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“I don’t like reading at all, but I love to write!”

so i actually got out today and bought a bike so i can feel less trapped, and i like REALLY liked this bike right? I thought it was super cute and like OOOOH yeah oh i just so like it it’s bright and happy and just i really like it

it’s cute right? Until i realize what i did.

i pretty much just bought a hyperion bike guys ( oДo)i didnt realize until i got it home exactly why i must have liked it so much xD wtf ahahhaa oh god i feel like such a tool i love it even more <3 also ignore the dirty garage floor lolol

  • Sabine: Ready your jet packs and target those gravity well projectors!
  • Ezra: Hey, I don't have a jet pack...?
  • Sabine: You have those little...thrusters.

I did the thing! ; v; Took me all day but I did the thing! @cockismybusiness


Closure || 8/?

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In which a small salad ventures forth, and I remember that I have no clue how to draw Tybalt.  Tiny Ive can’t carry Caladbolg, and Eet, as always, wants to kill him.  Both Ive and Richter are Order of Whispers; Down the Hatch with a male sylvari was my favorite mission in the early personal story (”It starts with run for it, and generally goes downhill from there.  Come on!”).

It’s kind of fun to see the top panel again; I posted it on its own a long time ago when Full Circle (the beta name for this backstory comic) was still “on the table.”

And thus starts the realization that this comic ran through at least 4-5 different costumes for Ive.  Welp.

English speakers - texting
  • English: what? [I am asking a question]
  • English: What? [I am formally questioning something]
  • English: what [you're confusing me]
  • English: what?! [shock and confusion]
  • English: what?? [so confused!]
  • English: what???????? [SO VERY CONFUSED]
  • English: ? [confused and/or impatient]
  • English: ????? [confused, shocked, and starting to get angry]
  • English: wat [you're my friend but I have no idea why you said that or where it came from / did you mean to text me that because I don't think you did]
  • English: lol wat [you're overreacting / that makes no sense but okay / that makes no sense and I don't take you seriously]

Some knows (*glares at someone in particular*), some don’t, but today marks the first anniversary of the comic… Or not. Actually I messed up and it was actually the 26 but let’s pretend time is just complicated and it’s probably because of the 29th of February or something. I really would have wanted to hit 100 pages in a year but alas, life didn’t want me to. Now that’s a stretch goal for next year I guess.

One year, my friends. One year since I’ve spent a week-end drawing those five first pages because “lol, no but what if I actually tried to do the entire game lol nah won’t happen, but if I can juuuust make a little intro i mean that’d still count for something right.”

At first I had like three notes, all from my three mutuals-of-the-time from the G/ravity F/alls-era (u no who u r, @skillfulstudio@x-i-l-verify​ and @orangeoctopi7​) , and only one of them really blogging about Nintendo in general. Now I have like ten or 29 but it was the most recent one and I’m not sure if this is gonna be the new standard or if it’s a mysterious one-time thing BUT ANYWAY.

Lots of things happened, I feel like I didn’t progress much but people are telling me I did so since I have no opinion I’m gonna go with the flow and say it probably happened. I mean I do go a lot quicker without the quality suffering much so it’s nice. (Also there’s this weird stuff with the new pen recently that really did a number for some reason. That’s a cheap pen I brought at a local bookstore versus supposedly professional stuff people recommended me so. Shrug. Art Works In Mysterious Ways, my friends)

Also this very week I might have gotten an opportunity to be PAYED for DRAWING for the first time in my life and this is BIG for me. So yeah there’s that too. (that project is obviously completely separate from the comic and shouldn’t impact it in any way, but that’s still probably because I drew nonstop for one year that I’m sorta ready for this new step)

Anyway. It’s been a year and we still haven’t done a proper dungeon, what is gonna happen to my life now.


Je vous méprise. Toutes les deux.

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Anon: Can you do One Direction Hogwarts AU or Camp Half-Blood or both…
Me: *Puts everyone in the same house, so they can all be together*