wat even was i thinking

  • Lance: hey Keith,, I overheard ur conversation with Pidge,, so, u have a crush on someone??? Who is it ;)?
  • Keith: ahahahaha woo my crush??? Ahahah wow suddenly I dont remember also I think I have to wash,..... my cat,, u h wATS THAT ALLURA I'll be right there *leaves*
  • Lance: ......???
  • Pidge: in case u couldnt tell he has a crush on you
  • Lance:
  • Lance: OOOOHHH
[fic] gray hairs and all [1/1]

(ao3 link)
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that feel when none of the ereriweek prompts strike ur fancy so u write a generic canonverse oneshot and post it like a week before  ┐(´д`)┌

i was talking w my waifu cissyswonderland on skype once and she was like yooo u should write a fic where levi’s going gray and now, three hundred years later, here it is. short as balls and also pointlessly fluffy im gomen

- - -  

As if to mock him, it appears exactly a week after Levi’s celebrated his 40th birthday. A single gray hair.

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anonymous asked:

What's so funny about Wolf? I miss out too :'(

Not to be rude but did you guys even watch Wolf like

What even is this dance move I want to say Kai’s the only one doing it right but idek if he is

Not to forget about the teasers like

Are you guys good or?

okay um

Kai wtf r u and those nasteh dreads doin

Ohmygod what is going on

Lay is your face okay are you okay, Suho looks pretty concerned in the back there

What the actual fuck are they doing in the back what’s happening

why tf they all jumpin wolves don’t even jump like that


Honestly I don’t think they even know wat they’re meant to be doing the director probably left for lunch halfway through filming this

Why isn’t this in every cringe compilation ever like he has a tattoo that says “Raised By Wolves” I’m-

Oh and don’t forget about the lyrics

Okay but what the fuck

And then there are the famous lines:

“I’ll take you in one mouthful like cheese.” - what even

“I’ll eat you up with more refine than (drinking) wine.” but what does that

“Ah, but the strength in my toenail weakens, so my appetite yeah is gone.” why your toenail what the living fuck???

These are all real lines from the actual song

And, if you’re still doubting if Wolf was meant to be a joke or not, here’s the demo version actually sung by EXO:

EXO-Wolf MV (Demo Version)


I literally hate Wolf so much to the point that I love it with all my heart like I’ve just accepted it as my religion now, this is what got me into kpop and I regret nothing like literally nothing. Appreciate Wolf but like also realise it’s one big joke in the EXO fandom and probably even to EXO themselves.


MC x Max 

Based on this prompt

Warning: Some Language.

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attractive guy: *says a nice thing to me*
my brain: ??? … !! 
me: *thinks about the nice thing all day*

later that day

me: *posts selfie*
attractive guy: *likes it*
me: stay calm. he probably just liked it as a friend. stay fucking calm.

not much later

attractive guy: *messages me* 
me: i don’t? ?? what. who paid you. 
brain: !!!!??!