wat is lyfe

yoongi as that beautiful ghost you see just at the edges of your peripheral vision

and every time you turn he’s no longer there… 

October 16th, 2015 - reference pic

(super late update…)

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18. How long do your graphics usually take?

Ask the graphic maker

18. How long do your graphics usually take?

Hmm…it really depends on what style I’m trying to approach, and for which anime/manga I’m making graphics for.

If we’re talking about gifs, it takes about 30 minutes to make a gifset. If I’m struggling with the color scheme, it can take up to 2 hours.

If we’re talking about the edits that look like I’ve just dumped shit over them, it takes me an average of 3 hours to make.

If we’re talking about manga coloring edits, they take at least 5 hours to make.

my friend didn’t know what a gif was after I sent her a few via facebook so she goes “hey can you send those videos to me again? I think my computer’s sound isn’t working.”

obvs she doesn’t have a tumblr.