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I promised a while ago to post a close-up of one of my PA bra’s. I totally forgot about that..but here it is :) It really needs to be fixed. At DutchComicCon my bf dived at my boobs to prevent a nipple slip that a photographer was waiting for…would be fun to have pictures of his action though hehe :p


♎ LIBRA //  An overgrown glade of flowers, bathed in early morning light. Roses flourish and blossom in any shade you can imagine. Any shade your heart desires. The air tastes sweet, like honey. Song birds sing with lungs like flutes, and butterfly wings tickle your cheeks. Buds unfurl upon your touch, with beads of nectar nestled neatly on every perfect petal. They all smell different and intoxicating. Vines twist over your toes and wistfully up your legs. The mist is sparkling and every eyelash is dusted in diamond dew drops. It seeps into every pore and you shimmer from the inside out. Your laughter makes the garden grow. Your breathing is even, your chest is light. You feel fresh and young and beautiful. Here; you are lovely.

♏ SCORPIO //  A solitary cave. A place born of magic; tucked away in a mysterious swamp. Empty echoes send a shiver up your spine. Hollow whispers reverberating off the walls resonate deep behind your ribs. It’s the sorrowful singing of ghosts. The cave is black – smooth, glassy obsidian. Glowing emerald stalactites cling to the ceiling. An eerie, green fog draws you deeper in. At the center of this dark cave is a raging whirlpool, the water rapid and frothing and pearly white. Fearlessly, you dip your hands in. The violent swirling subsides, and it begins to churn the colors of a nebula. It will show you anything you desire. The depths of the ocean and the most distant galaxies are now at your fingertips. Liquid starlight drips from above and splashes into your eyes. The emptiness seems full now. Your thirst for more is finally quenched. Here; you are satisfied.

♐ SAGITTARIUS //  A vast, tropical canyon, carved into the Earth by cascading waterfalls and the slow passage of time. A drop so steep that it could be the very edge of the world. You kneel and look down. The walls are smooth like marble, and striped in layers of rich, copper rock. Thick clouds of steam billow up from below. All you can see through the jungle fog is faint flashes of color and light. It smells of fireworks. Drums are booming, beating the same rhythm that vibrates in your chest. Massive roots covered in moss and big yellow mushrooms creep up the sides of the trench. The fungi begin to glow when touched, as if to light the way down. An invitation to climb. Behind you is barren and desolate with nothing to offer. There is much adventure to be had. You begin the descent into the unknown, the untouched. A fire is burning in your bones. Here; you are inspired.

♑ CAPRICORN //  A snow capped peak, a rugged expanse of rocky terrain. Mountain tops crest the landscape like waves to the sea. The wind is howling, the path is harsh and treacherous and suffocating. The ground shakes and quakes and cracks. The mountain groans and threaten to collapse, threatens to crush everything under it. But at the top, there is quiet. You exhale all the suffering in a single breath. Wiping bloodied palms on your knees, you look out over a vibrant valley – just as the sun emerges to defeat the night. A golden promise bathes the lavender peaks in radiant light. The most beautiful sounds ricochet off every angled surface and ring perfectly in your ears. The once trembling earth stands still beneath your feet. The air is rich and calm, in sync with your steady breath. You are safe. You are strong. You are in control. This world now belongs to you, and you alone. Here; you are triumphant.

♒ AQUARIUS //  An arctic wasteland at the very top of the globe. The ground is nothing but crystalline ice. You do not need skates, you simply glide, and each breath enters the air in shimmering, prismatic puffs. The polar winds pull you in a dance unlike any other, creating new shapes and patterns in the snow. Your feet make ripples on the ice, as though it were still liquid. And when you finally skid to a halt, it is at a place between the heavens and Earth. As close as one can physically be to outer space. The northern lights coil around you and weave through your hair. You can see every star and celestial body. You reach up, dip your fingertips in the colors of the cosmos and paint an aurora on the icy canvas below. Iridescent greens and blues and purples mingling with hues completely beyond comprehension. Your touch makes this Earth a little more unearthly – a little more magnificent. You are changing this world. Here; you are ethereal.

♓ PISCES //  A secluded lagoon, an enchanted oasis. The sun has fallen, the sky is dusk. You followed a spirit to this place. The glistening waters of the calm pool are still saturated the colors of the peachy sunset. It smells of lavender and sage. Tall, broad foliage protects you from the world outside. The rocks are smoothed quartz, the grass is silken and spongy. Wild flowers tickle your toes and tiny glass dragonflies buzz about, nudging you to dive in. The ripples you make begin to sing. They sound like harps and wind chimes. You don’t need to hold your breath or close your eyes. Schools of glittering, silvery fish swim circles around you, leaving shells in your hair and scales on your skin. You swim back to the surface, where large lily pads surround and cover you like blankets. The fauna releases a sigh as your eyelids droop shut. This place was made for you to dream. Here; you are rested.