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Can you please do RFAs + MC who lacks interest in dating due to bad relationship experience in the past?

Anon Said: Hiya!! I’m sorry if this one is too specific, but can you do the RFA/V/Saeran reacting to a poly MC who’s other (non RFA) partner cheated on them and MC doesn’t really know what to do? I’m sorry that it’s so specific,,, I just really need some comfort right now…. I’m so sorry

Whoa, this has been sitting in our inbox forever, so sorry! We combined these because they seemed to fit together.


  • You and Zen were good friends
  • When you introduced him to your significant other, he was a little wary, but accepted the situation
  • One day, he walked into his coworker’s dressing room to ask them a question and saw your boyfriend kissing his stylist
  • He felt horrible, but he quickly snapped a photo before they noticed
  • He talked to you later and showed you the photo, trying to be of some comfort as you started crying
  • Of course, you dumped the cheater right away
  • Zen was the best support as you tried to recover
  • But it was a really tough time for you since you were very emotionally attached to your ex
  • Unfortunately for Zen, he was slowly developing feelings for you this whole time
  • But he was terrified of saying anything after all you’ve been through
  • He could tell, after a few months, you still weren’t ready for any new relationship
  • His confession is an accident after you asked why he hadn’t been dating for awhile
  • When you find out, you cut yourself off from him for a little while
  • He understands and waits for you, but you do sort out your own feelings and find you like him too
  • Turns out he’s so much better than anyone you’ve had before


  • You found out by accident when you and Yoosung were out getting some ice cream
  • Then you saw someone who looked oddly like your current boyfriend
  • So you pull out your phone and ask where he was
  • You watched as he blatantly lied to you while on a date with someone else
  • Yoosung watched this all unfold and followed you out
  • Not without “accidentally” running into the guy and smearing ice cream all over him
  • Yoosung finds you nearby crying on a bench
  • You hadn’t been dating the guy long, but this had been the third relationship you’ve either been cheated on or dumped
  • He tried to convince you otherwise as you started putting yourself down
  • He had liked you for quite awhile, so it was hard to see you like this
  • After seeing what these relationships had done to you, he starts dropping subtle hints about his feelings for you
  • “It’s okay….you’ll find people out there. Sometimes they’re closer than you think.”
  • You were super oblivious to it for a long time, simply because you had stopped believing anyone could actually love you
  • Still, Yoosung stayed by you whenever you needed someone…even just a friend
  • After a really, really long time, your hard head got it
  • You were determined to make Yoosung the happiest person on the earth


  • You wanted to surprise your long time significant other with cake on a stick
  • You asked Jaehee to come along to help you
  • When you tracked him down, you were shocked to see him with his arm around someone else
  • He sees you and is quick to explain that it is his cousin
  • Only, his “cousin” says, “Oh! Is that your cousin that you have a photo of in your wallet?”
  • Jaehee just shakes her head honey that’s not his cousin
  • You drop the cake and rush away
  • Jaehee follows you just to make sure you’re okay
  • She makes you come back to her place
  • You’re a complete mess for the next few hours but Jaehee is very calm and comforting
  • She’s really the reason you’re able to get back on your feet after the whole ordeal
  • She encourages you to get more hobbies and hangs out with you more often
  • Eventually, she comes to you and says, “MC…I think I’m ready to take this friendship to the next level.”
  • “You mean…best friends?” 
  • “….Yeah.”


  • He saw the signs
  • His father had been in more than one relationship, and not all of his partners were faithful
  • So, Jumin tried to warn you, but you brushed him off
  • A few weeks later, he finds out his intuition is correct when you show up at his house crying
  • He brings you inside and listens to the whole story, his heart breaking a little with each of your sobs
  • He takes it on himself to make sure you get back on your feet and recover
  • He invites you over often, calls or texts whenever he can, and gives you as much attention as you need when you’re with him
  • But all this time with you is making him realize his own feelings
  • Still, he could tell you were far from ready
  • It hurt more because you thought you were burdening him
  • You kept trying to match him with other women, thinking he might feel unhappy with you
  • Finally, he just gets sick of it and admits his feelings
  • You’re shocked, but you graciously say you’ll take the time to think about it
  • That night, you think over a lot of things and you know you like him…but you’re still not sure about a relationship
  • When you tell him, he’s very patient and offers to take it slow
  • So, you two do…and eventually those soft feelings start to develop over time
  • You’re so glad you took the risk


  • Your boyfriend was acting distant lately
  • You started to see some changes in his behavior as well, which were draining to you
  • Feeling suspicious, you ask Seven if he could do you a favor and do a light background check
  • He’s all too happy, seeing how the relationship has been toxic to you
  • He comes back with the worst news…your boyfriend was actually married with a kid, and he was cheating on his wife with you
  • Of course, he didn’t tell you the other havoc he wreaked on the man’s life
  • Your encounter with your “boyfriend” was ugly and horrible, and you couldn’t bear going back home after
  • So you’re sitting in your car crying, and Seven calls you
  • When he hears you, he immediately tells you to come over
  • He’s prepared with all your favorite foods and stuff, but it doesn’t seem to work 
  • He finally manages to calm you down by just sitting there and listening
  • It’s just too much hearing you hurt like that, and he just slips up that he loves you
  • It doesn’t bode well…you’re definitely not ready for that and you distance yourself from him
  • He respects your wishes and stays away from you, beating himself up for his mistake
  • But after a very long time, you realize you might actually miss his friendship…or perhaps you wanted something more all this time
  • You go back to him and confess, but he’s still hesitant as he doesn’t want to pressure you
  • So, he goes by your pace and you know you can rely on him for anything


  • You found out your boyfriend had cheated on you and you wanted to confront him
  • But you were little nervous, so you asked Saeran if he could linger nearby
  • He wasn’t sure why, but he agreed and joined you
  • He watched as you two argued and things got really heated
  • But when he saw the man raise a hand to hit you, he snapped
  • He intervened right away, punching the man squarely in the face enough to stun him
  • Then he grabbed you and dragged you far away from the place
  • You were pretty badly shaken up, so he sat you down and waited for you to calm
  • He started to become more protective of you after that
  • And he also tried to help you recover, since you tried locking yourself up
  • In the process, he got to know you a lot better and started realizing he was falling fast and hard
  • Between you trying to build yourself up again and him trying to figure his own issues out, he said nothing for a long time
  • Little did he know, his support had softened your heart
  • One day, you tell him, “I don’t want to rush things, but….I think I might like you.”
  • Suddenly, he has nothing more to hide
  • Maybe it might take some time, but you two work it out together


  • You were in a pretty verbally abusive situation as it was
  • V recognized it, and tried to help you see it, but you couldn’t
  • Until you found out your significant other of three years had been cheating on you
  • When V found out, he immediately reached out to you
  • He had been in a similar situation, so he tried to walk you through as much as he could He was there whenever you needed to talk
  • You two started spending more and more time together
  • You just felt so comfortable around him
  • Neither of you quite remember when you started to fall for each other
  • It happened slowly and naturally
  • Dating was a smooth transition after what you two had gone through
  • You two healed each other

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Rika’s back and MC gets left P. 5

Rika is back and MC gets sick at the same time she feels abandoned. Part 1 (x) | Part 2 (x) | Part 3 (x) | Part 4 (x) | Part 5 (x)

Some say that people experience 3 different loves throughout their lifetime

The first: the young, idealistic kind of love that looks right but may not feel right

The second: the hard love; where lessons are learned and the kind of unbalanced love where making it work is more important that if is actually should work

The love we wished was right

And finally

The third: the wrecking ball; the one we never see coming and teaches us why the rest didnt work out

Looks wrong; but feels right and lasts

Not always will each be experienced in close age gaps following another; some never experience all three

Others are fortuante and only experience one or two

and others believe they have experienced all three in another life

But sometimes love is only a concept and not real for some people in the sense that love only has to be sexual or romantic  and not familial

Whatever the case you need to acknowledge the different loves

Because love is more than just romantic or classified;

Not always will they be romantic or have enough power in them to stir a storm in you, but there is always a level of light within each love

Sometimes, it can be hard to realize, accept, and even move on from; but sometimes it’s best to move on from them, even if they are your family


  • You don’t think you can move
  • The sounds of blades ripping through the air make your ears hurt and pop
  • Someone is caressing your head
  • and someone else is gripping your hand
  • You don’t know where you are or why
  • But you don’t feel like you should be there
  • The voices are distant and unlike anything you can understand
  • Sometime later the loud blades stop and you’re being lowered by a few people and wheeled away
  • You hear people arguing and yelling and you still can’t open your eyes
  • Why can’t I see?
  • You can’t move either
  • You feel needles entering you
  • Machines all around
  • And feel nice, clean oxygen enter your nose through tubes
  • Am I in trouble?
  • You still cant hear well
  • But you can feel
  • You feel someone squeeze your hand and someone kiss your cheek
  • You don’t know where they went but after a few minutes they all left

— Jahee —

  • She can’t believe it
  • She doesn’t
  • Not at first, not until V explains
  • He explains that Rika had always been sick
  • that she needed to save everyone and help in anyway she could to feel needed and loved
  • V explained how she could only help them by hurting them and by making MC the middle person
  • But he didn’t think she would hurt MC
  • Not in a way that would kill her way at least
  • By the request of Mr. Han
  • Jahee had both lawyers and psychologist at the standby ready
  • But her main concern was MC
  • She thought MC was gone, that she left without goodbye and was hurt
  • But no; she was wrong
  • MC was the victim
  • What will become of her, she didn’t know
  • She wondered if anyone felt like she did bc no one seemed to think that Rika and V needed to be held accountable
  • It was a game of pointing fingers and “If MC dies what then?”
  • She needed something more awakening and filling than coffee atm
  • She needed MC to be okay

— Yoosung —-

  • He was livid
  • How could V blame everything on Rika? She would never do this!
  • After he saw the messages he threw his phone
  • He went to Zen to be caught up and both went with Jahee to the hospital where Jumin and Seven were waiting for MC
  • He needed to see Rika though
  • Neither Jahee nor Zen complied
  • He asked Jumin to take him to see Rika but Jumin just looked at him with an unreadable expression and if he asked Seven, Seven wouldnt have answered since he’d have been busy on his laptop
  • He almost gave up but then saw Rika in a separate room with V
  • He couldn’t stand V
  • V did this; by allowing this to continue he hurt MC and RIka
  • He would never ever forgive him

—- Zen —-

  • The surgery was long and tiring
  • He canceled everything and stayed in the waiting room Jumin had set up for them rich kid problems
  • He really had a need just to smoke all his stress away but didnt want to knowing that MC wasnt a fan of the smell and he didnt want her to say that when she woke up from the surgery
  • He had it all planned out
  • “Forget Rika and the rest, let’s go and travel without responsibilities MC”
  • And he hoped she’d agree and maybe even offer to take them all to visit her home and family and
  • he was excited that the pet she had was a dog and not a cat bc poor bby cant sneeze and have fun at the same time
  • But he knew he just needed to ask for trust fund over there for some help and once MC was out of here hed propose the idea to her and the other members
  • BUt first he’d need to know how they found her and everything because V was vague and it irritated him how they kept secrets
  • He thought they were all family; is this how a family should be?
  • He really just needed a smoke

—- Seven —-

  • It’s an endless nightmare for him
  • Hacking into the system worked up until he couldn’t continue to watch her stats drop
  • He didnt want to imagine what damage would befall onto MC
  • AFter flatlining a few times, he was sure that the doctors would call her time of death but they kept at it
  • Until finally MC stabilized
  • When the doctors told the rest the news he didnt think he could breathe until he saw for himself that MC was okay and not taken away again by an occult-following quack of a doctor
  • So he kept an eye on her through the video
  • He read on the reports the doctors and nurses were inputting into the system but all he could think about was who Unknown was
  • V would know, but he didnt trust himself to go to V to get answers
  • Not at the moment anyways
  • They must have been good to have helped MC
  • And isn’t there some saying that if a dog likes a person, it’s because they are good?


  • You can hear and feel and think
  • But you can’t see
  • Am i even moving?
  • You being to wonder where you have come to that you don’t understand anything anyone is saying
  • You panic because you feel people touch you,
  • but you can’t see anyone or anything and it scares you because they cant hear you to know to stop
  • You try to hear out for your mom or dad
  • You feel hands on your face and you panic because you dont want anyone touching you there; you cant stand anyone touching you anywhere
  • You feel something cold run up your arm and then you fall back to calmness…

—- Jumin —-

  • He couldnt look at her let alone hug her
  • He wanted to know that she would forgive him
  • BUt at the moment he really wanted to know that she would overcome this and wake up and smile
  • Just to see her smile would make everything else fall into a prefecture of being able to breath easy
  • The doctors said that she would have to continue on the medication and get on a clinical trial that can possibly help her we all know Jumin pushed for her to be in one
  • But Jumin didnt think everything would ever be the same
  • They wrapped her face becasue of the medication that Rika gave her, that caused some deformities in her eyes
  • They got to her in time to save her eyes, but she won’t be able to see for a few days until she fully recovered
  • They said she would be groggy when waking up and even confused, which should go away in time
  • They gave her a sedative to relax her so she wouldnt further injure herself 
  • But it made him confused that she didnt understand them at all or know who was talking
  • Or how she was feeling all over herself, which caused her to think someone else was touching her and which caused her to panic even more
  • He knew he should go and see Rika and V but he couldn’t atm, not while MC was like this
  • Jahee left to get coffee and to make sure the lawyers were ready for whatever was to come:
  • Either RIka and V are held accountable or not, or if MC decides to leave everyone and order a restraining order- whatever she wanted, he was sure to deliver

— Rika —

  • “It was all for the sake of everyone”
  • she chanted over and over, not knowing that she was mumbling to herself as V and her cousin stood by watching her from the doorway 
  • Some time had passed, not knowing what day it was, or what happened after the girl… the one with the sin… after that sinful girl was taken it all went blank for Rika 
  • She tried to remember but she couldn’t push past the hazy clouds of incoherent memories she didn’t trust anymore 
  • There was one doctor she liked that she saw 
  • He was a man of his word and talked to her about religion and even let her explain how that sinful girl made her way into hurting everyone 
  • and how it was only possible becuase she and how it was only possible becuase she let it happen
  • If it had not been for Rika, no one would have met MC
  • No one would have been saved! 
  • No one would have been liberated from the tribulations and trials and suffering that came with life had it not been for Rika allowing MC into the RFA
  • And the doctor understood that. 
  • Rika didnt ask for updates on the sinful girl bc she wanted to know that it was all worth it in the end to save everyone 
  • “She woke up and scared everyone when she didnt understand them” V talked to Rika as she continued to mumble her chant 
  • Thankfully Jumin is fluent in English and was able to talk to MC for the few moments she didn’t remember Hangul” 
  • Rika slightly upset that she failed 
  • Hearing the angels mock her as she sat there listening to V talk about that sinful girl made her angry 
  • She didnt want to be mocked by the angels anymore 

— V —

  • He felt guilty in ways that he knew were sick and twisted 
  • He shouldnt have defended Rika or he should have gone to seek help for her
  • He let Rika’s condition continue and grow until she no longer was the same Rika he first met at the gallery all those years ago 
  • He was too scared to meet everyone face to face after all that had happened; he didn’t want to see anyone out of fear and shame 
  • MC woke up confused and only understandable through English
  • The only thing that kept V sane was the small conversations Jumin would have with him
  • granted they were mainly one-sided, he felt warm and almost forgiven when Jumin talked to him 
  • He didn’t know if he would ever recieve forgiveness from MC
  • at this point, he wasnt sure he even deserved it 
  • But to know that MC would turn out fine despite all he had done and let Rika do would give him comfort for the rest of his days 


  • Jumin calmly explained how you were not in America anymore and that you were in South Korea 
  • He helped you remember things you already knew but you didn’t want them to know you knew 
  • You figured it would make things easier if you let them think you forgot the majority of everything 
  • From them abandoning you to the drugs and to the now; you wanted them all to think you forgot the major events 
  • You did, however, let them know that you did not forget Paco poor bby was sad until he saw you 
  • You found it hard to lie to them for the first day and then went to slowly ‘remembering’ Hangul
  • It was not hard to pretend to be weary around them bc they did abandon you and thought you left them without having known you better 
  • You wanted to forgive them for having left you and forgotten about you 
  • but you couldnt find it in you to forgive them 
  • Try as they might, you could not go back to before Rika resurfaced
  • Zen offered a trip to the States to visit your family, and Jumin ofc said he would pay for the trip for everyone 
  • Jahee provided a lot of amazing coffee for you to indulge in such the coffee whore you ever are
  • Yoosung would stop by and cry for a few seconds each visit and then leave the room in an uncomfortable manner 
  • and then there was Seven 
  • You dont know why but you couldn’t find it in you to ever stay mad at him
  • You did want to ask him about Saeran, bc you weren’t sure if you should expose Unknown’s identity to a hacker who works for bosses that dont seem to be the best runner-ups for ‘Boss-of-the-year-award’ 

Would he get in trouble? What if by exposing his name, I’d get him in trouble? I don’t want Saeran to be involved. He shouldn’t have to hide either. Where did he go? Would Seven keep this a secret if I asked him to? 

— Unknown —

  • He watched MC convey confusion and watched how she reacted towards everyone 
  • How she was at ease with Saeyoung and Jumin the most out of all the RFA 
  • How she smiled when the secretary would give her coffee and when the red-eyed boy would smile back at her after he would helplessly flirt 
  • Or how she would tense up when the young blonde boy walked in sad and left sad, but how she would fondly smile at the boy when he was not apologizing
  • Saeran felt like he was part to blame for what happened to her 
  • Maybe one day he will come back and see how things would work out if he could find out more about Saeyoung 
  • He felt like he was making all the right choices and for all the right reasons, that is until MC and Paco became his mission, making him loose the game and goal he set out to win 
  • His primary concern was how to come back to face Saeyoung without malicious intent 
  • until then, he figured he would go to America and see how things were for a few weeks how convenient that it would be during their trip to visiting MC’s home town 


  • You didnt know if Yoosung would ever look at you the same
  • it bothered you slightly how the one person who you thought would have stayed by your side would leave you a lot more than the rest 
  • But you knew 
  • you knew how this must have all been confusing for him to have discovered what mental issues his cousin was dealing with 
  • You just wished that he didn’t blame V for everything 
  • bc it wasnt V, it was all Rika 
  • You know you should forgive and forget but you couldnt 
  • It didnt feel right to lie to Seven and Jumin 
  • but you got the sense that they knew you knew 
  • Somehow it a silent agreement between the 3 of you to pretend that you dindt remember most of the past few weeks 
  • You were scared of leaving teh hospital because you didnt want to be alone anymore 
  • but you were scared of the hospital from the beginning since most of everything started with the hospital 
  • Jumin offered you the best lawyers and doctors and space as an apology 
  • while Seven kept you company and when he thought you slept, you could hear him profusely apologize 
  • You agreed to Zen’s idea of a vacation only after V admitted Rika into the psychiatric ward 
  • Yoosung wouldnt talk to you for days or to anyone, but you felt like maybe he needed to take time to re-evaluate his thoughts 
  • You enjoyed it when Jahee would bring in a good cup of coffee and talk to you like you used to before 
  • No one mentioned the illness you had or the Rika events 
  • It made you happy to not think about the stress or heartbreaking moments 
  • but it made you sad too because it was your life 
  • and no one was acknowledging it at all 
  • You did, however, receive only one letter from Unknown who asked you to keep his real name a secret until the next time you would meet 
  • He reminded you that you could still talk to Paco about the part of your life everyone was okay with omitting 
  • And you understood why they wanted to omit that bit of your life, but omitting it doesn't completely mask the fact that it happened 
  • Maybe this will all catch up and resurface some day to where everyone would come to terms with it all 
  • and maybe then Rika would be back to how everyone said she was but you found it hard to believe and less thrilling to picture
  • But until then you figured out to slowly let them into your heart instead of you into theirs, things could be different 
  • Maybe you would learn to forgive them and learn to trust them as they did to you before Rika 
  • But you figured it would take time 
  • A person can only hold out so much before they crumble after having pieces of them chipped and filled away to make space for other people to fit with them
  • Maybe if you had stayed home instead of venturing for adventure, you wouldnt have become terrified of the dark, needles, and strangers so much 
  • Maybe if you didn’t answer those messages you wouldnt have become so traumitized by a group of people you considered family 
  • But maybe if Rika didn’t go crazy on you, you wouldn’t have formed such bonds with people 
  • And you know that there was still a lot of more to discover of each member of the RFA before you could ever think of leaving your family 
  • For the moment you would settle with: Rika staying far away from you,
  • everyone hovering including the ever so distant smoll angry Yoosung,
  • the constant suppression of events you wanted to make everyone feel guilty about but couldnt bc they did that on their own, 
  • and the knowledge that this dysfunctional group of misfits would be your final, unforeseen, and third love.

jolee-draws-deactivated20170406  asked:

How would the RFA (+ V and Saeran) react to a MC that loves drawing? Like they have a sketchbook and copic markers and stuff and make top quality drawings? (I'm going to be blowing up your ask box with Headcanons, so prepare!)

Note: gosh i love this one. I think these are a bit shorter than i normally do but I don’t really want to spend my entire night on just one. I have to study too!


- Gets so excited!

- “Can I see what all you have done?”

- “Can you teach me how to do that?”

- He will watch MC draw ALL DAY 

- Will even miss a round or two of LOLOL to watch MC

- He asks about all of MC’s art supplies also


- He is so happy to know that MC is also part of the arts side of life

- He asks to see MC’s work and it is a bunch of sketches of him (some colored in)

- “And that’s a drawing of me!?”

- “Yup,,, It doesn’t really do you justice though”

- But of course he believes that the sketches are perfect

- Asks you to work on a promo poster for one of his musicals


- Is very curious of MCs art

- when she sees their art she is astonished

- “Wow, these are very good MC!”

- When MC gets her going about their art, she continues to show interest

- She asks to hang one up in her office (as long as Jumin allows it)


- When MC tells him about their art he becomes more interested

- “Do you want more supplies? I can buy you the top brands”

- “Jumin you don’t have to..”


- like aw Jumin seriously I’m dead

- Frames MCs art in his house because he loves looking at it


- LOVES MCs art

- Like Yoosung, he will watch MC draw all day

- MC will draw beside Seven as he works and he just gets LOST in their art

- He supports MC so much and does the same method he did for Zen its too late for me to remember what that was but yanno what it was


- Loves MCs art so much hes a photographer anyways

- He takes professional photos of MCs work to frame in museums

- Also asks if MC wants to auction their art

- MC can’t say no to V 


- oml this boy

- when he sees MCs art he is so inspired by the emotion he sees in it

- wants MC to help him explain his emotions

- MC helps him express himself oml