wasting my time like yeah

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

On fandom:

You know what would be kind of awesome?

If we could all just as a community agree to legitimize our fandom contributions as resume builders. All these things that we spend so much time and put so much heart into, but feel like they won’t ultimately get us anywhere outside this space and these blogs. If we could agree to help each other out, be each other’s references, validate these skills we have and the things that we do for each other to help each other move forward.

Ever beta others’ works? That’s freelance editing.

Help someone code their blog? (Or do your own?) That’s web design, right there.

Taking commissions is obviously working as a freelance artist, but what about taking fic prompts? Is there a way that could be expressed as the skill it is?

Big bangs or co-writing stories shows you’re a team player; participating in events proves an ability to meet deadlines. Running those events (or any kinds of groups/networks) shows organizational skills, leadership, and the same skill sets needed to run any non-fandom club.

And depending on the type of blog you run… do you ever offer advice? Do you come up with meta? Even coming on and posting regularly should be able to be worked into social media experience.

…Point is. I know none of us do this to try and get ahead. We do this in our free time, because we love it. But I feel like we should also recognize that it takes effort and skill to do all the things we do on here, and that we should be proud of that and be willing and able to share it with potential employers.

If writers on here would agree to be references for their betas… if anyone on here would be willing to be references for the people who support them in any way… can you imagine how amazing that would be? How great that would feel to help people get jobs, get their contributions recognized outside the community?

I feel like I want to organize something for this… but I don’t have a fully formed idea for it yet.


So as you can see, I didn’t finish this drawing. It was taking me so long, I got tired and demotivated. I’m just, tired. I’ve spent an entire week trying to make this, let’s say, about 21 hours of time spent trying to finish this crap. I just can’t do it anymore, I’m exhausted. And I gave up.

I don’t wanna give up drawing tough. I just can’t give up. I like drawing, I should still try. I’ll try to do a simpler shading next time. Yeah, simpler than this one.

Ah man, I don’t know, there’s so much going on in my head. So I’ll just leave this here, so at least my effort doesn’t get wasted.
Yeah, bye bye.

EDIT: Welp, now I feel better. I decided to give up on this one because I didn’t know how to finish it the way I liked, I wanted to make something I’m not capable of doing yet and the results weren’t the ones I wanted. And besides that it was a tiring process, so I decided to start again with another technique. Yup!

Long-Time Friend Billy Sparks Remembers Prince: ‘He Was King’

I’m sorry for your loss Billy, I know you guys were close.

Billy Sparks: Hey man, we all gotta go…but Prince’s legacy will last forever man. For a long, long time people are gonna listen to Prince. He’s an iconic cat of today and of the future.

Prince has gone through a lot of people on stage and behind the scenes but the one person who stayed with him his whole career was Billy Sparks.

Billy Sparks: I was there, but me and Prince [eventually] parted ways, he got a lil’ frustrated with me, told me I couldn’t bust those records like I used to, LOL. And I was like ‘Prince, c’mom on man.’ But you know he wanted to get play on regular stations and I tried to explain it to him like “Boss, let me explain something to you…this stuff today is different, it’s all about call-out research, you know. Guys like you and Michael [Jackson]…are two great talents but radio….is not like the old days man.’ So I said ‘Prince do you listen to radio *mocking Prince’s voice*: “I don’t listen to radio!” LOL, ‘Okay well how you gon’ battle if you don’t listen to the plan of action? LOL…nah, but we parted cool.

Prince was king and sometimes he’d be frustrated about the records and I used say ‘Man, Prince, listen, on stage you can kill ’em, you have no equal don’t even worry about it, you know? But uh, Prince…always liked competition and he wanted to stay relevant, you know?

I met him [Prince] back in 1980. Some friends of ours (from a very big agency at the time) were managing Earth, Wind & Fire. They were offered an [opportunity] to manage Prince, but they didn’t know that much about him. […] He had a new album coming out that he’d been working on and they said ‘Well we just got the cassette, can you take it in and listen to it?’ And I listened to it. They called me the next morning and said ‘Well what did you think?’ [I said] ‘You should have signed this kid up YESTERDAY. A week after that, I was in L.A. and they called me and said ‘Hey, the kid is coming out, I want you to meet him and I met him and that was in ’80…

[During that first meeting] We had a few laughs and Prince said, ‘I kinda like you, you’re a fat guy but you have a lotta energy, you’re the fattest energy guy I’ve ever seen in my life’ LOL. And I said ‘Well I’m [like] Jackie Gleason here baby, I’m rockin’ and rollin, LOL.’ That started then and then it just blossomed into a pretty cool relationship for many, many years.

So you were there right from jump from him getting signed?

Billy Sparks: Yeah at the agency, now he had already did the “Soft and Wet” album and this was his second album.

Billy called Prince ‘The Kid’ in real life

Billy Sparks: Yeah that’s kind of what we referred to him as, but in the movie he wanted to keep it that way and I thought it kept a kind of mystique, since nobody ever called him Prince so…that was kind of cool.

How Billy ended up in “Purple Rain”

Billy Sparks: It was real simple, I had never did any acting or anything like that…and Prince had called me [when] we were on the road for the 1999 Smoking Tour with Prince, Time, and Vanity 6. And he [said] ‘Hey man I got an idea, I wanna put you in this movie I’m doing.’ And I said ‘Hey man, no problem. […]I [went] to sound check one day and we were playing around, I had bought some white glasses and he [Prince] said ‘Man take those glasses…put ’em in a case and you’re gonna use those in the movie. We were laughing…so we just went for it and it was a win from there. I just did it and it all worked out. We never thought in a million years that that movie was going to be what it is. I mean, it’s still getting play and the movie has already grossed over $100 million…unfortunately his passing is really tipping it into another light”

Did Billy mind not being in Prince’s “Under the Cherry Moon” movie?

Billy Sparks: Well it (the “Cherry Moon” movie) was a lil’ different, a lil’ different, that’s all Billy: I’m gon’ say about that…LOL. [E.J.: I was looking for you in it] Nah I was cool, I was cool…LOL.


wao I havent

been doing much on this blog or any other blog for a long time

I just wanted to quickly really quickly address something that popped into my head and … something that I am reminded of almost daily.

I actually … sort of cringe at the thought of calling any of my posts as “elsword theory” even though I jokingly say it or… even tag my posts as elsword theory (I do it anyway cuz I have no idea what to call them sometimes) because (with the actual definition of the word theory aside)

I don’t just write out rambles of AU and “hey what if” blindly (unless they’re explicitly stated so); I list out observable facts that you yourself can check out in the game, but with clarifications or corrections that NA or other servers might’ve mistranslated on since I can read/understand Korean and… probably know more about the lore and overall game story than .. like… I don’t want to make a wrong assumption here but more than most of the people who are just paid by the words they translate and have 0 interest in what’s going on in the game… 

I’m judging that based on some of the translations of descriptions I’ve found on the NA side; some of them are a mistranslation 

Example: the very last epic quest of Solace’s Fortress arc; where it says Solace handed Elsword a sword when in fact it’s actually Solace aiming his sword AT Elsword

or they’ve added extraneous details that were not in the Korean original 

Example: … Ain’s character creation screen description of Arme Thaumaturgy where it says he is merciful to those in need when Korean original don’t have that. Not even remotely close to anything like that. What the hell NA 

Or they just omitted several points for the fluidity of the sentence 

Example: few words in transcendence quest descriptions which I believed were vital to understand the meaning of the cryptic descriptions. 

It’s okay, the original Korean isn’t exactly well-written in the first place; sometimes you’re forced to trim off the fat to get to the core when translating into English……


I list facts and bring your attention to parts of the game that you might not have noticed or cared too much about and link those parts together to create an overarching explanation for the plot of the game thus far.

Facts are facts whether you choose to believe them or not.

I think of myself as an Elsword lore fanatic more than a theorist cuz I just get a weird vibe calling myself a theorist (even though the entire discord server is named after it lol) because I feel like if I was a theorist I’d be churning out click-bait-y posts for the sake of getting attention lmao

In fact, I’ve written more summaries/educational stuff more than speculations and theories. It’s such a weird concept. What am I? idk

And please, I don’t consider myself better or smarter than any of you (unless you really are dumb) just because of the shit I write; I just choose to spend my free time staring at in game texts and lore. I also… have a library (metaphorical library, not an actual library) that I’ve compiled over the… few months, just organized data of in game texts and character information that I can easily access…. This is just my hobby.

That was a weird, long and unnecessary rant. Have a nice day.


I’m going to start on my Elsword is a Rock post soon; I’ve written one in Korean and it was well received on the Korean forum :o

no offence but I’m Roxxxy Andrews and I’m here to make it clear, I know you love me, baby, that’s why you brought me here. Was a bitch on Season 5, I’m gonna make it right give me a sewing challenge and I’ll give you what you like. I’m full of tricks, baby, just like on Halloween. A room full of monsters and it makes me wanna scream. I have to get this right so you don’t waste your time. Not like my comedy im killing on this rhyme

Not gonna lie I wish harry styles would date me, I really really really do. But he would never and that’s sad, yeah. Doesn’t mean I’m going to stab and hate whatever other female gets close to him or is RUMOURED to have been in close proximity to the man. He can date. We don’t even know if he’s dating. Chill the freak out. He’s not actually yours for you to do this to him. And the girl; dating him or not, deserves as much respect as any other human being…

any of my older followers wasted a buncha years of your life doing smth u didn’t wanna do??

:))))) idk if I miss being on top of kpop 24/7 and spending every waking moment blogging or if I should be happy I actually stepped away from it and actually started doing shit in life

i would honestly rather be eaten and then vomited by the demogorgon than be with a guy who makes fb posts about his sexual prowess or about how ‘you won’t receive anymore flowers if we don’t break the bed tonight’


for the people in the back who are not aware cos clearly some don’t understand imma say it again . i don’t auto ship ru.mbelle !!!!! okay byyyyeeee


I’m feeling kind of insecure about my art right now


      i still don’t ᴄᴀʀᴇ,
                                ‘cause if you ᴅᴏɴ·ᴛ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ɪᴛ ʏᴇᴛ,
                                           you’ll know that i’m not your ᴇɴᴇᴍʏ, your ᴇɴᴇᴍʏ.
      'cause i know i ʟɪᴇ,
                                  and baby, would it ᴋɪʟʟ you to try,
                                            won’t go until you’ve ғᴏʀɢɪᴠᴇɴ ᴍᴇғᴏʀɢɪᴠᴇɴ ᴍᴇ.

The Secret Thoughts of Edward Hyde.

“All you are is a mad man..! A devil..! A curse..! You are nothing but a shadow of evil, a reflection of everything horrible and ugly in this damnable world!”

But I don’t let those words get to me. He’s said this many times over, and this is just a taste of what I get from him. Other times, he rants about how all I want to do is ruin him, how I “lust to destroy everything he has built”, yeah, like I really want to waste my time and energy dismantling something so big. 

After all, I have my hobbies, he has his. As long as he doesn’t take away mine, I won’t touch his stuff. He still has to learn that I’m not a dog and am capable of sometimes controlling myself.

I’m not that bad…Am I?

I mean, no one looks, really. No one sees. Well, except Cole, of course, but that’s only because he likes looking at everyone. So, him understanding me is nothing special. He understands Henry too, and he doesn’t count us as one in the same. He doesn’t treat me like a cut-off of Henry.

All I want to do is live. 

I love life. Everything about it is brilliant..! I mean, just watching the things that Henry can do every single day..! It amazes me..! 

Breathing in all that London smog! Walking amoung thousands trying to make their way, each with there own stories to tell! The clamor of horses feet on cobblestone! All of it just touches me…So, so much. 

I would give anything in this world, my very soul, for a chance to live like the rest of them. But, I am condemned to be a flaw. 

I can’t help it. Taking life away is just as fun as watching it. 

It makes me feel like I have a better chance of having a life, a good one, if another one ends. I know that that isn’t true. 

But I want it SO BAD

I want to draw.

I want to paint.

I want to walk.

I want to breathe.

I want to dance. 

I want to live.

Ah yeah talking about me wasting my time, I feel like Kindred is finally coming back to meta/stronger with the Press the Attack rune, and Taliyah became more fun/stronger with the Frost Augment, just make sure you get the glp frostbolt item first. Kindred is especially is fun to play right now, got the early game buff they needed and they scale really well, and high mobility! I’d get bloodrazor now, though, instead of the AD jungle item now.

Meanwhile Jhin is… weaker than ever, maybe with the lethality build works for him? I hear lethality got buffed so AD casters are stronger now. Fleet Footwork is the best mastery for him though… but I feel like he just gets swagged on in lane by every adc including Vayne, Trist, all these lategame carries he just can’t do shit against all game, and his utility doesn’t redeem him. Uhhhh idk maybe I’m really bad but each time I play him I just want to carve my eyes out.

Supporting in normals makes me wanna die so I havent played too much but Aerie mastery is cute af, but not sure if worth, I have to try some other runes to judge. Leona seems strong as shit. I love her - I wanna try press the attack on her too.

Truth or Dare-Pietro Maximoff Imagine

Requested by @mylittlefandomfanfictions. Thanks sweetie. Hope you  like it. Si eu te iubesc!

“Pietro Maximoff fic? He’s been denying his feelings for the reader for a very long time but the others notice the way he looks at her so the come up with a plan to get him to confess? Then maybe a little time skip and they’ve been together for a few months? Lots of fluff but ending with smut?? Thank you doll! Te iubesc ❤️❤️❤️❤️ “

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Smut

Words: 1,886

A/N: Well, I kinda skipped the time skip, but still hope you like it doll. English isn’t my first language so you might find some grammar mistakes. Enjoy!

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You were currently stood outside with Clint. You were both shooting arrows, as usually. After joining the Avengers, you and Clint befriended really quick. He was always willing to train with you and he soon enough gained your trust.

“Shooting from one hundred feet? What do you think, Y/N? Can you handle it” Clint challenged, full aware that you could do it.

“Bet your ass I can” You said, lifting your bow and pulling at the string. Suddenly, you felt a strange breeze behind you and a palm on your lower back. You lost control for a brief moment and the arrow flew directly at Clint, who fortunately caught it with ease. 

“Told you you couldn’t do it, Y/N.” He said, a smirk plastered on his face. “Oh, and hi Pietro.” He said, nodding to the man behind you.

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Just work that loli. Work that loli. Make sure you don't hurt nobody.