Yoki (LW) and Butch. 6 years after the events of F3. So they’re 25 years old.


I decided to change Butch’s hairstyle ‘cause I think that in the Wasteland he won’t wear hair like before  (my boy has grown up lol).

Also about Yoki. She lost her leg and arm when she was activating the purifier.


🎶Let’s go sunning, It’s so good for you, Let’s go sunning, Beneath the sky of blue🎶

I’ve been getting back on my Fallout kick and playing Fallout 3 for the first time. I love the interpretation of the ghouls so much in 3. I wish my character could turn into a ghoul instead of just getting rad poisoning and croaking.


Here’s my new film! We are all dying in the wasteland