so greedy. They were given a last serving of pie — why don’t we just leave it at that?”

And as for the question heard round Gilmore Girls fandom: Who is Rory’s baby daddy? Turns out, Milo is the only person in the universe who isn’t racking his brain over it.

“Let me be real honest: When I worked on the show, that was my present but that’s 13 years in the rearview for me now so I don’t spend what little free time I have wondering about the baby of a past TV flame,”Milo said.

 Ah, Jess. You haven’t changed one bit.
Finnpoe Headcanons
  • Poe sings Uptown Funk in the shower, and Finn sings the “hot damns” when he’s in there brushing his teeth. BB-8 always freaks out, seeing the song as a request to call emergency services.
  • Poe started out as a power bottom at the beginning of their relationship, but once Finn started getting a hang of things in the bedroom, the ex stormtrooper turned into the dom of all fucking doms- and Poe doesn’t mind one bit.
  • Finn sometimes has nightmares, so when he does, Poe kisses him all over, everywhere on his body to let him know how loved and cherished he is in his new life.
  • They love watching trashy reality shows together like Big Brother, but specifically the Coruscant ones, since the shows from Naboo are way too bitchy for them. 
  • When Poe stubs his toe, he swears really loudly in his home language from Yavin IV. Finn doesn’t understand the slew of curses, but he can just tell they’re curses.
  • Finn’s favourite guilty pleasure food is Andorean Jelly. He thinks it makes him look fat when he eats it, but Poe always assures him it doesn’t. (Yeah, maybe the jelly is putting a few more pounds on him, but Finn’s got the muscles to compensate, and Poe loves the extra to grab at during sex.)
  • Rey comes over sometimes when she’s not kicking ass and taking names with Chewie, and demands a spontaneous sleepover. The two always oblige, and it usually turns into a three day long thing with lots of pizza involved.
  • It’s Finn’s job to take BB-8 to the droid oiler’s, but Poe handles all the styling and polishing.
  • General Organa has discovered them making out in several closets at the Resistance base on several occasions. They don’t know she knows, but of course she knows, she’s fucking Leia Organa.
  • Poe loves to blare “Confident” by Demi Levato in his X-Wing on his way to missions. Everyone else gets super pissed off cause they can hear it on their systems, but Jessika sings along with him.
  • Finn likes slippers. Like a lot. They’re comfy and his feet get cold so he likes fluffy, fluffy slippers. So when Poe created his birthday, every year he gets new slippers on that day.
  • Poe’s favourite thing to come home to after a mission is getting scolded for all the bruises and cuts he has, then getting a blowjob while still in his uniform.
  • During briefings at the base, Poe always shoots winks at Finn. Finn always slaps Poe’s ass. Leia is always 100% done with their shit, but still says nothing, since the two remind her of herself and Han.
  • At Maz’s, where they sometimes hang out on weekends, if Finn is ever bothered or teased by some scuzzy creature, Poe sasses them from here to fucking Endor and Finn’s never bothered again.
  • On the other hand, Poe is almost always approached and hit on at Maz’s, and Finn gets so protective and drops so many empty threats around that literally no one comes around them anymore.
  • Poe and Finn train together daily, always in sync and in tip top shape. In hand to hand combat, Finn can knock Poe flat on his ass with the force and his lightsaber, but when it comes to planes, Finn doesn’t even try to beat the best pilot in the resistance.


partly inspired by @nimnime​‘s sinful sonic-in-a-dress fanart and partly my own insane ideas, featuring near-deaths, crossdressing!sonic, a new year’s party, and genos’s faulty machinery: 

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Bacon has to be the crispiest host in all of late night television. Watch his show & download Pancake’s new audio book.

napping with Luke would be so great because he would be really warm and he’d smell like his shampoo and deodorant and he’d probably pull you into bed and sling his leg over yours and lay half on top of you with his arm over your tummy and his nose nuzzled into your neck and it would tickle whenever he exhaled but you’d be scratching his scalp and playing with his hair while you watch a new show on Netflix and he can feel your heartbeat and it lulls him to sleep and you’re so comfortable and warm it doesn’t take you long to fall asleep