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You are Nekros. Manipulator of souls. Harbinger of the Orokin. You walk the battlefield, desolation following in your footsteps.

You have been taken.

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she pretends his band is lame but really she sorta kinda digs it.

plus bass players are supposed to be sexy or something right



hello! i’m new to the studyblr community so i thought i should introduce myself 🤓  *sweats*

  • my name is melanie!!
  • i’m filipino 🇵🇭 
  • pisces/infp
  • part-time instructor at kumon & full-time student at virginia wesleyan university c/o 2018
  • i have my associate’s degree in early childhood development & earning my bachelor’s/teaching certificate in elementary education
  • also thinking of pursuing a master’s degree as a reading specialist
  • i love music, drawing, pottery, & stationery ✏️📒🖇
  • my personal blog is 026ml

here are some studyblrs that i follow so far & i already love them! a few have actually inspired me to create my own:

@noodledesk @allcutified @theologianstudies @study-spo @emmastudies @bookmrk @lbr-imstudying @studylustre @studyrelief @designstudy @gloomstudy @eruditekid @knoweldge @thecoffeedesk @studyblr

i really want to follow more studyblrs & i hope i can make new friends 😭  pls like and/or reblog this post so i can check them out!