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“I’m glad that Cas brought us back home. These actors were crazy!”
Dean took a huge bite off of his burger and sighed in appreciation.
“Yeah I know. But the convention was kinda funny, you know?” Sam answered his older Brother.
Dean was about to respond, when all of the sudden your loud laughing fit started to echo through the halls of the Bunker.
The Winchesters looked up and shared a confused glance. 
“That’s like the 5th time today, (y/n) started laughing like that. What the hell is she up to?!”
A knock on your door made you stop the video immediately. The boys were going to kill you if they would find the Parody on your mobile phone and so you stuffed your phone under your pillow and tried to set up a straight expression.
Your door opened slowly and everything worked out just fine, until you looked at Dean.
Your straight face vanished instantly and you cracked up again.
“Whaff?!” he growled into your direction, but all you could do, was giving Sam your phone and laughing about the Burger in Dean’s hand.

Inspired by the Supernatural Parody (by hillyhindi and hannahhindi from thehillywoodshow )

anonymous asked:

I; as I type here; am in the mists of checking out your channel and will most definitely be subscribing. I would like to say that I really enjoy your Life Is Strange CMV I am currently on the last Life Is Strange; Max and Chloe in the morning video. What got you and Lauren to wat to have YouTube like it is? I am enjoying it so much. The videos are amazing. I noticed the whole Celery thing and that's just really funny and very creative.

Hello there! Thank you for your message and thank you for subscribing - I’m so glad you’re enjoying our content :D 

In terms of what inspired Lauren and I, we’ve been watching channels like The Hillywood Show, FDP, Sonya Belousova and Lindsay Stirling for years, and with both of us as keen film/cinematography enthusiasts, we wanted to create our own content combining music, film and cosplay, producing as much spectacle and quality as we could with what was available to us. Our initial plan was to make a channel purely dedicated to CMVs, though if that channel hadn’t evolved into what it is today, we’d have less than ten videos on our account.

We’d talked about making videos/films together for about as long as we’d known each other (heck, even before I met Lauren she was planning a Final Fantasy VII fan film), and had a few failed start-up attempts in various mediums (short films, let’s plays, parodies etc), but really found our niche with NR. I’m so, so glad that we did, and I’m hoping we can continue for a LONG time to come.

I’ve been in serious “write everyday” mode.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But. When I get busy, or I feel like I’m not going to have time, I’ve been stressing myself out. Headache, upset stomach, the whole nine yards. And that is a bad thing.

So I gave myself today. I read and read and read. I’m about ¾ through Turtles All the Way Down, the new John Green. I listened to Miles Davis. I watched The Hillywood Show’s Stranger Things Parody about six times. I played Hungry Hungry Hippos with my three year old.

It was glorious.

So now I’m going to watch a movie with my husband and then go to bed. There’s plenty of time to write tomorrow.


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