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• They are afraid of going home

• They have issues with asking you things

• They learn to feel fear and anxiety from people b/c of you

• They learn to sneak more than do things in front of you.
It can be even small things. Like taking an item.

• It’s hard for them to mention you without cringing/

• They hate everything having to do with you

• They lie so they won’t have to face the anger and insults

• They feel trapped

• They feel worthless

• They break into tears just by a few words that was used
against them in the past

• They learn emotional trauma

• They physically feel sick/or get angry by hearing their

• They learn to be quiet, not say a word

• They feel afraid and depressed

• Their face makes them afraid


• They yell at them at times even in their face

• They are always angry and aggressive

• They are two faced

• They break things you loved for revenge

• They expect you to have no emotions

• They has hurt you physically once

• They hurt you mentally.

• They have called you curse words and names. Used
people as comparison to insult

• They took away people you loved

• They never let you near the family

• They expect you to be the typical this and that.

• Mistakes do not exist

• They expect you to lie for them • They thing always negative of you • They tell you rules and expect you to listen to them. You do for years but then slip uo and they say you don’t listen • They never are happy with what ever you do

I’ve been through this before and idk what this is called please help. I faced it with my father and this is personal but I need help. Facing him yeara later I still get flashbacks

What’s the term for this?

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afro-desis exist but they are a new ethnic mix and identity from recent relationships. What do you plan on continuing? Unfortunately you will have to make a choice. Will you marry another Afro-desi? An African? An Indian? Depending on what you choose, you're path and culture of your children will be different.

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The Waste of A Wish | Chapter 11


YUMA’S EYES are sparkling nonstop since he has stepped at the school grounds. He could feel that there are a lot of hidden gems in that place. Finally, his dream to invade NHG is being materialized.

“I wonder if I can see them here.” He murmured at himself while looking around. He looks like a cute shonen in his earthly paradise. Yuma looked at Natsu who is busy acting as the tour guide. A smile of excitement curved up the searcher’s lips.

“This one is here. There’s a big chance that they are here as well.” His fists even clenched in great excitement. “You guys are doing well, right?”

While Yuma is in the peak of his excitement, a certain group is in the verge of breaking down due to stress.

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Dawn: Well, that really depends on how involved in the scheme they turned out to be. At this point according to ZPD there were a total of sixty-eight mammals who helped fund or supported my Father’s plan in some way. Most of them were in and around in the city, but there were a few foreign interests involved and leads are still being followed, so the final number might change over time. Obviously the ones who suffered the worst sentences were those who we’re actually enacting the plan, and the Bug-Burga murders, well those who survived anyway. Really, that’s just Doug, and he’s serving a life sentence now.

The biggest financial backer in the whole thing was Gloria Swinton, who was set to run against Mayor Snow in last years election. She had siphoned a great deal of her excess campaign funds to Aster under the guise of charitable contributions to the sciences. I guess she was banking on Snow being caught in the chaos if my Father’s plan had went through, leaving her with no real competition when it came to electing the mammal who would rebuild the city. She ended up getting off lighter than she probably should have, possibly due to her political connections or finances, but her career is over. She’s in jail for the next ten years, but with a possibility for parole in five. I guess I shouldn’t complain as I was fortunate enough to receive a light sentence myself when it came to the first night howler scandal, but she gets to stay in a white collar prison like Lionheart did.

There were other political hopefuls who received worse sentences because they had been smaller than Swinton, many of whom were coming out of the Meadowlands. I think the worst I heard was someone was going to be doing twenty years, with the possibility of parole in ten. But that was a ruling from the Meadowland Courts, and Swinton was tried in Savannah Central. The rest were mammals in community professions. Police officers, guards, prey supremacists, mammals who were set up to gain some sort of important position by going along with it. It’s really terrifying to think about just how big this thing turned out to be, and I still worry about whether or not they found everyone involved. Even so, I’m sure there are sympathizers out there who probably have plans of their own. I just pray that the measures that Snow has implemented will be able to prevent them from enacting their schemes. I’m also a little afraid that maybe some of those sympathizers might be looking for me, to make me pay for ‘betraying’ sheep-kind or just prey in general. But thankfully, Vernon manages to keep me from worrying about that too much.