This watch — which at $195,000 is no small investment — comes in a rose or white gold finish.

But the metal underneath has a history. Before being crafted into a high-end timepiece, this metal formed an AK-47.

Each watch has the serial number of the weapon destroyed to create it displayed across the side. And each purchase funds the destruction of an additional thousand assault rifles in Africa.

This watch was dreamed up by social entrepreneur Peter Thum, the founder of Ethos Water and a TED attendee. Thum calls the AK-47 “the most infamous and destructive gun in the world” and through the company Fonderie 47, he transforms these weapons into jewelry — rings, cuffs, earrings, necklaces and more. The watch is the company’s pièce de résistance

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so mad about two things.

one: yesterday was cinco de mayo a mexican holiday most people use as an excuse to drink excessivly. whatever its a celebration have at it. but some younger latinos latinas hispanics mexicans and all other latin/spanish origin people started a thing called #mirame

Mira being a conjugated verb basicaly saing look and we can all figure out ‘me’ right.? well considering its ON A MEXICAN HOLIDAY you would think pride and showing off your selfies and stuff would be cool i mean why not right. wrong. black and white people alike saying we STOLE “black out” excuse you okay. you are not the only minority. you are not the only person who gets shit on for who you are.

my mother used to get struck for speaking spanish. and was mocked for being mexican (though the last person from mexico on her side was say…3 generations ago)

my father a nicaraguan immigrant told me growing up he was glad i came out lighter because i would “blend in” better and not be pointed out as latino.

so fuck you okay. i was so excited on “blackout” because good for you guys. its been a rough couple hundred years for you show some pride. i dont always agree with everything a black activist might say but hey us minorities gotta stick together right?

it was a holiday that existed long before “black out” and may even out live it if we choose to demonstrate our pride with selfies and taking pride in our culture who do you think you are to tell us different?

(now for those of you who are not latino, hispanic, mex, etc. and you chose to not say anything because you had nothing nice to say or supported us thank you and im sorry if you felt this rant was aimed at you it was not. it was aimed at internalized racists and people who feel that any minority related thing that does not revolve around them is unfair and should not exist. and if you are one of the people who will demand other minorites stand with you and support you go see a doctor because a human being should not have balls that big okay)
ill get to the second thing some other time