wat khemarangsaram


You’d expect to see Wat Khemarangsaram as much as you’d expect to see Coyote and Road Runner in some loved-up cartoon. But then this temple that’s all whitewashed and gold bling has an important role to play – it’s where Bonnyrigg’s substantial Cambodian community gathers to worship. The temple, decorated with animist totems and a large bronzed image of Buddha inside, has sure come a long way from the run-down rented house that was the first Khmer place of worship for Sydney’s Cambodian refugees. Cambodian New Year in April is the best time to visit; this is when thousands of Cambodian-Australians come together to indulge in traditional food, dance, riotous singing and solemn prayer. Religious services throughout the year are conducted in the Khmer language but are open to everyone – just remember to mind your manners.