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STD fans: guYS OMG they said fuck and they have gays this is thE BEST SHOW

Me, on my high hourse enjoying another episode of Orville where they swear somtimes but don’t really need it to be funny, and have had a gay character from episode one, while still remaining an exciting sci fi: Cool dude


Anne with an E  |  Ep 1 | Your Will Shall Decide Your Destiny

‘I never understood it. If children are such a burden, then why do people have so many of them?’

I live for this.
Imagine how much of a Emison shipper and a fangirl I am, they’re just sitting beside each other and I squealed, I even tried over and over to put pause to the sneak peak video just so I could get this shot. 😂

I just want them to be together already, oh my OTP hurts.

anonymous asked:

In Gr 8, we had an anonymous questions day for sex ed. Every kid would get paper and put it in a box. Pretty much wat I wrote down on the post it note was 'do any other animals have periods?' I mean, at the time I thought it was a good question but when the teacher pulled it from the box she scoffed and said. 'What a stupid question! Of course no other animal does.' I just thought of this now and I Googled it. Apparently elephant shrews, some types of bat and monkeys do so... now I know.

I guess you do

To whom it may concern (larry stylinson)

can’t even

with them

how do people

not see

it all adds up

it can’t all be ‘a joke’ or 'a coincidence' 

there has to be a point

where you realise

that it’s more than that

that there’s a difference between a bromance 

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More Kanan Please! - Day 6: with Yoshiko Yohane

“Oho~ You have the potential to be a littoru dehmon… no, a Warlock!!”
“Ahaha… thanks?? You look great, Yoshiko.”
“Like I said, It’s Yohane!” /“Dakara Yohane yo!”

[To protest Kanan’s lack of screentime, I’m going to doodle one pic of Kanan with each girl every day until the next episode] ((╬●∀●)

Being the indulgent onee-chan figure she is, Kanan lets Yohane dress her up and plays along with the chuuni act and enraptures hordes of fangirls