watch her character be like this complete badass

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I know lot of people are upset over the show, and I get it. We’re all in mourning right now. I’m going to answer the bulk of these in one post instead of sending the same answers to loads of people:

No, I’m not abandoning the ship

Yes, I still love Bae

Yes, I will finish House of Green & Black

Yes, I will continue writing fanfics.

Yes, I still love PxS. Fuck the haters. I don’t care. There is a reason I fell in love with this ship and the stupid show isn’t going to ruin that for me.

Yes, I expect my readers may jump ship after this season. It is what it is. If one person is still reading my stories at the end, I’m happy. I’m writing for myself. I’m happy that anyone decides to read my stuff. I hope other authors keep going too. I understand if this season ruined it for them. I don’t blame them. It’s hard to come back from that episode - to erase that from your mind.

Yes, I really am thinking of continuing Return to Winterfell now, especially after this season - and an element I was thinking of using, actually might work now that the show is over in my opinion.

No, I don’t hate Sansa or Sophie. Sophie is young and that fame is hitting her in the face with this rabid fandom, OF COURSE she’s going to side with the show. I get the feeling she got a lot of flack for her trolling the past few years. Plus, her character got bigger…and well. I never expected her to disagree with the show. She did a complete 180 for this season. The fandom gave huge backlash for the Ramsay thing (totally deserved) and in turn the show decided to make her a badass MarySue bitch and sacrificed Petyr to do it.

Do I like what they did with Sansa this season? Hell no. But that’s because the show is shit and never should have sent her to the Boltons. The show destroyed both characters. Honestly, if it weren’t for Aidan and just a shred of hope that it might not be a stonking pile of shit, I would have stopped watching a long time ago. Aidan gave a face/voice/life to a character I loved in the books already. I’m going right back to that character I love. Imagination is amazing. Who needs a poorly written fanfic show when we have better fanfic writers that actually appreciate the characters, flaws and all. 

Do I think fans will leave this ship? Yes, I do. You do you. If this season and especially that episode ruined it for you and you don’t love it anymore… who can blame you? It doesn’t make people any less a fan of something. I think back on all the shipping during Harry Potter… sooner or later that dies off and people don’t post about it anymore or write fanfics. It will happen at some point. The show is almost over, our Bae was killed off and our ship sunk. People are going to lose heart and it’s okay. We, as Baelish and PxS fans are being ridiculed right now by the rest (some are actually being nice about it - especially those that have lost a fav character already) of the fandom in their obnoxious, juvenile gleefulness. They just have to tear other fans down.  But PxS/Baelish fans I have such respect for. We held our heads high. We’ve taken a lot of shit from this fandom for years and yet we hardly EVER stooped to their level and trashed their favs on their fan sites/tags/blogs etc. We didn’t go out of our way to be wankers to other fans even if we hated the characters they loved. Our fandom is awesome with some great people that I’m very pleased to have known and call my friends. I wish them well if they decide to move on and we had a great time in our little, despised corner of the fandom. 

Now that this horrible season is over and I can relax, I’m back to writing my fics. I’m all about the creepyship and I’m not about to leave it. I hope some people stay on board too!


Ten Fandom Ladies Meme

I have been largely absent from tumblr and I’m sorry about that. I’ll try to do better, but I make no promises. Ian, Rose, Fergus and the baby own my soul right now and I feel guilty for doing this meme and not writing them. That’s how crazy I am. I’m not very good at tumblring anyway. 

Right. I was tagged twice for this meme, once by @badwolfgeek and also by @whoinwhoville. I’m hereby tagging, um, you. (Since I have no idea who’s done this and who hasn’t. 

K. Here we go. In no particular order….

1) Hermione Granger

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What’s not to love about Hermione? She’s clever, funny, willing to break the rules when needs must…I aspire to be like her. 

2) Black Widow/Natasha Romanov

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Her level of badass cannot be accurately measured, and she was my first fic-writing muse. 

3) Peggy Carter

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Again - what I want to be when I grow up. 

4) CJ Cregg

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There is nothing about CJ that I don’t absolutely love. She’s tough, she’s independent, she’s brilliant, and she holds her own with the men every day. Again, I’d kill to be like CJ.

5) Donna Moss

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There are many lessons to be learned from Donna, but I think the best one is the power of patience. She waited, and eventually the secretary became the FLOTUS’ COS with the love of her life by her side. 

6) Rose Tyler

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Ah, the character I’ve written about more than any other. Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything left to say about her that I haven’t already said, so I’ll fall back on that. 

7) Donna Noble

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Out of every character I’ve ever seen, every character I’ve ever read about, I relate to Donna the most. I don’t have to want to be her, I *am* her (just a little less bold). Her ending absolutely shattered me, and I can’t watch it again. 

8) tie - River Song/Clara Oswald

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(here comes the hate). Look, I don’t ship either of these characters with the Doctor. In fact, River with Eleven and Clara with Twelve make me feel like I have glass in my bones. HOWEVER – they were both strong, intelligent women that the Doctor relied on. They were important to him and complete badasses. I love the characters, no apologies for that. 

9) Missy

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Say what you want, Missy was the most entertaining non-Doctor character in *years*. I enjoyed her on the show immensely. 

10) Luna Lovegood

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I read somewhere one time that JKR’s daughter said that everyone should aspire to be a Hufflepuff. Well, I’m of the opinion that everyone should aspire to be more like Luna Lovegood. 

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So I'm in the discussion about PMMM where a criticism against it is how Madoka was "bland" as a protagonist. While I disagree, I thought about you and was wondering what you thought of the character herself.

Madoka has never struck me as bland; in fact, I think she’s an incredibly realistic character. I can understand why some might find her annoying, and why she might seem bland (especially in comparison with the rest of the cast) but I’ve always really loved her character.

I mean, let’s be honest. If we were dumped into the world of Madoka Magica and forced to experience what Madoka experienced, I think most of us would react the same way. That’s why I really appreciate her character; as much as I adore Mami, Madoka is the one I truly relate to. Like her, I have a loving, healthy family and have lived a pretty sheltered life, and we share a lot of the same morals and ideals. And if I were suddenly thrust into a nightmare where everyone around me dies horribly and a creepy little alien is harvesting the life energy of teenage girls, I’d probably cry and freak out just as much as she does.

I really appreciate how Madoka isn’t initially a badass or anything. To me, emotionless women who are hyper-competent and never show any struggle or character beyond being a “perfect badass” are the real bland characters. I don’t want someone like that as my protagonist; I want someone who actually develops and evolves and isn’t afraid to show her emotions and isn’t perfect and does things even though she’s terrified. Madoka delivers on that for me and then some.

But most of all, I love her character arc. She goes from being a passive, powerless girl who can only watch helplessly as the magical girl system fucks her friends over to being the person who completely fucks over the Incubator’s system, making the universe a kinder and gentler place where magical girls get to die with smiles on their faces. Seeing her go from this

to this  

was an immensely satisfying experience.

Samurai Jack Finale Rant

Ok so I didn’t grow up watching Samurai Jack and I only hopped on for this season because it looked cool as hell. With that in mind correct on any of the following critiques of the finale. Maybe the meaning of it was lost on me because I didn’t grow up with it like some

Lets start with the complete butchering of Ashi’s character. When I saw Ashi, I thought she was badass and quite interesting. And while yes, I hoped for a father/daughter thing with her and Jack I was okay with the Jashi thing. It could’ve been executed a lot better but damn there was only 10 episodes. So whatever right?



And another thing! Had we gone the father/daughter route I feel that we could’ve covered Ashi’s feelings towards the Cult and her sisters. They were only mentioned like once and that was it. You would think Ashi would have some sort of survivor’s guilt or just guilt in general for not being able to feel anything for her sisters. They were victims just like Ashi. What made her so special that they couldn’t live and explore the world with their sister? And that’s something I’m still confused about????? Like why exactly did Jack keep her alive??????? He was perfectly fine killing the rest of the sisters and even Ashi herself ( that look on his face when he dropped Ashi off the cliff edge? No fucks were given. How the hell did only Ashi survive that fall?) so what changed?????

But I’m not gonna lie seeing Ashi with Aku’s powers was badass.


How the in heck did this woman know exactly where to go in the past to kill Aku? Jack never told her when that battle took place. So she just magically knew the exact point of time Jack needed to be to kill Aku and save the future, right? Gtfo

And why didn’t she automatically disappear when Aku was killed? Why wait until a fucking wedding to finally realize “Oh, wait, I can’t exist since I’m from the future and you killed my dad in the past.” 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


And how did Jack’s family react when they say their precious baby boy back but with company as well? Where’s the heartfelt family reunion? Was Jack nervous to see his parents? Did he feel guilt because he took too long? Idk and apparently neither will the rest of the Sj fandom.

I didn’t see it at first but Ashi was there….for basically Man Pain. Her entire character arc didn’t mean anything in the end. Just a way for Jack to get back home.

Ashi deserved so much better. I was really hoping that this girl would be able to explore the world and understand it better. There might’ve only been 10 episodes but it could’ve been done better if unnecessary bs wasn’t in it and certain things remained consistent.

There’s a lot more I want to say but forget it. This is long and it’s times like these I’m proud to be a fic writer because sometimes canon is just….blegh.

Still liked the season though, even it’s mostly the beginning that has my favorite parts.

Reasons you should drop everything you’re doing and watch Elementary:

  • Main characters are people of color, Joan is Asian and Detective Bell is African-American
  • Speaking of Joan
  • Joan Watson? More like Joan badass independent woman not here for your shit I do what I want bitch I’m fabulous but also here for you Watson
  • (played by the amazing Lucy Liu who, to summarize her IMDB bio, does martial arts, is an amazing artist, plays the accordion, and don’t need no man to complete her)
  • Also there’s Jonny Lee Miller aka Mr. Holmes himself
  • Also Sherlock is an incredibly nuanced character as well it’s really fab to watch
  • Here are some other things the show has to offer, if that wasn’t enough
  • A stunning variety of minor characters (victims, witnesses, criminals, etc), you’ve got:
  • LGBTQIA characters
  • POC
  • People with disabilities, both mental and physical
  • People from p much every walk of life
  • Like my goodness have you ever seen such a diverse cast the answer is no no you have not
  • AND AND AND AND they’re all portrayed SUPER WELL none of that Hollywood bullshit
  • AND AND AND AND they don’t have just like one episode w/ each kind of character to make sure they’ve covered their bases or w/e – they regularly include these diverse characters on the show
  • (and she’s played by Natalie Dormer but like no one on tumblr likes her so idk why that’s important jk IT’S NATALIE DORMER)
  • Like Kitty, who you don’t meet until season 3 (?I think?) but they handle her character arc SO WELL
  • Also they’re not afraid to go into really serious topics like addiction, mental health, traumatic events like sexual assault, etc etc etc
  • Even though the two main characters are a man and a woman THERE HAS NOT AND WILL NEVER BE A LOVE INTEREST BETWEEN THEM the writers have said so I’m not making this up I swear
  • I could keep going but I’m going to stop myself
  • Mostly so I can go watch an episode
  • Honestly though like tumblr what are you doing you should be all over this shit
One Last Time: a review of The Battle

Well, I have finally gone and seen The Battle of the Five Armies. Firstly, I want to preface this by saying it is my favourite of the Hobbit movies and if I am harsh with it, it is because I adore this universe. I live in hope that Peter is saving something special for the Extended Editions. Alright, let’s do this thing, one last time.

1. Maybe they should’ve called it The Battle of The Five Kings. Thorin. Thranduil. Azog. Bard. Smaug. I was just thinking that as I watched it. It is about how each leader inspires loyalty, what their priorities are and how they proceed to battle. Bard is all Braveheart. Thranduil is cold efficiency. Azog is so fucking organised. Thorin is a big ol’ mess. Okay, Smaug has no army but I’m sure he’s had strong words to himself before he went to waste Lake Town. “Zebra Stripes of Fire. Yes. Vertical stripes not horizontal stripes. Like on a steak. I am fire. I am death. I can do this. ”

2. Gandalf’s rescue. The first hour of this movie really appealed to my lizard brain. Watching The White Council kick ass had me doing cartwheels inside my head. And of course you make Galadriel the most badass in all of Middle Earth. Thanks for that Peter. Dare I say that this was my favourite of all the fight scenes? Yes, I will dare say it. 

3. Women in film. Laketown women are awesome. They get shit done. Tauriel was completely wasted potential though. I actually like her character but I hated what they did to her in this film. Is the message that she falls in love and suddenly loses all her badassery? What the almighty fuck? That’s a terrible message. They should’ve put in a scene with her leading the Laketown women on a charge. I would’ve cheered so hard. 

4. Armitage. I already knew this but it seems somehow a crime that I should discover such talent during a fantasy film. I keep saying that he deserves better roles because he is just so awesome to watch when he’s crazy. And that voice. Dude, I would follow you into Mordor if you shouted some commands at me. Mithril or not. 

5. Battle Formation. I love all war movies, particularly those that explore the art of war. For a moment I actually thought Azog was the smartest pale Orc in the history of Middle Earth. He has a signalling system and Battleship strategy and everything! Yes, this film made me respect him for a split second. Anyways, betrayal aside, I particularly enjoyed that dwarf shield-wall and Dain’s piggyhorse. It reminded me of the romans…the shield-wall, not the piggyhorse.

6. Bilbo Freeman. He did a really great job in this film. I found him so unlikeable in the first two but he was quite the adorable little ass-kicker in this. I understand why they put in that scene with him sitting on the steps with Gandalf but at the same time, No No No. He just had his friends die. The tone felt all misplaced. That’s not Martin’s fault, nor is it Sir Ian’s fault. I want to blame someone else. Maybe a Weinstein. 

7. Dying is hard. This is my biggest biggest disappointment. Each and every death felt so shallow and unsatisfying. I don’t need slow motion Tauriel crying. I don’t need to see Alfrid hoarding gold. I don’t need Legolas running up Tetris. Okay, I do need that last one for shit and giggles but my point is, they should have diverted that time into the death scenes. This world has such an emotional core that they failed to hit as hard as they did with the LOTR. Fili and Kili deserved better. I wanted them to die as brothers defending Thorin, not segregated by their own stories. We invest ourselves in The Company for two movies and all they did was give us a shot of the dwarves kneeling around Thorin on the ice. What a fucking cop out. There’s no real resolution to anything. AND WHERE IS MY GODDAMN BURIAL SCENE. *fumes silently and recalls how george lucas ruined everything with the prequels*

8. Oh Lee Pace. I need to end on a positive note. This Specimen. He has such a commanding presence that translates on screen and into the cinema. I remember Peter King saying that people were quite frightened of him when he walked on set and I can believe it. He was and is as majestic and amazing as I knew he would be. I really need that badass drawing of him in the end credits. I need it to plaster all over my phone and my life. You know, I could be angry and disappointed about how short his total screen time was or how inconsistent his emotions were but at least we got scenes of badassery and badsassery. That’s all I wanted and that’s what I got. Beggars can’t be choosers. Wow, I really must be maturing.


And so it ends. I won’t be sad about it until next year, when it will hit me that no Tolkien movie will be released on Boxing Day. That tradition dies with this film. Ah well, it’s a sign that we should be grateful for what we got and it’s time to move on. I’m quite glad this was my first movie of 2015. The finality of it somehow makes a fitting start to the new year. I don’t know why. Anyway, tea is at four if you want to drop by for a chat or a hug.

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You listed johanna mason as one of your fave characters. I was like why? Because she's badass and stuff but that's it haha!

okay i’ve had people ask why i like johanna and yeahhhh part of the reason is because she’s a complete badass, but there’s so much more to her omg. johanna is a queen okay and i don’t know why it’s only after the movie released that people are beginning to realize what a beautiful complex character she is. i mean, think about it:

  • johanna as a toddler throwing axes into the trees; she and her family carrying home loads of wood every day
  • johanna watching with wide eyes as two crying children not much older than her as dragged away by the people in white uniforms
  • johanna listening to the capitol anthem and thinking murderous, murderous thoughts, and if she’s reaped she’ll show them
  • twelve year old johanna announcing to her classroom that she’s going to run away - thirteen year old johanna clenching her fists in both defiance and fear - fourteen year old johanna asking her mother why people are still listening to the capitol - fifteen year old johanna trying to find weak spots in the peacekeepers’ armor - sixteen year old johanna wondering what the world would be like if the guns were in her hands - seventeen year old johanna thinking she’s almost out, almost done, when her name is called out to the crowd
  • johanna literally having split second to think: she looks down, nearly smiles, and then throws a world-class tantrum
  • johanna crying all the way to the train: she stops her bawling the moment the train begins to move. her mentor chugs a bottle of liquor and doesn’t even look the slightest bit impressed; she realizes she’s on her own
  • johanna running from the cameras when the train pulls into the capitol station, holding her head down during the opening ceremonies, scoring a 4 in the private session, bursting into tears at the interview, even when she’s sometimes disgusted at the weakling she’s playing
  • johanna fleeing from the bloodbath, cries whenever possible. when three sniggering careers corner her she scrambles away, whimpering, only nobody sees the blade she’s concealed in her palm.
  • johanna “accidentally” wandering, snivelling, into more enemy tributes for the pure satisfaction of watching their shock as she slits their throats
  • johanna yelling, “YEAH! HELL FUCKING YEAH!” and swearing at the capitol when she wins
  • johanna talking as little as possible during the final interviews - instead, she glares into the camera and says, fairly bluntly, exactly what she thinks of the games
  • johanna hugging her family before the victory tour, waving goodbye from the train. president snow meets her in the capitol and makes her an offer she turns down out of sheer disgust; when she gets home every person she’d called close is dead
  • johanna smelling the forest in the air as she burns her parents’ belongings
  • johanna heaving dry tears into her pillow the day after the next reaping. her tributes look so hopeful, but she can’t save them, she doesn’t know how, don’t they understand?
  • johanna meeting finnick and feeling nothing but disdain for him, who has evidently accepted snow’s deal; but then they begin to talk and she begins to care for him in a way she’d sworn to never do again
  • johanna eventually loving finnick in the meagre way she’ll allow herself to, even though he will never be able to love her back
  • johanna watching katniss pretend to love and peeta actually loving - these idiots don’t know what it’s like to have it snatched away, she thinks, and she bites the inside of her cheek so hard it draws blood
  • johanna listening to the plan for the quell with apparent disinterest, but she will die to bring snow down
  • johanna swallowing blood and swearing at the top of her lungs; her whole body reeks of metal and she wonders if the blood had belonged to someone she knew
  • johanna heading off into jabberjay territory alone - and hearing nothing.
  • johanna thinking, for a moment, that it’s the rebels who are lifting her up in the hovercraft, but then president snow appears above her and smiles his snake smile
  • johanna and peeta screaming alternately as the peacekeepers torture them - and one day, johanna sees the pail of water and her whole body shrinks in fear - is this what she’s become?
  • johanna plunging herself into the morphling, and into training. every shot she fires she imagines she’s killing a peacekeeper, another peacekeeper, president snow.
  • johanna seeing the rain and steeling her heart because katniss can’t know her fears; johanna seeing the tidal wave in the block and losing it, curling into a ball, shivering and screaming
  • johanna lying in the hospital bed in 13, staring at her shaking hands, wondering how she let herself become so weak
  • johanna accepting the bundle katniss holds out to her. johanna smelling the forest in the cloth and remembering and finally, finally, crying.