MAMA 2016

Yo… so many debuts this year.. Astro, Blackpink, SF9, Pentagon, WJSN, KNK, NCT 127, NCT-U, NCT Dream, I.O.I, Gugudan, VROMANCE, then a whole bunch of other debuts that will happen in the next 2 months…….. who the hell am I suppose to choose for rookie of the year?!…

chocolate and strawberry ice cream!!

honestly i have no explanation for this… i dont know a thing about Natsuya idk if he’s even gonna interact with Kisumi (or if he already has in high speed) but for some reason my brain has decided that i really ship this??? why???

basic phrases in Luxembourgish

Hello - Hallo/Salut

Good morning - Gudde Moien (people usually just say Moien)

Good afternoon - Gudde Nomëtteg (or just Mëtteg)

Good evening - Gudden Owend (or Owend/ N’Owend)

Goodbye - Äddi

Thank you - Merci

You are welcome - Et ass gär geschitt (or just Gär geschitt)

Excuse me - Entschëlleg(t) mech

I am sorry - Et deet mer/mir leed

Sorry - Pardon

It is fine - Et ass ok

Please - wann ech gelift (abreviation: w.e.g.)

Yes - Jo

No - Nee

Okay - Okee

My name is … - Mäin Numm ass …

What is your name? - Wat ass däin Numm?

Nice to meet you - Schéin dech kennen ze léieren

How are you? - Wéi geet et dir?

I am doing well - Mir geet et gutt

What does … mean? - Wat heescht … ?

I do not understand. - Ech verstinn net.

More Kanan Please! - Day 6: with Yoshiko Yohane

“Oho~ You have the potential to be a littoru dehmon… no, a Warlock!!”
“Ahaha… thanks?? You look great, Yoshiko.”
“Like I said, It’s Yohane!” /“Dakara Yohane yo!”

[To protest Kanan’s lack of screentime, I’m going to doodle one pic of Kanan with each girl every day until the next episode] ((╬●∀●)

Being the indulgent onee-chan figure she is, Kanan lets Yohane dress her up and plays along with the chuuni act and enraptures hordes of fangirls