watch guys you won't regret it

Guys. Guys. Go listen to the adventure zone. I don’t care if you live for d&d or if you’ve never played it in your life. These guys tell such an amazing story. I mean, fuck. How am I supposed to just settle down to sleep before work after an episode like that?


“You can’t bring that in.” “Why? Is it - is it too gay?” “No.” “It’s too gay.” “No, Steve does the cake. Always, Steve organizes the cake. It’s a big weird thing.” “Okay. I guess we can hide it.”


Hey guys, do you want to watch a show that has the same animators and some of the same writers from ATLA, but no Bryke period? Do you want to watch a show that can establish plot, characters, setting and stay on track and not get distracted by stupid side plots that drag while balancing character development, good dialogue, great action, and spot on humor in literally the same span of time in its first season as any LOK season failed at? Do you want a show that isn’t JUST beautiful to look at but has everything else also going for it too?

Then do yourself a favor and check out Voltron Legendary Defender, a Netflix Original Series-a reboot of the Giant Robot/Sentai cult anime classic-Voltron! With the backers of Dreamworks Animation TV, a couple of writers and animators who worked on ATLA show is not only what a show LOK would of been like without Bryke and their pitfalls that dragged LOK, but they show us how you do a reboot of a cartoon RIGHT! (looking at you Xiaolin Chronicles, Teen Titans Go, and PPG reboot! Learn to take note from this show and Ninja Turtles on how to do GOOD reboots for tv shows)


“There was this really smart scientist guy, who thought that people could learn a lot from dogs. He said that when someone you love walks through the door, even if it happens five times a day, you should go totally insane with joy.”


I’ll recommend a show to you right now.

I know everyone here is feeling a little empty and can’t really think what to do once Pretty Little Liars ends, but I’ll tell you what: go watch Brooklyn Nine Nine. 

It is a comedy show, so it won’t be like replacing PLL or something, but I know how hard it is to see something you love ending and having something you like to be a kind of consolation is great. And I’ll tell you why you should watch B99:

-Jake Peralta, the protagonist, is portraied by the comedian Andy Samberg. He is a ray of sunshine. He’s sweet, humble, loving, attentive and of course, funny. He is a white-straight-cis-man? Yes, he is. But Jake (and Andy, but I’m talking about the show’s story here) is so much more than that. He isn’t like one of those stereotyped comedy characters. He is a feminist (or a sympathic to the cause, you decide), he grew up clearly on the three existing seasons. He is a man-kid, but at the same time he express his feelings, he respects everyone, he doesn’t make any jokes about minorities and he respect all the people around him. 

-Captain Holt is portraied by Andre Braugher. He is a black, openly gay Captain, who suffered with prejudice his whole career. He finally made Captain of a Precinct, and is ready to be the mentor they all need. At first he seems just like a pain in the ass, but he grow better, showing off his feelings and his fun side along the way. He isn’t like any other black gay character I’ve seen lately, like Tituss (I love him, but it is so stereotyped). His relationship with his husband, Kevin Cozner, is a relationship everyone at the precinct respects and admire.

-Amy Santiago is portraied by Melissa Fumero. She’s a latina woman, but she isn’t like any stereotype of a latina. She’s the most competent detective of the Nine Ninth Precinct, and she is competitive, hard working, but they don’t make her the woman-who-only-works-and-have-no-friends-and-love-life. I won’t spoil anything to you guys, but she have a love life and the whole precinct is friends with her, and they care genuinely about her. She learns through the seasons to embrace her quirks, and she only grows more confident with herself (if you watch it, when you get to 3x05 you’ll definetly get what I’m talking about). She kicks some asses, too.

-Terry Jeffords is portraied by Terry Crews. I’m sure everyone here know Crews, and how easy would be to them make him the strong-black-guy-who’s-too-temperamental-and-has-no-feelings? He is the total opposite of it: He has a beautiful wife, and stopped going on the field because he got scared of getting hurt when his two babies arrived at the world (Cagney and Lacey). He is super sensitive, likes to draw, makes origami, loves yogurt, but he loves working out too. He is the father of the detectives and everyone looks up to his relationship with Sharon Jeffords too.

-Rosa Diaz is portraied by Stephanie Beatriz. Another latina woman, with totally different features of Amy’s. Rosa is a tough woman. She kicks some asses (Amy does too), and she has trouble showing off her feelings. But while she is totally in power of herself, she has all of her friends backs. She loves people in her own way, but she stick to them, no matter what. She opens her heart sometimes, and you can see different layers of her when the time passes. She is made of stone and is very vulnerable at the same time. You can explore her relationship with each one of the squad and is a great experience.

-Gina Linetti is portraied by Chelsea Peretti. She is the most comic character: she loves the attention, and loves saying what she wants to say. But she loves every character and she takes care of everyone when the time comes. You see right at the beggining that she has this huge crush on Terry, but something happens one day and she has to help Terry’s wife, and guess what? She doesn’t? Of course not! If this was another show, maybe, but she actually helps her in all the ways she can, and she actually do a lot. She looks like someone who doesn’t care about anybody, but she loves everyone and when the time passes she learns how to show it.

-Charles Boyle is portraied by Joe Lo Truglio. He is the loving one. He loves everyone at the precinct, and he shows it off. At a point of the show, he is very much in love with someone, but one day he says he’s sorry, because he know he was a bad company to this person, because he was a little too drown on his own feelings. He being a bad company was a bad thing? Yes, it was. But he realized and talked to the person, like adults, and the person forgave him. He is loving and sweet, but he kicks some asses when he needs to. And he embraces himself, he doesn’t feel ashamed for being in touch with his feelings, and no one of the squad makes him feel bad for being who he is.

*All the girls in the show have their own storylines, none of them is resumed just to the male character. They all pass the Bechdel Test.

*When a character confess that it’s in love with another one (not using names to avoid spoiling, again), it isn’t expecting to receive nothing back: it just says so the other know and they are in the clear. You never feel that it is requiring to have it’s feelings returned. It is such a rare thing to see.

*All the sexist and homophobic characters on the show are treated with zero tolerance. They always are repressed and end up paying for what they said/did.

*All the relationships are explored at some point, and is delightful to watch all characters bonding on their own special way.

*Their jokes are funny because they can make humour, not because they make fun of someone who can’t defend themselves.

So, what I’m trying to say is: this is one of the most nonproblematics shows of the world. And it really deserves a shot! So, if you see it, come here or at @are-you-kidding-youre-orangina and talk to me and say what were your thoughts! And if you like it, spread this show around. It is a great one and I hope you guys like it as much as I do!

Transcript from Cammie's beautiful Sedona Vlog :)

“Sometimes all you need to heal, repair and replenish your soul is a little bit of time with nature, to remind yourself that this world is bigger than you and bigger than your problems. You are such a small fraction of what makes up this planet and that, is a beautiful thing.

Now I know it sound ridiculously cliche and maybe even a bit contrive but the few days I spent in Sedona gifted with complete clarity and put my entire being into perspective.

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If you liked Megamind and/or Strange Magic then I think you should really consider watching A Monster In Paris (french movie sub>dub)
Also watch Gargoyles (tv show) honestly you won’t regret it I promise especially of you liked both movies you can thank me later. You can watch Gargoyles on kisscartoon and i think the movie is there too.

For all those girls out there if you didn't know this well... Just know that there are guys out there that will love you for you. Every single flaw and imperfection you have will be absolutely perfect in his eyes. He will give you the world because you will be his. Some guys just want to cuddle and watch movies like you do. Some guys want those cute things they see in relationships here on tumblr. Some guys really don't care about sex as long as they are with the one they love. Honestly some of us stay awake thinking about how beautiful you are and everything about you with a big smile on our face until we turn over on our sides still smiling and cuddling our pillows wishing it was you. We just want to be loved to. So let those guys love you. You won't regret it.

Some guys are sensitive too.

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Watch the intro to the new minecraft right now you won't regret it

  • me : Hey you should watch the 100 it's amazing!
  • boyfriend : CW crap? No way! I thought I told you that I was done with that.
  • me : Please you won't regret it. Besides you love me, aren't you supposed to give in to all my whims or something?
  • boyfriend : *sigh heavily but cave anyway*
  • me 3 days later : So?
  • boyfiend : Where the fuck is season 3? WTF is wrong with the former chancellor? What about the nuke? Also that Bellamy guy is totally screwed!
  • me : Wait what do you mean about my baby?
  • boyfriend : *rolls eyes* Well the way he's looking at her, like she crushed his heart or something.
  • me : asdfghjkl! I know right?
a plea to the arrow fandom from the 100 fandom

If you watch Arrow live, please consider watching The 100 right after Arrow airs! This show really needs the ratings if we wanna see a s3, and I know we can do it! Who knows, you might discover your new favorite show, I know I did. 

Some reasons to watch The 100 if you need them:

  • s1 was like a sci-fi version of lord of the flies but better
  • one big ship that the writers apparently didn’t intend, cause aren’t those the best kind? (i know you guys can relate)
  • both season premieres passed the bechdel WITHIN THE FIRST TWO MINUTES
  • which brings me to my next point: amazing ladies
  • the writers listened to the fans and LGBT CHARACTERS ARE ON THE WAY

The show isn’t completely perfect, but it still deserves the attention that it hasn’t been getting because of poor marketing, please give it a shot!