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i’m gonna hire jimin as my main model for my future brand, expect it around 2018

At a party on Balmera
  • Lance, to Shay: I have to tell you, I don't think I've ever seen Hunk so happy before.
  • Shay: Aww, I'm gla--
  • Lance: If you hurt him, I will kill you and make it look like an accident.
  • Shay:
  • Lance:
  • Shay:
  • Lance: Pfff...Hahaha! I'm just messing with you! Don't look so freaked out!
  • Shay: ...Oh, a joke.*relieved* Ha...
  • Lance: *calls and waves* Hey, Pidge!
  • Pidge: Hey, Shay! *finger guns* We're gonna kill you!

underrated gems in “history of the entire world”:

  • the greeks just had the idea of thinking about stuff
  • will you get the hell out of here if i give you 500 elephants?
  • “who’s the buddha?” “this guy who sat under a tree for so long that he figured out how to ignore the fact that we’re all dying”
  • there goes buddhism traveling up the silk road i wonder if it’ll reach china before it collapses again
  • (soft whisper) they never got ethiopia 
  • is it tonga time? i think it’s tonga time
  • question 2: steal the spice trade. that’s not a question but the dutch did it anyway

We all have a purpose, and our purpose is to figure out our purpose. That’s what college is. So, why college? Why CRU? The truth is I chose CRU because a friend of mine from camp was going here, then I chose to rush a fraternity and I made new friends, and college has been everything I ever could’ve imagined it to be. So I kept thinking, why would I ever want to leave this place? But then I realized that there’s so much left to learn and experience and look forward to, and now I’m graduating… hopefully, and heading out into the real world with the love of my life, who was my purpose. So, today I’m here to graduate, and tomorrow? Well, it’s hard to say because I have no idea where I’ll be.

One of the best things about getting interested in all of this Revolutionary War/Founding Fathers stuff is that I’m learning new things everyday

Like, I’m super interested in history, but as an Australian, I learnt NONE of this in school

All of the stuff I knew before was really vague stuff I had heard on American TV


Washington was a president and so was Jefferson. There was a war. There was a Declaration of Independence

I had never heard of Alexander Hamilton (actually I might have heard the name “Hamilton” once or twice, but I had no idea who he was)

Thanks Lin for getting me interested in a new area of history

Low Spoons and No Spoons Worship for Hellenics

As many of my followers will probably have guessed, I’m living with mental illness and I know a lot of you out there are too. If you’re anything like me, there are times when keeping up with devotions is just too much and I have to cut corners and simplify things if I manage them at all. So I thought I would compile a list of simple acts of worship that one can do: one list for low spoons days, and another for those days when even that is too much.

I can’t speak for all disorders and this is mainly with mental illness rather than physical illness in mind, since I and reasonably able bodied, so feel free to add your own ideas.

No Spoons Worship

Sometimes everything is difficult, your energy levels are at a minimum and simply existing is all you can manage. Now, if you’re like me during these periods you still feel guilty for not being able to continue with your religious practice as normal. Don’t beat yourself up over not doing rituals or offerings, it’s ok to stop altogether if you need to, but if you feel you need to do something for the gods but can’t manage anything extra, my advice is to include a devotional aspect to what you can manage:

  • Dedicate personal hygiene tasks to Hygeia; this can be mentally saluting her when you brush your teeth, or maybe muttering thanks in the shower. Even if all you’re up to is wet wipes and hand sanitiser, take a moment to thank her for making cleaning that bit easier
  • Thank Apollo or Askelpios for your meds, your doctor, your therapist, or whatever else helps you manage your health, even if it’s vitamin supplements, pain killers 
  • Thank Apollo and Dionysos for nice distractions like music, film, videos, games or any other media that keeps you happy. 
  • If you manage to cook a meal, take a moment to think of Hestia and thank her for your “hearth” (even if it’s a microwave or a kettle)
  • If leaving the house or travelling is difficult, ask for support for Hermes or thank him once you’re done

Little things like these don’t take any more effort but are a nice way to keep building kharis. The gods will appreciate that you’re still thinking of them. 

Low Spoons Worship

Have a bit more energy but rituals still too daunting? There are still plenty of ways to build kharis and care for yourself. Here are some of my favourites

  • Devotional colouring-in: got one of those fancy grown up colouring books? Dedicate the time you spend on stress-relieving low-intensity art to a god. I like to pick pictures that are fitting for the deity (sea-themed pictures for Poseidon, owls for Athena, flowers for Persephone, and so on). Don’t have any colouring books? Do a search for mythology colouring pages, find something you like and print (or if you don’t have a printer, load up MS Paint, photoshop or whatever your favourite digital art tool is!)
  • Light a candle! If you can’t have candles, fairy lights, LED lights or even a lamp can be an alternative. Dedicate the energy used by the light to a deity
  • Watch a video, documentary or film that you associate with a deity. For example, a music video could be an offering to Apollo or a documentary about the ancient world would be suitable for any deity you choose. One of my favourite things to do is watch adaptations of Greek mythology and critique what they get right and what they don’t. Stuck for ideas? Here’s a playlist of Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Greek Myths to curl up with
  • Dedicate time reading to a deity (again you can pick a theme suitable for the deity or read about the ancient world or adaptations of myths)
  • Invite a deity to share in your meal if you manage to cook or you have a treat. You could set a place for them if you can, take a moment of thought before tucking in, or just thank them for providing for you
  • Dedicate a pampering session to Aphrodite. Whether it’s doing your nails, putting on makeup, or putting on a face pack mask, take time to thank her 
  • Household cleaning, hoovering, or tidying can be dedicated to Hestia

I won’t clutter your dashboards with too much of the same thing, but hopefully these will inspire you if you’re in a rut! Like I said, do feel free to add to this!

“Οι άνθρωποι που πάσχουν από κατάθλιψη, πολύ συχνά διακόπτουν τη φαρμακευτική αγωγή τους όταν ερωτεύονται, γιατί οι ενδοργοφίνες, αποτελούν φυσικό αντικαταθλιπτικό του οργανισμού. Κάποια στιγμή, όμως, προσγειώνονται ξανά στη σκληρή πραγματικότητα της ζωής.”

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Dionysus:</b> It's Valentine's day and love is in the air.<p/><b>Apollo:</b> Which means Zeus is going to sleep with one or more poor woman.<p/><b>Artemis:</b> And Hera's going to find out.<p/><b>Hermes:</b> And we're going to have to save him and the girl from her eternal wrath.<p/><b>Athena:</b> Yup. It's great being a child of Zeus.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

reasons why greek was the best show on abc family ever ever ever

  • strong female friendships. i mean, this makes the show a winner already. casey and ashleigh, casey and rebecca… strong female friendships are so important to me man. their friendships were never ruined over stupid things, or over guys. sO GOOD
  • strong friendships in general. greek is a show that puts friendship over relationships and promoting positive platonic friendship is something i can’t ever get enough of because good friendships are incredible things to have and you don’t see that enough in media.
  • calvin, and heath’s sexuality never defined them - they were just normal college guys, looking for relationships too. heath and calvin were kissing at frat parties without a care in the world and i love that. i love that they had LGBT characters who were never defined by their sexuality. they were people above all else - treated the same as all the straight characters.
  • they promoted positive sexual health and positive sex in general - katherine wanted advice on what kind of birth control to be on, rusty realised that he couldn’t be the one to take katherine’s virginity just because she wanted to loose it before law school (i don’t think sex and love come hand in hand don’t get me wrong but i do buy into the idea that your first time should probably be with someone you trust and katherine and rusty barely knew each other) sex was never a shameful thing for girls to be having (OK there was some issues and name-calling but for the most part girls having sex was GOOD and not a problem and girls can be sexual beings too yay)
  • rebecca realising that she deserved better than the way evan was treating her and ending the relationship despite how much she cared for him because she knew it was important to be in a relationship where both parties love equally
  • couples realising they have issues and need to work them out before they can actually be together (cough evan and rebecca cough)
  • calling out shitty behaviour even though its being done by your brothers (the whole calvin vs tripp thing)
  • it was funny and witty and made me laugh way too much
  • actual decent storylines
  • college is fuckin scary man and leaving it will probably be scarier and they didn’t shy away from that (cappie’s storyline basically) 
  • they didn’t magically get jobs and happy after they graduated (final season was in 2011 in the middle of a severe recession and they didn’t shy away from that fact either)
  • can we talk about casey and cappies love story for a second - “its a fairytale” “no other girl in the world compares to you” i mean come on they were such an incredible relationship and they felt almost real because they had issues and problems they couldn’t work through for a really long time
  • they (eventually) dealt with a love triangle far better than any other show i’ve watched to be honest (evan/casey/cappie)

so ok the show had its problems and it wasn’t perfect but it was a really damn good show and it has so many positive things and positive atributes and it was definitely the best show on ABC family they will never top it ever again bye
Roman Music Reconstructed/Reimagined - YouTube
What music of the Roman Empire might have sounded like back in the day and what it could have sounded like, had it lasted into later eras. Contains a mix of film scores, video game soundtracks, modern reconstructions, and pieces inspired by Ancient Rome, as well as Ancient Greece and Byzantium.

a playlist assiduously curated by yours truly for your listening pleasure.

runtime: 3 hours, 50 minutes.

Alrighty, so I was going to make a serious picture of Clark and Diana’s wedding, but then my family watched ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ last night and I thought, “oh ho ho, now that would be funny for a Superman/Wonder Woman picture,” so I went with it. xD 

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