Finally was able to find and do a quick shoot of my good friend @justohl in his Dread Mechanic wastelander cosplay during @stanleecomiccon .
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while sexism definitely is a part of it, Loads of people do have genuine good reasons to complain about JKR post-books world building- because she doesn't seem to have done as extensive research on the cultures as with UK. (ex. that American Wizards & Native Americans get along 100% despite the massacres perpetuated by pilgrims, the Japanese school being on the site of nuclear bomb wasterland, the thing with skinwalkers, one school for all 50 states,etc). it came across as lazy and disrespectful

I’m not even sure it’s sexism in this case. John Green gets an enormous amount of shit. I think people just hate JKR. It’s been like that since way before any of this new material came out. Before the end of canon, in fact. I think there’s a phenomenon where people in a fandom start believing they own the world and the characters and then resent the original creator for asserting their position and reminding them that they don’t. People don’t want the new material because it interferes with their headcanons.

There is also the aspect of people going over everything JKR does and says with a fine-toothed comb, looking for things to call her out on. They blow details up as if they’re horrific infractions, like you did above (and you’ve got your facts wrong and clearly haven’t researched the specific lore she created), and ignore all actual tangible good she’s done in the world, the thousands of people whose lives she’s improved through her charity work.

JKR was going to get shit about the new world building no matter what she wrote. People were going to find fault with it no matter what. Whether or not it’s lazy or disrespectful is a matter of opinion, not a fact. None of us have any idea how much research she did or didn’t do, and the fact that she didn’t present the new material in the specific ways some fandomers would have liked her to does not mean it was lazy or disrespectful.