wat best friends are for srsly

the signs as recent conversations i had with my best friend

aries: IT FUCKING SNOWED (she)

taurus: dinner (me)

gemini: wat a plottwist (she)

cancer: jisoos i wanna touch my crush rn why is he such a cute fluff ball fuckin asshole giving me all these feels (me)

leo: srsly our stuff looks like the shit on tumblr (she)

virgo: thats a bit unorganized and shitty (she) 

libra: i swear she’s the loudest 46 year old i have ever met (me)

scorpio: i wanna name my kid after a weapon (she)

sagittarius: lmao yeeeeeee (me)

capricorn: i am the moody bastard with a big heart (me)

aquarius: marta are you in a relationship with a 30 years old (she)

pisces: i’m just rly mad bc they misspelled infinite (me)