There’s no stopping The Weeknd… Just over a year after releasing his Grammy winning album Beauty Behind the Madness, the R&B crooner has revealed plans to release Starboy, his new album in November. With that, comes its lead single and title-track “Starboy” which features Daft Punk. That’s the accompanying music video (directed by Grant Singer) above, which sees The Weeknd commemorate this new era (ditching the hair and all) by suffocating the “old” Abel Tesfaye and smashing up things with a cross that looks like a light sabre. There’s a newfound swagger to The Weeknd here, but it’s no surprise as he comes “alive in the fall time”. 

Story Shard 351

Gizmo Dragons:

-Usually around the size of wolves, they have a sturdy build and lrge bulky claws.

-They love watching delicate things like carvings and machines being built, and so love roosting around workshops and labs.

-In exchange for being allowed to watch and the occasional gizmo tribute, these dragons will act as guards and sometimes even sounding boards.

-They love to hoard delicately made things, since their bulky claws make it incredibly hard for them to make them.

“It’s good to be the King” as Mel Brooks would say 😊
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