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New YouTube Video! I decided to take advice from all of you and watch some of my oldest vines that I haven’t seen in forever!! Whew, what a trip!! Watch me geeking out and/or blushing while also not trying to wake my sleeping hotel neighbors!!

asexual: [reading war and peace]
me, wearing only a g-string and a see-through chainmail bra: [smacks war and peace out of their hands] go watch some porn you geek ass bitch


He’s not a pet.

Ya’ll need to get on Netflix right now and freaking watch Trollhunters.

Musicians Watching Movies
  • Musician: What are they doing!? They aren't even in the proper playing position?
  • Friends: Okay we get it...
  • Musician: That is terrible embouchure for a flute. She should sound flatter than a pancake.
  • Friends: Just watch the movie...
  • Musician: Has he ever even laid eyes on a trumpet? They could at least do a little research on the instrument before they FAKE play it!

Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda geek out over Beauty and the Beast in this exclusive clip

“Her favorite book is actually the story [Belle]’s going to live,” Lin-Manuel Miranda added. “So there’s this crazy bit of foreshadowing that’s happening, but it’s also that interrupting your thought to say how excited you are, is the kind of sophisticated, character-revealing lyric writing that [lyricist and Menken collaborator] Howard Ashman was so good at.”

So anyways Alec always has had a secret love for art. He loves everything about art and all kinds of art and has dozens of volumes about art and art history and is such an Art Nerd™ and when Magnus finds this out he immediately takes Alec to every museum and art gallery imaginable and tells him stories about all his encounters with famous artists throughout history and loves watching Alec geek out over the fact that his boyfriend has never-before-seen sketches by Vincent Van Gogh and how he was the muse of  Leonardo da Vinci and one day they’re looking at the frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Italy and Magnus says to Alec, their hands intertwined as they crane their necks to stare up at the ceiling, “Art is so….beautiful. It literally takes your breath away” and Alec looks over at Magnus, eyes still glued to the ceiling and the light coming from the windows framing his face and creating the illusion of a halo, a gorgeous smile painting his lips and the glitter on his cheekbones and eyelids reflecting light off of the sun and his hair is stylized with a few streaks of purple in his hair and his cheekbones and jaw are sharp and look as if they were sculpted by Michelangelo himself and Alec’s breath hitches and his heart stops because his boyfriend is the most beautiful person he has ever seen in his entire life and when he finally catches his breath he smiles softly and replies back in an awed whisper, “Yeah, you really do” and Magnus looks at him and the grin on his face gets even wider and his eyes twinkle and he lets out a hushed chuckle and he shakes his head lovingly and pulls Alec in by the shirt for a kiss, Alec’s hands moving instinctively to his waist and they stand there, kissing in the Sistine Chapel with the angels painted on the ceiling smiling and looking down at them and the rays from the clerestory windows illuminating the couple and washing them in heavenly light.