okay, but a serious question, i’m thinking about adding another muse. SO, would
you guys rather see —
( a ) an aspiring boxer who lost it all after he was framed for a crime that he didn’t
commit & came out of prison socially fucked & was never quite the same.
( b ) a single father who got into the drug scene to pay to take care of his daughter
but, eventually, it wasn’t enough. so, he literally puts guns to peoples heads to buy
his daughter every princess dress her heart desires.
( c ) an ex-marine who grew up bathed in the riches of his parents but was disowned
after expressing his disinterest in taking over his fathers company & instead, joined
the marine core instead. there, on his second tour of duty, he was involved in a raid
& lost his memory. he is often bitter & sarcastic, socially backwards & has a difficult
time connecting with others due to his inability to remember who he once was. 

keep in mind, in every option,  he will look exactly like THIS.


MLS Cup 1999 Halftime – “Come On Over, Baby”/”What A Girl Wants”/”Genie in a Bottle”