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It has to be destiny

I hope that you like it, because I was waiting for request like that, like… whole my life.

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Doctor Stephen Strange opened his eyes and looked around with furrowed brow, not recognizing his surrounding at first. He sighed seeing that he was sitting in his armchair in the library of Sanctum Sanctorum. The flame in fire place, that he was sitting close to, was slowly dying out. Looking at himself Doctor noticed that he was covered by thick blanket, his cape nowhere to be seen.

Slowly, Stephen got up from armchair and laid the blanket on it before he made his way out of the library and looked around the corridor, trying to figure out, where could his cape went. Smelling the smell coming from the kitchen, man smiled and went in the said direction, his smile only growing when he heard the tunes of  Frank Sinatra’s Witchcraft. Trying to make as little sound as possible, Strange peeked into the room, to see you, dancing slightly with his cape of levitation, humming to the tunes of the song and occasionally turning to the stove to stir, whatever was in the pod, with your wooden spoon.

Leaning against the doorframe, man crossed his arms at his chest and looked at you with soft eyes. The way your hips swings, how you spin with the cape of levitation, the sparks in your (r/c) eyes and smile, oh this gentle, beautiful  smile you barely was showing to anyone in normal days. But it wasn’t normal day. The Christmas was nearing, snow covered the streets completely and it was that time that everyone felt the atmosphere of the holidays that were only one week apart.

Seeing you like that, Strange couldn’t help but think about the day he meet you.

It was in Kamar-Taj. When the Ancient One finally allowed him in, he was greeted by your amused face. You definitely weren’t new there. Yet Strange assumed that you couldn’t be there longer than Mordo. At least that’s what he thought, taking in your appearance. Your hair were in colorful mess, that he barely could notice their natural (h/c) color. Your robes were loose, showing your bandaged chest, where he was able to see a small pentagram-like tattoo. You didn’t look like you were used to what the monks were wearing, more like if they made you wear the clothes you were totally against to. Oh, how you laughed, not even two days later, at the sight of his face, when Mordo told him that you were with the monks from when you were barely a teenager, becoming the one of the best among them in matter of weeks. Strange never got to know your story, of how you got there, but he didn’t care, not after you showed him that past doesn’t matter, that his hands didn’t really mattered in the mystic arts, and that it was your destiny to meet. He didn’t agreed with you at the beginning, but he learned to trust your words with time. You were the one who introduced him to Wong and helped him with his studding, never getting mad at him and having a lot of patience with him. It was you, who showed him, how to get books from library that Wong didn’t want to give him yet, telling him the story of how you did the same, years ago, with former master librarian.

It was right before Kaecilius attacked, that Strange understood that his feelings for you weren’t just regular, boring friendship, but something much stronger, yet how strong he didn’t really know, not then. It came clear to him in Hong Kong, when while rewinding time he saw your lifeless body lying in the rubble of destroyed Sanctuary. When you stood up, Strange couldn’t help himself and hugged you, pulling you to his chest with all his force, and despite the circumstances he laughed at how shocked you were at the fact that you were alive.

“I love you.” Were his first words when he saw you, half year later, entering the New Your sanctuary as the new guardian of it. In that moment smile that was on your face only grew at wat you heard. It turned out as the best day of Doctor’s life in the moment you dropped the bag with your thing and hugged him, answering to his statement with the exact same words… after you called him a dumbass.

It was two years from when he meet you, and full year from his confession, and every day of it was just perfect, yet it was probably the first time he saw you cooking something else than water for tea.

Strange blinked, focusing on reality when he felt the weight of his cape resting on his shoulders and pushing him into the kitchen, where you were now completely focused on preparing the food, still swaying your hips to the sound of the music in the background, your humming quiet, yet the best and most perfect sound for Stephen’s ears.

Standing behind you and placing his shaking hands on your hips, Doctor started moving with you, his lips carefully kissing your uncovered shoulder, then neck and ear, at which he blew slightly.

“Frank Sinatra Witchcraft, 1957, composed by Cy Coleman with lyrics by Carolyn Leigh.” You giggled, turning off the stove and turning around to look him in the eyes.

“My favorite song.” Strange hummed, bowing his head and kissing your lips.

“I thought it was Hey Jude by The Beatles.”

“No.” You bopped his nose. “It’s my favorite Beatles song.”

“Ah.” He kissed you again. “And why are you cooking? I though you are not capable of such an act.” Rolling your eyes you pushed him slightly, and went to the cupboard to get plates.

“And where did you get that idea?”

“Taking the amount of pizza boxes and other take-outs that we are nearly drowning in?” He leaned against the table, watching you as you putted your dish on the both plates.

“Just for your information. I can cook, I just choose not to do it.”

“Then why today?” He took the plates for you and sat at the table, watching with smile as you poured wine in the glasses. He took his time smelling the dish and his mouth watered at the smell.

“Pizza Hut is not delivering today because of snow.” You sat in front of him and gave him his wineglass and giggling at him, eying the food in front of him. “It’s chicken with rice and vegetables with curry and pepper.” Strange took a bite and his eyes widened.

“It’s delicious.” You grinned at his words and started eating yourself.

After the dinner, Stephen washed the dishes and took you back to library where the both of you sat on the sofa, covered yourself with blanket and looked at the flames in the fireplace that Doctor rekindled, sipping wine, your head on his shoulder, the sound of burning wood and your breaths the only sounds in the room.

When Doctor reached to table for his book, you stopped him and climbed on his laps after placing both your wineglasses on the table, and hugged him with gentle smile on your face. When he hugged you back, you felt that you wanted the time to stop at this very moment, just so you can stay like this for whole eternity.

When you lowered your head to his neck and started nibbling at his skin, Strange smiled and started playing lazily with your hair.

“And what are you doing?” You chuckled soundlessly in his heck and looked at him with innocent eyes.

“Dunno. Though it may be the perfect moment for the dessert?” Smiling, Strange placed his hand on your neck and pulled you for lazy, gentle kiss, the one that made you melt inside.

“Have I ever told you, how much I love you?”

“Few times.” You pecked his lips and started playing with his robes. “But you may remind me. You know how forgetful I can be.” Smiling Stephen pushed you on the sofa and hovered above you, capturing your lips once more, yet with much more passion than earlier.

Maybe you were right and it was destiny that he get into an accident that evening? After all, if not it, he wouldn’t have meet you, and world would be much likely destroyed. And now, because of his careless behavior on the road, he was there, with the most perfect woman in the universe, knowing that she was his whole world, and that for her, he would do and fight everything. It has to be destiny, there is no other way that he would love this much someone who wasn’t destined for him. Even though he doesn’t know her story, he doesn’t care. It was past, and it’s now that mattered…

And now, he had a very important matter in his hands… and below him…

Yes, it has to be destiny.

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saw your "jaal and dogs" comic and just wanted to tell you that i love his "wat" face. (which i now realize you have as your icon haha whoops)

Thanks! Me too, the entire comic was worth drawing just for Jaal’s ‘wtf i cant even’ faces at the end. It’s probably one of my favorite reaction images I’ve made in a while, tbh. Will probably be good in the future when i need a good ‘…’ reaction to something happening HAHA.

Here’s a fuller resolution of my icon:

a day in disney | jeon jungkook

anon requested:  Hi, can you make a veeery fluff Jungkook, cuddling on the sofa and watching movies because of the bad weather? I just have that idea the other day but I’m really bad at writing and you’re writing is amazing 💕 thank you 😊

word count: 886

neighbor!au non idol!au

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It was a known fact that you were afraid of thunderstorms - terrified seemed like the correct word, actually. You sighed, rereading the letter from your roommate, saying she was out. Ever so kindly, she heeded the warning of a storm cloud heading your way. You could already feel your heartbeat skip into overdrive.

It was 3 pm but, the sky made it seem as if it was 7 pm. Dark clouds rolled in and made themselves a home right above your apartment building. You sucked in a large breath before dashing to your little hideout. You had a ritual you liked to do when you were alone on storm days. You grabbed your largest, fluffiest blanket, your laptop, a few snacks, and your favorite headphones. Sighing in relief as you snuggled yourself into a little snail in your blanket, you opened Netflix and began to watch The Lizzie McGuire Movie at the loudest volume your headphones could handle. It worked successfully as you could see the lightning, but you couldn’t hear the thunder.

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“Guess who got a day off?” you heard your husband ask, you glanced from the kitchen to see he wasn’t actually talking to you, “that’s right me.” He yells excitedly causing you to grin. 

He held his arms open, a grin spreading wide as his son, Miles launched forward and held him tightly. Sebastian’s arms closed around him, snuggling him deeply into his chest, the happy baby laughter making your heart melt affection. 

It wasn’t often that Seb got days off, especially when filming for Marvel but he has and you couldn’t be happier about it. Miles peaked over Seb’s shoulder, looking at you, his bright blue eyes - like Sebastian’s- looking at you with wonder.

Sebastian pulled him back, you sat down with Miles bottle, frowning as your husband studied his son’s face, “he’s gonna be handsome just like me.” 

You snorted loudly, taking Miles from the egotistical- but true- man and began to feed Miles with a small smile. 

“Dad” a small girl’s voice yelled, you both turn your head as your daughter strolled in, princess Belle dress on and clutching a DVD in her hands. 

“Princess Amelia,” Seb smiled, holding his arms out for her, she skipped happily over to him and settled in his lap “what do I owe the pleasure?”

“I need someone to sing the male parts with me and Uncle Chris isn’t here,” she pouted, fluttering her lashes and widening her eyes, a trick she had learnt from you or maybe it was passed down; either way, she had wrapped around her finger like you. 

“Of course, Lili,” he kisses her cheek, she squeals in delight and hops off his lap, waving at Miles who smiles tiredly back; like Sebastian after being fed it’s nap time.

“I’m gonna read to Miles and put him down for a few, start without me” Seb nods, patting the sofa and Amelia hop on, settling under her dad’s arm and resting her head on his chest; you smiled at the sight. 

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After an extremely long story, plus a short nap yourself, you walk back into the living room with Miles clinging to your neck because he didn’t wat to be left out. A grin spreading across your face as you watched, Amelia and Sebastian, dance in time with Belle and the Beast. 

Her giggle and Sebastian singing along warmed your heart, you pulled your phone out, videoing the moment; Chris would love this. Once the song ended, Sebastian picked her up and spun her around lightly, making Amelia cling to his shirt tightly before he dropped her onto the sofa laughing as her giggles grew into loud laughs. 

You sat on the armchair watching the movie, Miles asleep on your chest, small hand clutching a piece of your hair. You lightly chuckled as Amelia played with Sebastian’s hair, a pro she would say for her dad playig Bucky, he would disgaree with that. 

As the movie ended Amelia was asleep on the sofa, Miles beside her being cuddled; she had requested to hold him, a sight that Sebastian took a million photo’s of. You were curled on his lap, holding him close as he put on some TV show he needed to catch up on, a relaxed smile on his face. 

(Send in drabble prompts/ smut/angst/fluff for the Avengers or Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan. Also, latest part of Alternate is up now, HERE, read my latest fiction also The Electrifying Neighbour. - Ro)

All I Want For Christmas (Headcanon KBTBB/MPD/HLITF)

Characters: Eisuke, Mamoru, Baba, Hiroshi,
Summary: How we spend xmas with voltage men
NOTES: It’s a bit short and rusty but Merry Christmas ladies ^3^

The others have been wondering what Eisuke has planned for Christmas but the King’s schedule seems to be packed with work, work and work. “It’s Christmas, perfect timing to meet some potential business partners.” It’d be a lie if you aren’t disappointed at his words but you are not entirely surprised either, it’s Eisuke after all. Business is business, no matter what day it is.

All your friends are either busy with work or spending it with families / love ones, even your parents are going on a hot spring vacation. Sometimes you no longer know what to expect with Eisuke, he’d buy expensive gifts and takes you to fancy restaurants out of a blue, his way of showing his love. There’s one way of putting it, the other would be making up the time he couldn’t be with you. Like your birthday, anniversary, valentine and now Christmas. “It’s just holiday”, he would always say, “But since you care SO much then I’ll …….” Making it sounds like you are the only one who give a damn about spending some significant time together, sometimes you do wonder is this what would happen to you for the rest of your life now? Is this all there is to date Eisuke Ichinomiya?

Finally Christmas is here, someone calls in sick so you step up and cover the shift since you are spending it alone anyway, at least you can get away from attending some boring Christmas ball with Eisuke. Of course you haven’t got away with it. Not the way you want to anyway, Baba has found him some blonde to attend the party while you- his actual girlfriend has to SERVE them at the party. He’s giving his fake smiles all night as he meets and greets everyone but once his eyes meet yours, he gives you the “You made me get another chick” look, irritating you more than necessary.

As soon as the banquet is over, you run to the changing room and head to the hotel’s entrance to only find Eisuke waiting for you in his limousine. “Where are we going?” You ask curiously, “Don’t you need to go to the after party?” He keeps his eyes closed without saying a single word, he needs some peace and quiet and that’s the least you can do. Knowing Eisuke, he must be taking you somewhere to spend “Christmas”, squeezing the little time he has through out the day. And he never likes explaining himself, it’s a waste of time he often says. By the time the car stops and door’s opened to send you a wonderful surprise, you’re at Tokyo Disneyland. “Oh my god, Eisuke, I thought you hate…”
The King steps out behind you, letting out a sigh. “I sure do but you like it.”

Wrapping your hand around his arm, you walk down the Disney main street with your man. Standing under the magnificent Christmas tree and watch the fireworks with him hugging you from behind, just like any normal couples. “Is this what you want for Christmas?” He asks quietly, you nod. “What about you? What do you want for Christmas. Eisuke?” He kisses your earlobe which makes you squirm, answering your question in his head, all he wants for Christmas is obviously-

“You” He whispers then starts licking your ear, knowing that would turn you on.


“I want you for Christmas and everyday in my life.” His left hand wanders inside your coat, “Wait….we…”

People greet each other Merry Christmas as the fireworks end, you turn to look him in the eyes and he seals your lips with a long and passionate kiss before …. well before he finishes some more pressing “business” in his limousine.

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  • roommate A: *stares at me*
  • me: what?
  • A: nothing
  • A: just looking at your meat
  • me: wat
  • A: on your face. meat on your face
  • me: *shares look with roommate B*
  • roommate B: that sounds kinda creepy
  • -2 seconds later-
  • A: is hannibal on netflix good?
  • me:
  • me: well that was a disturbing subject change