watch foreign films

  • Friend: OMG did you see the new movie that came out??
  • Me: No.
  • Other friend: I watched all of the oscar nominees. Have you seen them?
  • Me: No.
  • Friends: BUT YOU'RE IN FILM!
  • Me: Yes, and that requires me to spend my hours watching classic films, indie films, foreign films, old films, and, oh yeah, my focus is TV so my free time this week was spent binging all the seasons of The Wire. Not just watching it but ANALYZING IT. FILM IS A TIME CONSUMING MAJOR.
  • *Friends back away slowly*
good amazing great films

My Own Private Idaho // Gus Van Sant - 1991

Bad Education // Pedro Almodovar -2004

Inside Llewyn Davis // Joel and Ethan Coen - 2013

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou // Wes Anderson - 2004

Dead Poets Society // Peter Weir - 1989

Midnight in Paris // Woody Allen - 2011

Into The Wild // Sean Penn - 2007

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind // Michael Gondry - 2004

Reality Bites // Ben Stiller - 1994

Mister Lonely // Harmony Korine - 2007

Frank // Lenny Abrahamson - 2014

The Motorcycle Diaries // Walter Salles - 2004

Benny & Joon // Jeremiah S. Chechik -1993

The Basketball Diaries // Scott Kalvert - 1995

Shutter Island // Martin Scorsese - 2010

Girl, Interrupted // James Mangold - 1999

Beetlejuice // Tim Burton - 1988

Y Tu Mama Tambien // Alfonso Cuaron - 2001

Moulin Rouge! // Baz Luhrmann - 2001

Hector and the Search for Happiness // Peter Chelsom - 2014

Mona Lisa Smile // Mike Newell - 2003

The Addams Family // Barry Sonnenfeld - 1991

Back to the Future // Robert Zebecks - 1985

Corpse Bride // Tim Burton - 2005

Mr. Nobody // Jaco Van Dormael - 2009

The Prestige // Christopher Nolan - 2006

American Psycho // Mary Harron - 2000

The Skin I Live In // Pedro Almodovar - 2013

Fright Night // Craig Gillespie - 2011

Her // Spike Jonze - 2013

Crimson Peak // Guillermo del Toro - 2015

Boyhood // Richard Linklater - 2014

The Game // David Fincher - 1997

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo // Neils Arden Oplev - 2009 

Volver // Pedro Almodovar - 2006

The Royal Tennebaums // Wes Anderson - 2001

Amores Perros // Alejandro G. Inarritu - 2000

The Others //Alejandro Amenabar - 2001

Sleepy Hollow // Tim Burton - 1999

The Lobster // Yorgos Lanthimos - 2015

All About My Mother // Pedro Almodovar - 1999

Ex Machina // Alex Garland - 2015

Fight Club // David Fincher - 1999

The Great Gatsby // Baz Luhrmann - 2013

Nowhere Boy // Sam Taylor-Wood - 2009

The Breakfast Club // John Hughes - 1985

Across The Universe // Julie Taymor - 2007

The Shining // Stanley Kubrick - 1980

The Beach // Danny Boyle - 2000

Requiem for a Dream // Darren Aronofsky

Trainspotting // Danny Boyle - 1996

I’m So Excited // Pedro Almodovar - 2013

Cinema Paradiso // Giuseppe Tornatore - 1988

Suburban Gothic // Richard Bates Jr. - 2013

Lost in Translation // Sofia Coppola - 2003

Band of Robbers // Adam and Aaron Nee - 2015

Talk to Her // Pedro Almodovar - 2002

Before Sunrise (trilogy) // Richard Linklater - 1995/2004/2013

Django Unchained // Quentin Tarantino -2012

Romeo + Juliet // Baz Luhrmann - 1996

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty // Ben Stiller - 2013
Immersing Yourself in Your Target Language

Immersing yourself in a foreign language can be difficult if you don’t live in the country where the language is spoken. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few ways that you can surround yourself with your target lang. 


You’re probably reading this post on a laptop, a phone or on an ancient stone tablet. Change the language of your devices to your target language. I’ve done this for Spanish, French, and Romanian, and it helped me get used to seeing these languages and reading in them. 

Social Media

Do the same thing for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other site to which you’re hopelessly addicted. You’ll learn internet specific words and your brain will adjust to reading in the language that you’re learning. 


Netflix and Youtube offer a wide selection of movies and videos in other langs. Your brain will pick up on the different sounds and internalize them. Before you know it, you’ll understand the spoken language like a pro.
Actively watching foreign films will help you discover new slang, learn key phrases, and become familiar with other aspects of the language like interjections.


Listening to music in other languages will help you adjust to the new sounds you may be encountering in your L2. When I was learning Spanish, bachata was my savior.
On Spotify, you can search for music by country. If you’re learning Portuguese and you pick Brazil, you’ll find popular music in Portuguese that you can use to improve your listening skills. Don’t forget to look up the lyrics and translate them to learn new vocabulary. Find some music that you enjoy, dive into the culture, and learn something new. 

Good luck,

Preferences .003: What Life On Earth Is Like With Them

Characters: Poe, Rey, Finn, Luke, Leia, Han

Fandom: Star Wars


- Tbh, you guys have a small house or an average apartment. It’s always clean, but he can mess things around sometimes. He’s a great ass decorator.

- Going to the movies a lot. He loves musicals, older films, and classic romance movies.

- He can play piano and guitar. So, he’ll sing and play for you.

- Brings you flowers whenever he gets home from work.

- If you work together, he’ll spend his (rare) breaks with you.

- Sleeps on the couch when you’re fighting.

- Sleeps on the couch when you’re asleep and he gets home late.

- He’s a pilot. Clearly, lmao. He takes you out flying. He’ll teach you, too.

- Occasionally sends you an animal meme. He’s not up to date with memes.


- Loves going to coffee and flower shops with you.

- For some reason, she really loves going to home appliance stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond. You guys go to Toys R Us bECAUSE YOU CAN.

- Whenever you’re out shopping, she pushes you around while you’re in the cart. (She’s pushed you into a wall once and knocked about everything over.)

- Spends most nights cuddled up to you, sleeping or watching TV.

- Makes a scrapbook about you two.

- Takes care of you when you’re sick, even when you’re not really that sick. She makes you stay in bed, and she’ll put on your favorite movie, and bring you soup (even if you hate it bc it’s gonna “make you feel better).

- You apartment is probably small, but it’s really nice inside. Lots of windows, and flowers on the windowsills. White walls, and unfinished painted walls. 

- She loves “I love my gf!” memes. She was also a fan of Spongegar.

- Prefers to watch foreign films with you. She loves French and German movies. 


- Loves going to comic shops with you. He’s a huuuuuuuuuuuge comic fan.

- He will interrupt you to tell you that there’s a dog.

- Is probably a bartender. He will sneak some beer for you and him and he’ll save it for special nights.

- Your “special nights” are episodes of your favorite shows.

- He really loves ‘The Walking Dead’. Compares you two to Glenn and Maggie.

- He always tells you about how the world could end. He honestly believes that the zombie apocalypse will happen; and believes he has proof because of the ant-mutant virus.

- Whenever you’re casually walking, he’ll say “Parkour!” and try to jump off a wall.

- “You’re gonna need to know how to do that when the zombies come, Y/N!”

- Loves Tarantino’s movies. His favorites are ‘Inglourious Basterds’ and ‘Django Unchained’. He’s also a total hoe for ‘Reservoir Dogs’.

- Sends you “I love my gf!” memes. All. The. Time.


- Gives you piggyback rides whenever wherever.

- Like Rey, he’ll push you around in the cart.

- He probably loves Stephen King’s work. 

- He also loves ‘The Evil Dead’, and Bond movies.

- Probably watches Batman cartoons because he can. You’ll catch him up, early as hell, watching B:TAS. Still eating popcorn.

- Heavy opinions on Jared Leto’s Joker. 

- “In all honesty… he sucked, Y/N.”

- Plays ‘Uncharted’ and ‘The Last of Us’. His favorite is ‘Uncharted’. Compares you two to Nate and Elena.

- Stargazing.

- Sings with you in the car bc why not.


- Does your hair all the time.

- She really loves Marvel movies. Her fave character is Black Widow.

- Loves slow dancing.

- You two slow dance all the time in your place. She will always play an old record while you two are dancing.

- Over celebrates for Christmas.

- She hates teen drama shows. She will watch some romance films with you, but they’re not her favorite. She likes action, adventure movies.

- She isn’t afraid whenever someone is being rude to you two in public. She won’t even bat an eye; she’ll call them the hell out.

- Whenever there’s a bad ass character on screen, and you point and say, “Look, it’s you!”, she blushes. 


- He loves writing. His main novel is about you. 

- Loves when you lay your head on his chest while he’s smoking a cigar.

- Is a newspaper comic columnist. His short stories are about your future son, which you have no idea about. To you, the kid you read about in his comics every Sunday morning is just a random little kid.

- Brings you to fancy restaurants. He will feed you chocolate dipped strawberries.

- Won’t admit it, but he loves ‘When Harry Met Sally’. Like Finn, he too loves Tarantino movies. Favorites are ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘Inglourious Basterds’.

- Takes you out dancing.

- Literally the ‘true couples don’t judge each other, they judge other people, together’ meme.

I’ve had a few people recently ask me how I go about writing my fighting scenes and how I make them exciting and realistic (even with unrealistic weapons/magic) without having any real training myself. So, I’m just briefly going to make a post to reference people to.

It’s actually really simple: I watch and read a lot of fighting tutorials. Even before YouTube was a thing, I would watch foreign martial art films (not those cheap American-made ones with stunt doubles and stuff) and rent books on fighting and fencing techniques. Now that the internet is so easy to access, it’s appalling how many writer’s don’t take advantage and use it for research. YouTube is going to be your best friend when it comes to writing fight scenes.

I take notes and rewatch moves over and over, rewriting several different lines about the move I just watched. I probably spend about two hours watching them before I write a big action scene and I’ve been doing it for so long that it comes as second nature to me when describing fluid movements and the weight of a sword when angling it certain ways. But, knowing fighting techniques and their names doesn’t do much for the reader because chances are, they’re not going to know what you’re talking about. So that’s another reason why it helps to watch the movement of real people fighting with real weapons. One day I want to take fencing classes to get an actual feel for what I’m describing, but for now watching other people fight over and over has been an immense help.

I do a couple of things to keep it fast-paced. I keep surrounding descriptions short. You want to keep your reader in the moment. Going into lengthy explanations about sounds and smells and how many trees your character is surrounded by is great for building the scene, but not when the action is happening. Build the setting before the fight, give your reader some credit that they won’t forget where your character is. Not to say leave surrounding detail out completely during a fight but there’s no need for GRRM banquet hall descriptions when it’s life or death for your character. Some things to keep in mind:

*positioning—where are your characters standing/facing? What hand(s) are using the weapon and what one is free? When your character turns so does their direction.

*show don’t tell—this is important in writing anyway, but fight scenes is where this rule really really counts. Make your character out of breath, tired, sore arm maybe, sweating, thirsty, etc. Fighting is exhausting. Show it.

*Don’t make something conveniently aide your character during the fight unless you’ve led to that point first. I don’t know how many stories I’ve read where all the sudden there’s a door they just now noticed or a crowbar just randomly leaning up against a wall.

*Limit the dialogue—talking is a distraction, so use it wisely.

*It’s okay for your character to lose. They don’t have to win every fight. In fact, losing could give them incentive to try harder, which is great character development.

*Keep your points/attacks direct. There’s no need to go into lengthy detail about the flick of your character’s wrist and the way it twirls like a ballerina on one toe, slicing through the air with their pointed blade. Keep the poetics to a minimum and save those for a bigger fight. Not every fight scene has to be an award winner. Stay on point.

*Have fun. If you’re not having fun writing the scene, no one is going to have fun reading it.

If I remember anything else, I will be sure to add it in, but these are just a few tips about what I personally do when it comes to writing fight scenes.

ID #47146

Name: Elizabeth

Age: 19

Country: Russia

Hi! I’m a first-year student of the foreign languages faculty. I’m from Tatarstan but now I live in St.Petersburg because of my University. My English is quite well but I need more practise. And I think this website is a good opportunity to get acquainted with new people!
I love reading, watching films (especially science fiction, horror and drama ones). I do love going to the theatre. However I don’t have enough time for it. I have to work hard daily…my assignment…So It’s really difficult to train as a linguist-interpreter. But It’s so interesting and every day is lively and productive.
I adore walking in the streets and heart to heart talks. By the way I don’t cease to admire the architecture of St.Petersburg!
I like kind, patient, attentive , out-going people! And an ambitious person always inspires me.
I’m fond of making friends and chatting!I do want to get to know about different cultures.
I suppose that it’s enough.Oh, I don’t have any idea what I should add. You can find out more information about me if you write me :) I will wait for you!

Preferences:  Preferable age is 18-26. I don’t care about gender.

brwn-girl  asked:

How do i get better at making films ?

Hello again @brwn-girl (shoutout to you for putting so many great asks in my inbox!)

The short answer to your question is to make lots of films. Long, short, fancy camera, crappy camera, classic story structure, experimential… doesn’t matter. Just make films that mean something to you. Even if you have a bad camera and your actors are unwilling or reluctant friends and family, make something because that is the only way you will improve.

But don’t just make films. Make films that challenge you in some way. Question yourself, the world around you, your ideology, life… Challenge yourself technologically. Use new equipment, new cinematography styles, new storytelling methods, new editing techniques, new sound design…

There is a book called Outliers that discusses success. In it, the author claims it takes 10,000 hours for someone to become an expert at anything. This is just as applicable to filmmaking as it is to any other job. You have to have experience and learn from mistakes if you want to get better at anything.

The second part of this answer is to study other works of art. Don’t just watch mainstream Hollywood films or rewatch the same television show for the fifth time. Watch a foreign film, an indie film, an experimental film, a short film, an innovative film. Ask yourself why you like a film. Ask why you don’t like a film.

Read books and essays that discuss philosophy or psychology (in regards to art or to life in general). Apply what you learn to the stories you want to tell. Read or watch interviews with accomplished filmmakers to learn why they make certain films or why they have certain styles. (Better yet, conduct interviews yourself.) Mimic filmmakers you admire, but then find your own unique style. Learn about the world, about life, about people, and about yourself. If you want to make great films (or great art) it should say something about reality. So explore and question life as much as you can so you can do the same in your films.

Keep creating,


Everybody at film school, the films they made were like the filmmakers they were obsessed with. So it was a lot of Spielberg knockoffs, a lot of like Wes Anderson knockoffs. I want my voice to be different so I started watching nothing but foreign films. I went to Blockbuster and I chose the Foreign Film wall and I just randomly selected, picking things off. I remember seeing Tarantino’s face on the box for Chungking Express.  And I was like, why is Tarantino on the box of Chungking Express? I think his company put that movie out in the States. I just watched that film. I’ve never been to Hong Kong, I have no idea what this is like and I don’t really read subtitles but this is amazing. So I was like ‘I want to do this.’
But I’m Your Boyfriend

Request: Dean x reader where Dean is mad because the reader, his girlfriend, spends so much time with Sam? You choose from there? Thanks so much!

I usually don’t write first person so I hope you like it. Not one of my favorite things I’ve written, but here it is.

*Let me know if you want to be tagged in any of my future works*


Dean’s POV

Y/n and Sam’s laughter drifted down the halls, as the two made their way through the Bunker. I lifted my head up from the book I was reading as they entered the library. They were laughing and goofing around just like they always seemed to be anymore. I quickly look away and turn back to my book.

“Alright,” Sam nods. “I’ll definitely quick that one out.”

The two continued on towards the door, “See you later Dean.”

My head quickly snapped up again, “Where are you going?”

Y/n smiled at me, “Movies, their playing this new french film we’ve been dying to see.” I frowned, them and their stupid movies with subtitles, “We’ll see you later, okay?”

I kept looking down at my book, picking at the corner of the page, trying to hide how hurt I actually was, “See ya later,” I mumble. I miss the confused looks Sam and Y/n shared before they headed out. They carry on up and out of the Bunker. As the door slams behind them I whisper, “But I’m your boyfriend.”

Y/n’s POV

Something was definitely off with Dean when we left earlier, but I had pushed it out of my mind to enjoy the movie with Sam. Whatever it was I would try and deal with it later, Dean wasn’t going to want to talk about it anyway.

I was glad I had Sam to do things like go to the movies with. We were very close, he was like an older brother to me. We were very similar and shared an interest for a lot of the same things like history, reading and foreign films.

Dean’s POV

I didn’t get much research done after that. I was too preoccupied with the thought of Sam and Y/n off at the movies. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust them, more that I felt left out. They were always off doing their nerdy things lately, leaving me behind by myself. I swear, Y/n, my girlfriend, seemed to be spending more time with Sam then me lately.

Was she losing interest in me? Maybe she need a boyfriend who was more like Sam, someone who liked all the same things as her.

I was sitting there brewing in my own toxic thoughts when Sam and Y/n came back a few hours later. They descended down the stairs into the bunker, laughing and reminiscing about the movie they just saw. I averted my eyes to stare down into my glass of whiskey and heard Sam call out good night.

Y/n’s POV

We got back to the bunker to find Dean slouched down in the same seat as earlier, but now guzzling down whiskey. Sam and I shared a look, what ever was bothering him when we left he still wasn’t over. I said goodnight to Sam and headed over towards my boyfriend.

“Hey,” I said as I sat down in the seat next to him, pouring my own glass of whiskey. “How was your night?”

“Fine,” he snapped bitterly. I placed my glass down and inched my chair closer to his, “What’s wrong?”

Dean looked up before quickly looking down again. He had an upset look on his face and seemed genuinely upset about something, “Nothing.”

“Dean, clearly something is wrong. Something seemed off before we left and something is definitely wrong now. Talk to me.”

Dean sighed, “I’m your boyfriend not Sam, in case you forgot.”

I snorted, wait was he actually serious? “Yes Dean, I’m aware that I’m dating you and not Sam. Why would you think that I’ve forgotten?”

“Because you spend so much time with him lately. You hang out with him more than you hang out with me. I feel like you like him more, that you like spending time with him more than you like spending time with me.”

“What?” I was shocked, how could he think that? “Dean, that’s just crazy. I don’t like Sam better than you. I’m dating you not him aren’t I? Yes, Sam and I have a lot in common and we like hanging out, but the same goes for you and I. The things Sam and I like to do are different than the things you and I like to do. The two of us, we pig out on junk food and jam out to rock music and watch Dr. Sexy. With Sam, we watch foreign films and listen to history podcasts. You guys are brothers, but have very different tastes, I’m lucky enough to have things that I love to do with both of you. You’re always welcome to join Sam and I, but we thought you’d have zero interest in doing so.”

Dean’s expression softened, “I love you babe, and I’m sorry if I haven’t been spending enough time with you lately.”

“It’s okay, I was just jealous.”

I smirked at him, “Well why don’t we go do something right now, just the two of us. We can do one of my favorite things to do with you and definitely not Sam.”

“I like the sound of that.”  

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Hi! ✨ My name is Mikaela Eunice Belle. You can call me Eunice or Cassie. I just turned 19 last week but I still look ten years younger. I’m a Filipina with a bit of Spanish blood from the Philippines and I want to have a penpal!

I love doing art in journals, and I decided to share my passion with other people. I give letters to my friends on their birthdays or just whenever I feel like it but most of them don’t really appreciate it that much, so I thought I could send one to someone around the globe, someone I know would appreciate it because she has the same passion as me.

I have always loved books, poetry, history,and literature. I made it my mission to learn something new everyday. I write sometimes but I don’t force it to come out, like I wait for it to spill naturally. I also love watching films and foreign series. I’m currently hooked up on SKAM. I LOVE NOORA SO MUCH. Who doesn’t?

I’m a trash for indie pop punk alternative and lo-fi bands and they’re too many to elaborate. I love making playlists on 8tracks too! I could make you a mixtape as well 📼

I never really had anyone sending me things. It’s me who’s always been giving and giving, and for once I just want to experience what it’s like to receive :–) I can say that I’m a good friend because you can rant to me whatever and not judge you. I treat promises like diamonds so precious I can’t bear breaking them. I became woke because of twitter and I hate racism and homophobia. In my own little ways I try to empower women around me. I yearn for equality and diversity. I still have a lot of things I don’t understand and that’s okay I guess because we’re all still learning.

If you want to be friends me you can contact me thru:

📖 Tumblr - @moodlekoodle
🐦 Twitter - @mikatoptris
📷 Instagram - @mikamanika
📠 Email -

If you want to release your feels about your fandoms and favorite bands or just someone to talk to, really, I’m here. Have a nice day and take care always ✨

ID #80673

Name: Audrey
Age: 14
Country: USA

Heya so as you probably already saw, I’m Audrey. I’m very new to this and just looking for some cool people to get in touch with, I love meeting and talking to new people. Well a little about me: Im a huge music nerd and I love watching foreign films and horror movies. Im a huge supporter of LGBTQ. Some of my favorite things are ukuleles, the color blue, the color black, pancakes, starry skies, candles, oversized flannels and record players. The galaxy fascinates me and I love having long, deep conversations about anything. I love staying up at night or being outside at night and just feeling wild and free. Some of my favorite music is imagine dragons, Halsey, twenty one pilots, and k flay. Favorite movies are Orphan, Interstellar, Love Rosie and anything James Bond. Current tv shows are American horror story, switched at birth and greys anatomy. Also I’m listening to Drops of Jupiter right now and LIVING. Look I’m kind of a weirdo and I’m open to talk about anything. So yeah, id love to meet you!

Preferences: I’m fine with any gender and would love someone around my age? 13-17 would be nice. Oh and I don’t mind what country you are from

Avengers Preference: Your First Date

A/N: I really like preferences. This is my first one with Loki, so enjoy :)

Request: Preferences, first date?? Include Bucky and Loki as well please

Warnings: none!

Loki: On your first date, the god of mischief picked you up, surprisingly on time. He took you out to dinner and was a perfect gentleman, until the waiter got a little too flirty. “Loki! What was that? Where did he go??” “If he is going to act like an animal and flirt with MY princess, I will lock him in a cage.”

Thor: You and Thor went on a coffee date. He met you at your favorite coffee shop, because he adored the “strange mortal drink”. He ended up spending almost fifty dollars on coffee because he wanted to try every drink, and that much caffeine took its toll on even his godlike body. You spent the rest of the night at the Avengers Tower, laughing as the blond god ran around like a child, to the dismay of the others.

Wanda/Scarlet Witch: For your first date with Wanda, you went and watched a foreign film that just so happened to be in Romanian. She spent the first half of the movie translating for you, her lips right next to your ear, but that ended quickly when your desire got the best of you. On the bright side, you could now scratch “getting yelled at by an old hipster woman for making out in a movie theater” off your bucket list. On the downside, Tony now demanded a hand check whenever you and Wanda were watching Netflix on the couch.

Pietro/Quicksilver: Pietro took you to a local indie rock show on your first date. You weren’t expecting him to look as…well, hot as he did in skinny jeans and a flannel. When you opened the door, you took a moment to check him out, fully appreciating how lucky you were. As you eyes flicked back up to his, the smirk on his face told you that he knew what you had been doing. “What can I say? You look good, Speedy.” The night was a whirlwind of dancing and flirting, and when you woke up in his bed the next morning you knew you could do this forever.

Bucky/Winter Soldier: For your first date, Bucky just invited you to his house to watch a movie. He was still adjusting to the world, and he didn’t want you to be in public and have to contain him if something happened. The two of you settled in with a silent movie (“It was my favorite growing up,” he explained with a shy smile) and you spent the whole time feeding each other popcorn and cuddling and laughing at the antics on the screen. You fell asleep on his normal shoulder, and he smiled softly at you, brushing your hair out of your face and gently kissing your forehead.

Steve/Captain America: On your first date with the super soldier, he took you swing dancing. He had heard of your love for it, and he figured he would take you and show you how they really did it back in the day. You both dressed up for the occasion, in authentic 40’s style, and he had never looked more handsome. As he swung you around on the floor, you told him, “It’s a wonder you never had a string of girls back in your day.” He smiled softly at you, “I was just waiting for the right partner. I’ve waited 70 years, but I think I’ve finally found her.”

Natasha/Black Widow: You and Nat went to the shooting range for your first date. To the others, it seemed like an odd choice, but you both knew it was perfect. Once you got there and starting shooting (really, it was more flirting than shooting), some random douchebag decided to come and try to hit on Nat by offering to give her a “private lesson”. She laughed and looked at you, knowing you had a jealous streak a mile wide. You smiled at the guy as you wrapped an arm around her, saying “Yeah, that’s nice, but we’ve got a private lesson of our own scheduled later tonight.” Nat visibly grabbed your ass, and the guy got the hint and walked away, muttering about how “the hot ones are always gay”.

Clint/Hawkeye: Ever the one to try and impress you, Clint took you to play paintball with Wanda and Pietro (no powers allowed). “This way, I can finally shoot the quick little bastard” he told you with a wink, making you throw back your head in laughter. At the end of the game, you suspected that he had paid the twins off to make him look good and make you feel better, because there’s no way that he could hit Pietro that many times (powers aside, he still was quick) and you knew that you didn’t even fire as many times as Wanda claimed you hit her. It was cute, though, the way he looked at you to make sure you were watching when he made an incredible shot. So you rewarded him with a gross, dirty, paint-stained make out session in one of the bunkers while Wanda and Pietro shot at each other :)

Tony/Iron Man: To the surprise of exactly no one, you and Tony went clubbing on your first date. He complimented your dress with a wink and drove his nice car way too fast, which suited you just fine. You loved Tony in part because of his wild side, and because he made you feel like royalty. He helped you out of the car and straight past the line, and you spent the night dancing way too close. At one point you challenged him to a shots contest, and the two of you woke up beside the pool on the roof of his tower. Despite the fact that one of your shoes was missing and he had lost his jacket AND his shirt (Tony looked hella great in just a tight white undershirt, though), the two of you went out again the next night.

Bruce/Hulk: You planned your first date with Bruce, and you took him to the children’s interactive science museum in the city. When he realized where you were he laughed at you, saying “Really? Why here?” You smiled and told him that it was a lot of fun, and you knew he’d enjoy it. Boy, were you right. As you went through the museum, you could see his shy exterior melting away. When he stopped at yet another exhibit to give you an in-depth explanation as to how it worked in that nerdy, kid-in-a-candy-store way of his, you stretched up on impulse and kissed him. He blushed. “What was that for?” “You’re cute when you’re excited.”

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heyyy lately i've really had a drive to learn new languages! my focus right now is spanish since i'm traveling to central america this year but i'm also learning french! just wondering what you do to learn languages and practice since you speak a few, right?

Im nowhere near as fluent in the languages I want to learn as I wanted to be but my tips include a combo:

• listen to music 

• watch movies/tv shows with subtitles and eventually without. watch native movies with audio translation over and then watch genuine foreign films that pertain to the language. trust me, it’s different (esp for spanish dialects!!). look up Spanish films like Jamon Jamon, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Amores Perros, ect. Blue is the Warmest Color and Amelie are beautiful French films

• try reading a book at whatever level you feel like you’re at and write down the new words or conjugations you learn in a notebook. I read “Chronicle of a Death Foretold” for A.P Lit in high school and remembered it was originally in Spanish so I started Cronica de una Muerte Anunciada earlier this summer AKA the orig

• read the book out loud

• duolingo

• any app or website thats been recommended (I’m trying LearnHebrewPod for hebrew)

• watch YouTubers who speak super fast and you’re just like ! I’ve been listening to Inna Moll who’s Chilean and speaks so gdamn fast and yet I understand her and it blows me away

• try to reflect on a conversation moments later when you’re alone and think about how you would’ve responded to them in Spanish (I’m going to start doing this because I realized I can’t speak/I freeze up in the moment)

the biggest thing though is having that innate motivation and drive and just unrelenting desire to learn. it’s all about what you do every day, even for just 10 min, that adds up! it’s about commitment and thinking about how doing whatever you do will add up to a greater whole a year from now

writing this just got me so motivated!!!!! bout to read that book and watch a little spanish netflix before bed nighty night !