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asexual: [reading war and peace]
me, wearing only a g-string and a see-through chainmail bra: [smacks war and peace out of their hands] go watch some porn you geek ass bitch

I’m happy many like my art style, here’s one of a scene somebody notice a show that my art style comes from as one of my inspiration~ (vwv)

*Dolls, Wynonna and Nicole are all arguing in the BBD offices*

Wynonna: I don’t see the problem, let’s just use my big ass gun!

Dolls: He could kill you before you even lifted the gun up.

Nicole: We don’t know if he’s a revenant, he could be just another asshole, we can’t go in all guns blazing! There are rules we have to follow.

*Arguing intensifies*

Waverly: GUYS! For every second you waste arguing, I will write a letter on this board and it will spell out the name of the next character that will die in Game Of Thrones.

Wynonna: ….. You wouldn’t.

Waverly: Okay… *Writes* R….

Dolls: You don’t know who dies next.

Waverly: *Continues writing* A…

Nicole: She does. She’s read the books.

Wynonna: …. There are books?


The Kingsman are back - New article in German “Geek!” #32 magazine 

The article itself isn’t spoilerish re KM2, there’s not really anything we don’t already know, and what there is I marked in the text. The beginning basically just gives us a summary about KM1 and then there’s an interview with Taron Egerton from shortly after he finished filming Robin Hood. The interview is really cute and I feel weird translating it back into English after it was translated into German - talk about Lost in Translation, lol. But I think this is too cute to miss, so here’s the gist of it:

Mag: The Kingsman are the embodiment of the totally cool guy - are you like that or are you more of a geek?

TE: No, I’m probably the least cool person on the planet. It’s a desperate daily struggle for me to give the illusion that I’m somewhat cool. It’s a very, very strenuous acting performance! (laughs)

Mag: Do you have some geeky habits?

TE: When I watched a film that I liked, then I look at who exactly was part of it afterwards. I totally take it apart really. Then I look at the actors, if they worked together on other projects and things like that. I really like doing that.

Mag: Welcome to the club!

TE: I’m somewhat of an imdb junkie, I look for the smallest tidbits, quotes and trivia, for example who worked with whom and if it was the first time or not. Everything going on behind the scenes is of interest to me. 

Mag: It must have been heaven for you to work on KM again then since there are so many well-known actors involved, Mark Strong, Julianne Moore - was it fun to work with them?

TE: I liked working with two actors from The Big Lebowski [AN: Bridges and Moore] because I love that film. And it was great to film with Mark again because we already got along so well in the first one.

Mag: One does see a lot of him in the trailer…

TE: Yes, he now has the chance to… (he stops because he noticed that he might give sth away). Let’s just say he has much more to do than in part one because he’s not bound to HQ anymore. It’s amazing how many great actors Matthew found for this film.

Mag: Makes me wonder how much time you spent on imdb when you heard who’s involved?

TE: Not that much. These are all colleagues I looked up earlier. [talks about him liking Bridges and Elton John]

[the next paragraph has possible KM spoilers but it’s not really sth we haven’t seen/heard before]

Mag: How much time has gone by between the first film and this one?

TE: I think about six months. Eggsy has finished a few mission and is trying to get into the groove and his new lifestyle. […] He tries to find a balance since he has a gf now. […] And he is faithful despite being a spy. [He’s not like Bond because] he’s breaking with that cliche. He’s really fallen in love with that girl and wants to make that relationship work.

Mag: [asking about Robin Hood]

TE: If it turns out the way I hope it will be a completely different take on Robin Hood as we’re used to. We’ve tried to keep the gist of the original legend. He’s a soldier who’s just came back from the crusades, a well-versed bowman, but he is a lot younger than the Robin Hoods we saw before on screen. The mood will be a lot darker and the film more modern. 

Mag: Who’s in it?

TE: It’s a great cast. I’m in it - with that I don’t mean that I’m great (laughs). Jamie Dornan and, what I think is especially exciting, Ben Mendelsohn, who’s playing the Sheriff. He’s a hero of mine and a great actor.

[…] Mag: Seems there’s a lot of action in RH and KM. Is that easy to do for you?

TE: No idea. I wasn’t really expecially good at PE back in school. But I love the challenge of combining the choreography with the physical demands. I don’t want to say that I have the talent to be a stuntman, but it excites me to make it work. 

Mag: Any pranks on set?

TE: I never remember those very well But there was this time when Channing Tatum put blow-up dolls in my trailer and filmed it.

Mag: What? Where can one see this?

TE: (unable to speak with laughter) Don’t ask!!

ID #37147

Name: Gabby
Age: 19
Country: USA

Hi I’m Gabby and really just want friends. I’m in college for psychology and sociology and hope to become a multicultural counselor. I want to travel but I’m willing to live bi-curiously through other people.

I love animals and my beautiful pets. I love watching game shows, RuPaul’s Drag Race, cooking shows, Food Network shows, HGTV, Stranger Things, Freaks and Geeks, Dear White People, The Get Down, Degrassi, and many others. I love the movie Heathers and the musical. I also love musicals! I’d love someone t share this love with. I also love love love anything Disney. And I love Youtubers including dan and phil, thomas sanders, h3h3, kingsley, troye sivan, rebel taxi, blameitonjorge, and most simmers.

I spend my time playing sims, listening to music, playing with my pets, sleeping, drawing, watching the stuff I listed, and really just anything I’m in the mood for. For music I listen to anything but country. My faves are One Direction and their solo material, troye sivan, the 1975, bastille, all time low, ariana grande, big time rush, kendrick lamar, childish gambino, nicki manji, blood orange, fall out boy, patd, any girl group, jonas brothers, and many many others.

Please contact me if you want to talk or anything :)

Preferences: just dont be a jerk

When to watch certain cartoons
  • Steven Universe: When you want to watch something cute but meaningful, then you get an expected but not expected feels trip
  • Gravity Falls: When you're feeling like a conspiracy theorist, you mostly want to put the puzzel together but also want to have a few laughs in the process. Also a feels trip.
  • We Bare Bears: When you want something funny and cute and relatable. But be prepared for unexpected feels trips.
  • Rick and Morty: When your want something with more adult themes. Also when you're feeling like a theorist. But be prepared, each episode is either a really fun time or a really emotional heartbreaking time.
  • Regular Show: When you want something really weird and supernatural. Also when you want to be angry at blue birds for ruining things.
  • Star vs The Forces of Evil: When you want something funny with adult innuendos. You're mostly watching for a good time.
  • Spongebob: you're not watching the new ones. God don't watch the new ones, you watch spongebob when you're on a nostalgia trip, watch classics like band geeks, and the Alaskan bullworm.
  • Adventure Time: Another example of a theorists cartoon. You should be here when you want funny, post-apocalyptic, good times. May or may not cause feels trip
  • Teen Titans Go: You never watch Teen Titans Go. You watch Teen Titans.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Nostalgia for literal weeks. Watch this when you want a good laugh, memories, and when you want to figure out the timeline.
  • Fairly Odd Parents: Again. Don't watch the new ones.
  • Avatar The Last Airbender/ Legend of Korra: When you want fun uplifting adventures with a bunch of emotional superpowered teens, from first generation to third.
  • Scooby Doo (any): Come for the funny innuendos and animation, stay for the mysteries and music.
  • Superjail: If you're gonna watch this sober, come for the colorful animation, and the funny characters. If you're gonna watch this under an influence, you're gonna have a fun time no matter what.

He’s not a pet.

Ya’ll need to get on Netflix right now and freaking watch Trollhunters.

LIS Before The Storm Thing

So last night I replayed the First Episode of BTS and I noticed something in Chloe’s second dream sequence. You know the one with the raven and the fire and Rachel’s death stare… Anyway I’m sure were all familiar with the texts Chloe receives during said dream.

But what I didn’t notice the first time around or even the second, was that the time stamps are out of order. The oldest texts are supposed to be on top of the screen, but it’s reversed for some reason.


The meaning of the dream it self has many theories, to many to mention. But the most common is that this is not really a dream but vision/warning of the future. That the only time Max will see Chloe is when she gets shot and that is true, but maybe the dream is trying to tell Chloe not to worry instead of warning her; because Max will be there to save her.

Here’s the text messages in the right order…

I don’t know, this is just something that stuck out to me, maybe it makes sense maybe it doesn’t. Let me know what you think!

P.S If you want to check out some good theories on this game, I recommend watching Geek Remix’s. There awesome and well thought out and… Well you’ll see when you watch them.