The Exo-Terrans

The alien nicknamed Borb sat amongst his peers drinking their space beers in the lounge of the ship. It was a dimly lit area built with a wooden theme which brought out a rustic and old timey feeling and in the humans. Borb thought it was a fire hazard but ignored it because something else had caught the attention of his left eye which swiveled on its antenna like pole which held it above his head. Across the room sat something which seemed very familiar yet so very new. If Borb had to describe it, he would say it reminded him of a human but much hairier and light blue. Despite not being in the cone of sight of the White haired and light blue skinned, it creature swiveled on the chair which was bolted on the ground staring at Borb with Snow White eyes sending a chill into Borbs abdomen. What now stared at Borb looked human but it’s forearms where covered in fur and its face covered in a highly decorated frost colored beard. It’s hair was long but tidy and its mouth though closed could not contain four large Canine teeth which further intimidated Borb. It’s face was intimidating on its own as it seemed to scowl at everything in the room and Borb couldn’t seem to move a muscle. Finishing it’s drink the Humanoid walked out of the lounge giving Borb one last look before leaving. After a long pause Borb realized that the entire room had been staring at him observe the humanoid. Still stunned, Borb was approached by a human engineer who asked him if he knew anything about the Blue skinned human. Still in shock Borb responded in a weak whimper of:


“That was an exo-human, an evolved human. That variant was an ice human, they apparently began in the biblical year of 2056, human year 200,056, when the coalition of countries decided to let a scientific alien research team experiment with humans in trade for hyperspace technology and a recommendation for the Galactic alliance. One experiment involved the disappearance of a town in Finland with a population of around 57,000 humans. No one knew what happened to that town until one year ago when the ice moons of a gas giant in the neighboring arm of the galaxy sent communications into space. From those moons emerged Ice Humans. They speak a new version of a language which was almost wiped out on Earth similar to Finnish but changed over the course of 700 years. Evidently the town was moved onto an icy moon with a higher gravity than earth and frequent snow storms (an extreme version of the climate the town experienced) and all of its inhabitants had their memories erased with only Language and survival remaining in memory. Over 700 years they evolved to become super omnivores eating anything they could find in their new wastleland home and developing a layer of white fur for camouflage and warmth. Variations of human evolution are still out there waiting to be discovered in the galaxy. Ice humans are only the first of many.”

“What the fuck humans”. Was the only thing that Borb could speak after hearing the entire history of Ice Humans.

“You should go talk to the Ice human, I think his name was Paavo or something like that”.

“No I’m getting off this ship and heading back to my home world, if there are different variations of humans in the galaxy still undiscovered I would rather just live as a farmer thank you very much”.

“Over time, Nosgoth slowly became a wastleland, Kain’s Empire declined and the clans scattered, with Rahab (and the Rahabim) becoming amphibious and overcoming their weakness to water; they learned to swim and retreated to their territory in the half-submerged Drowned Abbey. Rahab himself would eventually devolve into a shark-like sea creature. But the clan’s immunity to water would come at a cost of an extreme sensitivity to sunlight.”