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there are people always posting here and on twitter like ‘I still don’t *get* the carly rae jepsen hype…’ well i love her bc she writes infectious pop music usually about that exciting period when you know you have a crush on someone and you’re not yet in a relationship w them but you just feel so alive. or that anxious but exhilarating time between asking someone out and waiting for their response. she makes these effervescent and vibrant songs that embody something like a rainbow that appears as the sun peeks out after a storm. if you give yourself to her music she can make your heart swell and you shout along to her songs and dance like nobody’s watching. it’s shameless and universal and #relatable and often quirky and not pretentious at all and surprisingly deep and it’s pure fun which i think makes a lot of her music perfect or damn-near-perfect pop 


“How To Get Everything You Want.” - Shameless Maya

I started My Day with watching Her Video.

I hope it also inspires some of you!

My head right now
  • Yuri on Ice: *turns out Viktor was in love with Yuri first*
  • Eyewitness: *Lukas got shot and is dying. Philip tells him that he loves him*
  • Teen Wolf: *Lydia desperately looking for the relic Stiles left. Stiles thinking no one is looking for him*
  • Skam: *Even is bipolar and he and Isak love each other madly*
  • Shameless: *Mickey is back and he and Ian will love each other forever and ever*
Waterlogged + A GFSS Gift

A very belated Merry Christmas to @kat2609 :] ‘tis I, my friend - your tardy GFSS! Thank you for being so patient with me and my fickle muse. It’s been so fun chatting with you and picking your brain (even though Tumblr likes to eat our messages). I hope you had a lovely break from school and are dreading going back as much as I am haha. So here it is, 4.7K words about a distractingly wet pirate. Rated M for a bit of smut!

“A fish? Really?”

Emma shrugged with an apologetic yet entertained smile as she leaned over to get a peek at the section of the classic text he was perusing. They hadn’t had much time to discuss many of the town’s new visitors - especially what with her traveling to some alternate dream or wish or whatever reality - but now that they’d found some very rare breathing room, Killian had brought along the novel Henry had loaned him to clarify a few details of his past.

The fact that present day film had turned the seafaring tale he was trying to share into an animated under the ocean adventure wasn’t her fault - but the amusement she found once again as he failed to comprehend the modern world’s mysterious ways was something she’d take the blame for.

“Swan - no,” he argued, shaking his head as he sighed in exasperation with his hand on his coffee mug. “That’s the most ridiculous thing I think I’ve heard in this realm. Nemo is a sea captain - not a damn cartoon animal.”

“Hey, you asked me if I already knew anything about his story,” she grinned, propping her elbows up on the table. “I can’t help it if things got lost in translation between that world and this one.”

“I just don’t get….why would a fish even be in a doctor’s office in-” he huffed, folding his arms in annoyance. “-whatever that place is called.”

Australia, Killian, and it was a dentist office,” Emma reminded him. “The movie was very cute actually. Don’t be such a grouch.”

“Love, I can assure you that I’m not at all like that green monster who makes his home in a trash can,” he countered, his pride quite evident over recalling a morning show he’d encountered when they babysat Neal one weekend. “Nor is Nemo a clown or a fish. Bloody hell, this realm truly has a way with skewing the facts.”

“Is this you still being salty about a certain pirate with a waxed mustache and an awful perm?”

“No, this is a whole new level of insult,” he pouted, narrowing his stare playfully at her. “Though I will always be bitter about that one.”

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This scene absolutely broke my heart. Sheila is on her way to become my main reason for watching Shameless, she equally breaks my heart and makes me break into slightly hysteric laughter.

Also, this is the first gifs I’ve ever made, so please ignore the wonky speed.

Also, it was a while since I had to express myself in english and I have no idea if wonky is an actual word.

anonymous asked:

Haiii😄 can you do a BTS reaction to their gf make them turn on *do you know what i mean;)* and just go like it never happened~ thank youu

Ohoho ^^’ I’ve never written anything even remotely smutty before. Hopefully I don’t mess this up too hard. Just assume they’re in established relationships already.
Also for whatever reason these got dirtier as I went down the list >> Maybe because in the beginning I was as red as a tomato and by the end I was just like “Screw it. I’ve read enough smut I can do this believe in yourself damnit.” 

Slight M rating.

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Sasha Alexander talks about watching her work and dealing with fans.

Wendy Darling and the noisy neighbors
Part III : The visitor 
Sequel to this and this. And yes, you can expect a part four. bc I’m a little bit in love with this. 
Once again, you can expect a lot of shenanigans and a severe lack of angst.

Peace had been achieved at great cost in Wendy Darling’s building. Ever since the musical incident (and its delightful follow-up,the cat incident), Wendy had done her best to avoid her neighbors and it had been very successful so far. Her last encounter with Peter had left an odd sensation in her stomach, but she had forgotten about it rather quickly : school had suddenly become hectic, and Wendy became very busy. She felt like she was barely home at all, always somewhere between classes, the library or group project meetings. She barely saw her roommates, her own bed and D’artameow. She honestly couldn’t wait for the end of the semester. 

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Jealousy ~ ThatcherJoe

Requested - Can I get a Joe Sugg imagine? Where y'all are dating and one day while you’re out together your old friend from high school comes up to you and then flirts with Joe and you get really insecure and Joe makes you feel better? Hope you like this :) 

You sat in the comfortable leather seat, sinking down into it as the smell of coffee surrounded you. Today your boyfriend was taking some time out of his busy filming schedule to take you for coffee and for the two of you to have some time together. 

Joe stood in line waiting to order your coffees. You began to look around the cafe, stopping suddenly as you recognised the girl who had just walked in. It was a girl that you and Joe had gone to school with, she was beautiful and it had been no secret that she had had a crush on Joe. 

You watched in horror as she walked over to the queue and stood behind Joe. Immediately she recognised him and began to strike up a conversation. You watched as she shameless flirted with him whilst flicking her hair and pushing her chest out. 

You began to feel insecure as you noticed that Joe wasn’t turning his back to her, nor did it seem that he had told her he had a girlfriend. Sighing, you took a deep breath to calm yourself down.

Eventually Joe got your drinks and you noticed that he pointed over towards you, you looked away before the girl’s eyes could meet yours. A few seconds later Joe sat down opposite you, placing the tray on the table. 

“Have a nice chat?” You snapped, feeling jealously rise within you.

“We were just catching up.” Joe says looking surprised by your tone. 

“She’s pretty.” You comment, staring down at your coffee. 

“Not as pretty as my girlfriend. Actually I lied to her and told her that you were my fiancé.” He tells you, reaching across the table to take a hold of your hand. 

“Why did you say that?” You ask him, glancing over at him. 

“She was trying to flirt with me so I wanted to ensure she knew how much I loved you. Besides it wasn’t quite a lie you will be my fiancé one day.” He smiles at you, his eyes glazing over at the thought of marrying you. 

“I love you Joe.” You smile, reaching over the table to give him a quick kiss. 

“I love you too.” Joe replies, squeezing your hand. 

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Let’s all take deep breaths in and out and watch Bad Blood again on Vevo.
—  Taylor Swift with her flawless and shameless self-promo. Props girl.

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A lot of you wear makeup and asked me for a non-toxic, all-natural and affordable method for removing it. I don’t wear any so I couldn’t give first-hand advice and suggestions, like I always prefer. So I called on my favorite “beat face” beauty to help us out a bit! Watch my latest video as Shameless Maya shows us her 4-step makeup removal process in less than 5 minutes. Proof that you can be a glam doll and still be healthy ❤ Hope it’s helpful!

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