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So it's clear in game that the super mutants came from the capital wasteland to attempt to find more fev to make more super mutants because they were running out. And the institute didn't take Shaun to experiment on him, but to raise him to give his DNA to the creation of gen 3 synths. Also it wasn't a retcon power armor existed before the war.

T-60 and X-01 used to be postwar enhancements of prewar power armor (brotherhood and enclave respectively), fo4 retconned them as prewar tech. nobody’s arguing that power armor is post-war tech, literally the first shot of the first fallout game is two pre-war soldiers in power armor

go look at the evidence we actually have about super mutants on the east coast. the idea that they’re ALL dc migrants doesn’t add up at all, and quinlan’s notes explicitly say the fev strain in the commonwealth is “quite different from the strains present in the Capital Wasteland”.

on top of that, their population seems much denser in the commonwealth (where they have no fev to reproduce with), and they have domesticated mutant dogs and other capabilities that fo3’s mutants don’t. we’re also told that the minutemen have been fighting the mutants consistently for a century. it doesn’t add up. institute theory makes much more sense for a lot of reasons