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I do what I want. These are short fun little things of S/O asking their hero get a puppo. And cute shit ensues. Junkrat, 76, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Reaper (I don’t need to stop, I don’t have a problem). In any case enjoy!


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“Hey Jamie can we get a dog?”

° yes yes Yes YES

° You’re a little surprised it was so easy but he is suddenly bouncing around your house in excitement.

° You were kind of kidding but things became much more serious when he wanted to do this IMMEDIATELY.

° You are able to lower his excitement from “LETS JUST GET 20 DOGS” down to “A'right 2 dogs”.

° You both got to pick out one from the rescue shelter. You pick out a large pitbull, her face so cute with big brown eyes and soft black fur. She was just a baby, and you could tell when they pulled her out of the kennel to meet you both, she basically bounced up and down in excitement. She reminded you of Jamie a lot, especially when she suddenly jumped up into your arms and you had to catch her to keep her falling to the ground. You sighed as she licked your face but you were smiling happily. Yep. Just like Jamison.

° Jamie was much more picky. He knew what he wanted and none of the dogs really spoke to this until he saw a small dog, definitely chihuahua and something else. Fluffy white fur and big ears. The dog was older but Jamie looked at the dog’s eyes and it took stood up on little legs and you could see that the little puppo had lost one of its front legs. Junkrat’s eyes grow into dinner plates and he asked to see the dog excitedly. He held the little thing and it licked his face excitedly, a happy little dog as Junkrat smothered it with attention. The shelter volunteer looked at you behind Jamie’s shoulder and you nodded and the volunteer and ran to get the paperwork all filled out.

° You both are 100% in love with these dogs. Junkrat informs you that he had always wanted a dog but with the radiation in the Outback, it was dangerous for you to keep pets because they may turn into rabid dingos. The pitbull likes to sleep with her large head rested on his knee while he works on bombs. He likes to call her Shovel Head. The little one loves to play, she just wants to play! You often throw a tiny little tennis ball around the house and watch as the tiny little fluff chases it around the house excitedly. And both sleep in their own special beds at the end of the bed, but they both sneak into the bed every night and sleep in between you guys.

Soldier 76–

“Hey Jack, we should get a dog. A guard dog to protect me when you’re on missions.”

° Oh yeah, you knew how to say something to get what you wanted. However he has started picking up on your tactics and said no at first.

° You are persistent though and ask him about it every day. Giving all the pros of having a dog in the house. A big dog, a Doberman or a Rottweiler. Something you can run with in the morning and not have to worry about people messing with you. A big ol’ pupper. But he continued with his “No,no,no,” before you finally came clean and said you wanted a dog because the house does get lonely when he is gone. This seemed to actually make him think about it before thats what he finishes with. “Just let me think about it.”

° The next day he left early in the morning, giving you a kiss and stating he would be back soon, smiling as you nod against your pillow, humming at his kiss before you curled back into your pillow and was out like a light.

° Later that day, like early afternoon. Soldier comes home with flowers and cookies and a giant box. Like a cardboard box wrapped up in blue paper. You were for sure suspicious. However your flowers smell wonderful and the cookies smell even better and the box now has your full attention. He pushes you to the couch and set the box gently on the ground, as if something fragile was inside. You secretly worried you had made him feel bad with your confession about being lonely when he was gone but he gently pushed your shoulders which made you laugh and you opened the box. As you looked down, you covered you mouth as a gasp came out. Two tiny puppies were inside, one looked like it was a Doberman while the other looked like it was a Golden Lab. You felt the tears begin to flow and you turned and hugged Jack tightly, trying to pull yourself together for a second before you quickly looked back over at the puppies that began to whine and bark. You picked both of them up and began kissing all over their little faces.

° Next few days were “Jack look at their paws they’re gonna be huge!” “Jack, look at their little noses, oh my god!” “Jack I love them so much!”

° 6 months go by and you’re still so in love with these animals. 76 would come home from missions late at night, to find all three of you curled up on the couch, sleeping comfortably. It made his heart feel so perfectly content. He calls you and the dogs “His girls”.


“Hey big man, I want a dog, what do you think?”



° Huh, that went well.

° You decide on adopting a big dog. A big dog for the big man. When you go to the shelter, its like you’re a mother being dragged around by you’re very large child. He was so excited but you were too. You laughed as he pulled you around the shelter, from one kennel to another but suddenly the realization comes to his mind and he wants ALL the dogs he’s liked so far. You have to explain that we can’t care for 20 dogs, especially when he is on missions and its just you at the house. However…

° “I’m okay with THREE dogs. Just three.”

° He had to think about it for a long time before he made his decision. A Bull Mastiff, a Irish Wolf Hound, and the tiniest little Pomeranian you have ever seen. The Pomeranian wasn’t a surprise, he had seen the little thing and had stars in his eyes immediately. You waved at the volunteers who had helped you as you held the two large dogs on leashes and Reinhardt cradled the small dog in his large arms, nuzzling the small pup with a wide smile on his face, the pup looking thoroughly content at the love it was getting.

° You both loved the dogs, but they all seemed to flock to Reinhardt, which, you did admit, you were a little jealous of but it was hopelessly adorable to walk into the living room to see Reinhardt asleep in his large arm chair, all the dogs laying down on him and asleep as well. The Mastiff laid across his lap and the Wolf hound slept on top of his feet. And of course, the Pomeranian was curled up on the man’s shoulder. You’ve taken a lot of pictures of this scene.

° However when Reinhardt was gone, the dogs did the same thing to you. Reinhardt has walked in on the same scene and immediately gushed over how cute you all were, except you were smaller so all the dogs fit on the chair with you.


° You actually didn’t have to ask Roadhog and you weren’t planning on asking him anything pet related. However, on your way back home in the rain, you had found a stray in the street. Your face scrunched up as the dog came towards you cautiously and you knew in your heart you weren’t going to leave the poor thing in the street, and in the rain? No. You wrapped the skinny little pup in your jacket and picked it up gently. It licked your face, seemingly in thanks. You sighed as you thought of a way to explain the animal to Roadhog.

° Roadhog looked at you and the dog as you walked through the door, soaking wet and shivering from the cold. He looked at the dog, his face clear of a mask, his eyebrow raised. “I just couldn’t leave him out there Mako. Look at him,” you stated as you moved your jacket away from the dog’s face, it was grey, one brown eye and one white/blue eye. It looked like a mixed breed, big ears, long muzzle. You gently put the dog down and flopped down on the couch. Both of you watched the dog sniff around and look at everything.

° “I don’t think he’s feral, he came right up to me,” you stated honestly as you both continued to watch the animal. “I’ll try to find his home tomorrow,” you stated and Roadhog nodded.

° Week 1 - Fleas. You and Roadhog are both scratching helplessly as the dog ran around your house. You had been trying to find the dog’s owner when Roadhog picked you and the dog up and dumped all three of you in a flea bath. You sighed in relief as two large hands scratched your back.

° Week 2 - Worms. You both watched the dog rub its butt along the floor. You pinched the bridge of your nose tightly before you rose your phone and made a Vet appointment.

° Week 3 - Acceptance. Both of you watched this crazy dog run around the house. It had so much energy and you and Roadhog had zero energy to deal with him.

° “We could take him to the shelter, maybe they can adopt him out,” you stated as the dog came up to your lap and began licking your face. You gave a couple of head scratches and he moved over to Mako’s lap and licked the mask happily as well.

° “What if they put him down,” Mako said shortly, as well as giving a couple of head pats to the dog before it moved between the two of you, curling up and falling asleep. You both sighed as you had finally realized that this was your dog.

° Week 4 - Love. You came home, yawning as you walked through the door and your dog quickly ran up to you and jumped in your arms. You chuckled gently, catching the dog and holding him to your chest as he licked at your face. The dog scrambles out of your grasp as a ball is thrown from the living room.


“Hey Gabe? Can we… GetadogIreallywantadogplease?.”

° “What?” He chuckled, trying to understand what you had said.

° “Can we get a dog please,” you stated very clearly.

° No.

°Well shit. He’s not like 76 where he can be pestered to get what you want. You had to plan to get something. Which meant… Deliberately doing what you want and just shrug off his anger. You only do it once a month and this was important. I mean… It was a dog. Dogs are so important. You sneak off in the morning and go to the shelter and do whatever you want. You could have bought 10 puppies and whats the worst that could happen? He was gonna leave you? Thats okay. Its dogs.

° You sneak into the house but Gabriel was already awake and sitting on the couch. He looked up with a smile but it quickly turned into an angry face. You held a small black puppy in your arm, a bag filled with puppy supplies in your other arm. You smiled at him, and he crossed his arms as you set down the supplies on the floor and wondered over to him with slow steps. Noy only was it a doggo. It was a puppo. So small and tiny. You held the puppy up to Gabe’s face and he lowered his eyes to look at the puppy you held up. It was so small. It looked like it had been a runt and had been abandoned. It was a jet black German Shepard, with honey brown eyes. It licked Gabe’s scarred face and Gabe sighed weakly and you gently set the dog on his lap and he looked at you seriously.

° “You’re get an ass-whooping later, you know that right?” He stated as his hand went to the dog’s head and scratched it.

° “Ooh, you mean I get a puppy and a spanking? What a day,” you stated with a teasing tone in your voice and he rolled his eyes.

° Gabe is THE dog mom. He grows very attached to the puppy. And one day you are surprised when he brought another dog home. And then another. Two large, all black dogs. 2 Rottweilers now ran around the house as well. These two were adopted and were supposed to be gifts for you but you knew it was only to feed his growing dog addiction. He takes them on runs and dresses them up for Halloween. He made Talon shirts for them, oh yes, say hello to the new mascots.

° You often find him on the couch buried under these 3 animals. While he loved all of them, the one you brought home is his favorite. She is the baby of the group and so small still. You and this dog are “His Baby Girls”

° Menawhile the Rotties are attached to your hip when you are home. The nap with you on the bed and often snuggle with you in the grass at the park while Gabe plays with the little on with a frisbee.

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another anon request: MORE OF WEREWOLF!JUNGKOOK AND VAMPIRE!OC😭💖 some fluff would be really nice,,,,,maybe a confession??? and a cute kiss with them accidentally bumping fangs omg😭😭😭😭 thank u so much, i love u and your writing, bless you!!🙏💕

Moonlight In Your Hands

Summary: You and Jungkook have long conquered your fear of talking to each other and becoming friends. Now it’s time to conquer the next one (vampire!au; werewolf!au)

“Senior year.”

“I know. Can you believe it?” Jungkook turns to look at you, grinning. “The vampire princess is part of the fucking upperclassmen.” You’re quick to punch his arm, but he’s hardly phased as he laughs heartily, the straps of his bag almost slipping clean off his shoulders.

“Shut up, you mutt,” you retort, frowning as you fix your sunglasses.

“Ooh. Feeling feisty today?”

Shut up.” Jungkook all but cackles as he follows behind you, draping his arm over your shoulders when he catches up. “Jerk.”

“I’m kidding,” he says, nuzzling the side of your head with his nose. “C’mon. I’ll buy you a snack before class starts.”


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Do I even need to send you this prompt? HARRY SITTING IN LOUIS' LAP, THAT IS THE QUALITY CONTENT WE DESERVE.... also inspired by that petnames gif post, PET NAMES TOO Your writing is fantastic, thank you and I love you💛

(it’s fucking 4am and i can’t sleep lmao? i don’t even know what this is i wrote it on my phone and i am sorry if it sucks sorry there r no caps hope it’s ok xoxoxoxo i love you)

“clifford, you little fucker,” louis hisses the third time cliff nearly yanks his shoulder out of its socket for the sake of going after a squirrel. cliff’s an idiot, gangly and uncoordinated at the best of times, and louis thinks he should know better than to even consider chasing the poor thing up a tree. in fact, louis thinks cliff could stand to be more considerate in general.

“he’s quite big, actually,” harry comments mildly, the corner of his mouth twitching because he, too, is inconsiderate, and the fact that he thinks he’s hilarious is always written on his face as a precursor to every one of his stupid jokes.

“thank you, darling, you’re always so… insightful,” louis says. he tried for a more caustic tone, really he did, except it only comes out fond. cliff falls back in line at louis’s side, harry wraps an arm around louis’s shoulder, and everything is settled in louis’s world again.

things like this — midday walks with their shitty dog and, earlier, ice cream dates when their throats already scorched with the cold — are treasured, for louis. he watches as harry tries in idle frustration to worm a finger between his bandage and his wrist so he can relieve an itch and bites the inside of his lip on a smile. maybe it’s just harry he treasures.

“let’s sit down,” harry says, veering off the path to collapse at the base of a tree, and then moaning, “my bum is wet now.” he looks at louis like he expects immediate eradication of all the grass and the rain and the earth that had caused such a thing, so ridiculously indignant that louis has to snort.

he tugs cliff over, hands the leash to harry, and sheds his jacket to sit on.

“it’s a bit cold,” louis says. “we could’ve gone home, you know. lots of places to sit there. inside.”

“this is nature and all that,” is harry’s argument. he sidles over, only bothering to be sneaky about it for a moment before he clambers sideways into louis’s lap, the damp seat of his lazy joggers on louis’s thigh. with his hands free of cliff’s leash, louis can wrap them around harry’s waist.

they watch cliff sniff around for a while until he flops down in disinterest, and harry sets his chin on the top of louis’s head, his breathing gone deep and steady. harry does that — just rests, whenever and wherever he can. it’s the most endearing thing. he’s peaceful — he’s louis’s calm.

“darling,” louis murmurs, squeezing harry’s hip tight.

harry hums quietly in response, and then pipes up, “what?”

louis’s leg is rather numb and cliff is possibly trying to eat a rock and louis’s not all that cold anymore, with harry in his lap, wrapped around him like this, but it is drizzling a little.

“nothing. just missed your voice, baby,” is all he says, and tilts his head back so harry can give him a kiss.

so even and isak get a kitten one day, and after the first few days of it living under the sofa it starts to sneak out

the first time it ventures out isak is out at school, even is sat at the table on his laptop and has to stop himself squealing out loud when he sees the little ball of black and white fluff tiptoing out, but he knows thatll only scare the little kitten (who even wants to name baz purrman but isak insists they need to get to know the kitten before they name it)

he watches silently as the kitten sniffs his way around the room, and smirks a little when he realises how adorably grumpy isak will be when he finds out the kitten came out without him being there to see it

eventually the kitten gets brave enough to sniff at evens feet. when he wiggles his toes the kitten jumps back slightly, but then comes back when he stops moving.

the next thing that even feels is sharp claws sinking into his leg as the kitten climbs onto his lap, and it feels like thousands of needles are being poked into him.

its totally worth it for the look on isak’s face when he enters their apartment an hour later to find baz purrman (thats got to be his name after the motor-like purr that came from the kitten when even tickled his belly) curled up on even’s lap, fast asleep, with even acting like nothing is out of the ordinary (except for the fact that he didnt stand to greet isak with a kiss when he arrived home - isaks considering the fact that getting a kitten might therefore have been a mistake)

isak feels a lot more hopeful about the kitten when it curls up in his own lap later in the evening and rolls onto its back

and even falls further in love with isak after seeing the pure joy on his face when he gets a purr out of the little fluff ball (he didnt think that was possible, to fall more in love, but then again, isak keeps surprising him, all the time.)

(and thats probably even’s favourite thing about him)

Puppy Breath

Kate wakes to a rush of warm breath over her face, the touch of a nose to her cheek.

“Mommy, now?” her daughter whispers – still so loud in the quiet of the bedroom – backing away as Kate’s eyes slit open.

“Lily,” she breathes, fumbling to open the covers to her daughter. “Not now, baby, s'too early.”

Her girl whines at being put off, evades the hand she extends to her. “Mama, no. Now. We gotta now.”

Kate sighs, sinking deeper into her pillow, feeling the last dredges of sleep attempt to seize her. But she can’t, not with Lily perched on her side of the bed, unmoving and insistent.

“Okay, Lil, okay,” she concedes, glancing behind her to make sure her husband hasn’t stirred. This is for him, after all; it would be a shame to spoil the surprise early by being too loud. “Now.”

With just the early streaks of dawn slipping through the blinds, she can see Lily brighten. The girl nods, climbing down and skidding from the room as silently as she must have approached, trusting Kate to follow.

And follow she does, sliding from bed and lifting her robe from the chair beside the bed before trudging through the loft to the laundry room where she’d stashed Rick’s present late last night when Alexis brought him over.

The puppy greets them with a soft yip and the rapid wag of his tail, skittering around Lily’s legs to the little girl’s extraordinary delight.

“Yes,” Kate murmurs, leaning over to scratch his ears. “We see you, we see you. Time for you to meet your Daddy. He’s not going to know what hit him.”

She scoops him up, turning her face away from the dog’s lapping tongue. The rescue puppy is adorable, but she sure as hell isn’t awake enough for dog kisses.

Lily bounces at her side, lifting a hand. Kate meets her halfway, allowing the girl to stroke their new addition’s paw. “Goo’ morning, baby,” she greets, repeating words Kate herself uses some mornings. “Supwise time!”

Kate yawns, nodding. “That’s right, surprise time. Lead the way, Lily. Quiet feet,” she adds, knowing that without the warning her daughter will tear through the loft with all the grace of a stampede of wild animals. Even with the warning, it’s a toss-up as to how quiet she’ll be.

Lily nods, curling her fingers in Kate’s robe and giving it a gentle tug. Beckett hums, shuffling behind her daughter’s sure footsteps, hoping she’s not making a mistake by not taking the dog out for a walk first. He has the puppy pads in the laundry room, so maybe he’s relieved himself already – as much as the thought makes her cringe – and won’t do it on her bed.

That would be a hell of an introduction, wouldn’t it? Bought you a dog, and oh, we should’ve taken him out first.

“Please don’t pee on my bed,” she murmurs, earning an enthusiastic slurp to the nose in response. “I’ll take that as an agreement.”

Her daughter giggles, leading Kate around the table, around the minefield of toys behind the couch, and through the doorway to the master bedroom. Rick sleeps on, but he’s rolled onto his side, facing Kate’s empty pillow. Lily grins over her shoulder before darting to the foot of the bed and hoisting herself up to rest by her father’s knees.

“Weady, Mama,” Lily says once she’s settled, giving Kate a sage nod.

Kate smothers a smile; her daughter’s so serious for someone giving a puppy as a surprise.

“Ready,” she agrees, lowering the puppy to the mattress. “Say hi, Daddy.”

She watches him sniff the space her body had once occupied, his tail wagging furiously with each step, before he trots up the bed to inspect the sleeping human on the other side.

The look on Rick’s face is priceless – part confusion, part glee – as the puppy pounces on him, and it’s all Kate can do to compose herself enough to remain standing. Oh, this is so good; exactly as she had hoped it would be.

“Morning, babe,” she manages, sinking onto the bed, dragging her giggling daughter into her arms. “Guess what? We got you a puppy.”

Fantasy or reality, il let you decide

So after a few months of talking online we decide it’s time to meet, Sarah (not her real name) and I had been talking every day for months and I was really into her, she’s so cute, funny, open and above all damn hot

Now Sarah knows pretty much everything about me from our conversations including my little problem, she always said it was cool and didn’t bother her and had even jokingly teased me about it so i didn’t really need to be as nervous as I was on the day we arranged to meet but I was nervous as fuck but so excited about finally seeing her for real. We arranged to meet at a quiet country pub one afternoon in the summer, it was a beautiful day and I arrived early went inside and found a quiet table in the corner, I got myself a whisky to calm my nerves and sat waiting and watching the door nervously, Sarah was fashionably late, about 15 minutes which felt like an hour as I sat wondering if I’d been stood up, but then she walked in and god my heart raced as she approached my table, now I’d seen pretty much all of her through our chats and photos we’d swapped including naked and explicit pics and I knew she was hot but seeing her for real took my breath away! She was absolutely stunning, she had on a beautiful summer dress, white with big bold flowers all over and a very low cut top to it, it wasn’t tight fitting but pretty short and flowing at the bottom. I stood and greeted her with a kiss on the cheek and asked what she’d like to drink, a glass of white wine was the reply so I went to the bar to order, as I returned with the drinks I noticed she had sat at the chair next to mine instead of opposite so I placed the drinks down and sat next to her. As we sat chatting and laughing I felt a little more relaxed, it was like we’d known each other for ever, she was so chilled and confident and even more beautiful than I thought, we seemed to drink the first drinks in record time and I said I’d get another but she insisted it was her round and got up to go to the bar, I couldn’t take my eyes of her smooth perfect legs and the little wiggle of her bum as she walked, she returned with more drinks and sat again but moved her chair slightly so she was more facing me, her knees almost touching my leg, we chatted and flirted some more and she started to run her fingernail over her bare cleavage, her breasts were amazing and seeing her touch them got me instantly aroused, I tried to hide it but it was too late she’d noticed, she giggled and said ooh someone’s getting excited! This had the effect of making me even harder and I must have blushed slightly, she looked at me and placed a hand on my cheek and said aww are you embarrassed? Don’t be it’s fine, I like that I turn you on! By now she had a kinda develish look in her eyes and a smouldering smile that meant she was in charge, I’d never seen this side to her before and it fucking excited me beyond belief! She leant forward slightly and whispered… kiss me.. I obeyed eagerly and gently kissed her lips, it was the softest most electric kiss I’d ever known and as our lips met I felt her hand on my thigh, she must have felt my body tense as she opened her lips a little and our tongues touched for the first time, her hand moved slightly up my thigh, her fingers gently stroking, by now my cock is probably the hardest it’s ever been and is straining against the material of my jeans, I can feel it starting to leak precum and the wetness spreading through my boxers, I have to pull away from her kiss as I’m getting too excited, she knows exactly why I stopped kissing her and smiles, aww are you ok Hun she asks, I mumble yes I’m sorry but she just giggles and says it’s fine il let you calm down! I grab my drink and take a sip praying that the wetness in my boxers isn’t showing through my jeans, I glance down and luckily it hasn’t

Sarah gets up and says she needs the bathroom, as she squeezes past me she leans into me and whispers… it turns me on knowing I excite you so much! And heads off to the loo, i take a few deep breaths as she’s gone and try to calm myself down, a few minutes later she returns and sits down, I’ve got something for you she says, really what’s that I reply? She tells me to open my hand and puts her hand on top of mine, she opens hers and it’s then I see what it is….. a white lace thong, she sees the look of surprise on my face and smiles…. now you can see how much I’m turned on she whispers, my heart must’ve skipped 20 beats let alone one! She looks me straight in the eyes and says…. well! You’ve told me you like panties so now you have mine! I blush uncontrollably and say thank you as I go to put them in my pocket, she puts her hand in mine and says NO! I want to watch you sniff them! Her demeanour is more stern which only makes my cock throb even more, are you serious I ask? Yes deadly is the reply! I glance around to check no one can see and then raise my hand to my face, I press the panties to my nose and take a long deep breath, as they touch my skin I can feel they are damp and her beautiful scent fills my nostrils, she just sits smiling and watching me sniff her panties, by now I’m so turned on I’ve forgotten how wet I feel but Sarah has noticed, aww baby have you cum in your pants? I lower her panties and say no, oh really she replies! She stares at me and tells me to taste them!!! I look at her in shock, she means forward her face inchs from mine and says… I want you to open out my panties and lick the material where my wet cunt has been! She leans back and raises her voice slightly… NOW I do as I’m told and unfold the panties until I find the little wet spot on the crotch, I raise them again and start to lick her juices of the moist material, I’m oblivious to anyone else in the pub now and don’t care if anyone can see, I’m too in the moment and as I taste her musky beautiful wetness she opens her legs and slowly runs her hands up her inner thighs, my eyes are transfixed as she exposes her perfect bald pussy under her dress, she runs a finger from the bottom to the the top of her lips and in the light I can just make out a glistening of moisture! Fuck I’ve let myself go too far and now my cock is twitching and I know this is it! I tense my whole body as it happens, I start to buck and writhe in my chair pumping my hot spunk into my boxers as she watches, she sits back and smiles as the wet patch spreads through my jeans making it so obvious what’s just happened! Omg I splutter I am so sorry… I.. I don’t know… she leans toward me and puts her finger on my lips and says shhhh baby, don’t apologise I planned that to happen, I knew I could make you explode in your pants without touching you I just had to prove it

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How about Lena brings home a cat. Everyone loved the Kara brings a puppy home idea, but I a so here for a Danvers sisters freak-out when Lena reveals she’s a cat person

“Kara?” Lena stuck her head around the door listening for any sounds indicating Kara had beat her home from work. When silence met her ears Lena stepped inside placing the large paper sack she carried on the counter, motioning to her driver to do the same with the bag and carrier he held onto.

Unloading the paper bags Lena pulled loose a small mat with rubber backing, pacing around the kitchen before finding a small corner it could tuck into. Pulling loose a couple small silver dishes Lena placed them gently on the mat. Digging through the paper bag again she pulled loose a bag of food, unrolling the edge she used the stainless steel scoop she bought at the store to shovel some food into one of the dishes, filling the second full of water. Placing the food back on the counter Lena moved to the carrier.

Gently opening the door Lena coaxed out a little white kitten with brown socks. She smiled as she looked over the kitten standing hesitantly on the counter looking like it had just walked a mile through the mud. He reminded her of Kara when she came home in her Supergirl suit, a giant grin on her face caked in dirt from some fight with another alien. Scooping him up Lena stroked his soft fur until she felt him purring against her chest before putting him in front of his food and water.

“There you go little guy.” Lena smiled again watching him sniff his food before taking a tentative taste and walking away to explore the apartment.

Leaving him to wander around Lena found a home for the carrier in the front closet, next to her and Kara’s shoes. Rearranging the kitchen, an entire shelf was cleared out and filled with the variety of cat food Lena had been unable to choose between at the store, and instead buying a bunch of each. The small pillow she bought found a home on the floor next to her side of the bed. Unloading the remains of the bags Lena spread little felt fake mice around the apartment, placing the scratch pad on the ground in the corner by the tv where she hoped it would prevent him from scratching her expensive furniture, and finally tracking him down in the bathroom, Lena buckled the thin red collar she bought around his neck, already set with engraved tags with her and Kara’s phone numbers on them.

Folding up the paper bags and placing them in the recycling Lena poured herself a glass of wine before taking in the apartment. The changes were so subtle Lena wondered how long it would take for Kara to notice the new addition. There was still a half an hour left before Alex and Maggie were expected for movie night, Kara too if she was with them. Taking advantage of the time Lena moved to the couch, calling Kara’s favourite places for a delivery of pizza and potstickers.

“What should we name you?” Lena asked the kitten as she lifted him onto the couch with her, scratching under his chin. “Should we wait for Kara before we make a decision?”

The kitten purred as he pushed his head into Lena’s head, turning so she scratched around his ears. The sound of laughter and the door unbolting sending him off the couch somewhere into the unknown of the apartment. Lena shook her head as she sipped her wine waiting as Kara, Alex and Maggie funnelled in.

“Hey Lena! You’re home early!” Kara grinned, leaning over the back of the couch to give Lena a kiss. “We were just talking about ordering food. Any requests?”

Lena shook her head, “I ordered pizza and potstickers already. They should actually be arriving any minute. I hope that’s alright?”

“That’s perfect.” Alex sat on the couch, her and Maggie already helping themselves to the beers left in the fridge just for these occasions.


“I didn’t know you guys got a cat,” they were half way through the second movie when Lena looked up to see Maggie standing behind the couch holding the kitten. She had got up to get fresh beer for her and Alex only to become acquainted with the little guy when he snuck out of hiding and started rubbing against her ankles.

“Cat? We don’t have a ca-“ Kara turned away from the tv, brow immediately crinkling as she looked at Maggie holding a small white furry body.

“Well, either you have a cat. Or another animal followed you home Kara.” Maggie laughed as she walked around to sit next to Alex settling the kitten in her lap.

All eyes were on Lena as she shrugged, “Jess’ cat had a litter and she asked if I would be interested in adopting one.”

“What?!” Kara lifted herself away from Lena, “You said you didn’t want a pet!”

“I said I didn’t want a dog.” Lena clarified taking as she took a gulp of wine.

“So you got a cat?” Alex asked giving the kitten a sideways glance, almost suspicious of its mere presence in her girlfriend’s lap.


“But dogs!” Kara threw her hands in the air in exasperation. “They’re just so cute! And Fluffy!”

“He’s pretty cute and fluffy.” Maggie grinned lifting the little body. “I mean loooook at him. He has little brown socks!”

“Actually,” Maggie nudged Alex in the ribs, “doesn’t he kind of remind you of Kara when she comes back from a fight all covered in dirt?”

Lena laughed almost choking on her wine as Kara glared at her, huffing and crossing her arms.

“Oh give him a chance.” Maggie held him towards Alex until she gave in petting the tiny head, smiling when he started to try and wriggle closer.

Lena stood taking the kitten from Maggie before returning to sit crosslegged across from Kara holding the little guy under her chin so they could both fix her with their big pitiful eyes.


“You already lost Kara.” Alex laughed as she looked at Lena’s puppy face that could give Kara’s a run for her money.

“Fine!” Kara sighed as Lena placed the kitten in her lap, trying to hide her excited wriggling as he started to climb up her body, not wanting to give in so easily.

“What’s his name?”

“I haven’t named him yet.”


“No!” Alex laughed as Kara shuddered, the memory of scaly snake skin still too fresh in her memory.

I can say with 100% honesty

I would watch a 20 minute long video of Dan and Phil reviewing candles. I am not even joking like I would sit there for 20 minutes watching them sniff the candle, tell us what they think it smells like, tell us what it actually smells like, and then read the bottles for any information about it. Genuinely.

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Yay! A little bit of happiness in this chapter, albeit after a lot of pain.
So I mentioned in a previous fic a group called Voctave, who do incredible acapella work (They seriously sound like angels.) One of their songs really sums up Loki’s mindset for this fic but it’s not out on YouTube. If you’re interested in hearing it, check them out on Spotify; the song is called ‘Being Alive’ and it’s great. Anyway, enjoy!

Prompt[s]: You cruel, cruel author….

That was brutal. I mean, f**k you Loki, grow the f*** up…


‘The Tower’ (Part 14)

Part 13

Many a week had passed since the day you’d left The Tower behind you. Many a lonely night in a bed that now felt foreign and strange. Many a day spent in the company of those who you had no vested interest in.

Jarle was unsurprisingly glad to hear that your adventures were over. He called for you almost every day, insisting that you get out of the house when you’d have much preferred to stew in front of the fire.
“There are plenty of adventures to be had here,” he assured you as you walked hand in hand around the marketplace. Everything felt a little… numb, to be honest. You had no gifts to search for, no food to collect, and no clothes to sew. What was the point of the marketplace again?

“I’ve finally got a hold of a sizeable pile of blueprinting paper for you,” Jarle said as he perused the jewellery stand. You weren’t paying attention, much more dedicated to moping around. How had Loki – a man so cruel and petty and unkind – gotten this much of a hold on you? After all, the mystery had been solved. You knew who he was, why he’d been imprisoned (to some degree), and why he felt such bitter resentment towards the outside world.

Jarle paid for his purchase and returned to your side. He noticed your daydreaming and sighed.
“I… I don’t know what happened,” he said calmly, “nor why your little escapades have so abruptly ended, but if it is something upsetting and you should wish to discuss it, I will gladly listen. You can say as much or as little as you like.”

You turned to Jarle and flashed him an appreciative smile.
“Thank you, Jarle, but it is best that I simply try to forget.”
“Perhaps busying one’s mind will assist with that.”

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Please? Part 54

3000+ words

Please? Masterlist

The shower felt amazing. The water never got too hot, never got cold, and the soap makes you feel so clean and refresh. It’s like the Irish Spring washed away all your worries with Alexandria, though the few problems still lie with you the second the water is turned off.

You hear a gunshot coming from somewhere outside as you make your way through the hallways. Your heart starts to pound in your chest as Daryl trying to run off and gets himself shot enters your mind. All this worry every time a gun goes off, it’ll be the death of you.

Taking off, you spot the open door and hear  Negan talking. You take that as a good sign and slow down, arriving into the heat of the day, in that pretty new dress Negan picked out for you. He loved you in dresses, but then again, he loved all his wives in dresses.

“Hot damn, I will not have time to screw any of my wives today.” Negan groans. Your eyes land on him and the figure beside him. “Okay, maybe one.”

Your attention shifts to Daryl, fighting at Dwight’s side. He tries to lunge at Negan, but Dwight has a grip on the back of his sweater. His attitude changes when his eyes meet yours.

“And there she is, right on cue.” Negan points to you, motioning for you to come over.

Carl looks at you, his hair covering the bandage over his right eye. You don’t take another step, worried on how or why. Surely he didn’t stow away on that truck coming back from Alexandria, he would have been found out by then, since most of that load was taken in already.

“The fuck.” Is all you can say.

“My words exactly.” Negan nods. “Come on, inside.” He heads inside, behind Dwight, Daryl, and a few other of the Saviors who keep talking about their next meal.

Inside, Negan shut the door after you. He told you and Carl to stay by his side, which you agreed with a kiss to the cheek. Getting on Negan’s good side wasn’t so hard, which is something you hope Carl picks up on.

“Watch this.” Negan grins at Carl and steps over to the railing that overlooks the floor. His men are bustling about, doing their job, some of them taking breaks when they shouldn’t be. Of course, they all stop what they’re doing once they take notice that their leader is standing over them. They all take the knee, bowing their heads.

You aren’t sure of the reason, but you follow Negan around without question as he shows Carl around the Sanctuary. To you, this is a bad idea. If he plans on sending Carl home, then Carl has all this information about the place. If he plans on killing him, this feels like a total waste of time.

Either way, you aren’t too pleased when Negan shows him the room where the other wives sit and gossip for the most part of their days, the room you would be stuck in if Negan didn’t seem so fond of how you handle yourself.

“Now this may be overwhelming. You can stare all you like, none of us mind. Oh,” Negan stops Carl before walking into the fancy sitting room. “Just not that one. She’s got a damn mouth on her.” Negan winks and opens the doors.

Sherry and Amber look up from one of the couches as if they shouldn’t have been talking about something. You have a suspicion you know what; Amber’s ex, Mark. She snuck out the other night to be with him, though you knew that was none of your business, and Negan would find out on his own anyhow.

“Can I speak to you, wife?” Negan narrows his eyes in on Sherry and motions over to the cooler on a table, where most of the wine is kept, along with a few beers, since Tanya preferred her beer over wine.

Sherry rolls her eyes, but leaves Amber’s side and obliges Negan’s request.

Carl looks around, though he isn’t nervous as a boy his age should be in a room full of beautiful women. He never learned how to be a teenage boy, therefore, he doesn’t know how he should feel. The boy had to grow up so fast, he missed the important steps of life.

“Carl, what the hell?” You whisper in a low voice.

“I should ask you the same question.”  Carl says emphatically. “Why are you on Negan’s side?”

You part your lips to speak, but you realize you don’t know what to say. “It’s complicated. I’m just surviving.” You repeat the same words to Carl that you tell yourself every night before falling asleep beside that man you call your husband.

The young man watches you, his face emotionless under his sheriffs hat. It amazes you that this one thing, this one reminder of Atlanta, remains. It hardly looks as rough as you feel, after all the shit you’ve been through, after everything Carl has been through, it still stands.

To think of a time before Atlanta, it feels like a million years ago. Back when Carl had hope in his eyes, back when Lori and Shane were sharing a tent, back when Daryl would stare at you from across the campsite, terrified to approach you.

Negan walks over to Carl, throwing you out of your daydream. He silently hands Carl a beer, which he takes without a word. Negan smirks at him and kisses your forehead, patting you on the butt before he walks over to his other wife, Amber. She’s sitting in the corner, trying not to cry with Negan in the room. You knew what they had been up to since he wasn’t paying them much attention, but you also knew Negan would have ways of finding out.

He sits in front of her, whispering in a low voice so none of you could hear, though you know what he’s telling her. She cheated on Negan with her ex, Mark. She still loved him, still pined after him. She cried herself to sleep almost every night.

You gaze over at Carl, watch him sniff the beer, but not yet raise it to his lips. He instantly drops it to his side, holding it there and watching Negan talk with the blonde.

“See, I am a very forgiving guy.” Negan looks over at Sherry as he stands up. “I know how hard this must be, for both of you.” He walks over to you, pulling you against him with one hand and tucking a piece of hair behind your ear.

Sherry shoots him a stare, though nothing is behind it. She’ll continue to be with Negan, just like you will. It ensures her survival, along with Dwight’s, just as it ensures yours and Daryl’s lives.

Negan presses his lips against yours, giving you a long kiss, which you return. It’s almost like kissing him with sandpaper glued to his chin, but his lips are soft and gentle this time. He pulls back only after you hear two sets of footsteps walking into the room.

You look over, Negan still pressing you against him, to see Daryl and Dwight. Daryl is avoiding eye contact, but you can see him shaking from anger. He’s holding a plate full of fruit that Negan walks over and tastes.

Daryl looks up and watches Negan with distain. His mouth twitches and he utters something along the lines of, “why him?”

“Goddamn, he speaks!” Negan laughs and leans back, taking a good look at Daryl. “That is none of your goddamn business. Now, offer my wife some of that delicious fruit.”

Hesitating, Daryl turns to you and holds out the plate, not wanting to give Negan the chance to hurt Carl. His hands shake a little.

“I’m fine, thank you.” You cross your arms over your chest and play with the pendant around your neck, pulling it to the side and twisting it in your fingers.

“No, take a piece. Aren’t apples your favorite? Here.” Negan takes an apple slice off the tray and holds it out, indicating that you’re meant to take a bite. At first, you think about taking it out of his hand, but then he may make a scene.

Instead, you allow him to hold the apple as you take a bite, chewing it up until it was nothing but mush. It does taste amazing, probably some of the best apples you’ve tasted. Or maybe that was because you haven’t had one in years.

“Amazing…” You smile some at Negan.

“Y/N, why don’t you let me and the boy have some alone time. Hang out here, or make Daryl do some chores for me.” He leans over and gives you another kiss, this time a little harder, scratching your chin and cheeks before he pulls away and walks off, arm around Carl.

You look at Daryl, how he’s breathing heavy and ready to charge. You feel horrible, you feel like this is all your fault and you want to do something to change it. But if you had said no to Negan, Daryl might have ended up dead once he realized the two of you were together. Or if you would have left the group years ago, perhaps Negan wouldn’t have been a problem for Rick and the others.

Then again, life is funny. Something would have spun around, Daryl could have died a long time ago if he didn’t have you to think about. He may have run off from the group, ended up dead because of Shane, or Beth, or Aaron. Anything is possible.

“Dwight.” You spin on your heel and drop your arms at your sides, poking out your hip. “I want Daryl to shine all my new shoes. They’re filthy.”

Daryl is taken into the room that was once yours, before Negan insisted on you sleeping beside him most nights. Dwight sat him on the floor and tossed all the shoes you wanted clean at him, giving him some handmade shoe polish and a rag.

“Do as she says.” Dwight commands Daryl, though Daryl had already begun cleaning the shoes, never once looking at you.

“He got it, Dwight.” You snap, watching as the man jumps some and looks down at you. He will never admit it, but it’s afraid of you now. He’s afraid at how high you’ve climbed since being inside the sanctuary. “I have an order for you as well. Marybeth has some extra clothes for me to try in her room. Go grab them so Daryl can clean them.”

Dwight looks at you as if he may not accept you ordering him around, but you see the fear flash across his eyes as he thinks of what Negan would say. He scurries out of the room without another word and heads across the building, all the way to find Marybeth, who you knew would be tricky to find. She likes to hide out, not be seen.

You take a seat on the bed, watching as Daryl finishes the first shoe. He sets it aside and starts on another, not saying a word. You watch as he’s careful, not wanting to upset anybody. At this point, you’re a little surprised he hasn’t spoken.

“I’ll get us out of this.” You whisper, catching Daryl off guard so he slips and drops your shoe. He quickly picks it back up, starting all over with cleaning it. “I love you, Daryl.”

“Yeah.” He grunts, still not gazing your way. “S’why ya sleep with ‘im?”

“I do what I have to.”

Daryl looks up at you, his mouth drawn in a thin line, but his chin trembles. “Coulda fought him. I get it. Ya want someone else. Don’t have ta lie.” He goes right back to cleaning.

“I don’t want anyone else, Daryl.” You huff, standing up and looking down at him. You don’t know if you want to kiss him or hit him for saying such a thing. “The closer I get to him, the more information I’ll find out. I’ll be able to get you out of here, to help kill him.”

“Ya fucked him.”

And that is the second time Daryl accused you of screwing another man. You ran your fingers through your hair, not entirely sure how to answer to that. “I—I did it—I had to…”

It’s almost as if time slowed down. Daryl’s hand slows down, barely moving if at all on your boot. He licks his lips and straightens his back, still on his knees. “I wouldn’t’ve. Part of ya wanted to.”

“No. No part of me wanted to say yes to him. I want you, baby. It’s always been you, it will always be you. Play along, at least until I can figure out how to get you out of here.” You plead.

Daryl shifts his gaze up at you, those baby blue orbs full of hatred. It softens, somewhat, when he sees your eyebrows knitted together and the tears forming in your eyes. He doesn’t say anything, but ducks his head and continues to clean your boots.

The iron. You’ve heard the story about the iron from Dwight. That was his punishment for running away, but then Negan forgave him after he burned half his face off. It’s happened to a few others as well, including a man named Francis. He had his hand burned by the iron for stealing, though he hardly talks about it, he’s hardly seen anymore.

Daryl is in the crowd, holding his mop at the ready, just like you instructed him to do. You can’t help but keep your eyes on him as you walk between Negan and Carl, above everyone on the ground. He’s watching you, too, though you can’t see his expression from so high up.

They all kneel when Negan hits Lucille against the railing, causing you and Carl to jump a little out of your skins. It’s loud, it echoes. You watch as a man tied in the chair gasps and tries to get his hands free.

Negan starts his speech, talking about the rules, and how he cannot let them slide, even though he wants to let them. He goes on to say that rules keep the Saviors going, it keeps everyone on track. You start to tune it out after a few lines, though. You have heard him speak the same words a thousand different ways by now.

The sea on men and women rise to their feet when Negan hits the ground. He walks over to Dwight, you just behind him, and slips on a glove. It’s quiet, except for Negan’s comments as Dwight readies the iron, everyone waiting to see Mark get punished for his sins.

Daryl leans against the pole of the mop, looking exhausted. You try to catch his eye, to ask him if he’s okay, but Daryl never looks away from Mark, a little worry spread across his face as he watches the man sweat. This could be him if Negan ever catches you two together.

Negan presses the hot iron against Mark’s face. The sound that escapes his lips almost doesn’t sound human at first. It’s a horrific scream, cutting right through you. Goosebumps travel down your arms as you watch him squirming in his seat, trying to back away from the heat.

With a quick look around the room, you notice Carl and Daryl share a look, you catch Amber lunging forward and Sherry stopping her, wrapping her arms around the blonde for security. Dwight cringes where he stands, not able to watch as Negan keeps the iron on this man’s head, just has he once did to Dwight.

Ten seconds in, you make yourself look back at the man as he grows quiet. He’s passed out from the pain, a nice burn on the side of his head now, making him look a little like Harvey Dent.

“Pissed himself.” Negan shakes his head. “Daryl, clean that up.” He commands.

Daryl takes a few steps forward, scooting the bucket across the floor, passing you in the process. He plops the mop on the floor, between the man’s legs, and begins mopping up the piss.

“Take a good look, gentlemen.” Negan stands in the middle of the circle, turning his head to look at everyone. “This is what happens when you cross me, when you cross us. Now I don’t want to ever have to do this again, but I will.” His gaze falls on you, flicking to Daryl and back at you, a knowing smile plastered to his lips. “I will always find out.”

Back to Alexandria you go along with Negan and Carl. After you found out, you went to change, to gather a few things for the road. Sherry found you, offering you help. At first, you were worried about her offer, worried she may actually be Negan’s little spy. But there’s something… different about her.

“We’re the same, in a sense.” She whispers, looking over her shoulder and down the hall. “I can’t let Negan do to you what he’s done to me, to Amber, to the others.”

“What are you saying?” You raise an eyebrow at her, crossing your arms over your chest. You keep up the tough girl front, still unsure of Sherry’s actions.

She clears her throat and looks back at you, her eyes wide and her lip between her teeth. “With Negan gone, Daryl will have time to run. I can help.”

“And why would you help me?” You ask with a laugh.

Sherry sighs. “Because time has run out for me and Dwight. That flame is gone, but Daryl and you have a chance. I’ll help him escape once you leave. He’ll be able to get out of here. Negan’s men, they’re careless without him here.”

“If you’re lying to me, Sherry.” You walk up to her, standing so close you can feel the heat off her body. “I will make sure you answer to Negan.”

As you walk away, you realize how scary you’ve become.