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i came out of Beyond wanting to draw Ballerina Enterprise dancing the dying swan and i FINALLY got around to it 
i hope the next movie is a little gentler with my silver lady  ;_____;

sabakunocasali  asked:

Lets talk about jonghyun's cover of this woman's work bcs i just listened to it and i just ascended, its SO SO beautiful, its literally ethereal, wow, (why is it blocked in korea what even?)

i didn’t know how much i needed this ask till it appeared in my inbox. Okay so 

First, i want to talk about his 2011 cover

here is 21 year-old Jonghyun attempting to cover Maxwell’s version of the song that came out in 2009. He sings it in a slightly lower key and almost EXACTLY like Maxwell. He does not stray one bit. And like, it’s great and you can see how even back then…like this song is not easy to sing??? But Jjongie loves Maxwell and he loves singing in falsetto, and dare i say that he probably loved the actual message of the song and that’s why he chose to sing it as a solo. Correct me if I’m wrong but solo stages tend to hold a lot more weight for an artist than if they were performing with their group. There’s so much more added pressure. Anyway he pulls it off, not that many mistakes. It’s a solid performance.

But jump down to 2015, and we get version 2

something we didn’t know we’d ever need, but thank our lucky stars that we got anyway. I’m still so upset because i’ve watched clips from his Picnic Live since it aired and i’ve never came across this one! But anyway…this performance not even a full four years later is so much more stable, so much more emotional, so much more tear-jerking than the first. I saw someone tag that of all idols, Jonghyun is probably the only one who could sing this song so well and I agreed wholeheartedly because this was magic. This took me on an experience i had never dreamed possible. Would you guys believe me if i said that within the very first five seconds i had already deemed this my favorite thing in the entire world?

 At 1:10 i was already crying (probably cause i was having an extremely bad day and i just felt so tired and emotinally exhausted and that’s when he sings “i know you got a little life in you left” and like how can you not cry???) 

@2:50 i’m a sobbing mess (that’s when he goes down for the first time and it was just so unexpected like my heart couldn’t handle it) 

And then @3:04 when his english is so clear and so heart-wrenching and i know he didn’t write the song, but he performs it as if it’s his very own. As if those words are bleeding from his heart and he has to get them out someway and at that point i don’t know whether to pause the video to collect myself, throw my phone away, curse the heavens and hell, or to just let it finish and piece myself back together after this very rude and out of the blue intrusion. Of course i let it play because i love pain and i couldn’t bring myself to stop it even if i tried. But it just gets WORSE so much wore because every second after that is filled with soooo muuuuch emotionnnnnn he’s such an emotional performer (which is what drew me to him in the first place and something i hold very dear). Like how the hell does he do it?

Anyway, this performance broke me in the best possible way and I’m soo happy i stumbled upon it and was able to share it with you guys who haven’t already seen it. It means a lot to me. A lot A lot A lot. It’s my favorite performance by him PERIOD and i really really really don’t think he will be able to release anything in the future, or perform anything else that will hit me the way that this has. Since i’ve watched that video, it’s been the literal only thing i’ve listened to. And that’s not an exaggeration. I’ve had it on repeat 25/8 and I have not grown tired of it yet. I still feel the exact same way i felt when i first heard it, albeit there is a lot less tears now!

But can we talk about how he seems to sing this song so effortlessly? Like he doesn’t seem to be straining at all???? He holds the key all the way till the end, and he makes it look so easy. But this is NOT an easy song to sing! *cue Mel being hecka proud*

Anyway, he is a born performer. His voice was meant to touch people all around the world and I am so fucking glad he gets to do just that. 

pls ship taejin more

i just watched jin’s graduation vlive again and damn, the amount of taejin gives me life. tae couldn’t keep his hands off of jin. he wiped jin’s lip and licked his finger 😭they hugged thrice 😭but of course no one talked about it enough. if it was a maknae line ship everyone would talk about it 😔 i can’t ship maknae line with each other i need more people to ship taejin and jinkook. the amount of jinkook and taejin fics are sad. i probably read them all. even the ones with the bad writing 😩it’s really boring not shipping maknae line with each other. i’m a hyung line trash so my ship has to include at least one hyung ☺️i wish people would appreciate taejin though. they have such good moments. they even kissed ON THE LIPS(AT LEAST the corner of the mouth) jin kissed jungkook too. i am sick of being thirsty for taejin/jinkook ☹️


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