So with the Vault-Tec workshop add on…. this nifty little thing came into being. Needless to say I have been in tears laughing for a very, very long time.

I don’t mind reposting but please credit me~!!! :D *EDIT* Danse just stared. Nick had been watching too but he went upstairs because he couldn’t stand it anymore.

A good friend of mine is a huge FallOut and Kingdom Hearts fan and as a birthday present I made this crossover fanart for him. I was actually almost a month late, because I was so busy in between, but at least I had gotten it done before FallOut 4 came out. And he liked the picture, so all is good. ^^)

I like how “Sora“ turned out, monster design is hard and let’s just suspend our belief on perspective in this one….. I really should use references.

Wasteland Vault Girl

Hey everyone! Sorry for that lack of update there for a bit, work got a little crazy and my birthday rolled around too so I didn’t much of a chance to pick up the pen over the weekend.

Anyways, here’s another Fallout one - counting down to when the game actually comes out. High res version…. here! (1440 x 1920) Hope you like it <3

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