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I like doing comics like a storyboard - and storyboards in general. I don’t have any experience, but it’s fun. Comics without dialogue are one of my favourite forms of art!

So, I talked to a friend about her Wasteland AU Veigar (find it here) and he and my wasteland scout… well, they will have an interesting relationship to say the least. This is a scenario in which roles are sort of reversed (from the usual canon).

tl;dr: Teemo fucked up.

( - my Wasteland AU - )

I will be at New York Comic Con this weekend! 

I will have two releases, including this piece, and will be doing signings at the Hero Complex Gallery booth on Thursday and Saturday from 10 until 1 pm. There will also be Seven Samurai, Game of Thrones and Avengers prints for sale.

I can’t wait to meet everyone! Please feel free to come by and say hello. :)

I had an epiphany

Thanks to this lovely post I saw something that made so much of Epic Mickey click.

Look at this scene from the Tales of Wasteland comics:

“The few fans who remember me”

He does know he has some fans, but refers to them as “few”

Apparently it actually takes a crap ton of people loving a character to ensure they still have a heart.

Whether or not a character has a heart not a matter of “No one remembers me” it’s a matter of “Not enough people love me to get me out of here” or “They don’t love me enough”

Think about it, how many fans do the playing cards have? How much Horace Horsecollar and Clarabella Cow merchandise have you seen?

We know who they are, but most people don’t consider them their favorites. That’s why they made sure in the game to mention it’s for the “forgotten AND the unloved”

Sure, He’s been selling a ton of merchandise in Japan, but is that enough? Are they actively watching the old cartoons? Probably not. How many comics is he appearing in? Not many.

So this begs some in-universe questions:

  • Did the Epic Mickey games help?
  • Did closing down Junction point ruin his chances?
  • Is he still in Wasteland?
  • Do we need to make more fan art?

I was searching a bathroom and opened a stall door and was so startled I dropped the controller because jangles the moon monkey was sitting on the toilet… 

teen titans : Bat-Girl I  (Betty Kane)

trying to get my groove back. getting closer a lil muddy. here is the original Bat-girl… side kick to the Original Bat-Woman, and member of Titans West post crisis DC she became Bette Kate aka Flamebird. her costume looks like it was designed by Bat-mite


((My iPad is glitchy as hell and for some reason I couldn’t submit my stuff to you, I hope this is ok and not too annoying))  

So, for @yaki-chizu ’s amazing wastelander comic contest, this is my OC, Freckles! :> She’s got immense amnesia so she has no idea what her age or real name is, but she seems to be a preteen. She’s skinny and short (and covered with freckles) with ginger hair, and is absolutely obsessed with knives. She’s got a thick New York accent. Freckles is arrogant and rude. She pretends to be tough but is honestly just insecure and weak as hell. She idolises Amy, and wants to be just like her (she’s kind of in love with her actually), and will follow her and do whatever she says no matter what. Freckles wasn’t fond of Mercy The Child (or Mercy The Stupid Brat, in her opinion) at all, and is glad she went away. She’s extremely terrified of men, and that fear turned into rage, and Freckles absolutely loathes men with a burning passion, especially Boy London, whom Freckles feels is stealing Amy’s attention away from her. Freckles has a horribly injured eye covered with a bandage and is deaf in one ear. She’s a rough, grumpy, confused girl who loves attention but is scared of basically anything she doesn’t understand. Which is a lot.