Budda #17 in Wat Pho, Bangkok by Fuyuhiko TAKAYA
Via Flickr:
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Guide to arriving in Bangkok

Get a taxi. Book a hostel near Kao San Road. The taxi journey will be around 400 bath. Follow the crowd of backpackers walking towards kao san road. The weather is insanely hot, so buy a white tank top and a pair of elephant pants. This will set you back 200 bath (4 pounds). Bargain. Buy a Pad Thai from the street vendors. You will never find cheaper or better Pad Thai than this. Promise.  Tuk tuks will yell at you, asking you where you’re going. This is normal, don’t be scared. It is all overwhelming. Go back to your hostel. Nap the jetlag away. Wake up and go to the common area and find someone to drink a Chang with. There’s always someone at most hostels who are willing to join you for a beer.

Go do some proper sightseeing. Wat pho, the golden mountain, the reclining Buddha. If this is your first time going to Asia, and first country you’re arriving in, you will take loads of pictures and be wicked impressed. You haven’t been templed out yet, which is good. Enjoy it. Be touristy. remember: cover your knees and shoulders.

(tip: don’t talk shit about their king and royal family, it’s against the law.)