Photo Credit to Roy Smallpage - A fantastic photographer who does his utmost to make every image a glimpse of perfection.

So, this is finally my post about the amazing Vault 57 LARP (I was waiting to receive my pictures). I got to play Clem, the border patrol captain of the Exile Zone. Pretty simple guy, who had been knocking around the place all his life. I spent a lot of my time plot dropping for the players and generally wastelanding around.

Which was fucking AWESOME!

Vault 57 manages to bring so much of the aesthetic of the games to life. And they have an outstanding crew and player base who every year manage yet again to astound me with their ingenuity and creativity.

This was my little experience of what truly feels like a devastated wasteland.

Vault Suit Project - Update #06

Test fitting of the vault suit as it stands at the moment. Definitely sags a bit too much so can take it in on certain areas, add the piping on the arms and a few more details. It’s getting there at least.

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