watch all of the harry potter movies in one day

Harry Potter Remake

In all likelihood, one day, there will be a remake of the Harry Potter Series. Just thinking that sentence makes my nose wrinkle and my insides twist uncomfortably; I have mixed feelings about this, but nevertheless I’ll be right there to watch it along with all of the other then fifty and sixty somethings that grew up on Harry Potter.

Maybe it wont be movies, maybe it’ll be a tv show.

Maybe it’ll be directed by someone who grew up reading the books under their bedcovers with a cheap plastic flashlight that you could hear the batteries clacking around inside, until the light started flickering at 2am. Someone who waited on their eleventh birthday with wide eyes searching the skies for their letter 

Maybe Harry will have green eyes and messy hair, and Hermione will have brown skin, buckteeth, and a big gorgeous afro that makes her tiny eleven year old self several inches taller.

Maybe Sirius will have a leather jacket, wear classic rock t-shirts, and be played by someone who is 35 

Maybe the wizards will all wear gorgeous robes, robes that are spangled and brightly colored along with strange and somehow alien hats. I mean, Cornelius Fudge in a lime green boulder hat? Dumbledore in purple boots? Tonks with shifting rainbow hair? Purebloods in intimidating, immaculately tailored robes with high collars and billowing overcoats or capes? How much fun could a costume department have? Maybe Harry Potter season 1 will get an emmy for costume design.


Maybe Ginny will have time to become a well rounded and developed character in the remake, often seen hanging with Luna and Neville, hexing bullies, kicking ass at Quidditch, getting much better grades in potions than any Weasley should, loving small fluffy animals (her pygmy puff was named Arnold!), being comfortable in her sexuality and refusing to be slut shamed by anyone, least of all her big brothers, burning all her old diaries after Tom, growing up at Hogwarts with the specter of 16 year old Tom Riddle hanging over her after first year, leading the DA with Neville and Luna in her sixth year, whispering “fuck you Tom” whenever she does something to defy Voldemort’s reign

Maybe it can be addressed that Neville’s family dropped him out a goddamn window and pushed him off the Blackpool pier to prove he had magic and how incredibly damaging that was maybe we can address Harry’s abuse while we’re at it

Maybe the tv show will employ a couple of classics majors to research and create new spells to supplement the relative few we see in the books

Maybe they could build languages for the magical creatures like the Game of Thrones team did. Gobbledygook, anyone? Mermish? 

And MAYBE the actor playing Dumbledore will have the chance to calmly deliver the line: 

“Harry, did you put your name in the Goblet of Fiyah Fire?” 


word count: 1,689 words
story peek: “no one loved me when i was a nobody!” “well i did!” in which peter forgets about his friends after he gets closer to liz. (requested)

She was completely lost. High school had been promised to be the best four years of her life and she was sure that statement would ring true with Peter by her side. Now however, she wasn’t so sure. Peter had been her best friend for years and suddenly it was like their friendship was a myth.

How could Peter toss her to the side and forget her like that? She had been there through everything and ultimately, she fell in love with him. She hated clichés and the fact that she became one by falling for her best friend somewhat appalled her.

She wasn’t sure if it was because of that or her suspicions that Peter could never like her like that, that she bottled her feelings up and through them into the ocean. She knew Peter liked Liz Allan, the most beautiful girl in their whole school.

And who could blame him? Liz Allan had it all. The brains, the beauty, the personality—everything. So when Peter came to (Name) saying he needed help asking Liz to the dance, she agreed to help with a heavy heart. And of course, everything succeeded.

Peter had gained Liz as his date to homecoming and snagged his first kiss on the dance floor with her. (Name) felt Peter pulling away before she saw it. Whether it be cancelling the traditional pizza lunch dates every Saturday to hang out with Liz or blowing her off to sit with Liz and the more popular kids at lunch—she knew it was coming.

Slowly but surely, contact with Peter fizzled from texting non-stop everyday, to a few texts here or there, to nothing at all. Peter even refused to look her way in the halls. She knew she wasn’t the only one being treated this way. Ned and Michelle had ultimately lost their friendships with Peter too.

(Name) clung to them after losing her best friend. She felt lost without him by her side. There was no one to eat pizza with for lunch, no one to binge watch all the Harry Potter movies with on longer weekends, no one to calm her down before a big test, there was no Peter. And God, it tore her apart.

Through it all, her feelings for Peter never dwindled. A spark of heat still pierced through her veins when he’d accidentally look her way. Her heart would flutter whenever she’d see him smile. It killed her that he had this affect on her.

After a particularly rough day, she decided enough was enough. She had to know why Peter pushed her away before she lost it completely. Her feet carried her to his apartment and when she knocked, it was May who opened the door instead of Peter.

“(Name)! It’s so nice to see you! How have you been?” May asked, ushering her into the apartment and closing the door behind her.

“I’ve been better. Is Peter home?” she said, her voice slightly shaky. There was a small tremor in her hands as she awaited May’s response.

“No, he said he was going to be out with friends, but he should be home soon. You can wait in his room if you’d like,” she offered, and (Name) flashed a hesitant smile.

“That’d be great, thanks May,” she said, her legs already moving her to Peter’s small room. Out of old habit, she opened the door to the room to find it empty. Hesitantly, she shuffled her feet across the carpet and to his twin sized bed.

She ran a hand along the top before sitting. Her eyes held a sense of longing to go back to how life was before Peter became so successful with Liz. Before he became quite popular. She was so lost in her thoughts she didn’t hear Peter come home.

“What are you doing here?” he asked after pushing open his bedroom door. He was taken aback by her presence. Her head shot up to look at him and she clumsily scrambled off of the bed.

“Didn’t May tell you I was here?” she asked, trying to prolong her confrontation with him.

“No, May’s at work now,” Peter said, crossing his arms over his chest. “Now, why exactly are you here?”

She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth. Her gaze was casted downwards, as she suddenly found the carpet flooring much more interesting than before.

“I just wanted to talk is all,” she mumbled dragging the toe of her shoe in a small circle.

“About what?” he asked, his eyes narrowed slightly and he impatiently tapped his forearm with his finger.

“About us. Our friendship. Why you stopped caring about me,” she said, lifting her head to make eye contact with him. Peter gave a slight scoff in response.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Oh don’t play innocent with me Peter Parker, you know exactly what I’m talking about,” her voice was starting to raise in volume and an angry fuel of fire was growing in her chest. Her bottled emotions were quickly falling off their shelves and crashing to the floor.

“You used to be my best friend! We did everything together and you suddenly threw it all away for some prissy girl like Liz!” she was yelling and making wild hand gestures at Peter. Meanwhile, Peter stood there, his veins slowly filling with anger until they exploded.

“At least I don’t depend on one person for everything!” Peter retorted, and she frowned, only allowing the insult to fuel the raging fire even more. “I’m finally happy now! I have friends that like me and people actually think I’m cool!”

“Whatever then, forget about me. But what about Michelle? What about Ned? Huh? What about the three of us? Were we not good enough for you? Did you think that we were such shitty friends that pushing us away and leaving us in the dirt would be best for you? News flash Peter: when all’s said and done, Liz and everyone else won’t give a shit about you or your friendships and you will have nobody left behind to be your friend,” her breathing was ragged and she was cursing herself for being so harsh, but the emotions kept cracking and spilling and she couldn’t control it. Peter opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out.

“Why the hell did you do it anyways? Why’d you suddenly become so interested in being one of the “popular kids”?” her voice was hoarse but she continued to yell, it felt like the only way to get everything out in the open.

“Dammit (Name) are you blind? Can’t you see it? No one loved me when I was a nobody!” Peter yelled right back, throwing his hands in the air, completely exasperated by her. He paced in front of her while he spoke.

“Yeah? Well I did!” she shouted, her voice cracking in the middle of the sentence. Peter stopped pacing and looked at her with wide eyes and his mouth parted open.

“What?” he whispered. She shook her head.

“I loved you. I loved you so damn much Peter Parker and it killed me, it still kills me, every single goddamned day. I loved you when you fell down my front porch steps after it rained. I loved you when you got excited about something stupid and small. I loved you when you had your heart set on dating Liz. I loved you even when you stopped being my friend. I still love you and you don’t even give a shit about me anymore,” she was sobbing at this point. Hot tears rolled down the curves of her cheeks and dripped down to the floor. Peter stared at her, completely dumbfounded and at a loss for words.

“(Name),” he muttered and she shook her head. Her hands vigorously wiped at her eyes.

“Just forget it,” she said, moving to leave. Peter stood in front of the doorway, blocking her exit.

“Move, Peter.”


“Dammit, Peter! I said move!” she yelled and Peter stayed rooted in his place. (Name) lifted her arms to push Peter out of the way but he wouldn’t budge. Her hands balled into fists and she beat them against Peter’s chest, tears still flowing down her cheeks.

She soon grew tired and slumped against Peter’s chest. Her forehead rested just underneath the base of his neck and she sobbed into his chest, arms hanging limply at her sides. Peter brought his arms up and wrapped them tightly around her. One hand stroke through her hair as he pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

“Shh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” he whispered, over and over and over again. Her crying slowly seemed to stop and he picked her up, carrying her to his bed. He sat them down with his back against the headboard, her sitting in between his legs. The side of her face was pressed against his chest.

“You’re a real ass, you know that?” she sniffled and Peter let out a small chuckle.

“I know,” he paused for a minute, pressing kisses to the top of her head. “Do you think you can forgive me?”

“Only if you’ll be my friend again. Ned and Michelle aren’t the same as you.”

Peter smiled and nodded his head. His fingers played with her hair, casually twirling pieces of it on his fingers.

“Hey Pete?” she whispered after a long moment of silence. He hummed in response.

“I meant it, you know, when I said I love you,” she mumbled and Peter felt his cheeks heat up.

“Might be hard for you to believe, but I love you too,” he responded, pressing his lips to her hair for another countless time. She smiled.

When May came home that night, she poked her head into Peter’s room and she smiled at the sight of them together. Peter was still slumped against the headboard, asleep now, with his head resting against (Name)’s who was still in between his legs, with Peter’s arms wrapped around her middle.

It felt good to have things somewhat back to normal.

“Troop Leader” 12

Summary: How will your father handle the fact that James Buchanan Barnes is the one mending your broken heart?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader

Warnings: fluff overload

Word Count: 1000ish

A/N: One more part after this! Then I’ll write an epilogue. I have a few series ideas that i will write out and have you guys vote on! My permanent taglist is open and so is this one if you want to be on the last two parts.

Troop Leader Masterlist

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Today Bucky was being released from the hospital.

You had spent all day putting together your lazy date with him, but he still had no idea it was happening. You told everyone to steer clear of the movie theater in the tower and to not touch any of the snacks or pizza that was being saved for tonight. Everyone knew not to mess with you when you were this stressed. You just wanted everything to be perfect.

You had gathered almost every single blanket and pillow in the tower and arranged them just right in the theater. It looked like a Bed Bath and Beyond had exploded in the room, but you wanted everything to be comfortable. After all, you did have plans to watch the Harry Potter movies and Fantastic Beasts. You were appalled when you realized no one had shown them to him. Yes, it would take a good portion of the day, but he was supposed to be on bedrest anyway. You were really excited.

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The Boys And Their Hogwarts Scarves

I know dates don’t match up so modern!

Warren birb: forcing Warren to watch all the Harry Potter movies with you (he surely wouldn’t admit to reading the books but he does at night in secret when he thinks you’re fast asleep)
And one day skipping up to him happily with your hands behind your back and gesturing for him to lean down and wrapping a bright Hufflepuff scarf around his neck and he’s looking at you like your crazy “Hufflepuff? ME?” he points to his leather clad self “You’re just a big soft loveable bird and you know it” and squishing his cheeks together.

Kitty Kurt Wagner: lending Kurt your Harry Potter books to read and him just adoring them and as soon as it starts to be cold weather you surprise him by wrapping a long Hufflepuff scarf around his neck and kissing his nose with snow falling around you

Peter Maximoffer: Peter seeing both Kurt and Warren with their new scarves and wondering where his is? he knows you love Harry Potter and he even got a pair of prescription glasses just like Harry’s.
He doesn’t have to wait long when you come up behind him tying a Gryffindor scarf around his neck and he’s confused he didn’t get Hufflepuff too? he’s almost Kurt level kind? “For my brave and bold mutant boyfriend” and kiss his lips

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aesthetic: isak rolling his eyes (but always with a hint of a smile when it comes to something dumb/cheesy even has said)

this is the best message and I hope you don’t mind me telling you about the other moments Isak absolutely rolled his eyes at Even but always with a hint of a smile.

  • that weekend in December when Even and Isak decided to try and watch all the Harry Potter movies in one day. Even’s so into it, and Isak’s all too happy Even’s happy, except that it’s pretty annoying how he keeps talking along with the script. he’s not being very punctual about it either so Isak’s been hearing Even say things that are then echoed in the movie half a second later for twenty minutes now. at one point Isak tells him he can only quote the script three times per movie so like, pick your moments carefully and Even tries but then there’s that part with the mirror and he’s tearing up slightly and whispering along and Isak supposes he’s just going to have to deal with this now.
  • that Saturday in January when Even was meeting Isak’s dad for the first time and he’s not freaking out, not like, panicking, exactly, but he is pretty flustered, fussing over Isak just so he can touch him, pushing his hair back and straightening his hoodie. an hour before they’re supposed to leave Even suddenly decides that his fancy blue shirt was a bad decision and that there’s a tear in his jeans that Isak has yet to spot but Even insists is there, and so he rummages through Isak’s wardrobe, trying on six different shirts, then moving onto Eskild’s wardrobe and borrowing the blandest thing in there, probably. three minutes before they leave Even changes his mind again, walks back and puts on that same blue shirt he started with and Isak wants to be annoyed but he’s just glad Even is willing to try so hard. 
  • that Friday night in February when Even was being super romantic, filling Isak’s bedroom with candles and painstakingly lighting each and every single one of them, crawling up to Isak then, pressing him close, his hands in Isak’s hair and kissing him. and Isak’s amazed by it all, so excited someone would do something like that for him, but he notices Even’s distracted, he keeps missing Isak’s mouth and like, looking wistfully off to the side. at one point Even sighs, presses his forehead against Isak’s, tells him, I can’t concentrate, I keep thinking I’m going to accidentally start a fire. Isak asks him if he means a fire on the inside because Even kissing him like this makes him feel warm all over, but Even sits up, starts blowing out the candles and says, no, like an actual fire. on the outside. that would probably kill us all.

Things that the Batfam has Made Bets on

  • How many times Stephanie can say please before Bruce finally gives in
  • If Tim is going to stay up all night drinking coffee, or if he is going to crash at 4am 
  • Will Jason be able to keep a relationship longer then a few weeks
  • Does Duke neutralize an argument or take a side
  • If Bruce will give a before patrol lecture about not making mistakes because one mistake results in death
  • How many times Alfred sighs in the course of one dinner
  • Who can make Damian smile the most throughout the day
  • If Tim will leave a conversation with a self deprecating joke and finger guns
  • How many arguments Cass has to break up
  • How many arguments Cass is actually involved in
  • Will Dick make googley eyes at Koriand’r or Babs all night
  • How late Jason will sleep till
  • If Carrie will launch condiments at people with their sling shot or actually pass them
  • How long can Babs go without making a Harry Potter reference
  • Does Dick attempt to ride batcow today
  • Who will steal Tim’s food and get away with it
  • Can Duke go a whole day without watching Star Trek (original series, next gen, movies, any of them)
  • How many times will Jason crack his numbers during a conversation
  • Can Damian go a whole day without threatening one of his siblings
Movie Night Shouldn’t be Scary

Part 2

Summary: Like every Friday night, Y/N, her boyfriends, her brother and the girlfriend of her brother meet to watch a movie. But that evening isn’t the same when a knock is heard at the door, and three people asked to see Y/N, claiming one of them is her biological brother and that’s she’s in danger.

Crossover: Harry Potter x Teen Wolf

Pairing: Sister! Reader x Scott x Harry / Reader x Stiles

Word count: 1791

Requested? Yes, by @standalls

A/N: Sorry for the delay! I hope you like it! (happens in the beginning of season 2) (None of the gifs are mine, credit the the owner!)

It was a day like all the others. You had been going to school, listened carefully, took notes, sighed as you fixed the clock and tried to make the time go faster with your mind. You had eaten with your brother and your boyfriend and other friends had joined you afterwards. The meal had been friendly, funny and enjoyable. You were laughing at your boyfriend’s jokes, besides you were the only one to find them funny. Your brother had rather cast a desperate look at you two. But you had reassured your lover by kissing him tenderly. He placed a soft kiss on your forehead before mechanically stroking your shoulder where his hand was. Despite the surprise interrogation in Mr. Harris’ class under the collapsed eyes of both your boyfriend and your brother, it was a very beautiful day.

“I hate this guy.”

“Me too, but think that after high school we can leave all these dumbasses behind us and build our future, Stiles!” You muttered to your boyfriend, stars in your eyes imagining your future by his side.

“We’ll come to visit you,” Scott added, pressing against him his girlfriend, Allison.

It often happened to all of you. You were just meeting somewhere, anywhere, in Stiles’ jeep, in the library and even now, in Mr. Harris’ class waiting for his surprise exam. You met and talked about the future and your dreams, where of course you were all together. You promise to never leave each other and it was a solemn promise.

“McCall!” The professor’s voice echoed in your skull and you rolled your eyes as you turned to him.

“ Yes?” You answered in synchronicity with your brother and you looked at one another laughing.

“Stop talking, your voices gave me a headache. You too, Stilinski, shut up or I’ll keep you two hours after classes. The exam will now start, get ready.”

After the classes, it was decided that all of you would meet at the McCall’s for the traditional Friday night movie evening, to celebrate another week survived. Once in the living room, it was time to decide the movie of the evening.

“Don’t say what I know you’re about to say,” you muttered to Stiles who was stamping impatiently near you, a DVD in his hands, eyes shining with excitement.

He said nothing and turned the box toward you and you closed your eyes, sighing in despair.


“I said nothing!” Your lover defended himself by raising his eyebrows, and you only loved him even more. After removing the DVD from your path, you approached your face close to Stiles’ and put your lips against his.

“Not Star Wars again.”

“I agree with Y / N,” Scott answered by holding a DVD in his hands. You raised an eyebrow and nodded at the film he was holding, placing you comfortably in Stiles’ arms whom then caressed your head.

“It’s a horror movie,” Allison began taking the box from Scott’s hands. “It’s the story of four teenagers locked in a house in the middle of the forest. There is no one outside, and they are alone, on a stormy evening. Obviously, the current is lacking and they all end up in the dark,” Allison summed up and immediately after it was total black. A little cry escaped from your lips and you huddled a little more against Stiles, who pressed you against him in a protective way.

Then you heard your brother’s diabolical laughter and the lights turned on again, him close to the switches, laughing his ass off. You grunted, throwing Star Wars on his head.

“Not funny!” You mumbled under Stiles’ protest at seeing his film thrown as a projectile on his best friend’s head.

“Seriously,” continued Allison. “After the blackout, one of the young people decides to go out and see what is happening. He goes out, but doesn’t come back. And then … someone knocks at the door! ”

Three knocks were knocked at the door which made you jump again against Stiles who received your head over his chin.

“Ouch,” he groans, rubbing his chin.

“Very funny, Scott.”

“I didn’t do anything,” your brother said to you, showing you his hands and the blows resumed at the door.

“Maybe Darth Vader came to tell us to watch his movie,” Stiles offered and you couldn’t hold back a chuckle in spite of the fear that was rising in you. You gave a small slap on his shoulder leaving his warmth to go and see who was at the door.

“Don’t open it!” Your brother taunted you laughing.

"Tsk” and the door opened on three people. A girl with wavy brown hair, a young red-haired boy and the last boy had black hair and wore small round glasses. It was unusual to meet people at this late hour, especially as young. Actually, they were probably about your age.

“Yes?” You asked because no one was speaking. Especially the boy with the glasses who never ceased to stare at you. After a while, you felt your brother’s presence behind you, surely come to see what took you so long.

"Y / N? Y / N McCall?” The girl asked under the sudden silence of the other two.

"And who’s asking?” Scott answered in your place, becoming protective.

“His biological brother,” the redhead replied after a moment and you saw a tear in the corner of the eye of the boy with the glasses.

Your legs became weak and you felt the world turning around you. Scott called Stiles to the rescue, which helped you settle down in the living room while Scott brought the three people in your house for more explanation.

“Are you okay?”

You turned your head towards Stiles who stroke your back gently. You couldn’t believe it, your biological brother. You didn’t know anything about your biological family, you knew you had been adopted, but for you Melissa and Scott had always been your true family. Perhaps you were not blood-bound with them, but it was they who had taken care of you and gave you the love and attention that you needed. So you had never sought to find your biological family, at least not unitl a few years.

“So,” Scott began, sitting down beside you, facing them. You left the anxious look of Stiles to place it on the three strangers and noticed that the one with the glasses wasn’t leaving your gaze.

“So,” the girl began. “My name is Hermione, he’s Ron,” she pointed at the redhead, “and he’s …”

“Harry,” the boy with the glasses said and his eyes filled with tears. “We’ve been looking for you for weeks, Y / N …”

“Alright, but still …” Allison added, and you still didn’t speak.

“She’s in danger,” Ron finally said. “We came to tell her. ”

“ Danger…?” Stiles’ anxious voice made you look at him and he pressed you closer to him.

"Yeah …” Harry continued pulling out his glasses to dry his eyes. After putting them back on, he went on.

“When I was a baby … well, when we were babies,” Harry corrected himself, “our parents were brutally slaughtered by … by …” He swallowed, hesitant. “Voldemort,” he finally said. “He killed them, and when he wanted to kill us, his attack rebounded on him and wounded him badly. Our mother had protected us, and the only visible sign of his passage is this scar … ” Harry finished by raising his hair on his forehead to show a small scar in a lightning shape.

You lost your breath. You recognized the scar for having seen it too many times. You had the same, but not in the same place as him. Absorbed by Harry’s speech, you swallowed hard, pushing Stiles’ arm to catch the collar of your sweater and lowering it to the left where your heart was … where the same scar was. You saw Harry’s eyes lit up at the same time as yours.

“Why did he kill them …” You sadly asked under the very intrigued looks of everyone.

“Our parents were powerful wizards … and the Dark Lord, that’s how he was named, killed them … because he wanted to. It was afterwards decided to separate us for our protection … you were sent here to Beacon Hills and I was sent to my uncle’s. But the Dark Lord wants to come back and he wants to finish what he started, "Harry finished watching for your reaction.

You didn’t know what to say, it was a lot of information at once. Your parents, the real ones, were wizards. They had been assassinated. And you were next.

"Dumbledore, the director and one of the most powerful wizards, sends us. He would like you to come with us to Hogwarts where you can learn magic and be protected, "Hermione added as she saw that no one spoke.

"That’s a lot of information,” you muttered as you ran your hand through your face with trembling hands. Stiles took your hands in his and you raised your head to meet his sad eyes. You knew what it involved, to go to this far place with strangers. You didn’t want to. Even if finding your blood ties was something important, you just couldn’t leave your family, the real one. You had so many projects, a future together. And you just couldn’t live with the thought of never seeing them again.

“Y / N …” Scott muttered between his teeth, his eyes as sad as Stiles.

“I appreciate … your concern for me …” You ended saying and all heads rose to you. “But I can’t go with you,” you finished with a resolved look.

Harry suddenly got up, anxious in his eyes.

“But he’ll eventually come back, and he’ll come for you! If you can’t defend yourself and nobody can protect you …”

You got up in your turn, smiling at your biological brother, pointing your brother of heart.

“Believe me. I am well surrounded. You may be wizards … but I have a werewolf as a brother. ”

And as if to answer, Scott’s eyes turned gold and he showed his sharp teeth.

“Without forgetting his girlfriend who is probably the most strong of us all with a bow and arrows,” you added and Allison stood up, folding her arms against her chest.

“And of course the most intelligent and brilliant of the boys I know will be there to get us out of any trouble,” you grabbed Stiles’ hand beside you and you smiled at him.

“I see …” Harry began. “You have a very good family, Y / N …”

“Not a family.  A pack.”

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Movie Night Headcanons with the TFP Cons

Megatron:  It would probably take a good deal of convincing on your end to get him to sit down and watch something with you.  He’s a busy guy after all.  He’s got an entire planet to conquer.  But, should you ask him nicely enough he will begrudgingly agree to take in an Earth film with you.  The two of you watch an old, award-winning classic together like Patton, or Ben-Hur.  Megatron ends up being pleasantly surprised with the movie selections.  He hates to admit humans are good at anything besides slave labor, but even still he can’t help but admire the grand scale and sheer spectacle of those old Hollywood films.  (Just don’t ever let him watch anything below at 90% Rotten Tomatoes rating.  He’ll probably end up trying to destroy the film studio.)

Starscream:  He’s a bit skeptical of the idea at first (humans just sit and watch these “films” for a couple of hours without doing anything else?  What’s the point?)  He’ll pretend to be really snide and condescending about agreeing to the idea, but secretly he’s a bit intrigued (he’s heard all about movies from Knock Out, and he can’t help but feel a bit curious)  With a knowing smirk, you pop in The Count of Monte Cristo.  “It’s about a super smart and handsome guy that gets wrongfully imprisoned by his totally jealous, less cool buddies and plans elaborate revenge schemes for each of them.”  Starscream sits glued to the screen the entire time with a gleam in his optics. You smile happily and watch his wings flutter whenever one of Dantes’ conspirators meets their timely end.

Soundwave:  He’s totally down for the idea!  In fact, he’s got a whole database worth of films he specifically picked out just for you for just such an occasion.  As soon as he gets off work, the two of you sneak away to his hab suit and settle in for a total binge sesh.  Watching movies with Soundwave is fun, because you can make all the silly comments and jokes you want, and he’ll never complain or tell you to be quiet.  In fact, he’ll often join in as only he can do, replaying a particularly humorous or otherwise noteworthy clip over his visor. You might need to gently remind him that organics do occasionally need to sleep, however (No Soundwave.  You cannot watch all 8 Harry Potter films at 3 in the morning.  They need to sleep!)

Knock Out:  Of course he’s down for the idea!  He loves Earth movies!  He does you one better by taking you out to one of his favorite drive-ins, instead of being stuck in the Nemesis all day.  The two of you get a really good seat up front, since he doesn’t have to worry about sneaking around the back without a human.  Since drive-in theatres have a tendency to play a wide variety of films, Knock Out’s learned to enjoy all different kinds of genres, with horror and racing movies being his favorite.  He asks you all kinds of questions about movies and the movie industry in general, which you’re always happy to answer.  Occasionally, he’ll get very annoyed if a movie sounds too cliché, or the characters aren’t fully fleshed out.  “Come on!  I could do a better job than that!  And I’m not even a human!”  The two of you secretly collaborate on a mind-blowing, Oscar-bait screenplay in your spare time.

Breakdown:  Movie night? Sure!  Anything to get away from commander screechypants for a bit.  He’d be happy to take you to a drive in, but if you’d prefer a night in instead, he’ll help you build a massive pillow fort in his hab suite for you two to hang out in.  He even brought you some of your favorite snacks for you to enjoy while you watch (Thanks, BD!)  He likes a lot of big budget action films with lots of explosions, but also has kind of a soft spot for romantic comedies (the good ones though, like When Harry Met Sally.  He’s not going to watch some 28 Dresses Later scrap or whatever.)  If you two decide to watch a horror film, he’ll let you curl up against him if you get scared.  He gets scared too, but he won’t admit it.  Knock Out thinks you’re both dorks, but will totally come chill in your fort with you if you ask.

Dreadwing:  He thinks the idea is silly at first.  Aren’t there more practical hobbies you could be occupying your time with?  Still, if anyone can convince the big surly banana to sit down for a movie marathon, it’s you.  You appeal to his sense of honor and warrior spirit with films like Gladiator, The Patriot, and Braveheart.  He finds it easy to identify with the strong, dependable protagonists in those movies, and ends up actually enjoying himself a great deal.  If you mention that any of the main characters remind you of him, he’ll flush and cough awkwardly at the unexpected (but greatly appreciated) compliment.  

Airachnid:  At first she’s a bit confused as to the concept of movie nights, but when you explain it to her a bit more she becomes rather excited.  She’s heard so much about your Earth movies and is eager to see some for herself.  You meet up later that night after having selected a number of your favorite movies for you both to watch, only to find out that Airachnid has a selection of her own. She did some research while you where away.  “Why didn’t you ever tell me that humans could be so wonderfully disturbing, my dear?” She pops in one gory, erotic, hard-core torture porn flick after another, totally not even paying attention as to whether you’re actually enjoying yourself or not.  If you find that you’ve had just about as much squick as you can take, you can sneak off to Knock Out and Breakdown’s suite.  They’ll build a pillow fort with you and let you watch all the fluffy Disney movies you want.

Shockwave:  The only way you’re going to get this mech to watch a movie with you is if it’s educational in some way.  If you convince him that learning about humans and Earth in general is beneficial to his research, he’ll watch a documentary series with you like Planet Earth or something about WW2.  Be careful what you let him watch however.  He gets extremely annoyed at the concept of mockumentaries.  Don’t ever let him watch something about cryptids, or anything vaguely supernatural.  “Why would they produce a film in an educational format, when it has absolutely no scientific evidence to back it up?”  “I dunno?  Because it’s fun?”  “It’s not logical.”  “It’s… not really supposed to be, Shockwave…”

All Would Be Well (WinterIron)

I have this… thing I began to write in a plane and finished to write totally jet-lagged and with a brain not fully online.

As life kinda sucks these last days with all these awful people, I thought that a bit of fluff, although very badly written, would maybe help some people feel better. Or maybe juste one, but that’s already great.

Anyway. There are Harry Potter spoils in there, so if you haven’t read the books or watched the movies, maybe avoid reading this?

Take care of yourself :)

Everything began when Bucky, shyly and kinda awkwardly, came to see him in his workshop on a sunny afternoon – well, at least he guessed it was sunny, he hadn’t actually seen the sun in… a while – and asked:

‘You said I could come and see you if I had any question, right?’

Eyebrows raised, Tony shut down the experiment he was currently working on and turned his whole attention to Bucky, looking at him curiously.

‘Sure. What’s up? Problem with the arm?’

‘Uh, no. The arm’s fine. Great, actually. It’s just that, well, it’s kinda stupid, but I wanted to ask you if maybe… Do you have any book recommendation?’ he finally asked all in a rush, making it near incomprehensible.

With an encouraging smile, Tony clapped a hand on his shoulder.

‘Come on Bucky, you should know I’m not one to judge. Say that again?’ 

‘I like reading,’ the supersoldier mumbled. ‘Well, I liked reading, at least. Haven’t had time to open a book for a while. And uh, I know you’ve got tons of them on your StarkPads, and there’s probably a library in here somewhere, but it’s just that I have absolutely no idea of where to begin. And I asked Steve to help me, but we don’t exactly have the same kind of tastes, and I asked Barton but he likes these stupid romantic books and…’

‘Got it. Say no more, I’m pretty sure I have what you need. Come on, I have it in my room.’

‘No library in here, then?’ 

‘Oh yeah, there’s one – use it whenever you want, by the way, Jarvis’ll be happy to help you if you need it. I think there’s even a bookshop somewhere on the public levels. But what I’m going to show you is special. You’ll see.’

Curious, Bucky followed him to his room, looking around once they arrived. He hadn’t actually set a foot in Tony’s quarters yet, rather staying in the communal area or his own room, but he liked what he saw. Modern designs and different grays with the odd touch of color. He couldn’t help a smile when he entered Tony’s room and saw the huge bed, the dozen of pillows on it, and… He took a step closer, frowning and getting a better look at the drawings framed and hung right above the bed. One of them was obviously one of Steve’s, light and dark grays showing Iron Man in the middle of a fight, so realistic it almost felt to Bucky as if he could feel cold metal under his fingers if he were to touch it. The other one was of Dora the Explorer, colors not exactly right where they should be, even if the whole thing looked as if it had been made with love; it was signed in pink in big letters, smaller letters stating ‘thanks for the watch and for everything, Tony!’.

‘This one makes for a crazy midnight story,’ the engineer said softly, looking at the drawing, smile audible in his voice. ‘Remind me to tell you.’

‘Is it one of these stories where you almost die?’

‘Uh… Well, yeah. But this particular part is funny, I swear. Here, that’s the book.’

Bucky turned around and looked at the slim, red book Tony was holding in his hands, almost solemnly. The title – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – vaguely reminded him of something. He took it carefully and looked at the picture of a young boy with round glasses standing in front of a train. When he opened it, he discovered a carefully crafted signature inside, of what looked to be the author herself.

‘She sold it a few years back to collect money for her charity. It’s one of the first books that were edited, about twenty years back. It’s got a typo somewhere, maybe you’ll see it. I’ve got a cheaper version of it in the library, the American one, but this way you can have, you know… the whole experience, I guess.’

‘Are you sure, Tony? That looks more like it should be kept in a museum somewhere.’

‘You’re not totally wrong,’ Tony admitted. ‘But you’ll take care of it. I trust you,’ he added in a soft voice.

A few silent seconds passed, both of them determinedly looking at everything but each other, until Bucky awkwardly cleared his throat.

‘No offense, 'cause I can definitely see that you care about this book, but isn’t it like a… book for children, maybe? I mean, I kinda remember seeing it before, and hearing about it, but was mostly, well, children, who read it.’

‘Oh, but it is. This one is probably the less adult-y one, but wait till you see the six others and-’

‘There are seven of them?’

‘Yeah. Far from enough, sadly,’ he sighed. ‘I tried bribing the author so she’d write more, but it didn’t’t work. Figure. Anyway, let’s make a deal, okay? Trust me on this one book and try to read it. No pressure, take your time, but read it. You don’t like it, no worries, lots of other books to read. But I think you’ll like it. Deal?’

‘Well, it is pretty short, so I sure can try. Deal. I’ll tell you about it in a few days.’

Instead of a few days later, it was actually a few hours later, in the middle of the night, when someone knocked at Tony’s door, making it startle lightly. He closed the book he was currently reading – Stephen King, a classic – and stood up quickly, walking to the door. Bucky was waiting on the other side, sheepish smile on his face and book tucked safely under his arm.

‘I asked Jarvis if you were sleeping, but he told me I could come and see you. God, Tony, that was amazing! Are the other six as good as this one?’

Tony grinned at Bucky’s sparkling eyes and opened the door, gesturing for him to come inside; he nodded and gently pushed him forward when the supersoldier hesitated slightly, looking at him.

‘Come on, that’s a conversation that asks for comfortable armchairs and hot chocolate. Sit down, I’ll be back in a sec.’

Slightly flabbergasted, Bucky obeyed and chose one of the two armchairs, sinking into it with a smile; Tony had a talent for choosing comfortable furniture to sit on and read, or watch television for hours. He listened to the reassuring silence for a while, enjoying the simple fact that he was safe, before Tony returned, holding a cup of steaming hot chocolate in each hand and a pack of marshmallows between his teeth. He put everything on the small table and settled on the other armchair, cradling the cup between his hands and looking at Bucky with a crooked smile.

‘To answer your question, yes, the other are as good as this one. I have a slight preference for the third and last one, but that’s just me; everybody has a favorite one. Come on, I need to know more. Who did you like, who did you hate?’

‘This Snape guy is a prick,’ Bucky mumbled. ‘You know, he makes me think of Howard in his worst days.’

He stood up, worried, when Tony coughed suddenly, something between a laugh and a gasp escaping him, but the engineer hold a hand up reassuringly, taking a few deep breaths.

‘Sorry. You surprised me, that’s all. I actually think the same thing, you know, but I thought you and Steve were… pals with him? I mean, the way he talked about you-’

‘He helped us, yeah, but I always thought he was a prick, and an arrogant one with that. Anyway,’ he added rather hurriedly when he noticed the way Tony had tensed up, ‘I love Hermione. So smart – she’s kinda like you actually, you know. You trust her with your life and you know you don’t risk a thing.’

Tony blushed beautifully in front of him, taking a sip of chocolate to try and hide it, and Bucky smiled inwardly; he kept talking before Tony could even think of denying it.

‘Ron’s funny, seems like the kinda guy you want to have as a friend. Harry’s great too, of course. And Quidditch! My god, Quidditch. Any way we can play Quidditch with your tech?’

‘Well, I can tell you a secret if you swear never to repeat it…’

‘I swear. Come on Tony, out with it. Quidditch?’

‘My mind tends to, uh, create funny things when I’m not totally, one hundred percent sober,’ he winced. ‘So there might be a Quidditch simulator somewhere in the lab. I’ll have to work on it for a while if you really wanna try it out but, yeah. It’s a thing.’

‘Oh my god. Tony, you are the best.’

The following afternoon – Bucky had finally got back to his room late in the night (or early in the morning) with the promise that Tony would give him the second book if he caught some sleep – Clint almost got killed by the whole Avengers team. They were all lounging in the communal room, television playing a movie in the background even if most of them were reading or talking between themselves. Bucky was fully focused on his book – this one was signed specially for Tony, a birthday gift from himself to himself – when he absentmindedly mumbled.

‘God, I love Dobby. So funny.’

The team turned in his direction and Clint’s eyes widened dramatically; he opened and closed his mouth a few times before stating:

‘Oh man, are you in for a surprise.’

After a second of silence, two very loud cracks – not totally unlike the noise an house elf made, actually – resounded, followed by a groan.

Aw, Nat, Tony!’

Hands still raised, they both glared at him, joined by all the other members of the team, except for Bucky, who was watching them with confusion.

‘What did he say?’ he asked with an eyebrow raised. 

‘Nothing. Absolutely nothing,’ answered Tony, crossing his arms. ‘Barton, I will remind you that we live in a spoiler-free house. One more remark like this one and you sleep on the roof for a week.’

Casting a quick look outside and seeing the rain falling, Clint nodded easily enough.

‘Sure. Got it. Enjoy your read, Bucky. I’ll be in my bedroom, making no noise and pretending I don’t exist. Bye.’

No matter the time of day or night, when Bucky finished one of the books, he came to Tony and they discussed it for hours. 

That was how they discussed the very probable homosexuality or bisexuality of most of the Marauders. And how they both learned that the Marauders were not the only not-straight ones. 

That was how they discussed at length why Dobby was one of the coolest characters of the books – alongside with Neville, who strongly reminded them both of Steve pre-serum, and Luna. And that was the reason behind a Roomba called Dobby who roamed the Tower, always with one (or more) sock behind him. 

That was how they had a heated argument about shitty teachers and bullies… And how Tony finally explained the extent of Howard’s disgust for his son and the psychological scars he left behind. 

That was how Tony found himself with an armful of a sobbing Bucky who moaned about the unfairness of loosing family members and the guilt of dealing with it. 

That was how they talked about PTSD, hot chocolates in hand, sharing soft looks and shy smiles despite the hard topics. 

That was how some of the guilt and nightmares slowly disappeared.

Ironically enough, Dobby’s death – cute, funny, brave Dobby – was the reason behind their first kiss. Because what could Tony do with an angry, hurt and teary-eyed Bucky but kiss him? 

It was soft and hesitant, kinda awkward at the beginning, but so good, Bucky’s metal hand fitting perfectly on his back, his flesh hand stroking his hair, his warmth and smile only making it better. So so much better.

And even if Tony knew that Bucky would probably cry at every death that followed, would probably be as devastated at turning the last page as Tony had been a few years back, he knew. 

He knew that he would be able to make it better by kissing him, by cuddling him, by teasing them. And he knew that in the end… All would be well.

Karamel Fanfic #36

Title: Baking 101

Prompt: Mon-El teaches Kara how to bake chocolate chip cookies. 

Word Count: 2797

Also posted on AO3.

Note: Sooooooo even though I’d literally promised to myself that I wouldn’t attempt to write a Karamel one-shot one week before my AP exams, since I also had Second Chance to work on, I saw a post on Tumblr and it sneaked an idea into my mind that I couldn’t get rid of, and here is the result. I’m blaming Tumblr for literally staying up till 2 a.m. to start this and spending almost the whole chemistry lesson finishing it (and I also just fell asleep in English lesson so there’s also that). 

Here is the post that inspired it

And I want to gift this work to @juliakaze​, because it was her post that inspired me, and despite losing two precious hours of sleep I’m not regretting it. So thank you sweetie :)

I hope you guys like this!

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Here are some headcanons for when the Paladin’s s/o’s make them watch Harry Potter for @wipity-whap-cut-the-crap ~


  • do you know how many jokes get fired about Pidge having Harry Potter glasses
  • s/o doesn’t really have to force Pidge to watch it? like Harry Potter is really good and everyone knows so
  • it becomes a mission to watch all the movies in one go
  • if Pidge hasn’t read the books, they’ll be reading them the next day without a doubt


  • prepare for a lot of bad English accent impressions that are actually really good
  • Hunk gets a little too into the movies both emotionally and vocally
  • even though he gets and predicts the plot twists but when they actually happen he makes a big deal out of them and gasps
  • he’ll discuss the movies for days after watching them because he probably has a whole lot of unsorted feelings about them


  • he either pays special attention because he had never seen the movies before or is commenting the whole way through because he is a die-hard fan
  • he gets really emotional along with his s/o
  • they have a little nerd out after it’s over
  • if they try to watch the full set, they end up falling asleep around half way through Half-Blood Prince and have weird Harry Potter dreams


  • at first, he doesn’t mind the sound of watching a movie with his s/o - it means cuddling and quiet
  • he thinks he is maybe gonna fall asleep and worries if he is going to upset his s/o
  • but boy is he wrong
  • he ends up really liking the movie and wants to continue the set as soon as possible


  • he gets why his s/o loves the movies right away
  • he gets really immersed and really doesn’t want to be pulled out from the story
  • when it ends he has to be reassured that there are more movies to watch
  • although he’ll want a break to think about the first movie before moving onto the second, he’s really glad that he can sit down and just enjoy something with is s/o
From Another Realm: Part 3

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 620
Warnings: None?

A/N: A short one, I’m going to try and keep these parts short and sweet.

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1, Part 2

“Lady Y/N, there you are!” Thor boomed as he entered the lab. You look up from the computer screen, “We need to talk,”

Bruce mumbles something about getting coffee before he quickly shuffled out of the lab. You cock an eyebrow at your fellow Asgardian, “And that is?”

“Our fellow warrior, Bucky,” Thor had a teasing tone, and looked amused,

“What about him?” you couldn’t help the smile that danced on your lips at the mention of Bucky,

“He asked me if you were single,” Thor’s amused look only grew when he noticed you smile, “He likes you,”

“Really?” you were acting like a school girl, and you felt like one too,

“Do I detect a mutual longing?”

“What?” you hide your face behind your hair. You knew that if Thor caught on to how you felt for Bucky, the teasing would be relentless, “No. Bucky is a nice Midgardian. A good warrior, truly,”

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I Ship It

Summery: you are Tony Stark’s daughter, and you are close to the newest members of the team. During a Harry Potter marathon with the younger members of the team Steve develops an opinion on your and Pietro’s relationship. (better than sounds probably)

(Y/N) your name
(h/c) Hair color
(h/l) hair length

It was a typical day in the tower. You had spent the day with the Maximoff twins and Vision having a Harry Potter marathon. Your idea of course, when you heard that they never saw any of the Harry Potter movies you insisted that they join you in watching every movie. You were all curled up on the couch with you on one side of the couch with Pietro sitting in the middle and Wanda on the other side of him with Vision, various types of snacks were piled up on the coffee table (and yes most were Harry Potter themed). We were about half way through the movies with The Goblet of Fire playing on the giant screen when your dad Tony Stark, the woman who is practically your mom, Pepper Potts, and the man who you thought of as a grandfather, Steve Rogers, walked in. “Hey kids how’s your marathon going?” your dad asked walking towards you and planting a kiss on the top of your head.

“It’s going great! Harry’s about to face off against the dragon,” You answered your eyes glued to the screen as Hermione jumped into Harry’s arms, “I ship those two so much,” you sighed absentmindedly.

“I do too, sweetheart, I do too,” your dad started, “anyway your on your own tonight, the adults are going to a fancy dinner with the mayor and all those other big shots. Don’t throw any wild parties while we’re gone.”

“You don’t have to worry dad we still got 4 more movies to get through.” You said pausing the movie before turning around so you were now facing the trio of adults. “We are going to be up all night finishing these movies!” you cheered.

“Okay but when the movies are over go right to bed, it isn’t healthy for young adults to stay up all night then do anything but sleep,” Pepper said in her mothering voice.

“Of course, mom, when have we ever done otherwise,” you saw the look on her face so you quickly added, “don’t answer that!”

“Okay we got to go or we’ll be late, and everyone’s is waiting for us in the limo, have fun kids see you later,” your dad said ushering the other two adults to the elevator.
“Bye guys, have fun love you!” You shouted after them the others in the room also shouting their farewells. You hear the adults shout their forms of goodbye from the elevators. You turn back around and press play, “Okay let’s continue.”
(In the limo)

“Sorry we’re late but we had to say goodbye to the children,” Tony said settling in between Pepper and Bruce.

As the limo started on the road Steve asked a question that he had been meaning to asked ever since (Y/N) said the word. “What did (Y/N) mean when she said that she ships Harry and Hermione?”

Everybody chuckled a bit at Steve’s question before Natasha decided to take pity on the poor man and answer his question, “It means that she wants to see or she thinks that they would make a good couple, like how I ship Tony and Pepper together.”

“Or how I ship Nat and Bruce together,” Clint piped up followed by the avengers naming who they shipped.

“I ship Thor and Jane all the way to the moon,” Tony shouted causing everyone to laugh.

“I ship Pietro and (Y/N),” Steve yelled out finally understanding the concept. Everybody shouted their agreements laughing and having, well everybody except for one.

“What do you mean that you ship my daughter with that roadrunner!” Tony shouted.

“Well they’re really cute together, Pietro is always trying to be close with (Y/N) and protect her,” Steve explained.

“I’ve noticed that to,” Bruce said contributing to the conversation, “Whenever she’s in the lab he’s hovering over her, he always tries to impress her during training when he drags her to it, and he always seems to find some way of touching her whether it’s holding her hand, poking her, or just finding some reason to hug her.”

“I don’t like this I don’t like this at all,” Tony pouted crossing his arms over his chest. He resembled a little kid who just got a toy taken away from them.

“Oh don’t be like that Tony you should be happy.” Pepper said poking Tony in the side.

“Why is that?” Tony asked not losing his pouting child look.

“Someone loves her enough to brave the anger of the Avengers,” Pepper giggled.

“I still don’t like it,” Tony huffed.
(Back at the Tower After the dinner party 2:00 a.m.)
The Avengers walked out of the elevator into the silence of the Tower.

“I guess the kids decided to turn in and finish the movies tomorrow,” Clint shrugged his shoulders, as they walked deeper into the tower.

That theory was soon disproven when the Avengers entered into the living room. They found that they’re ships had sailed, and caused Tony to resemble a volcano that was about to erupt. All the kids were curled up sleeping on the couch. Wanda was resting her head on Vision’s shoulders with his head rested on top of hers. Now that wasn’t why Tony was mad, he was mad because of the position that Pietro and you were in. You were sleeping on Pietro’s chest hands fisting his shirt. One of Pietro’s hands were tangled into your (h/l) (h/c) hair and his other arm was wrapped possessively around your waist looking like he would never let go of you, and your legs were tangled together. Needless to say Tony was not happy.

“GET YOUR GRUBBY LITTLE HANDS OFF MY DAUGHTER!” Tony shouted waking up everyone in the room. You and Pietro were so shocked that you both ended up falling of the couch in a tangled heap. Tony snatched you away from Pietro in a blink of a eye. “YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER!!! YOU HEAR ME SPEEDY!!! COME WITH ME RIGHT NOW (Y/N)!” Tony dragged you to your room and ordered F.R.I.D.A.Y. to not let Pietro enter this room. You were too tired to even question your dad’s antics and just fell back to sleep on your bed.

Back in the living room Pietro wasn’t doing much better than you were, “what was all that about?” he asked the others in the room accent heavy with sleep.

“Just Tony trying to sink our ship, but don’t worry we won’t let him mess with one of our otps,” Clint said patting Pietro on his back.

“I did not understand a word you just said,” Pietro croaked out.

“All you need to know is that we ship it to Asgard and back,” Steve said causing all the adults to laugh and the teens in the room to slump to their rooms for some sleep away from the crazy grown ups.

Essential Media

tagged by my fav bih @wellsjahasghost, i kind of gave up on this tagged posts but i love all things pop culture so i had to do this one

What would someone need to watch, read, or listen to in order to really know and understand you? Basically, what media defines you and made you who you are today?


  • Titanic
  • Clueless
  • The Harry Potter series
  • Beauty and the Beast (animated)
  • She’s The Man
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  • Neighbors
  • Dumb and Dumber
  • Love, Rosie
  • Mean Girls
  • A Cinderella Story (yes i love teen rom-coms OKAY DON’T JUDGE ME)


  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (this is v essential in understanding my dark/self-deprecating sense of humor)
  • One Tree Hill
  • Law and Order: SVU
  • Teen Wolf (i don’t claim season 4 tho)
  • Spongebob tbh (i have to agree with you here jade)
  • Sex and the City
  • Friends
  • Shameless


  • Coldplay
  • R.E.M.
  • The Lumineers
  • Harry Styles + One Direction
  • JONAS BROTHERS ngl they were my shit
  • Sleeping At Last
  • Jimmy Eat World
  • OneRepublic
  • Childish Gambino, Chance the Rapper, Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye, etc. (i basically like alternative/rock and good rap/hip-hop music)


  • Harry Potter
  • The Mara Dyer Trilogy
  • All Unquiet Things
  • In a Dark, Dark Wood
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Milk and Honey
  • The DUFF
  • The Nancy Drew series


shit what other forms of media are there??? i’m not even going to try to think about more

tagging people if u wanna do this: @lydias-martin @stilesssolo @im2old4thisotp @slowburnotptrash

imagine grantaire being joly’s weed supplier all throughout high school and he just sees himself as joly’s dealer, but joly constantly talks to him in the hallway and texts him bad jokes and invites him to stuff, and finally one day grantaire just asks like “why are you so nice to me?  like, i’m not going to charge you more if you’re not constantly hanging out with me,” and joly just stares at him like he’s an idiot (which he sort of is) and says “r.  you’re not my dealer.  you’re my friend, who happens to also give me weed.” and grantaire is like really confused and joly’s like wtf because “we literally watched all eight harry potter movies together over the break, and you quoted all of sirius black’s lines, and we weren’t even high for half of that.”

a-shakespearean-in-paris  asked:

Top 5 or 10 movies?

It’s hard to choose, but except for the first two (which are unquestionably my favorites of all time), here are ten movies I can watch again and again.

  1. Beauty and the Beast 2017 (that’s the live-action)
  2. Beauty and the Beast (animated)
  3. Pride and Prejudice (the Colin Firth version, not the other one that felt the need to include a bunch of scenes and dialogue that aren’t in the book)
  4. The Princess Bride
  5. Beetlejuice
  6. Lord of the Rings (Lord Norbert and I set aside one day every year to do nothing except watch the entire trilogy, extended editions)
  7. Dragonheart
  8. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
  9. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (it’s my favorite of the bunch)
  10. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
voltron + parks and rec

Keith: Shiro, I tried to make ramen in the coffee pot

Shiro: ….

Keith: and I broke, everything.

Lance: okay so I typed up your symptoms in to the search bar thing up here and it says you could have network connectivity problems. 

Keith: I really only listen to like, German Death Reggae and Halloween sound effects records from the 1950s.

Pidge: I’ve only slept 9 hours over the past 4 days. so right now I’m on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Keith: you made me watch all 8 harry potter movies. I don’t even like harry potter.

pidge: That’s insane! you love harry potter. You’ve seen all 8 movies.

Coran to Shiro: how many drinks of alcohol do you cosume a week?

Shiro: one.

Coran: that’s it, one drink?

Shiro: one shelf. 

Lance: your honor, this was an accident plane and simple. I don’t wanna put words in your mouth but.. case dismissed. 

Lawyer: and you were texting at the time, yes?

Lance: how dare you sir! … I was tweeting. 

The Gender Imbalance of Fantasy Protagonists

When young women are the main characters in fantasy - specifically as the primary protagonist, not as supporting characters - most of the time they’re along for the ride, our audience viewpoint to a strange new world. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, and Peter Pan all have a female main character as a young girl, an innocent, virtuous woman who doesn’t know anything about the world. This trope continues into Labyrinth, Pan’s Labyrinth, Spirited Away, Coraline, as well as others.

And on it’s own, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There’s something inherently interesting about using an innocent young person to show us a bold new world, and have it work as a metaphor for puberty. To have that be a woman can add to the effectiveness, because our society focuses so little on what it’s like for a girl to become a woman (especially from the perspective of sexuality and identity), that a metaphor can work particularly effectively.

However, you almost never see men as the innocent. With a few exceptions (James and the Giant Peach, The Pagemaster), most coming-of-age stories for young boys aren’t about some innocent kid just exploring a supernatural world with wide eyes.

Instead, when young men are protagonists, they’re the most important thing in the universe.

I have to acknowledge that, at the end of the day, Star Wars is about a whiny blonde boy who finds out he’s magic, and since I was a whiny blonde boy, I had a special connection to that film. But if you’re not a blonde boy, that film may not be quite as powerful as I credited it as being. Not to say that not that you won’t or can’t enjoy it as much (or more) than I did… but it’s not designed to speak to anyone the same way as it does to young boys. Young boys were literally the target audience.

Young boys in fiction aren’t passive protagonists in the same way young girls are - girls are taken by the hand and led through a strange world (”eat this,” “drink this” being a particularly glaring example). Sure, they’re usually still reactive protagonists rather than proactive, but the difference is that young male protagonists are treated as important - nay, essential - to the very fate of the world. Either they were born important, or they did one thing and wound up important, but now they’re the single most important person to the story.

Western fiction tells young boys - and not young girls - that YOU, Arthur of Camelot, have a destiny. Yes YOU, Clark Kent, have grown up in obscurity but will one day be the most important person on earth. YOU, Harry Potter, were foretold in prophecy to save us all. YOU, Luke Skywalker, are the new hope we’re looking for. YOU, Neo, are the chosen one, the messiah. YOU, Bilbo (and Frodo) Baggins, are able to defeat the villains who have oppressed the world. YOU, John Connor, will save humanity.

Now, again, that doesn’t mean that those movies, tv shows, cartoons, books, or video games are BAD because of this. It doesn’t mean you have to stop watching them or reading them, or protest them.

It just means we may be 100% ready for something different.

Because, here’s the other thing about everything I just said: With maybe one or two exceptions, none of these characters are anyone’s favorite characters.

Sure, I like Luke Skywalker because I relate to him. But I wanted to be Han Solo. And Harry Potter is fine and all that, but he’s cool just because he gets to go to Hogwarts and hang out with Hagrid, he’s not inherently the best character. Neo isn’t nearly as cool as Morpheus, Trinity, or Agent Smith. Bilbo and Frodo? Please, we’ve got Gandalf and Aragorn and Boromir. Sarah Connor’s only function is to give birth to John, but then she becomes a badass warrior woman despite that, way more interesting than her son. I would argue that Superman doesn’t fit that rule, but then again, even the people making movies about Clark Kent don’t seem to think he’s particularly interesting.

BUT if you introduce a female character who is the most important person in the world, you get characters like these:

Buffy Summers:

Avatar Korra:

Sailor Moon:

River Tam:

And really, at the end of the day, aren’t these characters a bit more interesting?

Winter’s Witch part 4

Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes
Warnings: Swearing, mentions of violence
Summary: Bucky Barnes had just escaped his captors, Hydra. He didn’t know where to go, or what to do. Somehow, he manages to stumble into a girl’s apartment who he’s met before. The twist is- she’s not your average girl.
A/N: If he looked at me like in the gif bellow I would probably vomit Hi sorry this is so short it’s like the calm before the storm (aka the next chapter wink wink)
Word Count: 1.6K

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