watch and be pleased

That ep was so Fucking real

Like… representation is so fucking important but b99 also addresses the struggles of being LGBTQ in regards to families who aren’t accepting

I could never come out to my family and this episode brought me to tears I can’t even begin to describe how it felt when Rosa announced that she is bisexual

Idk sorry for the rambling I’m just really emotional b99 is such an amazing show

ok but I’ve been cracking up ever since I realised that Michelle now actually has a vested interest in making sure Kate & Rana’s relationship doesn’t become public knowledge.  the second the rest of the street finds out about them, Kate has no reason not to tell the police that Michelle robbed her own bistro.

so it’s no wonder that Michelle offers them her flat! the moment she saw them mooning over one another (in the preview clip) she probably realised they were one flirty comment away from exposing themselves to everyone anyway.  Like “even if Zeedan doesn’t figure it out, I’m pretty sure our customers will!”  I swear Michelle’s about to work harder to keep their secret than they are lmao

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  1. Relationship status: single
  2. Favourite colour: idk… burgundy, episcopal purple, magenta… somewhere around there on the spectrum. but I also like softer pastel colours depending on the context
  3. Lipstick or chapstick: we’d call it lipbalm or lipice here
  4. Three favourite food: lentils baked with bobotie-spices ; chips/ fries/ potato wedges ; gochujang
  5. Last song I listened to: this piece from The Crown soundtrack
  6. Last film I watched: gosh I haven’t watched a film in aaages (been marathoning various series though)…. probably Window Horses
  7. Top 3 shows: Utopia (trailer) ; The Genius Game (ep 01) ; Antiquarian Bookshop Biblia’s Case Files (couldn’t find a trailer, nevertheless I emphatically recommend all three these shows)
  8. Top 3 bands: Perfume, ODESZA, the Touré-Raichel Collective
  9. Books I’m currently reading: I am a cat, Natsume Souseki

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after last night i see a lot of people saying they either need to catch up or start watching brooklyn nine nine and just as a reminder the show is currently on its fifth season, so if you want to see a canonically bi character on tv for more than 14 episodes, please catch up or start watching the show now. it’s absolutely worth it.

brooklyn nine nine airs tuesdays on FOX at 9.30/8.30c. watch it live, if you dvr it please watch it within three days. the show is also available on hulu and foxnow/on demand after the episode has aired. 


in my next life I’m going to be born as a twelve year old boy who unravels government conspiracies with my small, nerdy group of friends while riding bikes around our supernatural town 

  • Me: I feel like my blog is really lacking something
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: oh yeah. followers.
things from Stranger Things 2 we can all agree on

- Will didn’t deserve any of this

- Mike + Eleven reunion was the best thing and we all anxiously awaited it

- Steve is the best and Nancy doesn’t deserve him (but she and jonathan were amazing too)

- neither bob nor mew mew deserved to die

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