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Why is everyone talking about some new trailer?

There is a new trailer out!!! :D So much happy Lance, I’m alive. But also dead at the same time because there’s very little Keith, he’s gone from most group shots and looks unhappy when he is finally shown >.<

SAMUEL BARNETT: Dirk Gently is a holistic detective, which means he believes in the interconnectedness of all things. He’s sort of psychic — but not. His powers don’t really help him. He’s no good at interpreting any of these messages that he receives. He’s trying to use these so-called powers for good, but keeps on getting himself in a complete state. So, he needs people around him. It’s why he needs a detective agency. For me, he’s the antithesis of Sherlock. Sherlock is all intellect, and brain, and has his mind palace. And Dirk’s got his emotional neuroses cottage.

MAX LANDIS: He has heart, and hunches, and nothing else.

BARNETT: He’s brilliantly stupid and stupidly brilliant.


Rick and Morty is one of my top favorite shoes and I’ve been into it for a long time now and the LAST thing i want is for it to end up like the Undertale fandom did?? Glorifying Sans (it’s okay if you like Sans; this is in no way to bash anyone or what they like) to the point where he’s a fuckin edgelord™. 

When I love a trashy character I recognize their flaws bc it’s what makes them THEM. It’s a big reason WHY I admire them but I know the difference between bad and good in what they do, not just their character. People make them seem so OP it’s ridiculous and it’s honestly what drives me away from that character or their fandom in general and I REALLY HOPE none of that ever happens with Rick. One thing I can appreciate that creators do with their characters in knock them back into their place when they think they’re too good for smthn esp if it’s BAD

Like, Bender for instance. Thinkin he’s hot shit all the time. NGL sometimes it annoys me to write him like that?? EVEN IF IT’S HIS CHARACTER. Like, I guess it’s just if it’s too much idk but he’s always somehow pushed back to where he belongs BECAUSE he either brings it on himself or has vulnerabilities that allow it. I’ve seen so many people on the internet GLORIFY the fuck out of Bender and it’s just PLS NO?? Like the appeal is definitely there but putting him on a pedestal makes me wanna take 5383806 steps back.

Yes, they’re lovable in their own trashy ways. Yes they can be cool. Yes they’re funny or smart or whatever. But they’re still living beings w/ flaws and if you don’t recognize them then you’re not even taking enough time out to appreciate their full character and that makes me sad.

the amount of energy i’ve put into the idea of self-heating fingerless gloves is frankly a bit concerning


Hi I literally don’t want to leave Zora’s Domain for more than like two minutes and I’ll give you three guesses why

(I’m not content with hylian(?)sidon yet his hair looks like a dr pepper but I’ll keep workin on it)