watch doctor who online


tagged  by  : @hameya
relationship  status  : single
favorite  color  : green
lipstick  or  chapstick  : none
last  song  i  listened  to  :  Great Days 
last  movie  i  watched  : Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale
top  three  tv  shows  :  Daredevil, Doctor Who and Iron Fist. Yeah yeah I know that there’s a lot of controversy there but fuck em. Gimme my chi using badass
top  three characters  : Big Boss, Matt Murdock and Peter Parker. If we talk Overwatch then its: Soldier 76, Mercy and Genji
top  three ships  : p much any ship is ok w me as long as it’s developed
books  i’m  currently  reading  :  None. I’m planning on re-reading the Percy Jackson books

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