Yo. What the fuck.

Alright. I understand all you super big animal lovers and activists and shit. But you kinda need to chill out. Well here’s the story….
Last night I was at a party and they fed the dog beer. I thought that was kinda funny. I didn’t really think anything of it. Then they mentioned he has cancer and he’s on his way out. But you know. Whatever they think, that’s kinda up to them. It’s not really animal abuse in my eyes. Now I respect the fact that you may think it does. Like. Idk. Whatever. Well as I got tipsy I thought it was a little more funny. So I took a snapchat of it. Well today someone screenshots it and puts me on blast on Facebook and now a bunch of people are telling me to go play in traffic and I’m such a piece of fucking shit. Is that really necessary? I sincerely apologize to everyone that is offended or was offended by this. And I will think twice about feeding a dog beer. But seriously. To tell me to kill myself and shit? You don’t really realize how you continuously saying that to me is making me feel like shit. Like you should have personally messaged me and let me know what was up. Not put me on blast and get a bunch of people to start talking shit out of no where. Congrats on making me super upset and I now feel attacked. Thanks bro.
I need a friend.