graphicnovellife  asked:

At Portland Retro Con, are we allowed to give you guys things? Like art or anything?

Sure!  People have given me some pretty rad stuff the other times I’ve gone. My one request is that you don’t give me any food/drink/etc - I won’t eat it, so it’d be a waste. Otherwise, bring it on!

anonymous asked:

Well you see Youtube is a website on a computer where people world wide can record videos. They can also give their channels various names like I named my channel J The Shadow. Youtube can be very fun to watch. There are video's like funny ones scary ones insane ones like that one guy how to basic. He is a youtuber who literally make insane videos on how to make stuff by destroying food, mechanics, and other things. He's famous for that.

J: …Sounds like a stupid waste of time. I’d rather you not besmirch my name.