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“I’m watching the season finale of a show I started today” a novel by me

The Tenth Doctor in front of the TARDIS

I love that sticky-up hair and those mournful doe-eyes.

Happy Tennant Tuesday (or whatever day it is when you happen to stumble across this post)

“I have played by the rules for so long…

No, not your rules. You work at the behest of a system so broken that you didn’t even notice when it became corrupted at its core. When I first broke your rules, a sitting President had authorized assassination squads in Laos and the head of the FBI had ordered his men – you – to conduct illegal surveillance on his political rivals. Your rules have changed every time it was convenient for you.

I was talking about my rules. I have lived by those rules for so long, believed in them for so long, believed that if you played by the right rules, eventually you would win… but I was wrong, wasn’t I? And now all the people I cared about are dead, or will be dead soon enough. And we’ll be gone without a trace.

So now I have to decide… decide whether to let my friends die, to let hope die, to let the world be ground under your heel… all because I played by my rules.

I’m trying to decide. I’m going to kill you. But I need to decide how far I’m willing to go, how many of my own rules I’m willing to break, to get it done…

I wasn’t talking to you.”

– Harold Finch (The Day The World Went Away, 5x10)



They are showing the first season of Doctor Who in german TV and they are airing The Empty Child today.

And I realized once again - yes, I absolutely love Jack (then in DW and later in TW and how much he’s changed)

Geeky Soul, Tender Heart

A/N: This is a combination of an anon request and one from @mysteriouscrystalnomad. :) The anon asked for a Spencer x Reader where the two mutually tease each other, develop feelings and then become awkward with each other because of it. @mysteriouscrystalnomad asked for something very similar with the specific of the reader making fun of spencer because she likes him. So this will be a combo, with the reader doing most of the teasing and Spencer coming back at her occasionally. @coveofmemories


You were horribly awkward. Ever since you were a child, you couldn’t just come right out and tell someone you liked them, you tended to tease them a little. When you thought about it, you weren’t quite sure what that was supposed to accomplish, but you couldn’t help it. It was pretty much your default setting - and you really liked Spencer. He was so sweet and kind and fucking gorgeous; your brain basically melted in his presence, which made the teasing even worse.

“Hey, dork,” you said, waving in Spencer’s direction as he returned to his desk with his morning coffee. “Did the good doctor go to bed at a sensible hour this weekend?”

“Ha-ha,” he drawled, sitting down and cutting his eyes at you. “As a matter of fact, I did. I know. I’m super cool.” You tended to tease him about his lack of weekend plans a lot. You liked to go out more than he did, but you did enjoy the occasional night at home every now and again. “On Friday, I watched Doctor Who all day and went to bed at 10. Saturday, I read quite a few books. And Sunday, I spent doing boring chores around the apartment and talking to my mom.”

Sounded like your typical weekend - with the exception for you being the occasional girls’ night out. With a friendly smirk, you spoke “You’re right, Spence. You are just the absolute coolest guy ever.”


Later that day…

As you got into a rhythm, you hit the punching bag as hard as you could. When you were a child, you were always more physical than other girls. You’d throw the first punch, get your hands dirty, have the most colorful speech - pretty much the antithesis of the stereotypical girl. It bothered you to not be included with the other girls back then, but now you took pride in it. You were physical, tough, you had sharp edges and no one gave you shit, so at this point it worked to your advantage.

Before you knew it, the beads of sweat running down your body flew in all different directions. Dropping on the floor, the punching bag, or basically anything or anyone that happened to get in your way. After hurting your arm on one of the last cases, you’d been dying to get back to the gym downstairs and you lost control as you punched over and over again - imagining the unsub’s face.

“Woah, calm down there Rocky,” you heard someone say from behind you. When you turned around, sweat dripping into your eyes, you saw it was Spencer. You gave him the finger for that Rocky comment.

“I’m surprised you know what Rocky is enough to make that comment. That’s considered a cool movie and we both know how cool you are,” you replied, laughing. You finished up at the punching bag, which was your last stop before returning upstairs for paperwork, and started getting ready to head to the shower.

As you passed him, Spencer laughed, holding his nose and teasing, “And make sure you stop by the shower before you go back upstairs, you might kill me right at my desk if i have to smell you.”

“As you said earlier, ‘ha-ha’,” you mimicked, flipping him the finger yet again before heading to the showers.


Weeks passed and you and Spencer continued to heckle each other day in and day out. It was mostly you teasing him, but occasionally he threw it back at you. Honestly, that’s when you were the most comfortable - when you were close enough with someone to make fun of each other but know the other was joking.

After nearly two years at the Bureau, your relationship with Spencer had only grown stronger, which is why you found yourself ripping on him more. The girls had noticed, with Penelope pulling you into her office after seeing Spencer and yourself trading words yet again.

“I mean we like to rip on Boy Genius as much as anyone else,” Garcia said, pacing around her office, “but there’s something extra behind your teasing, isn’t there? I mean, I’m not a profiler, but I feel like there’s something else going on here?” She raised her eyebrow at you, looking at JJ and Emily, wondering if she was reading too much into things, or if they saw it too.

“Oh there’s definitely something behind her words,” Emily confirmed.

You hung your head, not wanting to admit it. “Please keep it between us…but…yea.”

“Yea what?” Penelope said playfully, wanting to hear you say what she was thinking.

Ever so quietly, you said, “I like Spencer.” You felt like a teenager again.

JJ smiled, going up behind you and slipping her arms around your neck. “What was that? We couldn’t quite hear you.”

“I like Spencer,” you repeated straight faced. You looked out of her office to make sure no one was coming. “I really like Spencer. As in, ‘I would jump his bones’ like him. I’m awkward as all shit and have never had the ability to just tell someone. So I rip on them. I don’t know why. I just do.”

“But you make fun of me, and JJ and Garcia the same way?” Emily wondered.


You were bisexual. It kind of came with the territory. “I would tap any one of you ladies too.”

You all cracked up, so you didn’t notice anyone approaching Garcia’s office. Leaning up against the wall, you continued to tell them about your crush on Spencer. “He’s such a fucking dork. He has next-to-no social skills to speak of,” you blurted, gesturing wildly with your hands, “He dorks out about the most random things and he just looks so fucking nerdy.” You paused, trying to put your thoughts into something coherent. Nearly a minute passed before you could speak clearly, “But I don’t care, I find all of his dorkiness completely and totally endearing.”

JJ’s countenance softened and she gave you a kiss on the cheek. “For someone who takes no shit from anyone, I’m surprised you’d have any issues telling a guy how you feel,” she said, walking towards the door, “But if I know Spence, and I think I do, he would say yes to you an instant.”

As you all walked out of the office, you found yourself blushing. You never blushed. Goddammit. “Just think about it,” Emily said, giving you a side hug as you parted ways to go do whatever you had to get done before the day was over.


Finally, work was over. It was time for some Chinese food, a warm blanket and a Marvel movie. After placing your order and waiting the allotted time, you headed down the stairs of your apartment building and down one block, the smell of delicious food practically floating into your nostrils. As you opened the door, you saw Spencer, standing there and waiting for his own order. You’d actually met him in your apartment building (where he also lived) before realizing you’d both be working together as well.

“Hey, Spence,” you greeted.

“Hey.” He immediately dove right back into his phone, completely avoiding eye contact with you.

That was weird. “What did you get for dinner?”

“Oh, you know, the usual,” he said flatly.

“Spence what’s wrong?” you asked, his normally friendly demeanor now icy and aloof.

“Nothing, I just learned something about you today,” he said confrontationally. “You’re actually really fucking mean.”

“What?!” you shrieked, drawing everyone’s attention to you for a split second. “How am I mean?” You teased Spencer, sure, but he always threw it right back at you - and he seemed to play along.

Looking directly at you, he parroted the words you’d said earlier in Penelope’s office. “Was that all that you heard?” you asked, knowing if he didn’t stick around, those particular words could be taken out of context.

Spencer looked dejected. “I didn’t really feel like sticking around for anything else.”

You sighed, not wanting this to be the way you confessed your feelings for him. But he was hurt and you didn’t want him to be angry with you.

“I was talking to Garcia, JJ and Emily earlier and you didn’t hear everything I said.” You waited when his order was called, watching as he picked up his bag and nearly walked out the door without hearing you out. However, he turned around, your order being called a second later, and allowed you to finish as you walked back to the apartment. “After I said what you heard, which I can understand being misconstrued, I also said that none of that mattered to me. All of your nerdiness is cute to me. I’m just awful at telling people when I’m interested in them, so I tease them instead. You always seemed like you enjoyed going back and forth with me.”

He looked in shock as you spoke, his mouth dropping further and further. “So, you’re interested in me?”

“Yea, Spence. I don’t mean any of the things I say. I’m not cool either. I spent my entire weekend matching Marvel movies and I’m about to go watch one again while I eat,” you said, holding up your Chinese food.

“I can’t believe it. Umm…do you want to watch your movie together?” he asked, his spirit lifted at your revelation.

“That’d be awesome. And I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.”

“Well, I didn’t stick around to hear everything you said, so I took it the wrong way. You ready?” he asked, having approached your apartment a few minutes before. 

As you pulled the key out of your pocket, you felt truly comfortable - better than you had in a long time. You wished you’d told him earlier. Dinner, a movie, and some more frank conversation later, you were sitting in his lap, sliding your hands through his wavy hair, showing him just how attracted you were to everything about him - his face, his mind and his geeky soul.


Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel - Behind the Scenes (Part Three)

Excerpts from Jason Arnopp’s behind-the-scenes article from DWM #370

First, a rehearsal run-through. When the Cyberman strides up to execute Don [Warrington, playing the President], this is the first time the cast have heard one speak. Most of them can’t help grinning through sheer glee as Nick Briggs’ Cyber-voice emerges from speakers. In one of the actual takes, there’s further hilarity when Don’s earpiece pops out, mid-speech. David [Tennant] nimbly catches it and hands it back.

“You do have to fight down any impulses you have to say stupid lines over the speakers,” confides Nick. “I feel those impulses the whole time! But you have to remember how distracting and annoying that would be if you were directing. If actors incessantly muck around when I’m directing audio plays, you think, “It was funny the first time, now stop it!”

Steffan Morris, the Second Assistant Director, gets an enthusiastic response when he asks for party guests to return for additional filming tomorrow. “I’ve got 13 volunteers,” he announces after a head count, “and we only need ten.”

Nick adopts his finest evil-genius tones: “Kill three of them…”

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Thank you to everyone who shares set photos!

Where The Boys Would Take You On A Date
  • Italy: This cheerful Italian would take you to a nice little cafe. You two would sit there and talk for what it seemed like for hours. Italy would pay for everything, and at the end of the date, he would give you a kiss.
  • Germany: Germany would bring you to a national park and you two would go rock climbing. The entire time while you are climbing, he would have his arm around your waste just so you "don't fall". When you two reach the top, you would sit and look out at the view. You two might share a kiss or two up there too.
  • Japan: This quiet guy would take you to a lovely park and you two would just hold hands and chat the entire time. It may not seem very romantic, but Japan rarely lets anyone touch him, or even hold his hand. But to him it is very cute, and to you too.
  • America: America is all about the thrill in life, so he would take you to an amusement park for a date. He would buy the both of you one of those passes that lets your practically cut the line so you guys can go on as many rides as you want. If you are afraid of a ride, he would hold your hand the entire ride and comfort you the entire time. Also, he would win you a stuffed animal from one of the games they have.
  • England: England would want a simple date, so you would come to his house and you two would sit on the couch, cuddle, and watch Netflix all day. You two would be like two peas in a pod, watching Doctor Who or Sherlock all day long, it would be the best time ever. Every so often he would make popcorn for you and whenever you open your mouth, he would put a couple pieces in there.
  • France: Wanting it to be the best date you had ever been on, he would cook you a nice fancy dinner for you two to eat under the moonlight. France would try to impress you, so he would make a ton of really fancy food. The entire night he would look at you lovingly and try and act real smooth. France might even try to feed you some food, but having it miss your mouth and going everywhere. But he would clean up the mess with some kisses.
  • Russia: This loveable Russian would take you ice skating for a date. If you don't know how to, he would help you the entire time. And if you did know how to, he would hold your hand the entire time you two were skating. At the end of all of this, he would buy you hot chocolate and you two would sit and watch the other skaters. You might even get a few kisses in there too.
  • China: China would take you to all of the pet stores that he knows so you two can look and squeal at the adorable kitties that they have. You two would have so much fun running around the stores petting and looking at all of the animals that they have. In the isles in the way back, he might sneak some kisses in where no one can see.
  • Canada: Canada wouldn't know what do to for a date, so he may just take you down to the city so you two can walk around and look at the stores and shops they have. You two would hold hands the entire time, and you would drag him to a store that you see something cute in. If you really want it, he may just sneak away for a minute and buy you the thing that you wanted. Afterwords, you would shower him with kisses.
  • Prussia: You know what's totally awesome? Prussia and laser tag. Prussia would totally take you to a laser tag place so you two can go and have a crazy time. You two would be on the same team, so you would team up together and beat the opposing team. If you get shot, he would hold you in his arms and cry, screaming "WHYYYY" as a joke and carry you back to start.
  • Romano: Romano would take you to a beach for a date. When you get there, he would put on your sunscreen for you, making sure not to miss any places. You would do the same for him, but you would purposefully make a huge mess. When in the water, he would pick you up and throw you, even if you completely object to it. If he thinks anyone is looking at you in a way the he doesn't like he would glare at the person and let out some curses.
  • Spain: Spain would find the most amazing garden ever and bring you there. You two would hold hands and chit chat while lookig at the beautiful plants that they have. If someone walks by, he would wrap his arm around your waste and kiss your cheek. Spain would find a tomato plant with ready to pick tomatoes and try to steal some. But he would get caught and get you both kicked out. Luckily, he managed to sneak one out so you two could share it.
  • Austria: Austria would want a peaceful and quiet place for a date, so he would bring you to an art museum. Since he is a slow walker, you would get to look at a few pictures longer, but you wouldn't get to see all sections. If he feels like it, Austria would let you hold his hand. When you two are the only people in an exhibit, you might sneak a few kisses.
  • Switzerland: Since Switzerland doesn't really want to spend money, you two would have a casual date and his house. You would just flop down on his bed and talk. Switzerland would get some snacks and chocolate that he made. Sometimes he would even feed them to you. When he isn't looking, you would hop into his lap and beg to cuddle. Switzy would try to say no, but he couldn't resist the look on your face.

“that’s why you’ve got to go.”

this scene has been nagging at me since i last watched doomsday. the doctor all but stamps out his emotions, joking with the others and avoiding rose’s questions. because he can’t let on that losing rose is going to nearly finish him; he can’t guilt her into staying with him when doing so would cost her her family, when her life would be in immediate danger if she stayed in proximity to the opened void. but as i watch rose’s heart break mine responds in kind. because after everything they’ve been through, all the wonders and misadventures and near-death experiences, all the times they’ve rescued each other. in spite of the doctor’s insistence she could “spend the rest of her life with him” and her promise to stay with him “forever,” he intends to send her away again, in what he deems is in her best interest. and like the first time he isn’t giving her a choice; he’s made the decision alone. and she can’t comprehend how he doesn’t understand that she would never willingly separate from him again. even when she rebels against his plan and tells him outright: “i made my choice a long time ago, and i’m never gonna leave you,” he is bewildered by it. truthfully i think he is terrified by how much rose loves him and he loves her in return. because he can never give her a normal human life. he would never expect her to or put her in a position to choose him over anything or anyone else important to her. rose is the single best part of his life, but his fear that he doesn’t deserve her, or even deserve to be happy, is strong enough that he will always be ready to make a sudden decision to protect her even if it means sacrificing his own happiness. but what the doctor doesn’t realize is how much he is hurting her with his words and their implications, his failure to discuss or negotiate the matter with her. rose gets another brief glimpse of just how cold and alien he can sometimes be. but how quickly and easily she forgives him. how apparent it is that his untimely stoicism and inability to communicate his emotions don’t diminish how she cares for him. and time and time again the bravery, loyalty and compassion that define rose tyler will always bring her back to him, even when daleks, satan himself, or entire universes stand in her way.

I honestly hated Rose Tyler. I still do and I don’t really get the point of her. I don’t get why the Doctor liked her more than the others. I don’t get why people like her. I just find her annoying in general, that when I re-watch Doctor Who episodes, I skip all the episodes she’s in. The Day of the Doctor I didn’t mind much because she wasn’t in it much, but I just don’t really like her or understand the point of her character. She’s just so normal and doesn’t have a lot of personality.


You know, I seriously love how whovians call the metacrisis doctor ‘tentoo’. Its like they don’t consider him a copy of the tenth doctor and they see him as the tenth doctor himself. They could have said tentwo or something like that but no.

He’s ten too.

Like…I just love that….
(Posted by a whovian who literally did nothing all day but watch doctor who and sherlock)

One conversation, so many quotes...

“I’m only looking out for myself, greed is good”

“So I’ve been watching Dr.Who all day…”
“Which doctor are you on?”
“Uhhh I don’t know…who.”

“My boy Trump. If you thought that being the first black president was hard, try being the first orange one.”

“I’ll show you how to get that cat to start feelin’ it, give him any opportunity to make his fat ass fatter. Here he comes, that’s as fast as he’ll go…”

“My bagel isn’t dark enough, I like them darker. We oughta just break the knob off of the toaster.”

“Look, we’re spending like $200 on milk every week, we better start alloting fifty of that to mac n’ cheese every week. What do you need for that? Just milk, butter, and a box of this shit. We should be living off of it.”

“Tell me, what is our cereal situation at the moment? ”
*I look in the cupboard* “it’s not good, you don’t wanna know…”
“That’s it, I’m gonna start giving all of the food money to you instead of your mother, we should never have let it get this bad.”-Jimbo