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What is your opinion on the whole "Taylor is missing" thing? Do you think she's using us? I personally think she's doing just fine, there's no need for high fan or public involvement two months before the album, people will just get sick of her before it actually comes out

she’s not missing, lol she’s just not living a public life now (like she hasnt been for almost a year, idk why this is surprising) bc even living a semi public life during the last era brought her constant shit and bashing. 

and this is gonna get lonnnnng but let me just use this one anon to answer the pile of similar ones i have in one post. 

 I am completely stunned if people can not see that by not being public about her life - and i dont just mean her bf, i mean the entire thing -  she is diminishing a significant majority of the reasons she got hate. is it at the expense of not being able to ‘see’ her? yes. but it’s … her life, she’s not some character in a tv show that people should be able to tune in to every other day or week and see what she’s doing and know all the details of who she is with or what she is wearing. She’s an amazing talented artist who i love but she is also a person, and she - like all famous people - deserve the chance and choice to live a life outside her career w/o everyone butting in and knowing about it. And bc of the paps and the fact everyone has a camera nowadays in their pocket, the only way to achieve that is to live as privately as possible, avoiding photographing situations and avoiding situations where walking out of a door becomes a news story. 

she’s about 10x more involved w/her fans than any other artist that i follow bc the other artists are involved 0%, so um, to that end i think anyone complaining about the level of fan involvement being disappointing or not good enough or fake or using fans is just complaining because they want more from her and to that end i would ask, aside from the fact it is rather demanding of someone to always want more, what ‘more’ do they want of her … that she can reasonably do w/o backlash for it? let’s run throught the options. first off…  interviews about her personal life ( i thought it was ‘all about the music…’?) .. interviews where even if her personal life were off-limits, and she wanted to only talk about making her music, there is no way that any interviewer would not take the opportunity to ask her about the backlash of last year, trump, kk, feminism, being hated, all that was a part of the album’s coming-together and process, and why the fuck would taylor want to sit there and be asked about all that? sounds fun, haha, not? that would all only lead to more criticism and spur the news cycle even more?  does she want another feminism 2.0? or maybe talk about her friendships which brought along the whole squad nonsense? if people can’t quite frankly see that interviews right now would inevitably or immediately be turned against her i think they were not paying attention the last 3 years and watching what happened. she’s obviously saying what she wants to say to the public via her music / mv and the way in which she is presenting her music thus far in lieu of any sit-down interview. . now that said if she decides to do interviews then fantastic, i would love them too, i’ll be the first to read them,  but i have to say if she doesnt, then i can 150% understand why not. Why set yourself up to be attacked and have your own words used against you later?

maybe these folks want candids? missing taylor is fine and valid and that is okay, and you can want candids, there is nothing wrong with wanting to see her, but to be actually upset with her not wanting / allowing the paparazzi, who are the actual impetus to so many of the rumors about her and a significant majority of the bullshit she  has faced (not to mention the stalking), and ½ the reason for the overexposure,  to make money off unsolicited pictures of her? who can blame her? what good would those pictures have for her …. so that she can be plastered across the news, making the public sick of her again at a faster rate than she would be otherwise? or to lead to stories made up about her about being pregnant/having a boob job / about to b/u with her bf/ or just simply having her picture taken when she doesnt want it taken?  Look at the pics of her and joe running into her apt from the other day. they were picked up by a lot of sites. and those were blurry, shitty, no-face pictures. imagine what would happen if she casually walked from the car to the door and smiled for everyone? 

are people upset bc of things she experimented with during the 1989 era… like the secret listening sessions… so that the fandom can fight again about who got picked and who didnt? it was a wonderful idea she had to do that and generous and kind, and i’m happy for the fans who got to be a part of those types of things, but it also caused a lot of sour feelings. Same with swiftmas and other fan-specific things. you just can’t please everyone or people feel like there is favoritism and hurt feelings,… maybe it is better to treat the whole class equally… than only have a small group over for your birthday party, hmm?

 maybe people are upset of the lack of replies and reblogs on tumblr .. sure those were fun!! even tho it led to people thirsting for her attention harder which maybe made the experience for her on tumblr disingenuous? maybe if that expectation of getting involved in posts or fans’ personal lives is gone then that expectation will subside, and she can stay focused on liking things that pertain primarily to her music - and occasionally a few about her? her likes so far have been 99.9% pertaining to her and her music. not to mention the replies/rb’s let to buzzfeed and bustle etc running articles picking apart her replies? 

 or perhaps people are upset about the lack of  instagram posts so that those can also be dissected and mocked for whatever content? her insta was constantly regarded by the media as a bragger, ‘look at me, my life is so great, but also im a cat lady with a lot of famous friends’.  Trust me i loved seeing her ig pictures too, i love her sense of humor and that came through in some of her posts, but i have never seen someone’s instagram more attacked than hers in the last 3 years no matter what she posted unless it was a direct relation to her work … and even some of those were the source of negativity. her friend ships were attacked so hard, it became a topic of discussing and mockery in other artists’ interviews “are you a part of ‘the squad.’ Then there was the whole craze if she didnt wish someone a hbd, suddenly that friendship was in turmoil and there go the tabs again. So she’s using her ig like most businesses use theirs: to promote their brand. Seems reasonable to me. Why set yourself up for attacks. And back to tumblr, look at what happened last time she reblogged a certain blog playfully, it led to a story running across every outlet mocking her when she was just trying to have fun and being goofy re: the og blog’s sassy post? who can blame her for going, ‘guess i cant do that anymore’? even her ‘likes’ are being reported by the news now!! there is no ability to have a semiprivate fan-artist relationship because the media. gets. ahold. of. everything. and. they. ruin it. 

and since we are a society who loves to blame, if people want to blame someone for the way things are, blame the press, blame the paps, but don’t blame taylor. she’s simply reacting and adapting to the culture around her.

and i do expect she will do performances around the album launch, bc those are generally well regarded and not torn apart… 

and as for ‘using us’ .. .thats just an insult wow. first and foremost no one is holding a gun to anyone’s head. the door is right there. use it if her current approach is so bothersome, but to sit here and whine about it? If you hate your job, find a new one? if your friends suck, stop hanging out with them? but to sit there and bitch? come on. if you’re that unhappy and think taylor is some changed person you dont like/relate to anymore.. then go! the ongoing complainy judgmental negativity is puerile and rooted in underlying selfishness … and we are only three weeks into this era.  

i have heard people feel ‘disconnected’.. i thought the whole reason people liked taylor swift was to connect and relate to her through her music? isnt that what ultimately, every reviewer has said since the beginning of time: Great music, Great lyrics, Very Relatable. love story, fifteen, white horse, trouble, enchanted, all too well, sio, 22, clean, i could keep going but arent those all songs people have really related to, got them through good and bad times? was it not the music people related to with taylor from the beginning, to her experiences, growing up, love, love lost, coming of age, that she shared in lyric? that’s how i have since ages ago? it was always music first. The rest was gravy? but if some connected to her primarily through her personal life - interviews, instagram, baking, cats, boyfriends, friends, clothing, outfits -  was really where it was at…… and the music is just a footnote… if people are truly disconnected now bc the above don’t exist .. then maybe it is the very right choice of taylor to remove them… remove the ‘other’ way people felt connected .. .because maybe she really only wants people to *feel* connected to her through her art, not her private life?  i respect her choice to try to keep something to herself. 

idk if people were simply not paying attention, but taylor seems to have cut everything out of her life that people ragged on her for in the past. like, wouldn’t you? isn’t that basically self-preservation and protecting yourself? if someone is going to use something against you, why would you continue to do it anymore? wouldnt that be rather masochistic? i mean really give that a solid five minutes of thought. if you are taylor swift and you are doing something that you are repeatedly and vigorously torn down for - like all the things i have mentioned above - why on God’s green earth would you continue to do them? honestly, why? is pleasing some fans by doing A, B, and C above really worth the expense of allowing your life to be one where you are trashed daily by literally the entire media? what kind of life is that? 

good for her for putting herself first.

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you're hcs are so cute im always waiting for the next post 💞 can u do a lil RFA + Saeran reacting to an MC who's happy most of the time but finds it draining and recharges by being really quiet and ignoring people? (This is the first time it happened lmao)

Ohhhh I’m totally like that! lol it’s not easy being an introvert, am I right?

Hope you like this:

RFA + Saeran with an introvert MC


  • It was after a premiere of one of his musicals, you were perfect back there!
  • You smiled to the photographers and even gave interviews, Zen didn’t have to do a thing, he just watched you being as good as him at this.
  • Then you two got home and he wanted to comment on everything, what you thought about the musical, if you liked the costumes, the songs and all.
  • “It was cool.” Oh… cool? That’s it?
  • Apparently it was, since you didn’t say anything else. You changed to your pajamas and grabbed a book to read in the living room.
  • He was tired, and also very worried. Was it that bad? If he knew you would hate that much, he would have get that another role… but… you sounded so excited before…
  • “Something wrong?” you ask him, now he notices he’s been staring at you for a while, to the point you let go of your book, concerned.
  • “I… don’t know. Is there something wrong, babe? What didn’t you like about the musical? The songs? The lines, I know it was a little cliché, but I thought it was interesting somehow and…”
  • “Zen, what are you talking about?” “It’s okay, babe. You hated the musical. “No, I didn’t.” “So why did you say it was cool?” “Because… it was cool?”
  •  “No, it wasn’t! You hate it! You pretended you enjoy to not make me look like a fool to the press, but you didn’t like it and now you won’t even talk to me about it! Was my acting bad?”
  • Okay, you’re tired, and normally you wouldn’t put up with this drama right now, but… look at him! He’s so worried and… hurt? This is painful to you too.
  • Then you explain about always being like this. You’re an introvert, you can handle a few good hours dealing with people, but after a while, you need a rest from all of this.
  • He totally understands. Sometimes he feels the same, but in a different proportion from you, of course.
  • “I’m sorry, babe. I’ll let you get back to your book, tomorrow you tell me what is it about, okay?” he kissed your forehead and let you with your book.
  • Maybe he can turn the story in it into a musical just for you?


  • It happened after a geek convention.
  • He thought you wouldn’t want to go with him, but the minute you walked in, he was the one dragged to every single stand.
  • You were so excited, taking pics with the cosplayers, buying doujinshis, even joining karaoke contests.
  • He swears he fell in love with you all over again. All the guys there wishe they had a girlfriend who likes these things as much as you do.
  • But as soon as you get home, you just grab your phone and stares at it like your life depends on it.
  • He asks what you want for dinner. “Whatever. You choose.”
  • Poor boy is remaking all his steps to know when he screwed up to get you mad. Was he too close to that girl with a very revealing cosplay?
  • Oh… he knew he should have joined you on a duet in the karaoke, but what can he do? He’s super shy!
  • He doesn’t even know where to start his apology, so he does what he knows best: omurice. With a “sorry” and a sad face made of ketchup.
  • “Why are you sorry?” you ask, concerned. “I… I don’t know.” Well… this isn’t going anywhere…
  • “I swear I had my hands behind my back the whole time with that cosplayer and… I’ll sing any duet you want to sing in the next con.”
  • “Oh… thank you, but you don’t have to if you’re not comfortable. It’s fine, honey.” “But… why are you mad, then?” “I’m not mad, I’m just…”
  • Oh… now you get it. POOR THING! You two never went to an event this big with these many people, so he didn’t know this little feature of yours.
  • And when you explain, he’s so relieved you’re not mad at him, and he totally understands, these things are pretty overwhelming for him as well.
  • You two eat the omurice together and lay on the bed a little later, you messing on your phone, he on his, and you both humming the same song, like a duet.


  • The cafe never been so crowded.
  • You two were taking orders, making coffee, checking the cashier, all at once.
  • If she had to do this by herself, she’s pretty sure she wouldn’t be able to handle, but having you smiling like you are in a parade or something gives her the strength she needs.
  • Seriously, you’re not even fazed, you keep smiling and being extra nice to even the most rude customers, and this makes her feel like she should keep up to you.
  • She closed the cafe with the deepest sigh she could give. Lord! This was tiring! What do you think? Oh… you’re already going away.
  • She finishes closing the store and reaches you in the sidewalk, almost panting. 
  • You don’t even look at her, you keep looking forward with your arms crossed against your chest, as if you were… sad.
  • B-but why? Why would you be sad? What happened? Was that customer that rude to you? Oh… no, maybe it was that time when she yelled at you to get the mop to clean some coffee on the floor before one of you slipped.
  • She knew she was a little rude, but she was just caught up by all the mess inside the café, she didn’t want to be snappy at you or something.
  • But you don’t know that, so that’s why you’re walking like she’s not even beside you.
  • So he gives a few larger steps and stop in front of you. You look at her and blink in surprise. “Jaehee? What’s wrong?”
  • “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to be rude with you, I was just so busy!” she says hugging you. You immediately blush, she’s not one to PDA like this all of a sudden.
  • “I appreciate it, but… what are you sorry for, exactly?” “The mop…” “What happened to the mop?” she lets you go and you stare at each other, puzzled.
  • She explains everything, then you do the same. Well, she knew you had this tendency, but she haven’t witnessed before, so it was a little surprising to see you so quiet all of a sudden.
  • But as you two get home, she realizes some silence can be good after this long day. So she’s in the bedroom and you’re in the living room, you both reading books and recharging for what will be, hopefully, another long day tomorrow!


  • You dropped by his office to lunch with him
  • Everybody in his company loves you, because if you showed up, Mr. Han will probably be in a good mood for the whole afternoon and work will be easy to handle.
  • So a few employees surround you, asking if you’re okay, if you need anything, how are the preps for the wedding. Just this small talk.
  • And you’re very polite and nice, so nobody ever feel uncomfortable on treating you this kindly.
  • When you finally are able to meet him in his office, he promptly goes to you and gives you a peck , which… you don’t respond too much.
  • “How is everything, my love?” “Fine.” And you give him this lazy smile, looking around everywhere in his office, except him.
  • Shit! He is late, isn’t he? And you’re probably furious because he always says you two will have a calm and nice meal and he never… wait! He’s on time!
  • So why are you mad about? Is it because you don’t want to have lunch in his company? Well, that can be arranged, he can call the chopper and take you somewhere. But you sounded excited over the phone, so something happened when you got here.
  • Hum, did one of his employees bother you? Yes, they can do that sometimes…
  • “Tell me who it was.” That’s all he says, while you stare at your plate. “Who what?” “Who bothered you? It was that blond girl from finance? She does have this tendency to be meddlesome. Don’t worry, my love, I’ll let HR know they need to have a little talk to her.”
  • “Oh my God, Jumin. Don’t fire her!” “So who should I fire?” “Nobody! Nobody bothered me!” “So why are you mad? Did I do something?” “No! Of course not, honey! And… who’s mad?”
  • “You? When you walked in?” Oh… yeah, that.
  • You explain to him that, as much as you enjoy talking to his employees, all the attention can be very draining sometimes and you just need a little time in silence to recharge.
  • He TOTALLY understands it, he even can relate. His acquaintances can be very tiring sometimes.
  • So yeah, a silent meal wouldn’t be that bad right now. You two can compensate with dinner in his penthouse when you’ll discus the wedding preparation, anyway.


  • You were in a car show, he wanted your opinion on the next baby he should get
  • Though you don’t understand much about cars, you know his preferences pretty well by now, as he told you a lot about them. Seriously, a lot!
  • So you’re the one dragging him to the cars he might like, considering brand, model, color… yeah, he definitely likes it.
  • You have small talk with the models standing beside the cars and the sellers, and  he doesn’t know who is nicer here. Probably it’s you, since you’re not trying to sell a super pricy car, you’re just… naturally nice.
  • He wants a test drive to this particular car, and when he asks you while the seller is a little away to get the key, he asks what you think. “It’s nice.”
  • Well, he wouldn’t say it’s “nice”, it’s more like AMAZING, COOLLLLL, A SUPER FINE BABY! And you’re just: “okay, if you say so.” SHIT!
  • Are you mad? Why? You didn’t like being dragged here? But you sounded pretty excited before talking to the sellers… oh… the one who went to get the key was definitely trying to hit on you, you’re uncomfortable, ain’t you?
  • You two hop in the car and he starts driving, the seller keeps making small talk and you basically ignore everything that’s going on.
  • “So, what do you think?” the guy asks. “Can I have a moment alone with MY FIANCÉ so we can discuss this AS A COUPLE?” he emphasizes this words for the guy to take the hint you’re taken. “Yeah, sure.”
  • “Don’t worry. I won’t buy this one.” “Why not? You like it!” “If I decide to take it, we would have to sign the papers with that guy and I don’t want to let you even more uncomfortable with him.” “Why? He’s not that bad.”
  • “He’s not? But… why do you look like you want to throw up everytime he opens his mouth?” “Because he talks too much, but I’m not uncomfortable, I’m just… bored with all this useless small talk and his desperation to you buying the car.”
  • Yeah, the guy is a little annoying, being nice to him was a burden for Saeyoung too. You’re always very nice, but he knows by now this can tire you a lot.
  • And hey, he totally can relate, that’s why sometimes all he needs is his headphones and a super loud music to recover himself.
  • So he takes the car, he liked it and wanted to take you out of there soon so you could relax.
  •  The way home is quiet, you two are listening to the radio, not talking, just holding hands.


  • His first RFA party.
  • It was so crowded! He was a little intimidated and anxious, dealing with big noisy crowds was still a journey to him.
  •  But a few reassuring kisses from you everytime you passed by him between small talk with guests here and there, and he felt he could handle this.
  • Hell, you don’t even need to look at him, just seeing you smiling and talking to the guests as if they’re close friends totally make him feel he got this!
  • And he did, it wasn’t that bad after all, thanks to you.
  • He went to your place after the party. It was comfortable being around you, but he was still nervous, facing a crowd like that felt less nerve wracking than being alone with you.
  • Okay, you telling him to make himself at home and just plopping in the couch to watch TV wasn’t what he was expecting.
  • I mean, he didn’t know what to expect, but… it wasn’t this, for sure.
  • It’s almost like you forgot he’s here. Like you are… ignoring him? Why?
  • Did he do something wrong? Oh, that rich dude said PDA was unprofessional, but he thought you didn’t give a damn to what Jumin said.
  •  Did he do something wrong? But he was pretty sure he was doing good tonight. Wasn’t he?
  • “I’m going now.” He said bluntly, heading to the door. “What? Why?” you jumped off the couch, going after him “I won’t bother you any longer, don’t worry.” “Bother me? But…”
  • “I’m such an idiot! I screwed up, didn’t I?” “No! You were amazing tonight!” he blushes a little. “Yeah, that’s what I thought, but why are you ignoring me, then?”
  • Oh, this poor thing… you explain to him how hard it is to just recover from all the agitation and you need some time to just stay quiet.
  •  I mean… you’re preaching to the choir here, he definitely feels the same way, he was so nervous about having to be all lovey dovey with you, he’s relieved this won’t be necessary.
  • But he definitely didn’t complain when he woke up cuddling with you in the couch. Just sleeping was a greeeat idea, after all.
BTS Reacts: Your Emotional Performance as Their Ex

Request: Can you do a BTS reaction of him seeing you his ex (also an idol) on stage (or on tv) crying because she sang a song that reminded her of him. Thank you, sorry if you didn’t understand me. 

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Seokjin (Jin)

Seokjin’s hands itched to hold you close. The burning prickle to run his hands through your soft locks, cradle your cheek in his large palm and whisper sweet promises into your ear. The breakup had been messy; your company finding out about your secret blossoming relationship without any regard for your dating ban had even Bang Shi Hyuk stepping in to avoid disaster.

“Not for me,

I don’t think it will be easy,

You still fill up my day to day,

Not yet,

I repeat it like a fool,

But I can’t swallow the words on my lips,

It’s not fine, ah~”

Your voice echoed powerfully throughout the arena, pouring every emotion, every tear into the words of your song. You gazed across the audience, faces blurring together until you landed on Seokjin’s tall frame, easily recognizable in the front row tables. Tears began welling in your eyes, unsaid words pouring out to the crowd that you prayed he alone would understand.

English lyrics used: Taeyeon’s “Fine”

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Yoongi (Suga)

Yoongi lounged in one of the comfy couches of the waiting room, makeup and hair already done. The sound of the TV airing the groups who just performed filtered in through the air, idly listening over the banter of the rest of the members as he checked his social media.

The sound of your voice echoed throughout the room, too loudly in Yoongi’s ears as his attention snapped to the TV. The screen was filled with an image of you, one he had committed to memory, every flaw, every dark circle under your eyes during the long, sleepless nights.

“It’s 11:11,

When there’s not much time left to the day,

When we used to make wishes and laugh,

Everything reminds me of you,

The wind is as cold as the edge of your heart,

When I open the window, you blow in,

When this time passes, will this breakup be over? Yeah~

Will I forget you?”

The small acoustic performance fit you. You were never one for fussy stages or complicated songs. You preferred raw, emotional ballads, songs that spoke to the heart and pulled at your memories.

Yoongi’s jaw set, an attempt to control his features. Jimin came up, camera in hand, light blinking blue on the back of his phone to signify he was shooting a V-Live.

Hyung, say hi!” Jimin took notice of Yoongi’s set features, and straightened posture and furrowed his brow. Yoongi gave a quick half smile to the camera and focused his attention back on the screen, where he caught the tail end of your performance, tears streaming down your face.

“Must be pre-show jitters,” Jimin commented to the camera, heading in the opposite direction towards Taehyung and Jungguk.

Yoongi quickly pulled out his black leather-bound notebook and a pen, and quickly started writing down thoughts, biting is lip to control all the aimless emotions in his head.

English lyrics used: Taeyeon’s “11:11″

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Hoseok (J-Hope)

Hoseok had stopped mid warmup to the sound of your voice filtering in through the practice room speakers hooked up to the radio. It echoed off the walls harshly, leaving him with no choice but to stand quietly and listen. It was a radio interview, promoting the new single you had just released the day prior.

“It’s more sad than what your fans are used to, isn’t it?” The host asked and you chuckled lightly, breath catching the mic.

“Yes,” you agreed. The ballad was a complete 180 from your normal pop style but you were happy with the change, Hoseok could hear it in your voice.

He knew he should have stopped, should have turned the station to something that played a mindless beat, the same rhythm over and over, something he could dance away all the thoughts running through his mind.

Hoseok walked over to the radio, hand gently laying on top with every intention of doing just that. But burning curiousity got the better of him at hearing your next words.

“I was in a really happy place when I wrote this. It’s about someone very dear; even though they are no longer in my life they continue to help me through my day to day.”

“Would you like to sing an piece of it for your fans?” the host asked.

“Of course.” Hoseok could hear the smile in your voice, could picture just how your lips lifted, and cheeks bunched up, nose scrunching the tiniest bit. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes, your angelic voice filling his ears.

“Cause you are,

The light that feel on me,

You are,

Like a beautiful dream,

With seven rays, the whole world,

Is dyed even more beautifully,

Always, yeah you are,”

The interview became quiet and a small sniffle Hoseok recognized immediately as yours permeated the air waves. “Would you like to take a quick break?” the host offered.

With that, Hoseok immediately turned the station and rubbed a sweaty palm over his face. He exhaled heavily, a deep set frown etched onto his lips. He began to stretch his limbs thoroughly, planning to throw himself into practice to try and forget the words etched into his heart, your voice ringing in his ears.

English lyrics used: Taeyeon’s “U R”

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Namjoon (Rap Monster)

Namjoon stood in between his members, smile plastered dumbly on his face even though his insides felt full of mud. His brain processed things slowly, but heart beat that challenged that of a race horse. He hadn’t been this close to you since your split, conflicting schedules being the sole reason. Butterflies blossomed in his chest and soared through his veins at the sight of you, and from the blush that was dusting your cheeks, he was hoping your feelings hadn’t faded either.

“So, (Y/N)-ssi,” Don started. “I hear you wrote your newest promotional song.”

The faint blush deepened and you covered you mouth with a sleeved hand. “Yes, that’s right,” you smiled shyly.

“Mind giving us a sneak peak?” Don asked. You looked over towards your manager, sitting off screen, and he gave two thumbs up. You smiled and nodded, exhaling sharply.

“Still, I hear your sounds,

And still, I feel your hand,

Even today, I lived within your tracks,

Still, I see your image,

And still, I feel your warmth,

Even today, I lived inside your time.”

Your eyes glassed over with the beginnings of tears, and you covered your face, embarrassment creeping up your spine. The rest of your members smiled fondly and clapped, as Bangtan clapped as well and made noises of approval.

Something like pride flooded Namjoon’s chest before he quickly squashed that down. He would let himself have this moment, let show a smile fonder than the rest of his members, before he would go back to being polite yet aloof, keeping a respectful distance from your group.

English lyrics used: Taeyeon’s “Time Walking on Memories”

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Taehyung (V)

Taehyung leaned over, large hand covering his mouth. “Jiminnie, I don’t know if I can do this.” He licked his dry lips and leaned back to gaze at Jimin, an unfamiliar, serious expression setting Taehyung’s features.

Jimin smiled apologetically and gave a reassuring squeeze to his knee, resting his hand there. Taehyung leaned back in his seat, handing wiping aimlessly at his mouth, as he watched the staff set up for your solo stage. The lights dimmed, and Taehyung could feel his heart begin to pound as you made your way onto the stage, front and center, to the lone mic.

You smiled warmly at the crowd as the soft piano filled the arena. You searched for Taehyung in the crowd, but were unable to find him in the dim lighting. Your heart sank a little at not being able to see him, but knowing his eyes were trained on you alone gave you the confidence to sing your deepest feelings in front of so many prying eyes.

“I don’t know since when, in this endless ordeal,

Your gaze whispers to me, “It’s okay,”,

Then there’s you,

At the end of my parched world,

Oh, it’s you,

Became sweet rain and made it fall,

For a long time, deep in my heart,

This precious word I’ve hidden away,

I love you,”

Your voice choked on the last note, tears running down your face as you unabashedly let them fall. Taehyung’s He ached to hold you. To wipe away your tears. Your relationship hadn’t been the best. You fought, argued about pointless things, neither one wanting to admit they were wrong. But when things were going right, it was amazing. Pillow fights, tickle wars, cooking that always ended in disaster and takeout. You were someone he looked forward to talk to every night, be it over the phone or through a computer screen. Taehyung gulped down the lump in his throat, willing away any form of tears that might betray his stoic face.

English lyrics used: Taeyeon’s “Secret”

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“My meaningless days with the truth of you not being there,

The tower of the future built with anticipation collapses in a single moment, oh,

The big embrace that would hug even despair will only be hollow,

Your lie that didn’t know gaze and touch,

It’s over, all of it,”

Your words screamed into the mic of your solo stage rang through Jimin’s chest louder than he thought any song ever could. Your words filled with the distrust you felt then made his skin crawl, sick with disgust for his own actions. He had never meant for any of it to happen, for it to get so out of hand. And when you walked in, right in the middle of everything, Jimin felt your trust crumble instantly.

Jimin could feel your eyes on him, even if it was only his imagination at play. He itched to hide behind his hair, anything to get you out of his line of sight.  He watched as tears clung to your lashes, and could almost feel the pounding of your heart.

Jimin kept a careful stoic face, but not having the courage to watch you perform, instead aiming his gaze at the stage floor where the lights shone brightly on you. You finished your performance with cheers and whistles from the crowd, and the look of triumph aimed in Jimin’s direction had him sinking further into his seat, wishing it would just swallow him whole.

English lyrics used: Taeyeon’s “Fire”

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Jungguk (Jungkook)

Jungguk prayed that if there were any cameras filming this joint radio interview, that he would be as inconspicuous as possible. It was by sheer bad luck that BTS’s sister group, your group, had been invited along to the interview with their new studio album being released. He should have known when one of their managers pulled him aside before the interview started and warned him you would be here, that he would not enjoy this experience.

Jungguk tried to steady his thrumming heart, his eyes unconsciously drifting to you when he wasn’t paying attention.

“So, (Y/N)-ssi,” the radio host began. Jungguk found himself watching you again, hoping his face remained as neutral as possible. “Is there any particular song you like best on the new album?”

You hummed in acknowledgement. “Yes, there is one song I’m really fond of. It’s one I wrote myself; a ballad.” A tight smile appeared on your delicate face, preparing yourself for the question that would come next.

“Would you mind singing a verse of it for us?”

You could feel Jungguk’s gaze lingering on you and looked to your leader beside you for courage. She gave a comforting smile as you exhaled deeply and closed your eyes.

“But still, when I think of your name,

Tears well up and when I close my eyes,

And even though everything has changed,

You’re always at the same place, looking the same,

Making me cry.”

You quickly wiped away the tears that stung your eyes and smiled sheepishly at the host. “That was beautiful,” she commented with a sad smile. “Is it about anyone in particular?”

You froze at the unexpected question and made the mistake of glancing at Jungguk. His eyes widened, and you could see how uncomfortable he had become, mouth slightly agape, shifting in his seat every couple of minutes. He gulped, and you quickly averted your gaze. You smiled shyly and waved your hand in front of your face, hoping to not look too apprehensive with your blatent lie. “Not, really. I-I just have a soft spot for ballads.”

English lyrics used: Taeyeon’s Time Lapse

for @jikoooktrash and @kookmint (i read that one immature anon on your ask so i decided to type this while half sleeping. i just cant resist im sorry)
*note that this post isn’t about me hating on ships. it’s me hating on immature stans that won’t allow jikook stan to be happy for once*
friendly reminder to that anon that said jikook moments in summer package 2017 was fanservice:
jk sat on jm’s lap then tried to carry jm bridal style, it’s clearly shown on their face that they’re genuinely happy, also when jk was trying to carry jm bridal style at first it was only jm’s right leg, then it’s very clear that jk tried to fix the position, I MEAN HE TRIED TO “REALLY” POSITION HIS ARM ON BOTH JM’S LEGS BUT THEN IT WAS CUT THEN SUDDENLY THEY’RE BY THE SIDE OF THE POOL PUSHING EACH OTHER I WAN TO SCREAM SO LOUD IF IT’S FANSERVICE WHY DID BH CUT IT WHY DONT BH JUST CONTINUE IT? AND LET US SEE JK CARRYING JM BRIDAL STYLE TO THE POOL LIKEEE WHAT THE FUCKKK?!?!!????

here’s a fucking bonus to those who said that jm is hated by either jk or v:
jm is loved by jk just as much as jk love all his other hyungs
jm is loved by v just as much as v is loved by jm
bts fucking love each other ok
cant yall fucking shove this facts into your dumb fucking brain?????

fun facts that yall immature stans probably doesnt know:
HOLY FUCKING FUCK IM GETTING GOOSEBUMP TYPING ALL THIS. I SWEAR THERE ARE SO MANY PROOF OF V AND JIMIN LOVES EACH OTHER listen yall im a new army to be fucking honest, it has been only two months, (and yeas bts is the first group that makes me crazy like this, really ive been living for 21 years and it’s really hard for me to have an interest with kpop then bts come sliding through my life like fuuuuckkkk) and for this past two months i didn’t miss a day marathoning every video of bts that exists on the internet. i start from bangtan bomb, rookie king, american hustle life, their backstage video, their anniversary videos, mv making, every variety shows in which bts appeared, every radios that interviewed bts, jacket making videos, season’s greeting videos, all of their v live including run bts and bangtan gayo, etc etc!!!! do you all immature stans watched bts 3rd muster? in the bonus video v teared up while talking about his grandmother in front of ARMY, and after he was done, jimin immediately back hug him gosh im tearing up again right now! after that, in the backstage jimin was interviewed by the camera director, he said something like “i bet you all are worried about v, but don’t worry he’s fine. we are fine.” (something along those lines) HOW ANGELIC JIMIN IS HE REALLY UGH I CAN BET YOU AN APPLE THAT BTS GENUINELY LOVE EACH OTHER AND NOT EVEN A SINGLE SECOND THEY EVER HAVE THE THOUGHT OF SOMETHING LIKE “ah i wish he’s not in this group”. LIKE NO. OK. EVERYBODY SAY NO. istg if any of you said A hates B i’ll say that you’re not a true A.R.M.Y and you just never watch their videos when these 7 walking memes are being dorks or being mushy with each other. because trust me at first i was into bts i only have my eyes on mr worldwide handsome aka wide shoulder hyung aka jin and also jungkook and i sleep on the others. but thanks to my decision to watch all of their videos i got to know more about all of them. how hardworking and talented they are. and i just cant sleep on or even dislike one of them. been an army for 2 months now but i feel like i’ve been one since their predebut… ps bts love each other and wishes for each others happiness. they even wish for army to stop worrying about them. so let’s stop fighting over each others’ ships. as a jikook stan, i respect taekook, yoonmin, yoonkook, hopemin / jihope stan and all the others’ stan. i don’t say hateful stuff on them. i have reasons to stan jikook. so i’m sure they also have reasons to stan their favorite ships. it’s not right to bash it. let’s just be a good army and learn to respect each other. and start supporting bts as whole! thanks and bye.

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Can you do an imagine on Cody Christian. About having kid ( girl) she daddy's girl and them going to red carpet doing interviews. Both parents are actors. Can u make it cute pls

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A/N: I found this super cute and I love anything that has to do with kids! So I hope you enjoy this darling!

WARNING: FLUFF, brief mention of social anxiety

Daddy’s Princess:

She clutched your hand tightly “Mommy; where’s Daddy.. I can’t see him..” she said as you looked down into her worried eyes, she always did this when she was in a new place, looked for her father to have both mommy and daddy protecting her from the strangers all around them. She had a bit of social anxiety, but that was all because of what her parents did for a living that caused such a reaction and feeling to form in the young child; but when she was surrounded by her parents she was the brightest star.

“Baby, don’t worry Daddy is right there.” You said squatting down pointing down at your fiancé watching your little girl smile and nod “We will take pictures for these people and then interpret daddy’s interview okay?” You said softly to the little girl you beamed a smile at you while nodding “Okay mommy.” She said as she held you hand tightly as you made your way towards the heap of paparazzi and photographers for the evening.

As the evening went down you and your daughter had made your way near your fiancé who was still interviewing with several magazines and celebrity channels “So Cody, how does it feel now that you’re about to be a husband and you’re already a father?” The interviewer said promptly as Cody smiled “Well man, I gotta say I’m honestly so lucky. I have the most amazing, understanding, stunning fiancé and I just can’t wait to make her my wife the same way I made her the mother of my child. And for my daughter, I truly a blessed man, she’s the spitting image of her mother but she’s more like her old man you know? That’s my princess right there, with my queen and I don’t deserve these amazing woman in my life but damn  am I grateful everyday I wake up to them.” Cody said smiling widely to the audience causing an abundance of awes to be heard.

“Daddy! We finally caught up to you!” Your daughter said sprinting to her father who graciously caught her and picked him up “You were waiting on me?” Cody said holding his little girl looking for you, smiling once his eyes met your giving you a quick once over and then a seductive wink. “Well don’t you look gorgeous princess.” Cody said putting your daughter down as she smiled and did a little twirl for her father “I’m telling you guys I was blessed with an angel.” Cody said as your daughter clutched onto his leg.

“My beautiful fiancé looking as stunning as always mesmerizing me with your beauty.” Cody said as he gave you a spin and low whistle “I’m blessed, right baby?” He asked as your daughter nodded “Daddy? What are you talking about with these people?” She said pointing to the interview who now looked scared “We we’re talking about you and mommy, want to tell them something?” Cody asked as he picked her up bringing her to the interviewer but she quickly looked for her mother scared but she felt you rub her back causing her to calm down.

“Umm.. my mom is beautiful and my daddy is handsome and I’m a pretty princess chimera.” She said softly causing everyone to smile “Have you watched Teen Wolf to know that your daddy is a chimera?” The interviewer asked causing your daughter to giggle “No silly, mommy says it’s too scary for me but Daddy tells me about what he does on set and how wolves work on Beacon Hills.” She said causing her father to smile proudly “It’s too much for her yet but she wants to watch it because she’s in ‘love’ with Tyler Posey.” Cody said rolling his eyes joking “Is he here?” Your daughter asked looking around “Yes baby, we will find him later though.” You whispered softly causing the little girl to nod.

“Who’s you’re favorite character from Teen Wolf that you’ve heard of so far?” The interviewer asked “My Daddy, because he’s the best ever, even if his character is a meanie.” She said shining with such happiness as she looked at her father and then towards you. “You see and that’s why she’s daddy’s princess.” Cody said kissing her forehead as she laid her head on his chest while he grabbed your hand as you both continued the interviews for the night before going inside.

Secret Idol Relationship With Hwiyoung
  1. -Dating this little pumpkin, you guys are the most precious secret couple among groups (basically rookie or small company groups all know you two are a couple and they all support you two). However in public among fans no-one will ever figure out that you two are dating because he’s too paranoid. Poker face is his best weapon, sometimes won’t even stare your way or act like you exist. A quick glance is all you’ll ever get from across the stage but that’s it. However, Just know he’s always aware of where you are and are always thinking about you. Whenever you look tired on stage he will look extra emo, sometimes forgetting fans in front of him are waving. Intensely watching your live backstage as well not being able to keep still with a small smile on his face as he mouths along to your song, wiggling around a bit but not too obviously. Protecting your safety is his main priority so you don’t mind him being cold. However when you’re finally together, the kid will give you his brightest smile and would want dive into your arms right away. “You worked hard today, I missed you. Your outfit was super pretty today and you were super pretty today ijustmissyousomuch. With you he’s actually super dorky, super hyper and the ultimate happy virus. Whenever you guys are back the your own dorms, you’d both still send pics and updates every moment of your waking day. Send eachothers what you two ate for dinner often and hwiyoung would be so distracted with his phone at the dinner table he will get scolded by Inseong or Youngbin alot but sass Hwiyoung will most likely still be like “alright im almost done” while still using his phone throughout the whole dinner. 
  2. The type to be dumb though and have matching bracelets but your smart enough to not wear it to promotions however the dummy will never remember to take it off ever until the stylist asks him to take it off before going on stage. “oh omg why do i still have it on.” You guys buy things for each other alot and he wears every thing you give him to promotions. Basically his outfit was a gift from you and it makes him happy to wear something from his gf without anyone knowing specially when your busy and he misses you. 
  3. Describes you perfectly though when interviewed on what his ideal type is but also say like “Im still too young though to date”. And when fans scream “I love u!!” he will just be like “oh good. thank you.” but thats only when your there as well at a music show and he wouldn’t want you to feel awkward. complains later to you though about how you remembered that one guy fan’s name like chill hwiyoung it’s not deep its fanservice. He might even stare down the guy without realizing until roowoons like yo chill dont make anyone suspicious. 
  4. The kid doesn’t have a car so your secret dates would have to be often at ISAC or waiting rooms since people around you all help to set it where you guys can see eachother often.And then its just cuddles cuddles and him never letting you get out of his arms and you feeding him snacks while being stuck in that hugging position. Falling alseeping together there as well happen super often and everyone takes pictures. Would just be really emo if you ended your promotions earlier than him because no more waiting room dates anymore. And it’s going to be a bit hard but it makes everything even more special because even a peck on the cheeks can make him go crazy and blush. You guys are still young but if done right and is patient, the relationship will go long and maybe one day you guys can go outside for dates. 

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“The most fantasy like moment in my life was *thinks about his days off with you where you guys get to actually go outside but late at night to like an empty movie theatre*” 

  • prince taekwoon is (surprise) super mysterious!!!!!
  • doesn’t rly like doing any publicity, so his older sisters do most tv appearances for the royal family
  • when he was younger he went out with his family to the capitol and doing rounds, but he didn’t leave the palace for like……… most of his teenage years………. because he was so shy and afraid of paparazzi
  • and because of that tabloids love to run stories about him….. like a good half of the nation thought he was terminally ill for a couple of months before his parents finally forced him to do a press conference being like “hey i’m fine sorry”
  • even then he was so…. quiet and uncomfortable that everyone was like ????? are u sure
  • but in reality he was just super camera shy ;(
  • as he got older he got a little more public!! every year he plays a charity soccer games w/ the national soccer team and was like….. as good as the professional players and he even got offered a spot on the team when one of the players retired
  • but he was like ….. no…. that’s okay

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                  BTS came from a small company, they started with nothing.

Jin who was casted just because of his looks(Actor), Suga who left his family and gambled his education just to do what he really wanted to be, Namjoon who was never have been supported by his parents, Jimin who thought himself as ugly and fat, Taehyung whose always been part of BTS but was never shown in any promotions- not until they debut, Hoseok who seemed to always laugh but never felt as an accomplishment to his father, and Jungkook who was very shy and have saved his parents at a young age by auditioning to companies.

Remember the days when they were struggling? They even have to sacrifice and work hard just so they could eat? They were squeezing themselves into one small apartment and have to take responsibilities- the reason why they wrote the song ‘Move’. The day they almost disband on N.O era because they don’t have enough allowance and money to continue, but still they fought for their dreams? There was also a time when Bang PD-nim asked Namjoon if he wanted to have a solo career or sacrifice for BTS. He could have choose to be a solo artist since it was his dreams, but he didn’t. He said BTS is BTS and they can make it! Yet, Some fans are telling him to ‘leave bangtan’ it hurts him a lot.

Remember those times when they have to use their managers as extras to their MV’s because they don’t have enough budget? They even asked if they can use or borrow their staffs and managers cars just to shoot 'I Need U’ successfully. Those times when Jimin has to starve himself just because people calls him fat and ugly… That one interview where Yoongi said that; it was nice that people listens to their music because Taehyung and Jungkook are good looking. And he thought that it was at least enough.

Do you remember when Hoseok was supposed to be the vocalist and Taehyung is the rapper, but he chose to rap instead and learn it because Taehyung wants to be a Vocalist. It was Taehyung’s dream and Hoseok loves his dongsaeng that much he would sacrifice. Other fan base were accusing them for plagiarism just because they had the smallest detail whose the same with other big K-pop group which is actually just a coincidence.

There was a time when Yoongi packed 300 gifts and letters just to give to their 300 fans who will attend at their mini fan meetings. So why do people judge them so fastly?

Did you know that Jimin came all the way to Seoul from busan just to persuade his dreams?

Did you know that Taehyung lived with his grandma for almost half of his life making him innocent from what else is out there in our world?

Did you know that Jungkook set aside his embarrassment just to meet the others expectations?Yes, he is the golden maknae, but he suffers too when he see his hyungs having a hard time, he cries.

And there was a time when Jimin caught him crying and the reason is because he misses his family. Jungkook often cry secretly so that his hyungs wouldn’t worry.

Did you know that Jin auditioned to make his mother proud of him and so that his mom would have something to brag off to those judgmental neighbors they have. He worked hard on his vocals yet people called him talentless.

Did you know that Namjoon worked hard just to produce songs yet there was a time when his mom ruined his computer and broke his mike so he could focus on studying?

Did you know that Hoseok auditioned because he wanted his father to be proud of him… Because he felt like he was a disappointment?

Those rookie days where they only listen to the awardings and be amazed by their seniors… They can’t do anything but to watch those idols who receives the awards. The days when they were happy with just 300 views on YouTube, mini fan gatherings, small numbers of followers, and one Daesang award.

They were contented. And now they’ve reached to the top and became more successful. From 150 fans to 6M and counting, From a small practice room to a bigger one, from cramped dorm with roommates to big dorm with each of them having a room, from one daesang award to more awards and they’ve even won on BBMAs. Z BTS never expected this before their fourth year aniversary, they’ve come so far- so far that the only chance we have to see them is to go to their concert or (NEVER) meet them along the street With 0.01% chance.

But really ARMYs! We’ve came this far fam, let’s love them and give them our support till the end! I wanted to thank y'all. I love you fam! I love BTS. let’s stay together until the end.

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what are some good shows/movies of the actors/actresses i can watch??

please keep in mind that i have only watched a few of these! a (*) means i super recommend it! :-)) I’ve linked the trailers to each of the movies/shows below, if I was able to find a trailer! All of these are pretty easy to find online to stream. *I only included movies where they have a more prominent role, and are more recent and easily accessible. 

    - Winter in the Blood (BONUS: Julia Jones is his co-star in this!)
       I haven’t watched this personally, but according to a friend of mine, it’s pretty good! (2013)
    - Fishing Naked* (BONUS: Tinsel Korey is his co-star in this!)  
       This is a comedic movie! All about this guy named David and his friends pulling pranks to scare off fishing tourists and media. (2015)
    - Never Back Down 2 
      This is also a pretty good movie. Alex plays this guy called Zach Gold and he joins this underground fighting ring to prove something to himself. If you want to see him dancing, shirtless, and fighting in a ring, this is the movie for you! ;;))) (2011)
    - Mine Games 
      I haven’t watched this personally, but another friend who likes the wolf pack said she really likes this movie! It’s a horror movie, and that’s all I really know about it! (2012)
      HOLY FUCK.. I’M SO PROUD OF ALEX FOR LANDING A ROLE IN THIS EVEN IF IT’S SORTA SMOL!! As much as we can see in the trailer, he plays a soldier that accompanies Harley Quinn when she ventures off to do her thing! (You can see Alex in the background of the scene where Harley Quinn is talking about the voices to the soldiers, and the last scene where Harley Quinn breaks the glass of a shop display to grab a purse! He’s also in one frame of the trailer fist-bumping Scott Eastwood! ((listen 2 me that scene slayed my fucking life i was dead i was like yas alex slay me bitch)) He’s sporting a pretty gnarly beard and moustache, so he might be a little hard to spot. Nothing a quick rewind and pause can’t find, though!) I’m so fucking hyped for this movie y’all don’t even know omg… He was also rumored to play a Jason Todd/Robin or smth,, and his role is pretty ambiguous/no-one gives a shit ab his role so who knows?? Maybe his character sneaks up on ya in the film! 
    - the Red Road* (BONUS: Jason Momoa is the main character!)
      This is such a good TV show. It fucks with your mind and Kiowa is pretty bad-ass in this. Here’s a link to an interview about the show where he mentions the Twilight cast and the wolf-pack! :-)) It’s available to watch on Netflix!
      Kiowa plays this kid named Junior who lives on a reservation. This show is AWESOME. It really just reveals what reservation life is, touches on police brutality and power manipulation, racism, etc.. I really recommend you to watch it if you enjoy crime/mystery shows! (2014-2015) 
    - the Lesser Blessed 
      I haven’t personally seen this, but again, a friend watched it and she really enjoyed it! It’s based off a book, I believe. Kiowa really seems to like playing more angsty roles. (2012)
    - Wind Walkers
      This looks like an interesting movie that I haven’t gotten around to watching! I’ve been meaning to. It’s apparently a horror film about Native American monsters. (sorry if I worded that wrong!) (2015)
    - Feed the Devil 
      I wasn’t able to find a stream for this movie, unfortunately. I don’t know much about it, either, so watch the trailer!! (2014)
    - The Ridiculous Six: (BONUS: Taylor Lautner is a main star in this!) 
      This is a comedic movie that stars Adam Sandler and other pretty big names. This was fun to watch! However, the movie has stirred up some controversy over the representation of Native Americans. It’s up to you to watch. It’s available to stream on Netflix. When watching the movie, I think you’ll be able to see why many people argue that it’s controversial– again, up to you to watch. (2015)
    - Longmire: 

      She is a recurring, guest star on this TV show. 
    - She has quite a few upcoming projects to watch out for as well!
    - Descendants:
      This is a popular original Disney Channel movie that came out last year! Booboo is a main star, and plays the character “Jay”, son of Jafar. Keep in mind that this is a Disney movie, and it probably won’t appeal to older audiences. I personally didn’t like it just because it was very cliche, but that isn’t to say that the film isn’t good! It’s just not my taste. (2015)
    - White Frog:*
      Can I just say: Booboo’s performance in this is INCREDIBLE. He plays a boy with Asperger’s Syndrome, who struggles with his social and personal life after his older brother passes away. There are some awesome stars in this like Gregg Sulkin, and Tyler Posey. This is a wonderful movie to watch with a lovely moral and awesome POC and LGBTQ representation! (2012)
    - X-Men: Days of Future Past: 
      Booboo has a small role in this film as a superhero called “Warpath”.
    - Honestly, this kid has so many movies and projects to his name, so trust me, you’ll be able to keep up with him. (2014)
    -  Fishing Naked: 
      see above in Bronson Pelletier’s section! (2015)
     - Arctic Air:
    This is an old Canadian TV series that I believe got cancelled? Anyways, it’s not a bad TV show, and all the full episodes are available on the CBC website, which will be linked HERE. It’s about an airplane hangar facility, and it’s got some interesting drama surrounding it. I think Tanaya is pretty good in this, and is a central character, especially in later seasons! If you ever need screencaps of her, this is the place you want to go. (2012-2014)
    - Words and Pictures: 
      This is an old rom-com movie. Tanaya, based on the trailer, seems to be a central student in the movie– which I haven’t seen! 
    - the Night Shift: (premiering June 1st, 2016) 
      This is a Canadian medical drama TV series! Tanaya will be playing a central doctor in pretty much every episode. I’m super excited because I love medical dramas and it’s coming out really soon!! :’’) 
    - Tanaya has guest-starred on the hit TV show, “the 100″ as Mel, in the episodes “Many Happy Returns” and “Human Trials”. She’s also appeared frequently in the TV shows “Continuum” and “True Justice”. 
    - Tanaya has quite a few projects that will be coming out in the next few years! She will be a main character in a short film called “The Hunt”, which is currently in pre-production starring Matt Daddario (mega heart eye emoji omg), and is also portraying Sacagawea, a national icon and hero Lemhi Shoshone woman who was a vital guide to the Lewis and Clark expedition, in an upcoming TV mini-series currently in post-production. 

**Please keep in mind that most of these movies are low-budget, or indie movies. Don’t expect brilliant, Oscar-worthy pieces of art– and take the projects for what they are. If you don’t like them, don’t leave nasty reviews and discredit all these incredibly hard-working individuals’ efforts and talents. If you’re thinking: “Why do many of these actors mainly have small, indie roles in lower-end productions?”, remember that it’s all a part of a bigger problem surrounding Native American talent and content.  Be reasonable y’all, and respect all the hard work put into the performances, production, and years of effort it took to get these actors and actresses to where they are today. 

**Also keep in mind that these are all based off what I could find on the Internet! Some of this info may be outdated, or wrong, but it’s unlikely it is. HAPPY WATCHING!

***EDIT: for Alex Meraz, if u can handle a sad story, pls watch his episode of “New Worlds”!!! It’s super easy to find on YouTube (literally just search “New Worlds Alex Meraz”) and it should be there in pretty good quality!!! I just reblogged an old ask where I link the episode!!!

wow this is quite nearly late but happy valentines day @williamherxndale​ as part of the @upperclassmennet v-day exchange!!! here are some nathaniel hc’s just for you, my sweet connie <3

  • The only thing Nathaniel fears is his father.
  • His childhood is unusual, a natural byproduct from life on the run: chased by feds and hounded by Butchers, bleeding from his father’s knives and bruising from his mother’s fists. He does not know what it means to settle down and make friends. He does not want to know, because knowing means staying, and staying means dying.
  • His mother told him to be anyone but himself. They craft their personas, developing the masks they wear— Alex, Stefan, Chris— but never the people underneath.
  • Yet there still is a person underneath.
  • He has his father’s eyes and smile and temper. He has his mother’s paranoia survival instincts and wit and height.
  • Mary Hartford dies on a California beach after she extracts promises from her son. Nathaniel grieves, but he doesn’t linger, destroying the body, the car, and the phones before fleeing east. He has his mother’s survival instincts, after all.
  • Although his eye often wandered towards the Exy court, he held back before now; playing means staying, and staying means dying. Nathaniel knows better until grief threatens to drown him in Arizona. Still, he keeps her promises; he keeps his father’s tongue in check so that he doesn’t get caught, and he makes no friends, choosing instead to make plans on where to go next.
  • He shoves Nathaniel deep down. Neil takes his place, fitting quite comfortably, and Nathaniel doesn’t emerge again. Not when Andrew Minyard comes at him with a racquet, not when
  • That is, until that fateful interview with Kathy Ferdinand.
  • The only thing Nathaniel fears is his father. This man, with a one tattooed on his cheek and his words like knives to Kevin’s guts, is not his father, nor is he anyone who commands his father’s attention.
  • So Nathaniel doesn’t fear him.
  • So Nathaniel tears Riko apart on live television.
  • Later, Neil will come back with all of his fears, and will almost regret this. Later, he’ll want to run, because if his personas share anything, it’s that their quick with their tongues and quick to flee.
  • Neil is an “easily spooked runaway,” but Nathaniel is all temper and instinct. He only resurfaces when Riko needs to be taken down a notch, when grief for his mother consumes everything, or when playing Exy.
  • Neil and Nathaniel can both agree; they live for Exy.
  • For six months, Nathaniel watches quietly as Neil makes friends and becomes a real person. They’re quite similar, really, except Neil is afraid of more than just his father. He’s softer, breakable. Human.
  • Maybe that’s why, when Lola handcuffs him in a car and drives a cigarette lighter into his face, Nathaniel takes control. Neil does not deserve his final moments to be blood and pain and regret. He has no business in Baltimore; his place is with the Foxes. Nathaniel pushes Neil down so that he lives on with his friends, untainted.
  • It’s too late for Nathaniel. He was tainted at birth. He was tainted when the Butcher first shoved a knife into his hands.
  • The only thing Nathaniel fears is his father, but he’s willing to face his fears to protect the part of him that learned to love.
  • On a happier note! He gets rescued, and Nathaniel can sit back.
  • Of course, this drama loving hoe does not stop running his mouth.
  • When he mouths off reporters? Nathaniel. When he taunts Riko after winning the championship (almost getting himself killed jesus christ)? Nathaniel. When he punches Jack in the face and says that he didn’t survive Baltimore just to put up with a whiny child’s petty jealousy? All Nathaniel.
  • Then there are the days when he awakens from dreams of knives and auburn hair and blue eyes. That’s Nathaniel too. Andrew knows the difference by now. He puts a hand on the back of Nathaniel’s neck and keeps him grounded until his eyes (his eyes, his father’s eyes) focus again.
  • Nathaniel might not say it, but he appreciates it more than anything. Before the Foxes, he would never have been able to imagine having a boyfriend, someone he could trust with his entire soul. But he has Andrew.
  • And they love Andrew, Neil and Nathaniel both. 

okay so i was thinking about this post and like, jack thinks bitty is the best thing to ever happen to him ever but he doesn’t realise exactly how much bitty is making him happy so he might do something dumb like think he can just live for the hockey and break up with bitty so bitty doesn’t have to be in the closet for him and then his game will turn to shit bc ‘bitty makes him a better player’

and he realises that bitty, tiny blonde southern baker bitty is literally the best thing in his life and none of it, not the nhl not money nor success are worth it in comparison to having bitty in his life and like

i bet u after his third terrible game in a row, in the after game interview, he just goes really quiet and is then like 'i’m gay, for the last two years i’ve been in love with a man, i gotta go’

and you know that the samwell boys were watching the falconers game in the haus and saw the interview, literally start freaking out and bitty (who couldn’t bring himself to watch the game so he stayed in the kitchen baking sad pies) goes into the other room to find out what the noise is about and they boys put it on playback so bitty can see the interview and like, he just freezes, can’t believe it, oh my god did jack just come out on live tv? he’s now the first ever openly gay nhl player? he just left after saying that????

and by this point it’s been like forty mins since the interview and the boys are all speculating as to who jack’s love is ('got to be kent parson’ 'stfu dex, parson is a dick’ 'sorry lardo’) when the door to the haus bursts open and jack runs in looking like he did the time he first kissed bitty

and he just goes to bitty, literally ignores everyone else like they’re not there (and they’re not, to him, not in that moment, it’s just him and bitty, bitty, bitty) and just looks at him like he’s the sun, all tiny and blonde and trembling and beautiful, and is like 'i love you, i love you so much it hurts, i love you more than playing hockey and my parents and canada, i will love you for the rest of my life whether you want me or not but please, please do because i can’t live another day without you’

and bitty, who is already teary eyed, just lets out this huge sob and throws himself at jack who catches him with ease, bitty’s legs around jack’s waist, jack’s arms around bitty like he never wants to let go (he doesn’t) and he just kisses him and it’s like a gasp of air after drowning and it’s perfect and jack’s crying, they both are, and they sink to the floor in a tangled heap and just hold each other whilst jack kisses every part of bitty’s face that he can, kissing away his tears, kissing that beautiful nose, those eyelids, those cheeks, until they both calm down enough just to stay wrapped up in each other just breathing for what feels like the first time in weeks

and jack feels like his heart is about to burst in his chest it’s so full of joy and warmth and bitty, because he’s the reason it keeps beating, really, isn’t he

(lardo has at some point shooed the rest of the team out of the room to give the boys privacy, sits with them in the kitchen as they eat bitty’s abandoned pie and try and contemplate how the ever loving fuck they missed that, lardo on the phone to shitty who is literally sobbing down the line about his babies and he’s so proud, damnit zimmermann, love you lards)

(eventually the boys think it’s safe to go have a look in the room and they see jack and bitty curled up together on the floor, leaning against the couch, murmuring sweet nothings to each other and they decide to leave them alone, retreating to the kitchen again, this time to drink a toast to the happiness of their two ridiculous friends)


Request: I would like to request a Evan Peters where he cuddles you when your sad or stressed out. I want him to be all cute and fluffy but not to the point where u wanna puke. I just want to see a cute cuddle imagine. By @lizardqueen123456

It was a cold, dark Friday night. I was tired, stressed and full of anger. The last week had come from hell, without any doubt. College was getting harder and harder every day, and even if I studied a lot I felt I was going to fail all the tests.

Evan had an interview that night, with Ellen DeGeneres. It was live, so I decided to watch it just to clear my mind a little. I turned on the TV and went to the kitchen to have a glass of wine and some cold pizza from last night. When I s back on the couch, I saw my boyfriend on TV.

“Evan Peters!” Ellen said “Wow!”

“Good evening everybody” he smiled, looking handsome as always “feels good to be here”

I could tell he was happy. His smile seemed so honest…

“You’re looking good, kid” she said after she kissed his cheek “You’ve been working out, right?” she asked showing a picture of him walking out of the gym, all sweaty and really really sexy.

“Yeah, yeah” his cheeks had a little shade of red “I’ve been working hard and eating healthy”

“That’s good” she was looking for something into her papers “Here. I saw the first couple of episodes from Hotel” she tried to seem scared “great ones, to be honest”

“Yes? Well, I’m really happy with this season. Is by far the scariest one I’ve ever done”

“Right. And your character is so interesting. It’s based on a real story, true?”

“True. Of course, the show is a little bit overplayed but yeah, the guy built a hotel just to torture and kill his victims. He was a real freak.”

“Well, enough with that. I would like to sleep tonight, if that’s okay with you” the whole audience laughed “I want to ask you something”

“Go ahead” he moved in his seat, showing he was a little bit nervous.

“It’s been a while since you and Emma broke up” I saw his face turning to be serious “is there any special woman in your life right now? Or you’re still into her?”

“uh, well…” he started, and my hopes went up. Maybe he was ready to tell the world we were together, after almost six months.

“Is that a yes?”

“No, no” he said fast “I’m single”

My heart broke in a million pieces. I was tired of it, for real.

“So, Emma does still own your heart”

…And I turned off the damn TV.

If I was feeling awfully before, right now I hated everybody. I didn’t know if I was mad about him saying that he’s single or the fact that he hasn’t denied having feelings for Emma. She was like a monster looking at me in the shadows… she was skinny, tall, beautiful and talented. Everything I wasn’t.

I drank the last drops of wine and went straight to bed. Evan was supposed to spend the night at his house, so I turned all the lights off and laid on the big couch. The sheets were cold and smelled like him, making me want to sleep on the couch.

I was angry at him, but I knew it was my entire fault. He didn’t do anything wrong, but I hoped he would act differently.

After an hour or so, I heard footsteps, and the sound of keys. I stood there, laying in my bed, because there was only one person who had the keys of my apartment… the same person I didn’t want to see that night.

“I thought you were supposed to spend the night at your house” I said sounding a little bit rude.

“hey there” he whispered taking off his shoes “it’s nice to see you too, love”

“What? Is Emma here?” Yeah, I was acting like a child. 

“What?” He asked, and his voice sounded like hell “Are you kidding me?” 

“Do I sound like I am?” 

“What is this about, (Y/N)?” His frown made his face look darker than usual “I can’t believe what you’re saying, for real. All I wanted was to spend the night with my girlfriend after a crappy day, and the only thing I get is you acting like a bitch for no reason” 

“A crappy day?” I sat in the bed and turned my lamp on “You had a crappy day? Well, welcome to the club!” He stood there, in silence, a confused look at his face “yeah, darling, you’re not the only one… And don’t say I’m being a bitch for no reason, I do have my reasons!”

“Well, then please tell me, what did I do?”

“I saw the interview, you know?” 

He was speechless.

I laid down in bed again, looking through the window in silence. I heard how he took off his clothes, and I felt the weight of his body next to me. He wrapped his arms around my body and kissed my shoulder. He was wearing his favorite perfume, that also happens to be my favorite too.

“I’m sorry” he said after a couple of minutes “I really am. I thought you wanted to keep this between us”

“I did, at first” I was trying to hide my tears “but now, I don’t know… I feel like I want to tell everybody about us”

“Then you should have told me this before” he kissed my neck and held my body tighter against his “I’m dying to tell the world you are my girl”

“Are you?” I intertwined his finger with mine, holding our hands softly against my stomach.

“Absolutely” he kissed my neck again and took my chin to make me look at him “I´m absolutely, hopelessly in love with you”

I turned the rest of my body around and wrapped my arms around his neck, feeling one of his hands against my back and the other caressing my leg softly. I kissed him, feeling all the anger and sadness disappearing.

After that, no words were needed. He fell asleep in my arms, making me feel like the luckiest girl alive.

one year of “the gain train.”

alright, so get ready for a massive fuckin emo post because i’m about to tell y’all about some of my very best friends. first of all, shoutout to the duffer brothers and netflix for giving us the amazing show that is stranger things. and shoutout to the wonderful cast, because without any of those people i wouldn’t know my best friends. i made this blog roughly a year ago (it was around september 13th, 2016 i believe.) i just needed a place to talk about stranger things non-stop without my irl friends being annoyed and i had been on tumblr for years with different fan blog (this is the only one i’ve got now.) i knew that i’d find people here who would GET ME but i never knew that i’d find a bunch of nerds just like me who love shit posting and making memes and bad jokes. so here we go.

@bill-denbroughs - SHELLY. listen. i love shelly so much. we really have become closer in the last few months and i’m very thankful for that. shelly is one of the most kind hearted people i have ever met in my life, and she really deserves nothing but the best. and i’m pretty sure we’re the same age, some of the older ones of the gc which makes us moms, but shelly is the real mom. she’s karen wheeler. we would fall apart without sweet, sweet shelly.

@eddiekaspbraks - FUCKIN AIMEE. literally so talented????? LIKE SO TALENTED????? RUB SOME OF THAT TALENT ON ME BINCH. always so passionate about the things she loves (example: the losers club. VERY PASSIONATE ABOUT EDDIE.) i admire her and her art so much. and she is so strong willed. get yourself an aimee tbh.

@richies-tozier - KYYLEXA. my sworn enemy. i’m just kidding, i would really die for kyy. from the moment i met kyy (which was actually a bit before the GC was made,) we discovered that we were literally musical soulmates. we have the same taste in music and she’s always the first person i go to with recommendations and tours, etc. i think so highly of kyy because i love her and she is so loving and caring for everyone and i just want to give her 5000000 hugs. also she’s actually finn wolfhard (i’m not kiddin.)

@reallylikeseggosALLO. MY SWEET, SWEET ALLO. honestly we have been close from the beginning. queen of memes and shitposts. i love her so much. a fellow weeb in the gc. also dragged me into fucking KPOP as of this week. honestly i wish i lived closer to alli because she’s so funny and i need that kind of presence irl right now. literally such a beautiful person inside aND OUT???? CALLS HERSELF TRASH BUT WHERE????? 

@protectmikeCAITLIN. or caitSIN on occasion. literally so freaking talented and beautiful? and SO FREAKING FUNNY. also kind of the glue that keeps us together when things get a little rough. she’s very reasonable and understanding and she is also the creator of the groupchat. so ultimately i owe all of my thanks to cait for introducing me to all of these amazing people. LOVE U LONG TIME CAIT.

@flea-and-the-acrobat - SAM!!!! okay. sam. WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN. his sense of humor is one of a kind. he is honestly such a nice person and he’s like a little brother to us all. WE MUST PROTECT SAM. he deserves the best. sends the funniest memes ever. i’m so glad we became pals because the gain train would be dry and boring without him.

@stevenrogers - marvin YA BITCH. WOW. ME AND MARVIN GO WAAAAY BACK BUT I WON’T GET INTO THAT LMAOOOO THAT’S A STORY FOR ANOTHER TIME. BUT OKAY. marvin, we always pick on each other but it’s fine because i love you very much. you’re HILARIOUS. you really are the king of comedy. and watching you grow with your photoshop skills this past year???? literally you put my work to shame. i’m so proud of how far you’ve come. now you have to teach me some things about photoshop. REMEMBER WHEN IT WAS THE OTHER WAY AROUND?????

@cloeggo - CHLOE. THE SWEETEST ANGEL I HAVE EVER MET? honestly wow. we would actually truly fall apart without chloe. she’s an angel and i really do love her so much. when i finally get the means to travel the world, i’m visiting her first so i can hear her cute accent irl. everyone protect chloe please. she deserves the BEST.

@themikewheelers - TORI. queen of toads. honestly so funny and always keeps us up to date with things going on with the cast like interviews and new content regarding the show. i love her so much, also the youngest of the group so she’s like our little sister. we have to protect tori too. we havE TO PROTECT.

@eggogorgon - BLAAAAKE! even though he’s not as active anymore it’s totally fine because he still gets an honorable mention. literally always kept us up to date with every photoshoot, interview, EVERYTHING. HE STAYS ON TOP OF THAT SHIT AND IF YOU FOLLOW HIM YOU KNOW THIS. we miss ya blake. you’ve also come such a long way with photoshop and your gifs are godly. so happy to know you!!!!

@the-weirdo-on-maple-street - EMMA!!!! really such an angel. VERY FUNNY. I FOLLOW HER ON TWITTER AND SHE RETWEETS THE FUNNIEST SHIT. very quiet in the gc but when she pops in it’s a party. we love u and miss u emma!!!!


You’re his favorite/crush YouTuber and you talk about Seventeen on your channel and say you have a crush on him (SEVENTEEN)

S.Coups: -they all liked you a lot and people have pointed out your fan wear on them. They wanted to know if you had a favorite member of Seventeen to the point when you were on After School Clubs they manged to get a video question. They asked you to who it was. You said S.Coups and gave them a smile as you heard his response before they hung up- “I told you guys, I’ll be meeting her soon and she’ll be mine believe me”

Jeonghan: -it was weird he was in your video and it was a Q&A, Jeonghan was your friend from childhood and when people were asking if you ever had a crush on him at any point in your life. You said that you always had a thing for him as you blushed. He was thrilled by it and never wanted anything more than for you to say you liked him that way- “you heard it guys, give us a ship name pronto. We’re going to need it soon”

Joshua: -You were his neighbor when you both lived in America and after each of your careers took off you were a big deal on YouTube now. So even if with their big impact you were boosting them even more too. But your recent video was on love and how you haven’t liked many people past the crush you had on the neighbor boy. During an interview it was brought up to him about you little confession- “she finally admitted to it, I haven’t gotten to see many of her videos recently. But I’ve known she had a thing for me since 11th grade, her friends have big mouths”

Jun: -you were the ugly duckling when you were in school which happened to be the same school and class year as him. Right after high school you got a makeover then started a YouTube channel and after all of that you were making more money than most Idols were. He saw all your videos after you started the channel because he was curious on how you were doing. Your high school crush video was about him and his lack of judgement towards your appearance back then and he was shocked- “wow, I really never saw this coming. How do I tell her that she’s the sweetest girl ever?”

Hoshi: -he was way too happy about your love confession, your video was his heart and soul at the moment. He literally was in such a good mood right after that he danced saying how happy he was- “yes I’m her favorite yes yes yes”

Wonwoo: -they all found you amazing and when they were guest stars on your channel, it was for all your Korean fans who were into them as much as you were. As you goofed off with them answering questioned, you were asked who was your crush in Seventeen and Wonwoo came out and they all started laughing because of how he jokingly/serious reaction- “I told you she was into me, do you hear the wedding bells? I do”

Woozi: -he was meeting you for the first time after you admitted your crush on him. You were a Korean YouTuber and a decent friend of Seventeen. He felt so weird not knowing how to respond to your confession fully because he had a mutual feel for you- “so um you like me yeah? Why can’t I be normal about this” 

DK: -everyone was getting annoyed by it he hasn’t shut up since your video came out. You two actually met took cute pictures together and then you spoke extremely clear English and he didn’t fully hear you say you met your crush. He kept telling the boys how you had been talking more and more, to the point Wonwoo told him to shut up- “can’t you guys be happy for me I’m in love with a famous person and she likes me back. She’s all I want right now and I thought you would be proud of that”

Mingyu: -it was a video that came out a few weeks ago and you were on your worldtour all you knew was you were going from fansigning to fansign and your current stop was Korea. He was so excited to see you in person because he’d been waiting for it since you admitted you liked him. But he was scared and asked the boys to go with him- “guys we’re getting closer. I can’t wait to be standing infront of her. She looks amazing from here” 

The8: -you were his favorite dancer on YouTube, you were vlogging this week and mentioned how you were going to be moving to Korea because of your choreography teacher position that was offered. Pledis was your most recent offer and you took that one for the your love for Seventeen and The8 in general. The boys were happy for him- “she says I’m her favorite omo she’s going to be teaching us, this has to be heaven”

Seungkwan: -he started talking to the computer after he watched the video, ‘My Crush On A Korean Idol’ was the title so of course he had to see it. You openly admitted since you watched their pre debut videos you’d had a huge crush on Boo Seungkwan. You were even willing to learn Korean just to talk to him. His actions after watching your videos were normally so weird that they were used to his fangirling- “start learning my love, we’ll meet soon and you’ll finally be mine” 

Vernon: -he needed a moment since your page came out you’d been into Kpop and then Adore U became your intro music then it changed to OMG all after you got permission to from the big guns. So this week you talked about your love for Seventeen and your giant crush you had gained on Hansol over the past 4 months- “I knew it, she looked at me when she can here and she kept looking at me. I told you all I wasn’t crazy” 

Dino: -after your video came out, they all knew he got updates from your page daily and how people were sending fanart of the two of you to both of your Twitter pages made it that much easier to brag- “I’m the man now guys. Y/N actually knows who I am and openly says she loves me the most be jealous”

anonymous asked:

bananastagramtumblrcom/post/163867836225/so-ive-been-doubting-being-a-larrie-the-last-few This is where Larries are really going to start to fall apart. The BL's have themselves created this fandom that is VERY performative and does rely on Louis' thanks and there being a prize at the end. So now not only is Louis dismissing them but more Larries are starting to say maybe there is no end date and I don't think that's going to sit well with the fandom at large who have been waiting for SOMETHING

Text because the OP’s font is too small:


So I’ve been doubting being a larrie the last few days. I know when I started (early 2015) its bc things seemed to be moving somewhere/suggesting something could happen. Nothing ever did. Now it’s like “What are we waiting for exactly?”. They’re solo now so there’s no “Showing support at concerts so mgmt can see we will still accept a boy band if some are gay” anymore. H & L still dont act like normal buddies in public, so what’s the point? What are we aiming for? Aside from general fandom ofc.

the thing about larries is that it’s not like? an organization? at it’s very core it’s just a group of people who believe that louis and harry are in a long term committed relationship. there are no goals there. like…’s just a belief. you don’t have to work toward anything because we aren’t the ones that are in a relationship and i’m not totally sure where that idea came from. like it’s always just been about believing louis and harry are in love, there’s nothing to prove or to do except just? support them? and i don’t even mean verbally or on your blog like…just… in general. there’s no goal because it’s not our lives, it’s theirs. like you’re basically telling me that you’re doubting being a larrie because there’s nothing to do???? you support louis and harry in whatever capacity you feel comfortable that isn’t invasive to their actual lives and the people that they know. like….are you doubting louis and harry are in a relationship??? this ask confuses me tbh because like you’re basically saying “i don’t think i’m a larrie because i don’t see a point because i don’t believe there’s a tangible goal” which….there never has been tbh.

the thing about larries is that it’s not like? an organization?

Oh, did somebody tell Amy, bc she has all those shirts for you to buy…..  🤔

“It’s not a cult!” - said by everyone who’s ever been in a cult, ever.


mommysaver1971 said: Larries just want everyone to look at the evidence & form their OWN opinion. If someone doesn’t believe that is fine but just don’t come in our lane and bash us. Absolutely perfect response by bananstagram👏👏👏👏
mommysaver1971 said: &once again the misconception that Larries goal is 4 them 2come out. &once again u have completely twisted it saying that’s what we want. Cause no! If they come out one day great! If not that is their personal choice. Antis need 2stop acting like that’s all we care about when the truth is we just want them happy& support their careers.& perfect response to this anon.No one has 2believe in Larry & unlike the shit being spread that we are a cult or organization its not true.

directionereg said: @ydaegu if coming out is smt they want , we ll support them..If not , we ll still supporting them..No larrie ll get any benefit from Larry if they come out!!! we ll only be happy"4 their happiness" cuz we love them !! Its not a goal !!..we have a goal to make them on the top in their career field “music” in this case we ll get benefits cuz as fans our faves ll be the best in “music”,we ll hear their lovely songs,enjoy their interviews & concerts!As any other fan’s goal

So then why are so many of your fellow larries NOT watching any of the interviews, or going AWOL during promo for their mental health, or becoming very suddenly busy with real life and work?

If you can admit that supporting Larry is “in your heart” then what are you blogging about Freddie calling Brett dada for? What does that have to do with Larry? Why are you mocking Eleanor being present? If Larry can be supported off tumblr then what are you all doing on tumblr? Because it doesn’t look like you’re having FUN.

Larries just want everyone to look at the evidence

You just finished agreeing with the OP that there wasn’t a goal! LISTEN TO YOURSELVES.

Antis need 2stop acting like that’s all we care about when the truth is we just want them happy

Except that you’ve decided they aren’t happy because they aren’t performing their lives the way you wanted them to! You can’t accept they’re happy NOW, because you believe they can’t be free. If they were, then why are you complaining about ANY aspect of their promo or the things they’re saying at all? LISTEN TO YOURSELVES.

Anon asks a very good question. I wonder if they will find the answer satisfying.

patrick bottoms, pete tops; a picspam

okay so. i made this months ago and it’s ridiculous but ive been asked to post it so here u go. 

contains eighteen gifs, forty-seven pictures, two links, and a fuckton of commentary

under the cut because some ppl might not wanna see this shit. also it’s long as hell. there’s nothing rlly explicit, just photographic evidence that supports why patrick soooo bottoms.

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My 1989 Secret Session experience

So, here’s my story about the best day of my life. It all started on Tuesday 7th October when I woke up to an email from Taylor Nation asking to know more about me, I cannot tell you how surprised I was for this email to appear as I had been desperately hoping Taylor would do a UK secret session but of course, I never thought I would actually get picked to go since Taylor has never noticed me online at all - but as I learnt Taylor never liked a post on my Instagram so she could surprise me, can you believe that?! So when I got this email, I was literally screaming with excitement - my mum thought it was because my dog died! 

But to be honest, when I read over the email I honestly didn’t believe it was real and thought someone was playing a sick trick on me. Though, I had some hope from the fact I had read multiple fans secret session stories which said they received a call soon after the Taylor Nation email. 

So this email basically resulted in me literally having my phone glued to my side waiting for a call - to say the least it was stressful because I was so scared they would never call me back if I missed their call. However, on Wednesday I left my phone for just 5 minutes and came back to a missed call which was from Taylor Nation, I then panicked as I kept calling them receiving and was getting no response, but then I finally got called back and I found out the best news of my life: I was being invited to a secret event in London involving Taylor Swift on Friday, 10th October!

On Friday I travelled to London from where I live in Wales, then went to where I was told to meet for the secret event which had the code name of ‘Enchanted Galaxy Party.’ When in the location, I got told to go in to a room full of other Taylor fans, this moment was where it started to sink in: I was soon about to experience a dream sequence of events this night.

In the room full of fans, Taylor’s team checked off we were here, took our belongings from us, and then scanned us (for security and all that). This took at least an hour and I was growing SO anxious about what was to come. But finally, we were told we were going up to a different room following a security guy’s heart-warming speech all about us being chosen specifically by Taylor to come to this event (not gonna lie, he made me cry).

Once we were then taken up in groups to Taylor’s room I was overwhelmed by the lovely looking food set out, however sadly no one ate it! The excitement was too much for anyone to have an appetite I think. So we all quickly went up to the little living room area of the room where there were pillows set up in front of the chair the actual Taylor Swift would soon be sat in.

Then out of nowhere the queen herself, T Swift, walked in the room and I started crying because my inspiration was there, right in front of me. Now what was next was she played her new album 1989 exclusively for us and explained the story behind each song – it was soooo fascinating as being the Taylor worshipper I am what’s better than to hear the meaning behind your favourite artists songs? However, this part of the event I’m not going to go in to much detail about as Taylor trusted us with keeping the album secret and I will for sure not disrespect her. But, oh my god, what I will say is 1989 is the most beautiful, smart, catchy album my ears have ever been blessed with hearing! Yes, I knew 1989 was gonna be good but hearing it finally for myself was a whole new level of amazing and way better than anything she has done it the past. That comment about her other albums being practice is 100% accurate and that’s a big statement since I’m obsessed with all her albums - obviously. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time whilst hearing it.

Halfway through the album listening session Taylor gave us cookies and cupcakes and shared a cookie with a fan which was extremely cute. Now i’m gonna list some more memorable things I want to mention: 1. Her iPhone lock screen is adorable fan art of her cats 2. Her well know dance moves were amazing and her lip syncing whilst she played us her new song was the best thing to watch,  she’s the cutest 3. Random, but I feel like her hair looks darker in person and she is so petite but crazy, crazy tall, I couldn’t get over it! 4. There is no denying that she’s genuinely the kindest person ever 5. She made a sweet comment thanking us fans for “fighting the battle” when loads of people sent her hate, she mentioned how really people should focus on her music 6. She told us about the “back in the studio uh oh” tweet she made a while back 7. She said how her dream collaboration was once Kanye West and laughed about it 8. Taylor wanted to play the songs louder for us saying “I feel like they can’t even hear it” but wasn’t allowed too cus it would be heard outside her room 9. She mentioned how she likes how these days interviewers are asking her about important things like feminism and not so much about her love life.

Once she played us all the new sons she put on ‘Shake It Off’ and we all got up and had a full on dance party, this was so surreal and for half of the song she was dancing right in front of me, I couldn’t quite believe it!

Then it was time for each one of us to meet Taylor and take the Polaroids. I have never been so happy in my life as when I went up to Taylor and she said “Hi Millie!” Inside I died right there, I couldn’t believe my favourite person in the world knew my name! She said how in my photos on Instagram - which might I add she ‘taylurked’ me on - she thought I looked “beautiful without makeup" in (BEST. COMPLIMENT. EVER). In addition Taylor also said to me how she was glad I could make it to the event since she had to make sure people were actually British by “checking if they put a ‘u’ in colour” and things.  Then, when I hugged Taylor, of course I said how much I love her, how happy she makes me, how she is my favourite person and how ultimately this is the best day of my life, her smile was the most beautiful thing and I have never felt so happy. Then she asked me what pose I wanted to do for our picture together and I said I wanted to do “something cute, you choose” and she suggested lying on the floor “it would be cute, like we are lying on the cold hard ground get it?” Then she led on the floor and I led next to her and I was freaking out inside that the actual Taylor Swift’s face was by mine! Then afterwards, my Mum came up to take a Polaroid with me and Taylor, we talked about my sister and the video Taylor recorded for me when she met my sister, Taylor said “that was for YOU??? Where I sounded creepy right?!” She also said how me and my sister both had pretty names. Then soon it was time to go and she thanked us for coming and for supporting her, I told her “I will support you forever” - ahh she makes me so cheesy. 

It was amazing. I couldn’t believe I had just had a conversation with Taylor, listened to her unreleased album and spent like 4 hours in her hotel room. Yes, life seems unreal right now!

Endless thank you’s Taylor!! I never thought I would ever meet you, I can’t explain how genuinely happy you make me and thankful I am for you, I will never forget that night. I’m in dream land.

So in conclusion, my life has well and truly been made.

Hello there......

I’m completely new to this fandom, I came across Outlander totally by accident in August….was actually trying to find Poldark and that shirtless Aiden Turner scene ha ha!! Saw a few articles on Outlander’s Season 2 finale & how gut-wrenching it was & thought that was the same show so ended up googling the wrong thing but was intrigued by the story line & being Irish, loved that Cait was too.

Literally hooked from the beginning and binged watched the whole two seasons in like a week…..and have pretty much re-watched both seasons about twenty times or more!! With all shows I watch, I always want certain characters to be together and have shipped so many of them over the years and live for their chemistry. And I always love finding out if the actors are together in real life or not (most aren’t) but just even just watching their friendship & fun chemistry off screen is enough for me.

With these two however I was like there is no doubt they are together after watching some of their early interviews, I was going in blind, this was before reading anything about these two or searching shipper blogs but I was like its so obvious, they are adorable with one another so I starting watching literally every interview I could find of them and that just seemed to back it up!!

I was already on Tumblr for other things but just started with this blog recently (thought about time) but when I first discovered Outlander, I followed a lot of blogs, the obvious most popular ones that were suggested…..I soon began to learn that there were two sides, those that don’t believe they are couple and those that do or at the very least wished/hoped they are/will be, didn’t bother me initially, was like I’m here for them and Outlander but I quickly began to see the hate and name calling and total utter disgraceful behaviour on blogs and all of which were the ones claiming they are not a couple…..Anti’s/truthers/idiots….whatever you want to call them!!. That’s fine if that’s your belief but why waste so much energy and time spreading this much hate on a daily basis… baffles me??

There is so much horrific things happening in the world right now and thank my lucky stars I get to wake up every morning, healthy & happy & the worst thing about my day is going to work (which I actually do enjoy)!! I’m not getting executed, raped, tortured, I’m not risking my life and my children’s crossing seas facing death to escape a hell worse off. Yes I have issues that are relevant to me but I make the choice every day whether I’m going to be happy or not & I chose to look on these Tumblr blogs because I am lucky enough to have access to a computer and the internet…..sounds crazy to us but there are sooooo many who don’t get to experience this luxury at all and we do on a daily basis & when I do it’s always fun, and spreading happiness about the chemistry of two people (doesn’t matter whether they are fictional characters or real) or whether they are in a relationship off-screen……everyone on these shipper blogs agree on definitely one thing which is the insane chemistry and fun these two have!! 

To be honest I think it’s crazier to start blogs and fan wars over fictional characters who don’t exist and never will so all arguments are kinda pointless in that regard because its not REAL. To see two real people who exist in reality and have crazy chemistry that not only fans but cast, crew and the media have all picked up on & to want them to be together……that’s crazy??? Ugh so confused. I really wish those Anti’s would put their truth seeking expertise to actual use and determine if there really is a god or an afterlife or if gentlemen really do prefer blondes???

Anyways just wanted to say, I love this ship whether it’s a reality or not….who knows except for Sam & Cait, I still ship them because I believe they should be together, I don’t know them, prob never will but hey I don’t know god and never will and plenty of peeps believe in him, I aint starting no blogs hating on all things religious & calling people who do believe crazy just cos I don’t believe….each to their own……you can’t police people’s minds!! Onwards and upwards I say!!