wat r u doing disney

so basically Model Behavior meets the Suite Life of Zack and Cody

not only because of the twins but one of them is named Maddie and the other one seems to be like London

except unlike the Suite Life they were too cheap to hire real twins this time

and another show with recycled items what a shocker

also why do all of their new shows have someone having to be famous in it, that is not relatable or interesting at all and it’s been done to death

literally to DEATH

they’ve already shown the girl singing so it’s obvious they are going to market her and she’s going to be the next Disney Channel “break out star”, as usual right

I don’t like to judge things like this but the newer Disney Channel shows are so uninspiring and do not give the inspirational messages like the older shows did. They were more mature too instead of just ridiculous humor that’s not even funny and doesn’t make sense most of the time

no to mention the scripts that are very poorly written and the over exaggerated acting does not help at all

you need to leave Disney Channel because you’re actually affecting kids I know in a negative way