yknow HONESTLY i kinda stopped watcching bnha because the characters are SO! GOOD! but the plot… like… subtracted from it for me. plot is to show characters reacting to new situations but the plot… just kinda kept looping around on the same situation which was danger which was reducing the amount of time the characters could just be the characters also i dont like seeing kids get stressed and hurt


block b very good parody 

jedifinnrey  asked:

ok but imagine finn and rey being at a party and a slow song comes on and they watcch everyone pair up and so theyre like "hey this looks fun" but it ends up not being that great? like theyre basically just standing there and finn suggests they go stargaze instead and so they go outside and the night is so cool and quiet and they lay on their backs and rey tells him about the constellations that she made up on jakku and they make their own and hold hands

they lay there and hold hands, then rey points up at a bunch of stars and says ‘this one is named finn.’ and finn turns over like ‘why it doesn’t look like me’ and rey just smiles and whispers ‘because then every time i look at the night sky, there’s always a little piece that reminds me of you’ then they look back up at the stars and they’re both blushing