Braille timepiece lets blind people read text messages and e-books using ‘active dots’

  • Engineers in South Korea have designed the 'first’ Braille smartwatch
  • 'Dot’ has shifting cells of raised bumps which can be 'read’ as words
  • Watch will notify users of texts and could be used as an e-reader
  • Creators aim to sell it for less than $300 and as an educational tool

Raised sequences of bumps, which are readable as words, are created by four rows of six dots that rise up or are lowered to make up to four letters at a time (pictured)



This new music video from singer/producer Favela for new single “Future Visions” captures the epitome of the summer. Clever camera-work mimics that of the beat, as the slightly hazy tinge in the filter gives the clip a nostalgic and endearing vibe. Oh,and what’s not fun about a theme park in the summer?