watch color tv

She likes to sleep with the fan on, mostly because the noise helps her fall asleep. Even if it is freezing outside with a wind chill, let her keep the fan on. She will sleep good.

She will want to hold your hand a lot in public. Even if you are afraid of the looks and the whispers, let her hold your hand. It makes her happy.

Sometimes she will eat ice cream for breakfast and sometimes she will come upstairs at 10pm with waffles for the both of you. Even if you aren’t hungry, eat what she made for you.

When she’s laying on your arm and it falls asleep, don’t wake her up. She loves her sleep. Just take this time to look at how peaceful she is.

Bring her gifts. Not the kind of gifts you have to go out and buy. Write her something, draw her something. She knows it’s the thought that counts and she will love it no matter what it is.

She will have bad days. She will have days where she shuts down and might not even want to talk to you. This will hurt you. Find her, bring her a bottle of water and sit next to her. Don’t ask her what’s wrong, she won’t want to talk about it. It will pass, and she will be glad you stuck through it with her.

She wakes up at 6am for work. She will set her alarm at night. Make sure you set one too. Just incase

She will turn on the tv and ask you what you want to watch. Don’t say “I don’t know” or “I don’t care”. Pick something for the both of you to watch. She won care what it is, she’s happy just to be watching it with you.

She is beautiful, but some days she does not see it. You will be able to tell when it’s happening. When it does, offer to straighten her hair. She likes the way it looks when it’s like that.

Some nights she will just want to stay in, watch tv and color. Ask if you can color a page too.

She likes to take a lot of pictures with you, and of you. Don’t put your hand in front of the camera to reject. Let her take pictures of you, she will look at them when you’re not around and she misses you.

She likes to wear your clothes. You will look at your half empty closet and wonder where it all went. Let her wear them, your scent will remind her of you.

When she thinks about giving up on you, fight. Fight until you are black and blue inside. Fight for the memories and the future to come. Fight harder than I could’ve.

Love her. Love her when it’s raining and love her when it’s sunny. Love every little piece of her. Lay your head on her chest and hear the heart that beats for you. Love her smile. Love her frown. Love everything in between. If you love her with your whole entire heart, I promise you that’s only half as much as I did. Never stop loving her.

—  An Open Letter To Your New Love
I need ya all to watch 3% on Netflix

It’s a show based in a dystopian future Brazil, with SOME elements of hunger games but it’s unique in its story. Great acting and really diverse cast and by then end your fave will probably be the black chick in the main character circle!
I was pleasantly surprised by it and I need a 2nd season so y'all watch the fuck out of it.

I also need to finish watching Westworld…

Work On It Daddy (Woozi)

Originally posted by ssvtss

Type: Fluff

Request: Can i request something like hm… Woozi and his baby daughter alone for the first time?

Eunha pounded on the table of her high chair as her tired father took a seat at the table beside her. She looked at him carefully as he sighed leaning back more. “I have a doctors appointment today” you told Jihoon who nodded “you’re watching your daughter then” you say as you stoked his head. He stopped and turned towards you “what?” he asked “I can’t take her to a place filled with sick people. Its one day. Try bonding with her for once” you tell him.

“I have” he says “no. You have basically watched her for a bit while I showered” you correct him as you packed up your bag. “You need to be a more active father” you tell him “I make money and work all day” he tells you. “I make money and work most of the day then come home and take care of the child you wanted to have 9 months ago. So for one gosh darn day, you’re going to take care of her” you say in a calm yet threatening tone. “Yes ma’am” he spoke as you were hovering over him a bit and you placed a plate in front of him “thank you baby” you say pressing a kiss onto his cheek before taking a seat beside Eunha and began feeding her. 


Jihoon walked into the living room after getting a drink to see that Eunha was bouncing away in her seat watching the colorful TV show. “This can’t be hard” he spoke as he took a seat on the couch. Eunha stopped and turned the chair to face him “go back to your cartoons” he told her waving her off as she simply blinked and let out a light whine. “What why are you sad?” he asked her as she let out another whine. Soon she let out a cry “no” he said panicked as she continued to cry before he got up. “You don’t need to do that” he told her as she continued to cry. 

He bent down and picked her up out of it as she dangled in his arms “can you stop?” he asked her before he brought her close to him. She instantly stopped crying as she was held close. “You wanted me to hold you close?” he asked her as she pulled back a little and smiled before her forehead leaned onto his lips. “Do you do this with your mother?” he asked her as she cuddled into him more, her hard head slamming into his shoulder lightly. “If you be this easy I think we’ll have a good day” he told her as she sighed. He leaned his head onto her’s as he began bouncing “you’ll sleep then right? If I do this?” he asked her as he continued to bounce and began to rub her back “I think you will” he hummed. A smile came to his face as he knew he was going to do his best to understand the baby in his arms. 


She let out many sounds as she chewed on the strawberry in the feeder pacifier. “I really didn’t think frozen fruit was this fun but I guess if I was little I would like it too” he then comments. He put her hair up in a tiny ponytail as she tried to look up at him. “Just eat and let daddy worry about your appearance” he tells her as she made a sound and did as said. “Do you eat all day and make sounds?” he asks as she continued chewing on it. “Sounds like a good life. I do the same when I’m producing a song” he tells her as he sits on the floor in front of her “it’s nice, your mother usually gets mad when I grunt at her but you get away with it” he continues. He knew the conversation was one sided but he didn’t really care. He was just happy to know she was doing alright with him there instead of you. As he continued a foot pressed against his mouth as she basically told him to shut up “I’m sorry I’m ruining strawberry time” he mumbles as he turns the channel to another kids show. 

ID #16463

Name: Mikayla
Age: 18
Country: United States

I am looking for someone to practice French with! I studied French in school for 5 years and i want to continue learning the language in college. I plan on going to school for nursing. I love all types of music, cooking, watching tv, and color guard. I’m super girly and love doing hair and makeup. I absolutely love animals and about to start a vegetarian lifestyle change in June.

I would prefer someone who speaks French as a first language and is 15-25! Even better if you’re from Québec or Montréal since I am very interested in moving there! Gender/Race/Sexuality does not matter, just don’t be a mean person !

I Dare You - Chapter 2 - JohnTen - Mafia Leader x Detective - Soulmate!AU

Chapter 1 - Intro ; Chapter 2 ; Chapter 3 ; Chapter 4 ; Chapter 5 ; Chapter 6 ; Chapter 7 ; Chapter 8 ; Chapter 9

Word Count: 1679

Trigger Warning: Offensive Language, Graphic Descriptions

Genre: Angst, Mafia!AU, Soulmate!AU

Ten was starting to get irritated. That was the seventh victim he couldn’t get to talk.

Where the hell did they get these men from, and how did they train them?

He could definitely use some of his own. After all, that’s what started this whole issue.

He never wanted this life: Ten was the leader of his dance team only three years ago, and now he was the leader of the most powerful mafia. Why, you ask?

Because someone had assassinated his father, and then the responsibility fell on him. He couldn’t let his sister take after their father. Not this.

So he dropped out of university as his father’s best friend trained him in combat. He showed him everything he needed to know, introduced him to everyone he needed to meet, and just like that, he had gone too deep to be able to back out anymore.

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Like Father, Like Son (Dick Grayson x Reader)

Request from: @grumpycheshirecat
Prompt: “The carnival’s in town!”
Warnings: Cute fluff for the soul.
A/N: It’s taken me so long to get this written, and I am so sorry. Life sucks; that’s the only excuse I can use. It’s a bit shorter than I was expecting/planning, but again, life is rude and I kinda lost this story a few times so I forgot a lot of what I was going to implement and this is different, but I think it’s good. I hope you enjoy!

You’re just finishing up cleaning the dishes when your husband comes through the door, placing a kiss to your temple and wrapping his arms around you. His actions sluggish from Nightwing’s extra busy schedule last night.

“You let me sleep in,” Dick says, his voice husky with sleep.

“You seemed like you could use it,” You easily reply, and he sighs in content when you turn and peck his cheek. “The sun was rising when you got home.”

“And what were you doing awake so late?”

You roll your eyes, “I wasn’t awake until I felt a weight flop onto the bed next to me.” You pause for a second to glance at him, “Stop. I know that look, you don’t need to feel guilty, I fell back asleep pretty quickly.”

He hums, looking at the clock. “I’m surprised I stayed asleep for so long. Is Johnny at school or something?”

“It’s summer, hun.”

“Then how-”

It was kind of ironic how your little boy decided to come in at that moment. With an excited squeal of: “papa!” he runs over and leaps into Dick’s arms. Laughter fills the room as he’s thrown into the air and caught.

“Mama said we had to be quiet so you could get more sleep,” He says. “So we colored and watched TV!”

Dick gasps, “You watched cartoons without me?” He pouts dramatically when your son nods.

“Yeah, because you were sleepin’! I saved you some coloring pages though!” Johnny squirms out of your husband’s grasp in order to run and get the pieces of paper.

Dick turns to you once he’s out of earshot. “Okay, so who did you sell your soul to in order to keep Johnny quiet, and how do we get it back?”

You snort, and smack him playfully on the shoulder. “You know, Johnny is fully capable of being a perfectly calm and collected person when you’re not there to stir him all up with adrenaline.”

“I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, whatsoever.” He says, forcing a serious expression on his face. At your raised eyebrow, he grins innocently. “Alright, so I have the tendency to get him a little hyped up and playful, what’s the harm in that?”

“Most of the time, there isn’t a problem with it. You just have trouble figuring out when it is a problem. It’s fine that you get him all energized and excited in the day. However, when it’s way past his bedtime it gets a little frustrating when he’d much rather show me different tricks you taught him not even a full five minutes ago, Dick.”

You almost scoff when the man lets out a small sigh of relief when Johnny reappears. The boy excitedly hands the sheets of printed paper over, along with a box of crayons. Though, judging by how he keeps hopping from one foot to the other, you feel it’s safe to say he’s more excited about something else that must have come up.

“Something you want to tell us, Johnny?” You ask.

“The carnival’s in town!” He blurts out, revealing the newspaper he was hiding behind his back. “Can we go, please?”

You take a breath in order to prepare yourself, and look away from your son’s pleading face only to see your husband’s sparkling puppy dog eyes. Of course. You expected no less from these two.

You sigh. “Well, we don’t have anything major planned, so I guess-”

Both of them whoop in victory, and Dick picks up Johnny so they can high five each other. They each give you a kiss on the cheek with a quick ‘thank you’, before they’re both off to go and get ready.

You can’t help but smile when you hear their excited chatter throughout your small home, “Like father like son.”

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YAS MY QUEEN HAS SUMMONED ME…… i mean… *cough* yep um here’s your headcanon request…

2009 dan(only 5’4) + 2016 phil(6’2)

Also added daddy kink in there because fight me


    Dan was running around the flat in a fit of giggles with his wet tail trailing water behind him. He only had briefs on, and a big goofy smile of course. Phil chasing behind him with a towel and telling him he was going get him. Dan ran into the living room and jumped into his pile of stuffies and buried himself inside. Phil  walked into the room as if he was sneaking and looked over at the stuffies to see two little kitty ears picking out. And the giggles of course.

    “Hmm, I wonder where Dan is hiding,” Phil chuckled, hearing Dan giggles once more. Phil then got on his knees and crawled right next to the pillows and threw is arms in and grabbed Dan up. Dan squealed and snuggled up in Phil’s chest. Phil pet his wet ears softly, loving the purrs that his kitty filled the room with. Dan knew his daddy had to leave for work soon, so he used all the time with him he could. Dan felt Phil rubbing the towel over his tail, drying it. Dan teasingly swayed it around so that it would be harder for Phil to dry. “Hold still kitten. Don’t want to be punished do we?” Phil raised an eyebrow playfully and continued to dry Dan. Dan pouted and looked back up at Phil.

    “But I wanna play some more daddy,” Dan whined and snuggled into Phil. Phil frowned and rubbed little circles on Dan’s back. Phil then took Dan off his lap, which caused Dan to whine some more, and put on the winnie the pooh jumper he was holding on Dan. Dan giggled again as it got caught on his ears. Phil found himself frowning again as he saw that Dan was started to get too big for the jumper. It was just long enough to cover his belly button, but if Dan were to put his arms up it would show. Dan smiled and buried his sweater paws in his face. Phil couldn’t help but chuckle, how could he not. Phil leaned forward and kissed Dan’s forehead before standing up. Dan stuck out his bottom lip and hung his arms around Phil’s legs.

    “Kitten, you know I have to go to work. We can watch movies and play games when I get home, okay? You can color and watch tv while I’m gone. You know where your stuffies and pacis are, yes? Maybe taking a nap will help make the time go faster,” Phil stated and ruffled Dan’s wet curls before he left to go change for work. Dan whimpered and walked over to his toy box and grabbed his pale pink, sparkling paci and reached for the ipad. He crawled over to his stuffies and snuggled into them, purring as he did. He unlocked the ipad and went to the videos app and scrolled through all the cartoons he owned. He heard the front door open and shut, signaling Phil had left for work. Dan started watching The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh as he started to drift off into a nap.

    Dan knew something was up the second he started to wake. He felt an intense throb between his legs and a strong wave like feeling in his abdomen. Dan winced and whined the second he opened his eyes. His paci was on the floor now, probably spat it out during his sleep. Dan tried to sit up, flinching as he did so. About now was when Dan really started to freak out. He looked down at his briefs and saw a bulge in them. He slowly pulled at the waistband to see that his kitty parts were all still and red. Dan felt tears leaking out of the corner of his eyes. Was he broken? What was going on? Dan even saw a weird milky substance leaking out of the tip. Then another wave of heat hit him. He cried out and clutched his tummy.

    “Ow ow ow!” Dan sobbed, but in the act of falling over, his clothed parts hit one of his stuffies. Dan gasped loudly and squeaked. Now that felt good. Dan experimentally rolled his hips against it again, getting the same intense feeling. Dan was now a whimpering mess. Once he managed to sit up all the way, he pulled the bear stuffies between his legs harshly and bucked into it again. Dan nearly screamed at the pulsating pleasure that was racking through his body. He was full on panting now and subconsciously rubbing against the object. He felt like what he was doing was wrong, but he wasn’t going to stop.

    “D-D-Da-a-add-dy! Uh uh,” Dan cried and gripped the bear harder. He felt the heat in his groin get even stronger than before. He felt like he was going to explode. There was now a deep ache in his balls, which felt swollen already. Before he could really understand what was going on, a huge pleasure spread through his small body, leaving him crying out loud high-pitched moans. The neighbors could probably hear. Dan panted, but soon looked down and saw a big wet spot on his briefs. Did he have a accident? His daddy was going to be upset. Dan then saw some of the stuff that came out of him was on his bear, staining his face. Dan had a sobbing breakdown. This was his favorite one! Dan got up, but then ended up falling down and hitting his head on the ipad. This made him cry even harder. He grabbed the bear and hurried to the bathroom, but fell again in the hallway.

    “Daddy p-p-ww-ease get h-h-home soon,” Dan sobbed to himself. To make matters even worse, he felt his kitty parts getting all stiff again. Dan just squeezed his thighs together tight and tried to ignore, which was  near to impossible at this point in time. He clutched his teddy his his hands and cried into it. He sat like this for awhile.

    The front door opened with a creak, sending dan’s ears up and his tail limp. He hadn’t moved nor had he stopped crying. He looked the definition of a mess. He heard Phil shut the door and take off his jacket. Dan curled up even more and kid his tear-stained face.

    “Dan? Where are you?” Phil hummed as he looked into the empty living room. Dan let out a rather loud gasp for air as for some reason he had been holding his breath. Phil immediately headed towards Dan’s room, but then stopped. He saw his precious kitten bawling on the floor. “Oh my god! Dan are you hurt? Why are you crying love? Shit, what happened to your head? You have a bruise!” Phil got on the floor and tried to pull Dan into his arms, but Dan resisted and cried harder.

    “I’m broken daddy!” Dan sobbed and looked up at Phil with tear-filled eyes. The sight nearly broke Phil’s heart. What had made Dan so upset while he was gone?

    “You’re not broken honey. Can you tell daddy what happened?” Phil asked, running his fingers over Dan’s ears. Dan flattened his ears and handed his teddy to Phil. Phil took it and looked at the face. There was a large white stain on it, which Phil recognized. Phil then looked over and saw Dan pulling his jumper over his crotch like he was trying to hide something. “Dan, be honest, what’s all over your teddy?” Phil said sternly. This caused Dan to let out a wrecked sob.

    “I don’t know daddy. My kitty parts hurt and I accidentally touched teddy, but then I couldn’t stop…” Dan sniffled. Phil frowned and was about to speak when Dan spoke up again, “And now they hurt again!” Dan bellowed and let go of his shirt, Phil now saw the very obvious little tent in his briefs and the wet spot. Phil wanted to laugh slightly, but he knew that would be cruel.

    “Dan, sweetheart, you’re not broken, trust me. I think I know what’s wrong though,” Phil smiled and kissed Dan’s wet cheek. Dan cocked his head to the side and looked up at Phil with curiosity.

    “If I’m not broken, then what’s wrong?” Dan asked, the sobbing now subsiding.

    “I believe you’re becoming a big kitten, Dan. This is your first heat. That basically means that your kitty parts want very special attention. They want to be touched.” Phil cooed and pulled Dan into his lap. Dan purred, but soon winced when his crotch pressed up against his daddy’s stomach. Phil chuckled at his kittens desperateness.

    “Can you help make it go away daddy?” Dan whimpered and very lightly rubbed himself against Phil. Phil very quickly grabbed Dan’s hips and held him still.

    “Of course Kitten. I’m going to carry you to my room like the little prince you are,” Phil groaned and picked up Dan bridle style. Dan mewled and threw his arms around Phil’s neck. Once they got to Phil’s room, Phil lightly laid dan on the bed and pulled off his jumper and messy boxers in one slick motion. Dan gasped at the cold air touching his throbbing cock, not making anything better. Phil looked down at Dan hungrily and crawled between his legs and started sucking on Dan’s neck. Dan mewled loudly and started bucking up at Phil. Phil knew it was cruel to leave His baby’s cock alone any longer, so he started stroking him. Dan let out a choked whine and gripped Phil’s shoulders.

    “I’m going to make you feel real good, okay Kitten?” Phil asked and pulled away from Dan. Dan nodded and watched as Phil crawled down between Dan’s legs and nudged them apart. Dan was confused at first until he felt Phil lick a stride over his clenching hole.

    “Daddy!” Dan writhed and gripped the sheets so hard his knuckles turned white. Phil continued the lap at Dan’s fluttering hole until he decided that was enough teasing. He then slid his tongue in and searched for his Kitten’s little bundle of nerves. After about thirty seconds, Phil knew he found it by the way Dan’s body reacted. Dan felt like he was in heaven. His whole body was overtaken with pleasure and he was practically shaking. Phil smirked against Dan’s hole as he saw Dan look down at him with wide, lust-filled eyes, panting as well. Phil gave Dans prostate no mercy and attacked it. Phil knew Dan was getting close when his moans became even more choked and desperate.

    “D-D-Daddy my t–t-tummy feels funny,” Dan panted as he felt a strong bursting feeling in his lower stomach. Next than Dan knew, he was coming all over himself. Phil stroked him through it and went back up to dan’s lips to kiss him lazily. Dan reached over to grab the tissues, but Phil grabbed his arm.

    “Oh, we’re not done yet Kitten.” Phil groaned.

    And Dan audibly gulped.


Yo yo yo(ok i’ll stop now) I hope you liked it ^~^ @subbydan

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So, is it weird that when I saw this scene from sonic boom episode 4

I was instantly reminded of this scene from the Sonic Colors animation by TheWax70…?

I dunno, just an interesting little thing that happened when I watched that episode that I wanted to share but forgot about until now.

i caught up on the good place and i love how at no point did anyone tell michael schur “you can’t do this. this is way too crazy for a sitcom.” like watching the good place is like reading a fanfic, and not because it’s gooey or whatever, but because it’s something completely out of the box, clearly written by someone who is passionate about their story. like is it perfectly polished? no. is every aspect of it executed in the best possible way? probably not. but is someone having a hell of a time writing it and putting their all into it? definitely

Supermarket Flowers - Part 3

Summary: Reader gets admitted to hospital after a week, Peter visits her everyday after school. Peter brings reader a little surprise on his visit one day.

Supermarket Flowers - Part 1

Supermarket Flowers - Part 2

Warnings: i made myself tear up while writing this soooo look out :’(

Word count: 1590

You lay in bed in the hospital bed, hooked up to all sorts of IV’s and wires. It had been about two weeks since you were first diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer, and things were going more and more downhill with each day that passed.

The cancer had spread from the stomach, where it was originally, to the far parts of your liver and other surrounding organs. You had tried numerous types of treatments, and your first chemotherapy was last evening. By this time, you had lost some of your hair, and you were even more exhausted.

You move your head to look at Peter, who’s clutching your hand tight, his eyes closed and his head resting on your lap. He had fallen asleep some time before, as he had been up all night in case you needed anything. He had just gotten off school a few hours ago, and ran here as fast as he could.

Reaching up with your other hand, you gently carded your fingers through his hair, taking the time to admire how peacefully he sleeps. You couldn’t help but feel bad for Peter … everyone was so focused on how you were that nobody took into consideration how awful this must be on Peter.

Peter has stayed with you almost every night, changed in the bathroom for school, and left each morning to go learn. Only, he couldn’t learn. He simply couldn’t focus on anything but the clock and getting back to you.

Your arm starts to get tired, so you gently rest your hand on his head, massaging his scalp with the tips of your fingers.

Feeling the movement against his head, Peter groans and lifts his head up to look at you. When he sees you awake, he sits up quick and puts on his dorky smile.

“Heyyy baby! How how are you feeling?! Do you need uhh water or or anything?! I can go get anything you want,” he rambles.

Your voice still kind of groggy, you shake your head and smile, “I’m okay Peter thank you though. Not very hungry.”

Peter nods, smiling soft and rubbing your hand with his thumb. “Do you wanna watch tv? Orrrr color or idk … what do you wanna do?”

Grateful for Peter wanting you to have a good time, you smile kinda sad, “All of that sounds great, but if it’s okay with you I uh I think I’m gonna close my eyes again. It’s kinda late isn’t it?”

Peter looks at the clock, it only being 8:30, and sighs. “Yeah I I guess it is.”

Getting up slightly, he presses his lips to your forehead and smoothes your hair down, “Goodnight baby, I love you, get some good rest and I’ll uhh be by tomorrow afternoon if you wake up after I’m gone.”

Nodding to him and snuggling up more, you drift off to sleep, mumbling, “I love you too,” wondering when your last ‘I love you’ will be.

Peter holds your hand while you sleep, kissing the inside of your palm and letting the tears slip out only when you’re asleep. He would hate for you to see what this is doing to him too, and all he cared about was you right now.

He sits back in his chair, snuggling in his sweatshirt and praying for what seems like the millionth time, wanting God to just snap his fingers and fix you. But he knew it wasn’t that easy.

You wake up around lunchtime the next day, the sun shining through the curtains and the room empty except for you. You felt slightly more energized than you had been, and decided to push yourself up into sitting position.

Looking around the room you realize how hot you are … you’ve actually begun to sweat a little bit. Peeling the blanket off of you, you reach up to put your hair in a messy bun … but more of it just falls out into your hand. Holding it in your palm, you start to cry and put your head in your hands.

Things weren’t supposed to be like this. You were going to grow up and go to college, and live a happy life with Peter somewhere. You weren’t supposed to be lying in a hospital bed, pulling out your hair at the slightest touch.

You’re snapped back into reality when your parents walk in from their lunch trip, your mother rushing over to hug you tight, gently taking the hair from your hand.

“Shhh sweetheart it’s it’s okay, everything’s gonna be j-just fine,” she says, choking back tears and swaying with you.

Burying your face into her neck, you start to sob, “I c-can’t do this anymore mom I can’t deal w-with it all!”

Wanting nothing more than what’s best for his family, your father walks over and pulls you both into his comforting arms, kissing your heads and sharing a cry with you.

“Sometimes, my princess, w-we just need to have a cry and and let it all out. It makes us feel better for the most part.”

You stay wrapped in your parent's’ arms for about fifteen minutes before your body starts to ache again, so you pull away and lay back against the pillows.

Your parents sit down in the chairs next to you, holding your hand as you wipe your eyes, closing them and snuggling back in the thin sheets. Drifting off to sleep, you make sure to tell your parents you love them, just in case this was the last time.

When you wake again, you see Peter sitting next to you, finishing his homework. You glance around the room and see a vase of new red roses on the table at the foot of your bed.

Pushing yourself up, you smile big at the surprise, “Peter, did you bring those?!”

Surprised at the sudden noise, Peter jumps a little and drops his pen, bending down to pick it up. When he sits straight again, he closes his notebook and smiles.

“Yeah I uhh I stopped by the supermarket on the way here and and they had just laid out those fresh ones,” he explains to you as he gets up and brings them closer to you.

“Thank you so much P, they’re breathtaking!” You smile big and hold them, dipping your head down to sniff the fresh petals. The smell reminds you of when you used to help your mom plant flowers in the garden, and you smile even bigger.

“So uhh, how are you feeling?! Any better?! I I took notes for you today and and collected your homework … which I completed for you so yeah,” he rambles, being nervous yet at the same time happy that you’re awake.

“Oh I’m feeling a little better, uhmm I lost some more hair today but uhh yeah that’s that’s normal now I guess,” you say, looking down at your hands.

Peter nods, and puts on a smile, trying to reassure you, “Well I think you’re still just as beautiful as as you were aaand I can’t tell a difference so yeah it’s all good. Right?”

You nod as he gets up and lays down next to you, snuggling you close. “Thank you Peter, sorry I can be so depressing sometimes.”

Peter shakes his head and gives your forehead another kiss, it being his favorite thing to do now, “It’s completely fine, Y/N, you’re going through a lot and and how I feel should be the least of your worries. All i’m concerned about is you right now.”

You lay your head on Peter’s shoulder, tracing shapes on his chest, careful not to rip the IV out of your arm. “I just want to say that you don’t have to put on that tough guy act with me, I don’t expect you to. Nobody expects you to. My parent’s break down every few minutes or so, I completely understand if you need to.”

As Peter listens to you, he gradually starts to let it all loose, and you see a few tears slip out from his eyes.

Hating to see him sad, you hold him tighter and kiss his cheek. “C’mon P let it allll out. Nobody’s judging.”

Finally seeing that it’s okay to show all his pent-up anger and fear, Peter breaks down into a sob and buries his face in your neck, trying to catch his breath in between.

“I just I I can’t l-lose you, Y/N I can’t you’re you’re one of the only people that that I really care about and and it b-breaks my h-heart to see you like this, I’m I’m s-supposed to save people and and I can’t save youuu,” he sobs into your shirt as he holds onto you for dear life.

“Peter, I’m not going anywhere. I promise. I’m going to be a-okay, and we can live happy somewhere. Wherever. Once we’re out of high school and college, we have forever to ourselves. I promise you.”

Peter nods and calms down, taking a deep breath and wiping his eyes. “I’m I’m gonna sleep with you tonight in the bed, just because I want to. A-All that crying just wore me out more than I thought it would.”

You kiss his head and lay back with him, “I think that would be a good idea. I’m tired too.”

Clutching each other tightly, you both close your eyes and drift off to sleep, sleeping peacefully through what would be one of your last nights together.

hey everyone! i hope you liked this third part!! i think there’s going to be one or two more parts, and then it’s over! i will give a warning beforehand: next part will be verrrry sad. 

thank you for all your feedback, i love your comments!