wat is this outfit

I never thought we’d see the day.

I had hoped, as I’m sure many others had, that one day we might be lucky enough to see it,

but all the same, nothing could have prepared me,

for this.



Dead, I am dead, I’m dying, I’m dying. I. am. dead.

(Shippuden Episode 497)


Costume swap bc why not

“and then hold up two fingers! it’s called a peace sign!”
“… like this?”
“yeah, exactly! teehee, we’re so cute!”

nohr siblings having fun with selfies ♡ (●´ ᵕ `●) leo’s the one holding the camera bc elise’s arms are too short

(are xander and camilla getting one too? who knows)

anonymous asked:

HELLO HI CAN U PLS POST the outfit pics from the kinky texts wit hobi the pic had that stripped shirt and fishnet and the other one It was everyday texts wit bf yoongi text where they're wearing yellow long sleeve and a skirt hopefully u still have them I feel in lov wit those outfits and hopefully u know wat I'm talking about!:0

I wish I could link you to where the posts are on pinterest for the original striped one but I could only find my cropped one: 

thats…a little gay..

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