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As a phan shipper (you’re allowed to leave, I know everyone isn’t sharing my opinion) a thing I think about a lot is how we focus to much on direct actions as proof.

Because actions are so easy to both prove and disprove as ‘phan proof’, what we really should talk about is their fondness, their relationship. Because it’s not ‘that iconic tweet clearly stating them being a couple’ that makes me want to believe them a more then friendly relationship, it the fact they they have know each other as one another’s best friend for eight years+, lived together for multiple years, moved together multiple times, a forever home.

I mean do you really get a forever home with someone being solely your best friend (well, unless you consider yourself ace or aro), wouldn’t you want something more in life?

But this is also really just actions, what I really mean is just how well they know each other, how close they are, how many couply stereotypes they fulfil, the big parts they play in one another’s lives.

And as the last nail in the coffin. I’ve known my best friend for eight years (so about as long as we know they have known each other), for the better half of my life, she knows me better than any person outside family knows me, we are both out as being on the queer spectra to one another. But yet we’ll never have the same kind of relationship as dan and Phil have, it could of course be explained by that they have lived together for so long, but we’ve basically raised each other throughout the first few years of school. We aren’t nor have we ever been romantically involved likewise have we despite having basically the same conditions from the get-go, never had the same kind of connection as they have, because the emotional foundation in a relationship is different between best friends for life and lovers.

This is a sappy overly psychoanalysing mess, which may or may not make any sense. This is solely based on my own thoughts and experiences, so feel free to drop a hate oozing anon message in my ask, if your opinion is that I’m overwhelmingly wrong! :)
As previously stated, this is just my own opinion and analysis, so take it with a pinch of salt.

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do you ship real people ships ?

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hahahahahaha wat do you mean

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i don’t know what you’re talking about 

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i don’t ship this stuff that’s ridiculous

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why would you think that

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While Amita felt an all too familiar pang in her chest, she dropped to a knee beside Nadia, one hand enveloped in green light.

“Amita what–” the mage cut herself off when the druid pressed her hand against Nadia’s stomach. First, Amita did what she could to soothe the other woman’s stomach. There were several things that could have led to this, and Amita was determined to go through each of them.

“Didja’ have anytin’ last night dat could be givin’ ju food poisonin’?” Amita asked, brows furrowed in concentration. Nadia appeared lost in the thought, and after a moment, shook her head.

“No, I don’t think so… nothing left me feeling unsettled, or ill before I went to bed.”

“And ju had nothin’ ta drink, at all?”




Amita peered closely at Nadia, eyes narrowing further, “absolutely certain ju had absolutely nothin’?”

Nadia inhaled deeply, her lips pressed into a thin line - at least Amita’s healing magic was keeping the woman’s stomach calm.

“Yes, I am absolutely certain I had absolutely nothing.”

“Okie dokie,” Amita murmured, sliding her hand slowly over Nadia’s stomach. She could feel a bead of sweat gathering on her forehead, “it’s not dat I don’ believe ju.”

“I know, Amita,” Nadia muttered, lightly touching the back of Amita’s hand, “you just want to be sure that I’m sure.”

The druid nodded her head sharply, her free hand clenching into a fist. A good thing she wasn’t the least bit shy, even if it was painful to ask.

“And ju an’ Vol’jin? Have de bot’ of ya’s had sex recently?”

If not for the fact that Amita were being dead serious, she would have burst into howls of laughter at Nadia’s darkened cheeks, and wide eyes - because of course this was something she teased Nadia about relentlessly on any other given day.

“A-Amita, th-that–”

“Yes or no?”


“Nadia,” Amita gave the mage the sternest look she could manage, and she noted how Nadia’s ears twitched down upon finally making eye contact, “I need to know.”

“… yes,” Nadia finally managed, visibly swallowing.

“And ju used protection every time?”

“Y-yes, if not my own wards, then a priest–”

“Ju positive it was every time?” Amita pressed, finally pulling her hand away from Nadia’s stomach. The mage was silent, her cheeks dark with blush, brows furrowed, and fingers tapping nervously against one thigh.

“Is it really that important…”

“Yes,” Amita nearly hissed, “‘cuz if it isn’t a hangovah, and it isn’t food poisonin’, and it’s not a stomach bug cuz my magic woulda’ picked up on dat, den dere’s only one ting it could be, Nadia.”

Nadia’s tapping against her thigh increased in intensity, and Amita gently took that hand in hers.

“But,” she started, hoping to at least wipe that panicked expression off Nadia’s features, “I’m not a priest. Dat, an’ we’ve already established mah ability in restoration jus’… isn’t up ta snuff wit othah druids. I’mma take ju ta a priest.”

“Can… can I at least get a little cleaned up first?” Nadia muttered, gripping Amita’s hand a little more tightly.

“Ya mon,” the druid pulled her hand away and got to her feet, “take all de time ju need. I’ll jus’ be hangin’ out.”

She shuffled out of the bathroom, closing the door gently behind her. Part of her hoped it was just some food poisoning, because more often than not the stomach wouldn’t acknowledge the disliked food until several hours later. But she had to be sure, if not for her sake, then for Nadia’s. If only her ability in restoration was better than this… then Amita could be of considerable more help.

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Klance Au time: Galra Lance hiding in disguise on earth joining the rescue mission to save shiro. Keeps his heritage under wraps until Keith's big Half Galra reveal then as soon as it looks like Keith's going to get shit for being half what Lance is he drops the disguise and just "Hey look at me I've been full galra this whole time!" and sweeps all Keith's heat onto himself and just takes it because Keith just found out its not his fault but Lance has been keeping secrets and that's SuperNot(cnt

Ok and Allura is uncomfortable with Half Galra Keith but Lance being Full Galra and lying about it is just enough to push her into Seething Rage territory and Lance just weathers it because as far as he’s concerned that’s what you do for friends. Ok he might have just a touch of a crush on Keith but whatever. Meanwhile Keith’s just really confuswd and takes Lance aside later after a while of standing through Allura either snapping at Lance or straight up ignoring Lance all together (cnt)

And like “why are you doing this you could have gone forever without being caught” “yeah but you didn’t deserve to get yelled at. I’m the one who’s a mistake.” and Keith just “?? But ur not? Wat” cue deep feelings talk and shared backstories and Keith standing up for Lance and sleep overs and drowsy “we make a good team*giggle*” after a battle when they’re heading back for a rest up and Keith just stares and “u little shit u remember and 😮😠!!”



Send me Hance/Klance Au’s/HC’s

13rw: depressed me, it made me feel like there was no justice in the world, it made me feel like a terrible person for every word that came out of my mouth, and kept me and my anxiety up at night thinking abt all the things i may or may not have said that could have lead to the death of ppl i used to kno.

Sense8: made me cry for two seasons straight, tears of pain and tears of joy. Made me feel like the world and the people in it were worth fighting for and that humanity is beautiful. Made me believe that i could b who i wanted to b and b happy, and that that was not a selfish thing to want. Made me believe in non blood families. Inspired me. Let me experience the world at its best and wat it could b. Even in the face adversity. ItS BEAUTIFUL SHOT. THE CAST R AUTHENTIC. THE MUSIC IS MOVING. THE WRITING IS SUBLIME.


Jacksepticeye Imagine #dos // REQUEST ME IMAGINES :D (Btw continuing with the ‘sad’ theme.)

Okay so! Imagine that Jack is live-streaming and you have no idea. The night before-hand, you had had a huge fight, the biggest one you’d had the whole time that you’d been dating. You felt like shit, and you watched his new video that was uploaded that morning, and he seemed so happy, like the fight hadn’t even happened. You pick up your phone, still not knowing that he was live, and text him a short ‘it’s over, Sean.’ You log onto YouTube, opening up your subscriptions tag, and finally seeing that he - he was live-streaming? Oh god, you think, what if he reads it on camera? You quickly click on it coming face to face with a video of crying Sean. “Um, sorry g-guys, I’ve uh - gotta go, h-have a good day.” He mumbles, clearly holding something, (his phone,) off screen. The live-stream ends, and you get a phone call. Shit, you think, what did I do?

:))) one.