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  • Nier Automata tags before the release: Ass, ass, ass ass ass ass ass ass ass assassassassassassassassassassass hype.
  • Nier Automata tags after release: 10/10, LEGS, Kill me now, depression, why is everything worthless, 9S is precious resource who needs his own protection agency, everything besides 2B and 9S is a gay, B E C O M E A S G O D S, robot orgy, the elevators tho???, I wanna eat Adam's apple if u kno wat I mean •w•, Eve is smol cinnamon roll, 9S in lingerie still isn't more popular, everything is profound, Jackass is my Waifu, ass, Hackerman, Pods are true mvp, thicc, 6O just needs a hug???, I JUST WANT TO PROTECT 9S OKAY, list of people who need protection: everyone, W A S T H A T N O C T I S, I wish this game really was about hot anime girls with swords and not about mind-numbing depression, 2B9S is literally the only otp fight me on this, Take my save data, FRIENDSHIP MOTHERFUCKER, so that's the happy ending r i g h t, I need a hug, baths ARE nice; I'm gonna take one right now.
  • Most important tag: why is it all lewd

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Do you believe in love at first sight? And do you date girls with no upper body strength? Just asking... for a friend... 🙃

ye girls w no upper body strength.. girls w upper body strength.. grils w no upper body… grisl wi no body.. wat evs 

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Eve was in her room, listening to some rock music and texting Sam. She had just got back from her two week meeting in another pack. She had gone in the Alpha's place because he had gone into heat and was in an extremely bad mood. 'hey Sammi <3 wat up?'

‘Hey Eve. Not much, mostly just having my sisters all over me because cuddles. They like to do this. To me only. Never Apollo. Not that I’m really complaining, but sometimes it’s just a little much.’ Sam smiled at his phone, patting his sister. 'They say that I’m just really comforting. Anyways. What are you doing?’

Elgang: How do you style your hair?

So, do you guys have any hair styling tips? How do you create their hairstyle that you have and maintain it?

Elsword: I just go to bed, and when I wake up, my hair always ends up like this! It’s neat, isn’t it? It’s like magic!

(I’m pretty sure that’s just bed hair…)

Aisha: I use magic! And no, I don’t mean Elsword’s “magic”. I mean real magic. I cast a spell on my hair, and it changes into whatever style I want!

(That’s pretty convenient. Maybe you can teach it to me?)

Nah, only powerful magicians like me can use it properly!

(Aw man…)

Rena: All I need is the power of nature! A fresh lake or river to wash my hair in, the gentle breeze to dry it off, and the smell of flowers to give it a lovely scent… It’s very refreshing!

(Sounds awesome! So what about your youthful look? Any tips on how to look eternally young?)

Sorry, that’s elven genetics! We were just born that way!

Raven: I use my Nasod arm as a comb. The metallic fingers, when angled correctly, are very good for styling my hair.

(Umm… okay then… you keep doing that…)

Eve: My body, including my hair, does not “grow” like those of normal beings. It is all constructed and maintained by Nasod technology, allowing my appearance to stay as beautiful and perfect as it always is.

(So what you’re saying is…)

That’s right. Bitch, I’m fabulous.

(Huh. Never thought I’d hear a Nasod say that line.)

Chung: I’ve got tons of hair care equipment! Shampoo, conditioner, combs, brushes, hair ties, mirrors, curling irons, you name it! With these, it’s very easy for me to get the look that I want!

(Where do you keep all that stuff?)

In my Destroyer, of course! I also use it to store other items.

(So your Destroyer functions as a weapon, a luggage bag, and a hair salon…?)

That’s right!

Ara: I ask Eun! Since she’s been inside that hairpin for a while, she knows a lot about hair styles. She gives me tips and advice on how to style my hair, and of course, how to incorporate the hairpin into the mix! 

(Cool! But do you know any hairstyles that don’t require a hairpin?)

No… Eun would be really sad if I didn’t include her in my fashion choices…

Elesis: Most of my hairstyles are the traditional styles worn by female Red Knights. The braids I get as GM symbolize honor and prestige, while the hair ties and “spikier” hairstyle as BH represent persistence and relentlessness. Although, I did modify them a little bit to fit my own style.

(And what about Crimson Avenger?)

Eh, I said “screw the traditional hairstyles, I’m going wild!”

(That explains a lot…)

Add: I use my Dynamos! You see these things?:

Those are kinda like combs. However, they also discharge energy to clean, shape, and restore my hair! Awesome, huh?

(But all of your second job classes use Dynamos that don’t have those things on them…)

Well I didn’t really need them as LP. I decided to go for a “wild” look there. As for MM, you know all those holographic displays that appear around me? In addition to displaying battle data (and pictures of Eve), it also shows my hair status. With those screens, I can select a hairstyle I want, and my Dynamos will use energy to shape it that way. For DE, those two really large things that hover behind me are actually hair maintenance modules. They can warp time and space around my hair so that I can easily restore it or change it to whatever I want!



“Now go have the time of your life, time of your life… Let it go.”

Solana had a week of free time before she was buried with homework from her studies. So far she spent her time getting herself familiar with the campus and where some of her classes were located. August kept reminding her that she needed to loosen up and stop thinking about her education twenty-four/seven. She didn’t see what the big problem was though. That was her main purpose for going to college, to better herself for her future. Not party all night til the early morning.

At the moment, she was thirty minutes away from campus at the mall’s food court with Sasha. She stayed in the dorms because she waited too long to get an apartment. When Solana’s other best friend had found out that she would be staying with August nothing good had come out of her mouth.

“So did y’all fuck yet?” Sasha asked while giving Solana her undivided attention.

“You are unbelievable Sash. I told you it’s not like that between him and I”. Solana said while stuffing a couple of fries in her mouth.

“That’s what you sayin’ but I don’t believe you g. He probably gettin’ a kick out of seein’ you almost naked everyday. We all know that you like to be free.” Sasha’s Chicago accent was becoming evident, but the last statement caused Solana to chuckle, especially when she put imaginary quotation marks around free. She was telling the truth about her liking to be free.

In Solana’s words “What’s a bra?”

"I’m not even about to go there with you bruh.”

“Cause I know bitch! Let me keep it one hunna with you real quick. If I’m a nigga and my best friend a girl, and we staying in the same crib where she likes to be practically unclothed…. I’M FUCKIN’! I’ma read you the script real quick and just dive in g.”

Laughter came from both of the friends. Solana knew her friend was trying to look out for her but it wasn’t necessary. Nothing would happen between August and her and she was very confident about that.

After shopping for two hours they were headed back to the school. Sasha told Lana about a party that was happening later that night, but all she could tell Sash was that she wasn’t interested because it wasn’t her cup of tea. She hated gatherings with under the influenced young adults. Music would be blasting too loud for her, and grimy guys would probably beg her for a pointless dance just to cop a feel. But like Nicki said “Only a real nigga can cop a feel”.

“Solana we’re in fuckin’ college dude! Which means college boys! C’mon I can’t go by myself. You know that’s breakin’ girl code.”

Solana hummed the lyrics of the music playing in the background of Sasha’s car while trying to tune her out. She wasn’t going to that party and that was final.

“Well ask your roommate to tag along. You know I don’t do parties.”

“I’m not askin’ shorty to go with me. I don’t even know her for real for real. LANA PLEASE!”

Sasha was being dramatic and it was driving her crazy. She sighed as she mumbled incoherent words before mouthing okay to Sasha.

“Under one condition will I tag along, you have to do my laundry for a month.”

“No you didn’t but fine! We’re about to get T’d up girly!”.

No matter how long they knew each other, Solana would never understand Chicago slang and why Sasha was always hyped up all the damn time.

Detaching the last button of the black leather baseball jersey, her look was finally complete. She was ready for tonight’s festivities or at least that’s what she kept convincing herself. She fluffed out her curls one more time before dabbing a nude gloss on her lips. Sasha was waiting out in the living room with August. She wondered how the two were holding up.

After she grabbed her phone off the dresser she started to walk into the living room until she made herself come to a sudden halt. She could hear Sasha conversing with August and she began to form a smile on her face. It meant a lot to her knowing they could talk to each other like normal human beings without bickering all the time, but of course Solana’s dream was killed abruptly by Sasha asking her favorite question. Solana pulled herself on a wall that was adjacent from the living room where she couldn’t be seen, but hear every word coming from the two.

“Have you and Lana fucked yet.” A cough had escaped from August lips. Solana was appalled by Sasha’s antics and evidently so was August. She knew Sasha was always straight forward and blunt but damn.

“To be quite honest wit ya, no we haven’t cuz we not gettin’ down lik dat ya heard meh? But if we were I wouldn’t tell ya ass cuz it ain’t none of ya bidness.” August said.

“It is my business when it’s comes to Solana. I know y’all have a friendship too but you not fooling me August.”

“Wat are ya ev-” His words were cut short by Solana announcing that she was ready. She couldn’t take the foolishness that was about to sprawl out in front of her. She planned to keep her mouth shut about Sasha’s behavior only for the time being. Sasha’s attitude towards August was becoming worst and this protective act she was pulling was becoming tiring for Solana.

Sasha commented on Solana’s outfit for the night which made her return the compliment back to Sasha. During that time being she could feel his eyes scanning her choice of clothing.

“Where ya goin’ dressed like dat freckles.”

“Dressed like what? And a stupid party Sasha begged me to go to.”

Solana wasn’t aware August knew about the party that she was talking about. It was his boy Chris, that’s in his sophomore year now, who was throwing the small kickback. He was notorious for his parties on campus and August had made it his business to go. He needed to get his dick wet. Two weeks was too long.

“Dat’s my boy party. The one I told ya earlier dis week about.”

“Ugh so that means you’re going too?” Sasha questioned while standing up to straighten out her shorts.

“YUP! Now get the fuck out so I can walk around naked and get ready.”

Solana giggled while Sasha pretended to gag. Both of the ladies had followed August’s command and went directly to Sasha’s car. The ride to the kickback didn’t take long, ten minutes tops to say the least. Sasha parked a block down due to all the cars taking all the spots near the house. While walking up to the Frat House Studio by Schoolboy Q blasted from inside. Tons of people were outside the house. Some were smoking and others were drinking, and some were sucking each other’s faces off.

Stares from boys and even some females started making Solana uncomfortable. Sasha grabbed her hand before they entered the house. She thought it was a lot of people outside, but it was triple the amount of people inside. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and Sasha was planning on joining them.

“Bitch this is my shit!” Sasha tried to yell over the loud music. Twerk Song had just come on and Sash was already acting a fool. Her hips whined to the beat as she mouthed the words to the lyrics. Once the bass dropped so did her ass. Solana could only giggle and wish she could be as carefree as Sasha.

“Shake some ass man! How you gonna have all that back there and not shake none g?”

Solana was about to protest to Sash until her song came on. When she was at the crib and this joint played she was a whole different person. Her eyes closed as she pursed her lips. Her body had a mind of it’s own. Solana’s hips and ass were in full effect and Sash was right behind her dancing along. The two danced for three songs straight until they realized they needed a breather and something to drink. They began walking back to Sash’s car and Solana was confused on why. She was having a good time and didn’t feel like going back home yet.

“I bought my own liquor and weed. I don’t trust nobody.”

Solana nodded understanding what she was preaching.

Solana took a spot on the roof of Sasha’s Jeep while she went to go get the drink and weed. She took in the scene of people still arriving and it was pushing midnight. She wondered what this college experience would bring her. She hoped she could find her true self and stop trying to prove to herself and others who she was. If someone asked her who was Solana Rowe, she could give an answer that’ll you like, but it wouldn’t be up to her liking. She was already changing in her eyes. She didn’t do parties but look where she was sat at the moment. She didn’t mind change as long as the outcome was a good one.

“You gonna smoke with me tonight Lana?” Her shoulders shrugged as she yelled “fuck it” in her mind. She was already violating one of her rules so she figured she might as well bend the other ones too.

Sasha started to get inside of her car so she could roll up the weed, but hearing his voice asking what they were doing made her plan come to an end.

“Mindin’ our business August.” Sasha commented, shaking her head while getting annoyed with his presence.

“Well if y’all about to do wat I think y’all about to do, come inside wit meh. Smokin’ secession.”

“You’re lucky Mr. Alsina.”

The three walked back to the house while Solana began to think once again. She smoked before with August and another time with Sasha, but she had never smoked in a “smoking secession”. If she thought she was out of her element before she really was now. August led the way to a basement. There weren’t as many people as there were outside and in the upper level of the house. The stench of Marijuana filled Solana’s nostrils and she began to get light headed. The lyrics of a Gucci Mane song was blasted through the speakers as she bobbed her head to the beat.

“Nigga you made it!” A man yelled directing it towards August.

“Ya kno I’m always down to smoke sum ya heard meh?” August replied while giving the mysterious guy a quick hug.

“I hear you bro. Who’s the two pretty ladies you brought with you?” The man inquired while giving Solana and Sasha a stare down while his famous smirk formed on his lips.

August threw both of his lanky arms around Solana and Sasha’s shoulders, causing Sasha to give him an unpleasant stare.

“Solana and Sasha, this is my boy Chris.” August responded.

“Welcome ladies. Hope y’all ready to get fucked up.” Chris commented while staring at Solana the whole time.

Solana was mesmerized by Chris. His smile is what got her. His dimple would deepen when a smile appeared on his plump lips. Freckles were splattered on his nose and scattered on his cheeks. He was a eye catcher for sure.

The four smoked for hours or at least that’s how long Solana thought. She was more chill and goofier and August noticed that. He also noticed when Chris asked Solana could they talk for a minute outside and how she gave him a head nod indicating a yes. He watched the two leave together. Solana walked in front of Chris so he could get a glimpse of her figure.

A classic guy move.

Some young girl caught August attention before he could even worry about Solana and Chris’s conversation. The female was okay in the face but even better in the ass, as August would say. She kept whispering dirty things she would do, and with him being curious and horny he was willing to see what she was talking about. They left as Solana watched them get into August’s car.

“So Ms. Solana I noticed that you’re a light-weight”. Chris said while gazing into her brown eyes. Solana was a light-weight but she wouldn’t let him know.

“Don’t know what you’re talkin’ about Chris.” She said trying to stand her ground under his piercing gaze. She could feel herself getting lost in his eyes and it made her sick to her stomach.

Chris chuckled while digging into his jeans to retrieve his iPhone. “You’re lying. But you should give me your number so we can chill under different circumstances.”

Solana bit her bottom lip asking herself should she really give this guy her number. Two rules had been broken tonight so giving a stranger her number wouldn’t do anything but add to the list of her broken rules. She took his phone and placed her number under a new contact. Solana handed him back his cellular device while wrapping her arms around herself. The temperature was surely going down and her body felt the chill.

“I hope you ain’t give me a fake number ma.”

“I thought about it but I didn’t”. Solana said while smiling as Chris shook his head at her comment.

“If ya did I would just have to holla at August for it.” Solana loved how he would be determined to reach out to her if she did follow through with her childish plan.

“Solana let’s go! I’m tired bruh.” Sasha yelled walking towards her car causing both Solana and Chris to turn towards her.

Solana yelled an okay before returning her gaze back to him. She told him she would see him later. Chris didn’t like the way she tried walking off on him. He caught up to her and wrapped his arms around her curvaceous body. She was startled by his gesture but decided to turn around to return the hug. His cologne invaded her nostrils. There was nothing better than a man that looked and smelled good.

“Now you can leave.” He mumbled while releasing her. She smiled as she began walking towards Sasha’s car.

He was on her mind heavy that night.

  • God: All this is for you. Help yourself to anything you like. But never touch the tree in the middle of the Garden. That tree gives knowledge of good and evil. The day you eat its fruit, you will die.
  • Adam and Eve: *walk to The Tree of Knowledge*
  • Eve: Fuck wat da teacher said this shit dope
  • Adam: Hoe don't do it
  • Eve: Fuck you bitch ass nigga *eats apple*
  • Adam: *picks up note*
  • Note: If you read this, it's already too late
  • Adam: Eve we done fucked up