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Updated full map of all Iedunnoh, containing the 8 major continents and bigger islands. Each continent has a number of countries and or regions. Here’s a list of the continents and islands, how many countries or regions they have and what they “are”. And some other things.

Sqoll - The land of frost and tundras. The whole continent is a country.

Hiremyll - The land of forests and mountains. 17 countries including islands.

Altheris - The land of marshes and wastes. 28 countries including islands.

Shattered Isles - The islands of winds and storms. 14 major islands.

Quellereth - The land of sand and fortune. 4 regions and 3 islands.

Plaetea - The land of spires and jungles. 24 countries including islands.

Tuwok - The land of oddities and volcanoes. 7 regions.

Mareef - The land and islands of reefs and relics. 15 countries including islands.

Evalla - The land of dragons and fear. The whole continent is a country.

Mainly human ruled continens: Altheris, Hiremyll, Quellereth, Shattered Isles, half of Tuwok and Mareef

Mainly monster ruled continents: Sqoll, Plaetea, the other half of Tuwok and Mareef

Dragon ruled continents: Evalla

The continent many forget because it isn’t a landmass, but a giant stable cloud and is also ruled by angels which are counted as myths by humans: Cloudscape

Bigger islands either part of a continent or not: Thunder Isle, Flock Island, Thill, Quellerte, Gifma

things primary school taught me that really stuck:

  • littering is the worst possible thing you can do
  • leaving a tap on is the second worst possible thing you can do
  • stop drop and roll
  • a lot of excess knowledge about volcanoes for a kid growing up in a country with no active volcanoes


When Fire had found out about of the new Alolan league, and that Red of all people was the champion, he’d immediately booked a ticket for the next flight to Alola, travelled to Ula'ula Island, and snuck into the league via… not-quite-legal means - Fire actually had no clue how he managed to make that horrible plan work, but if it meant not having to waste time doing the Island Challenge, he wasn’t going to complain.

So here he was, about to face his brother - the champion - after so many years. He was, understandably, nervous, but this was no time to doubt his decision to come here. Taking a deep breath, he ascended the stairs leading to the battle field.

“Hey- wait, who the fuck are you?

Ahem, so, let me introduce you all to the Aalrahi

A tri-elemental racial divergent of sorts, the Aalrahi hail from an archipelgo within the Sea of a Thousand Currents along the edge of water territory that buffers up against both the Windswept Plateau and the Ashfall Waste. Depending on which island and geographical location an inhabitant is born upon, their elemental affinity can vary between water, wind, and fire. Members of all three elements coexist in harmony with one another within their communities and are often amiable to those of the elements from the wind and fire mainlands and further out in the Sea. And while immigrants from other elements are welcomed into the community given enough time, they are few and far between. 

The Aalrahi as a racial group is divided up into various tribes, typically with one tribe per island, although some of the smallest land masses are inhabited with the tribe native to their closest island neighbor. Each tribe operates as a separate political and economic entity, though peace is maintained across the archipelago through the collective racial identity. An Aalrahi always refers to themselves by their tribal affiliation before that of the racial whole. Due to the sparsity of the archipelago’s population in comparison to other political powers, the tribes band together in matters where military might is required since each individual tribe is unlikely to be able to fend for itself alone. The tightly knit political connections between tribes allows for this militant strategy to be viable in times of conflict. If one tribe or island is attacked, the others will not hesitate to send aid.


Your poop isn’t just waste! At the Jones Island Water Reclamation facility in Milwaukee, WI they are turning it into fertilizer and energy! And they’ve been doing it for 90 years!

Envy of Other People’s Poems

by Robert Haas

In one version of the legend the sirens couldn’t sing.
It was only a sailor’s story that they could.
So Odysseus, lashed to the mast, was harrowed
By a music that he didn’t hear – plungings of the sea,
Wind-sheer, the off-shore hunger of the birds –
And the mute women gathering kelp for garden mulch,
Seeing him strain against the cordage, seeing
the awful longing in his eyes, are changed forever
On their rocky waste of island by their imagination
Of his imagination of the song they didn’t sing.