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The Original Plot of Epic Mickey 2

I found out today that the person who posted the original story line of Epic Mickey 2, before it was rewritten because of time constraints, deleted their blog without a warning. Though I don’t know them personally, I hope they are ok and things are going well for them.

That being said, I decided to repost the orginal over here since the post is no longer available. I do not take any credit for finding this. all that credit should go to McBasilRocks, who unfortunately I can not link due to being deactivated. I had to seriously dig to recover this, and I decided to repost it here before something happened and it was lost completely.

When I say that this was the original plot, I mean that it was the VERY original plot. And this wasn’t fan made either- as explained in the post, this was found while digging through the Wikipedia page for Epic Mickey, and was taken down by DISNEY for leaking prior to the game’s release.

Anyways; here’s the post, word-for-word, about the very very original plot of Epic Mickey 2:

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I had an epiphany

Thanks to this lovely post I saw something that made so much of Epic Mickey click.

Look at this scene from the Tales of Wasteland comics:

“The few fans who remember me”

He does know he has some fans, but refers to them as “few”

Apparently it actually takes a crap ton of people loving a character to ensure they still have a heart.

Whether or not a character has a heart not a matter of “No one remembers me” it’s a matter of “Not enough people love me to get me out of here” or “They don’t love me enough”

Think about it, how many fans do the playing cards have? How much Horace Horsecollar and Clarabella Cow merchandise have you seen?

We know who they are, but most people don’t consider them their favorites. That’s why they made sure in the game to mention it’s for the “forgotten AND the unloved”

Sure, He’s been selling a ton of merchandise in Japan, but is that enough? Are they actively watching the old cartoons? Probably not. How many comics is he appearing in? Not many.

So this begs some in-universe questions:

  • Did the Epic Mickey games help?
  • Did closing down Junction point ruin his chances?
  • Is he still in Wasteland?
  • Do we need to make more fan art?



Oswald’s Mechanical Cow from the short “The Mechanical Cow” was built (presumably by Oswald himself) to dispense milk, and was also a friend of Oswald’s.

In Wasteland:

How could they not include him? Out of all the characters in the surviving Oswald shorts, this guy seems the closest to being an actual friend of Oswald’s (not Oswald’s fault, he was more of a solo character, after all, and I’m sure he had lots of friends in the lost shorts).

They could have put him in the Ice Cream Shop. Like, really, he would have been quite at home in the ice cream shop. 

Or they could have rigged him to dispense paint or thinner instead of milk, depending on Mickey’s choices.


so i was originally gonna keep these to myself but i decided others might need to see these.

so EPIC MICKEY (basically just oswald) PLUS POSITIVE STUFF~


(also just sayin none of these posts are mine)



Ortensia’s Father (name recently revealed to be J.P. Whiskers) was a banker who loved his daughter, but disapproved of Oswald.

In Wasteland:

He probably still doesn’t approve of Oswald.

Oswald: But, Mr. Whiskers! We’re already married, and I’m KING of all of WASTELAND!

Whiskers: And how’d we get here, my lad? Because you were forgotten!

Oswald: It’s not my fault, that mouse-

Whiskers: Pah! Blaming others now, are we?

Oswald: Mr. Whiskers, Ortensia and I are already married, which makes us inlaws. Can you please just give me your blessing and move on?

Whiskers: Pah! You think we’ll be in laws for long? Ortensia will come to her senses sooner or later!


Whiskers: And you barely spend any time with them, and let them wander all over Wasteland! Let me tell you, in my day-



{{ Since today is Oswald’s birthday, I thought it would be appropriate to post Oswald’s first ever appearance, Trolley Troubles, which aired September 5th, 1927! }}



Wow, Vintage Oswald Merchandise is almost as creepy as vintage Mickey merchandise.

In Wasteland:

Remember how Oswald had that one doll of himself? (aka the least creepy piece of Oswald merchandise from the 20′s)

And all the posters he had from his glory days?

What if inside Mickeyjunk Mountain was Oswald was more vintage memorabilia? Like a mini Oswald mountain.


In Wasteland:

Pig-Head Blotlings? 

wastelander-rabbit was swallowed by a bubble

There was a stuttery giggle from behind a lump of coral, a copper robot with massive blue and green eyes peeked around a branch, grinning at the visitor trapped in the air bubble.

“Hey there!”

Jon and HatchWorth had been working together to figure out how to get the more fragile visitors from their portals to the manor without getting them wet.  HatchWorth’s hatch produced coral polyps.  And Jon’s core produced the energy needed to make them grow at a fast rate.  It’s why Walter Manor was so big. 

They had created a new dry room, not far from the front door.  It was dryer than any other room, with more air space, and a few plate-made chairs and tables.  Steve said it was comfortable.  So… they thought it would work.  

But it was still a mystery on how to get people here without the bubbles.  Because you get a bubble to the surface, and it would pop.  So how to get them from the dry land, into a bubble, and back to their portal?

They were debating this right as a portal opened on the side wall of the new room.