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📝 + Avatar: the Last Airbender! (and Korra if you want)

Send me “📝 + (fandom)” and I’ll reply with a character I would RP from that fandom

I haven’t watched Korra yet! I’ve seen like 3 episodes and that’s it.I’m sure no-one expected me to pick Azula, though… but listen. I have a weakness for villains, and Azula reminds me of one of my most hated OCs (ask @minivr she HATES her, it’s honestly cathartic to have a villain oc hated so much) who I love to play.

She’s cruel, sadistic, but also so much more complicated? She’s really tragic, and the way she just totally succumbs to madness is actually really sad. I’ve considered her in the past. I love her.


here have a pile of things that i doodled before things started getting rough around my place … basically in summary i like making dumb aus 


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this is flipping amazing

k so like there was a post floating around about avatar space race and it’s so funny because @jamieslowlyimproves and I were so invested in a project that revolved around that VERY CONCEPT anyhoozies space race propaganda is what i’m HERE for 

I’m hella proud of this commission lol

EDIT: a detail shot because tumblr format effed up