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Undone | NSFW


Summary: He had rules. You never questioned them, until he disobeyed his own rules. This is the time where you both undid each other.

Characters: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, sug*r da*dy/s*gar b*by relationship, smut, light bondage

Word Count: 1,605

A/N: Okay, first, only read if you’re 18+! This is NSFW! Secondly, yes this lightly describes a sug*r da*dy/s*gar b*by relationship (I’m censoring this to keep it out of those tags). I just got inspired. This does not reflect Tom in any way possible. It’s fiction. Lastly, I decided to never mention Tom’s name in the story because I thought it would add a mysterious tone. Other than that, enjoy.

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Essential Oils Masterpost

Some tips: 

  • Never take an essential oil internally, it can really hurt you
  • Always use a carrier oil (e.g. olive, apricot, jojoba, etc) to use on the skin. Add one drop essential oil to the carrier oil and apply on skin
  • Most of the neuro-stimulating ones on the list below correspond best with aromatherapy applications (either sniff the bottle or add to a humidifier). The links at the bottom of the post can give you more information about how to apply and use essential oils 
  • Never put an essential oil on the inside of your nose, ears, eyes, mouth or genitals

The following index is paraphrased from packets of information I received while in massage school:

  • Basil Used since antiquity for chest infections, digestive problems, and jaundice. Good for headaches, migraines, head colds, and mental fatigue. Stimulating if used in small doses, sedating if used in large quantities
  • Bay Laurel Expectorant, antispasmodic, and carminative. Encourages confidence, fortitude, inspiration, protection, directions, and creativity. Particularly indicated for chilly, congested individuals who lack energy and confidence. Assists by stimulating the rational and “higher mind” b helping to renew one’s belief in one’s own boundless potential. Ignites the fire element– elevates the spirit and sparks inner vision. Bay Laurel is contraindicated during pregnancy
  • Bergamot Uplifting, good for depression and anxiety. Encourages release of pent-up feelings, helps to redirect nervous energy away from unproductive behavior. excellent deodorant and (when combined with Lavender) is an effective insect repellent. Anti viral
  • Black Pepper Antispasmodic, carminative, tonic, and stimulant. When added in small doses to massage oil, can help with muscular pain, stiffness, and fatigue
  • Bulgarian Rose “A miracle of nature” Disperses worries, anxieties and sorrows. Shows us love. Expands our awareness. Enhances the  frequency of every cell, brining balance and harmony, feelings of well-being and happiness. “Here is spring returning with chars of the roses. See only their cheeks and the bitter plant of sadness will be uprooted from your heart.” -Hafiz 
  • Cardamom General tonic of body’s vital energy, brain and nervous system– can aid concentration and help with relaxation when worried/tense. Can help restore an “appetite for life,” reminding us of life’s true abundance and restores desire for contentment. 
  • Carrot Powerful tonic action on the liver and gall bladder. Good to aid healthy skin– restores tone and elasticity and may reduce wrinkling
  • Cedarwood Antiseptic, astringent. Gives immovable strength in times of crisis. Can restore a sense of spiritual certainty. Helps to take a negative/threatening situation and transform it into an experience from which we can derive strength and wisdom. Cedarwood is contraindicated during pregnancy
  • Chamomile Can help relieve nervous stress of any kind, but is of greatest benefit for problems associated with a build-up of tension i the solar plexus. Eases tension of the excessive ego-desire and the frustration, resentment and depression that frequently follow. Helps to let go of fixed expectations, calmly acknowledge our own limitations, and more readily accept the help and support that other can manage to give. 
  • Chamomile - Roman Calming and relaxing. Helpful in overcoming headaches and insomnia. Soothing and antiseptic, reduces inflammation. Relieves PMS symptoms, soothes muscular aches and pains. 
  • Cinnamon Antiseptic. For nausea. faintness, depression, nervous exhaustion, and other stress related conditions. Helps clear the head. 
  • Citronella Insect repellent. Can be effective in keeping house pets away from plants and soil.
  • Clary Sage Good for stress. Powerful muscle relaxant. Warming and antispasmodic. Can help with menstrual issues. Strengthening, relaxing, mentally & emotionally uplifting. Allows inspiration to flow. Excellent household disinfectant.
  • Clove Teeth and gum complaints. Anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti infectious, anti inflammatory, anti parasitic, anti septic, anti viral, immune stimulant. Reported to influence healing, improve memory, and create a feeling of protection and courage.
  • Cypress Astringent. Good for oily skin. Tonic to the circulatory system. Antispasmodic. Helpful with menstrual issues. Insect repellent. Helps cope with and accept difficult change– encourages the process of taking in and letting go. Has the potential to unearth the fears that block change. 
  • Dill Has relaxing effect on nerves, muscles, intestines, and the respiratory system and pacifies spasmodic attacks
  • Eucalyptus Globulus Lung complaints. Strengths respiratory system. Insect repellent. Cleans air in treatment room and home. Sore throat. Apply under the nose and on each side of the nose for sinus relief. Reported to enhance health, well-being, purification and healing
  • Fennel Treats cellulitis. Can help regulate menstrual cycle and reduce symptoms of PMS and water retention. Useful in menopause. Can help nursing mothers. Valuable in counterbalancing alcohol poisoning an in the treatment/rehabilitation of alcoholics. May help prevent build-up of toxic waste in the body. encourages self-expression, freeing the feelings of stagnation, inviting us to communicate freely without fear or inhibition. Fennel is contraindicated for children under age 6 and for people with epilepsy
  • Frankincense Increases spiritual awareness and assists meditation. Improves attitude. Strengthens immune system. Introspection aid
  • Geranium Antidepressant and antiseptic. Astringent. Promotes speedy healing. Can help with PMS & excessive fluid retention. Stimulating effect on lymphatic system. Tonic on liver and kidneys. Conveys a feeling of calm strength and security, helps with anxiety. Ideal for the workaholic/perfectionist who has forgotten imagination, intuition, and sensory experience. Helps to reconnect to our emotional sensitivity, relaxed spontaneity, and healthy thirst for enjoyment
  • Grapefruit Cooling, cleansing, and decongesting. Mild diuretic. Clears the psychological heat and congestion that result from deep-seated frustration and self-blame. Clarifying, refreshing. It works to rid the “heavy” feelings that accompany angry disappointment, allowing us to perceive and accept more realistic goals. 
  • Helichrysum Italicum Promotes blood circulation. Good for ear complaints. Reported to cut through barriers. When we lock up inside and get angry and don’t want to forgive, we create barriers which keep us from going forward in our lives. Uplifting to the unconscious. depression, lethargy, nervous exhaustion, stress related conditions.
  • Jasmine Good for apathy, indifference, listlessness, nervous exhaustion, stress-related conditions. Produces a feeling of optimism, confidence and euphoria
  • Juniper Antiseptic and diuretic. Detoxification. Astringent. Good for acne. Good household disinfectant. Stimulates appetite. Works to break through psychological stagnation and consolidate will power. Helps to purge the worry and self-absorption that is rooted in a fear of failure. Restores determination to overcome life’s obstacles. 
  • Lavender Calming, soothing, balancing, normalizing. Restores unbalanced state of mind/body back to a state of balance where healing can take place. Relieves muscular pain and menstrual pain. Works to calm any strong emotions that threaten to overwhelm the mind.
  • Lavender - Wild “A miracle of nature; when in doubt, use lavender” 100s of uses. Excellent for burns and depression. When everything has been tried without success, try lavender. 
  • Lemon Purifying air and water. Promotes sense of well-being. Invigorating, enhancing and warming. Promotes sense of feeling lighter. For depression and sadness. Lightens egocentric concerns.
  • Neem Anti fungal, antibacterial, anti viral, helps with acne, scabies, eczema, psoriasis, rash, shingles, ear complaints (do NOT place in ear canal, massage it behind the ear & down the neck with a carrier oil), insect repellent (bio-safe insecticide), helps with old wounds that aren’t healing, helps with tooth decay, external application for tumors, external applications for sore throat and chest congestion Do not take internally
  • Neroli Restores equilibrium, Focus in the Now, healing mind, body and spirit
  • Patchouli Grounding, brings one into the physical. Sedating, calming, relaxing. Reduces anxiety
  • Peppermint Antispasmodic. Warming and stimulating. Can help with stomach upset, cold, and flu. Also has cooling effect that can be helpful with fever. Stimulates the brain and aids clear thinking. Can help with shock. Enhances concentration and absorption, but also helps facilitate the digestion of new ideas. 
  • Ravensara “A miracle of nature” Anti viral, good for first signs of flu or cold symptoms, immunostimulating properties. Can alleviate cervical & thoracic pain and soothe the stressed when combined with Lavender essential oil. Excellent for respiratory tract complaints. Revitalizes those suffering from physical and nervous fatigue. Nerve tonic. Shakes up lethargy and those avoiding responsibilities. Relieves the depressed and reassures the anxious. Muscular relaxant and pain killer. Helps with joint pain. 
  • Rosemary Specific for lung and respiratory ailments. Good expectorant for coughing fits. Excellent for ear-nose-throat complaints. Good for healthy hair. Stimulates memory and opens the conscious mind. Mental fatigue. Useful for cleaning the air within the treatment room or home. Relaxing foot or full body bath.
  • Sandalwood Centering, calming, appears to stimulate a parasympathetic nervous system (i.e. relaxing) response). Reported to increase oxygen around pineal and pituitary glands
  • Spearmint Antioxidant, helps support the respiratory and nervous systems. May help open and release emotional blocks leading to a sense of balance and well-being.
  • Spikenard Regulating on the nervous system and heart. Good for nervous tension, anxiety, insomnia. Works to replace despondency and resentment with acceptance and compassion. Indicated for individuals, who, searching for spiritual certainty, struggle in vain to find the stable ground of faith. Allows us to surrender. Grounding
  • Spruce - Black Grounding and relaxing. Balances the body and releases emotional blocks. Purifying and cleansing. Helps to release blocks to prosperity and wealth. Helps with arthritis, immune depression, sciatica, hyperthyroidism, and fungal infections. Stimulates thymus/adrenals.
  • Sweet Orange Energizing and calming
  • Tea Tree Cleansing and purifying (Has 100s of uses)
  • Thyme - Red Stimulates the production of white blood cells, stimulates circulation, raises low blood pressure helps to revive and strengthen both body and mind. Good for chronic anxiety
  • True Melissa Reported to bring out gentle characteristics within people
  • Valerian Excellent for nervous exhaustion brought on by emotional excitement, anxiety, mental chatter, restlessness, and stress-related disorders. Good for nervous headaches, migraines, and to generally soothe and calm the mind. 
  • Vetiver Clears heat, nourishes, calms and uplifts. Strengthening and grounding. “Imbues us with the calm, reassuring strength of Mother Earth and her deep sense of belonging.” Sedates, yet restores, centers, and reconnects us, closing the gap between spirit and matter
  • Ylang Ylang Calming and relaxing. Can help instances of shock, fright, anxiety, and anger. Can help reduce low blood pressure. Antidepressant, aphrodisiac, sedative. 

More About Essential Oils:

psycho 01 / taehyung

Originally posted by bossybishqueenbaozi

summary: ‘’scared of me?’’

note: okay so I got inspired to do a imagine of y/n and taehyung because of the japanese version of blood sweat & tears 

warning and a note: this story has some sexual harassment in it so if you are uncomfortable with reading this kind of story please stop right here, i understand this might be hurtful to some people but this is just my crazy imagination and I’m sorry if you have ever experienced anything like this and I also wish this doesn’t happen to anyone ever, i know that taehyung isn’t like this in real life this is just a story


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Sometimes I think I'm being really wasteful with my body. I have genetics for the perfect chest, thighs, ass, and hips. I would love my body if I wanted to stay a cis female, but I dont. I feel like I'm wasting all these good genes by going on T and having surgery... can you help me think otherwise..?

Imagine if someone gave you a sweater that was three sizes too small, would it be a waste of fabric to return that for something that fit you better? Would anyone blame you for getting another sweater? Would you be expected to keep that sweater forever, just because it’s a nice sweater? It might be a great sweater, but if it doesn’t fit you then that fact is obsolete. Bodies, particularly nice ones, are gifts. You are allowed to return a gift if it doesn’t fit. You are under no obligation to pretend to be something you’re not. 

- Micheal 


So @ramseyringnecks often has to remind people that you can’t feed pigeons leafy greens, vegetables, or fruits, and this is why:

The cecum is an organ that’s responsible for breaking down leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, and fibrous plant material.

Chickens are omnivores that naturally eat bugs, fruits, small animals, grasses, leaves, and just about anything they can find. As you can see above, they’re so adept at grazing on plants that they have two caeca (cecum plural), and they’re BIG. Every so often they expel a brown slimy excrement that is them clearing out a cecum.

Pigeons on the other hand are pure grain and seed eaters. They have a cecum…but much like a dog it’s a little itty bitty blip of an organ near their rectum. They can’t extract hardly any nutrients from leaves or fruits, and attempting to is just hard on their body and wastes energy. They are designed to efficiently break down grains and seeds and shouldn’t eat anything else. A healthy diet for a pigeon consists of a variety of 5 or more seeds and grains, the more of a variety the better but ONLY seeds or grains (with grit and oyster/egg shell of course). In fact, pigeons aren’t grazers like chickens, so another big difference is that they shouldn’t have free choice of food; they should eat in meals unless they’re young and learning to eat on their own or sick.

Kinktober2017 Day 17: Costume Kink with Klance

Haha! I’m finally catching up with the actual date now! 

Keith had been embarrassed many times in his life. One time, he had fallen asleep in his class at the garrison and apparently made some very…humiliating…noises. Just recently, he had been rambling on to Shiro about everything Lance did that drove him crazy, and had accidentally blurted out that he had the biggest crush on him. God, that had been mortifying as fuck. But right now? Right now, Keith was the most embarrassed he had ever been in his life.

“Come on, just do it. Just mewl for me - it’ll be so cute,” Lance encouraged, leaning forward on the bed and cupping Keith’s chin with a smirk.

Keith wanted to recoil and hide in embarrassment, his face redder than his lion. “L-Lance…I’m already wearing these things…why do I need to do more?” He gestured at his cat ear headband and the cat tail he had strapped around his waist, shuffling anxiously on his knees and hugging his naked body self-consciously.

Lance’s hand moved up to cup his cheek and scratch the side of his head a little, and he instinctively leaned into it with a very powerful urge to do what Lance was telling him to do. “Come on, kitten. Do it - oh wow, that’s so cute…” He trailed off as Keith purred into the head scratches, eyes shut in bliss as his heart thumped against his chest. He hoped this was good enough to satisfy his kinky ass lover, purring louder when Lance’s scratches got harder. It felt so good.

“Babe, kitten, you’re so cute. Come on, just one mewl,” Lance urged, scooting forward a bit to observe Keith’s heavily blushing face more.

Keith’s lip trembled from how embarrassed he was, slowly shaking his head in defiance. That was too much. Going that far…no way could Keith do it. He would die from embarrassment.

“Come on, kitten. If you do it, I’ll get straight to fucking you.” Keith’s face just reddened even more at that as Lance winked at him, striking multiple arrows through his heart. This boy was going to be the death of Keith. Still, as much as his body was longing for Lance, he was too embarrassed right now to be swayed that easily by lust alone.

Lance frowned upon seeing that his temptation didn’t work, moving his hand down to scratch Keith’s chin. The costumed boy made more purring sounds, waggling his hips a bit as he closed his eyes and enjoyed the scratches. He wasn’t even purring on purpose - it was just coming out.

“Keith…” He opened his eyes to meet Lance’s adoring blue ones. “Do it…for me?”

Keith was so fucked. Just like that, it was over, and he knew it. Lance knew it. His kitty ears knew it. Everyone knew it. Lust couldn’t make him do things, but he was so weak for loverboy Lance it was almost sad. He was ready to cry in embarrassment, but his heart won out, and he slowly looked away from Lance.

And then, he made a soft, high-pitched mewling sound that broke both of them at the same time, for very different reasons.

Lance’s scratching stopped momentarily as Keith finally moved his hands up to his face to hide himself, finally creating the number one most embarrassing moment of his entire life. He wanted to just crawl under a blanket and hide for the rest of his life, it was so mortifying, it was so-


Keith slowly parted his fingers to glance at Lance, face reddening when he saw how red Lance’s face was. They were both just two red, blushing messes as they eyed each other, the temperature of the room rising exponentially. Keith’s heart was pounding so loudly he was sure they could both hear it as he waited for Lance to make a move.

“…you’re so cute, Keith.” Lance moved in quickly and captured Keith’s lips in his own, making Keith gasp in surprise. He shut his eyes, heart melting even more as Lance wrapped an arm around him and scratched the back of his head and his fake ears. The kiss was passionate yet innocent at the same time - just the two of them expressing their love for each other.

When Lance did pull away, he slid his arms down Keith’s body before turning him around, a smirk back on his face and replacing his embarrassed one from earlier.

“Lance…?” Keith breathed out, eyes glazed over with a million different emotions - each one of them tied to Lance in some way.

The Cuban boy’s hands brushed past Keith’s tail before rubbing his ass sensually and adoringly. “I told you, didn’t I? I said I’d get straight to fucking you after you mewl for me.”

He wasn’t really sure how his head hadn’t exploded at this point as Lance’s tongue grazed over his hole, sending shivers throughout his entire body and wasting no time in getting to prepping him. Apparently it was a talent of his to get super embarrassed to the point of having a heart attack without dying. He was, however, incredibly excited for what was about to happen as Lance attacked his hole, tongue ravishing him and wetting him and spreading him. One hand was helping to hold his cheeks open while the other one was casually playing with the base of Keith’s tail, reminding him that he was Lance’s kitten. He didn’t even mind the costume anymore, at least for right now, as he shut his eyes and moaned in response to Lance’s tongue being inside him.

“Lance…” He whispered, shaking his ass slightly to tempt him more. It worked; Lance began tongue fucking him faster and more eagerly, sending waves of intimate pleasure through his body and getting him more excited by the second. The more lubed up he was getting, the quicker they approached actual sex.

He let his heavy breaths come out in pants as he took Lance’s mouth joyously, purring and humming in satisfaction. In no time at all, Lance had pulled back and mounted Keith from behind, nibbling against his ear and drawing out more moans from him.

“You’ve been such a good kitty, Keith. God, you’re such a good kitty. I want to reward you now. I’m going to reward you now, ‘kay?” Lance’s voice was so damn hot and promising, and Keith was fucking weak for it.

He mewled in response. Again. He just couldn’t help it - he wanted to drive Lance as crazy as he was driving him, and mewling was the only thing he could think of to do that. And it worked.

Lance sucked his breath in, cursing under his breath as he pushed the tip of his cock in without any further hesitation, groaning at the tightness.

Keith was taken aback by the initial pain of the stretch, but his body began quickly adjusting and getting used to it, and he leaned his head back into Lance’s shoulder to give him permission to slowly continue.

“You know, this suits you so…ha…well,” Lance said, talking straight into Keith’s ear as he slid his cock further inside Keith’s wet hole. “Seeing you beneath me like this, dressed up how you are, mewling, fuck it’s so amazing…I want to wreck you so bad…”

Keith nearly sobbed upon hearing that, wanting Lance to do unspeakably dirty things to him so, so badly. “Yes Lance, wreck me!” He pleaded, gulping and shutting his eyes to close himself off to the rest of his sanity. In this moment, it was just him and Lance. Embarrassment no longer existed. He would do and say what his body wanted as he felt Lance bury himself completely inside, stopping to let them both rest for a moment.

“You’re really…really fucking tight inside…seriously, this little hole you got back here won’t ever get old. I love every part of you so fucking much, kitten.” Lance began kissing the back of Keith’s head and the side of his face, insistent on showing just how much he loved Keith.

As much as he loved the tenderness, Keith also needed some roughness right now, too. “I love you too, Lance…now please…fuck me. You can move now, you can do whatever you want, just fuck me!”

Lance paused in his kissing before grinning at Keith, beginning to pull his hips back. His arms wrapped around Keith’s torso, getting ready to use his entire body as anchorage for one hard thrust. “As you wish, kitten.” His hips rammed forward, pulling against Keith’s body to launch his cock inside with as much force as possible, and Keith literally felt like his insides shook from how hard Lance’s dick hit him.

“Again, god Lance, more!” Keith cried out, repositioning his arms on the bed for better support to prepare himself for the next thrust. It didn’t work. Lance put so much power into each thrust, using Keith’s entire body to add more force into it, that it literally knocked Keith’s arms out from beneath him, forcing his entire front half to drop. This only made his ass jump higher into the air, much to Lance’s pleasure.

“Aw, getting your ass up for me? Such a good kitty. Let me give you a nice treat!” Lance’s sweet talk ended with a grunt as he began fucking Keith with more consistency, nesting the head of his cock as deep inside Keith as was possible time and time again.

Keith would never get tired of feeling Lance’s cock reaching so far into him with so much brute force, doing his best to clench his walls to provide him with as much pleasure as possible. At this point their fucking got messy, both boys relying on their lustful instincts as Lance rammed into him with sheer sexual desire. Keith loved every second of it, mindlessly begging him for more.

“Fuck, Lance, fuck me! P-please! Give me what I…deserve!”

Lance was moaning in pleasure as his balls slapped Keith’s ass with every thrust, squeezing his torso more as he propelled his cock into him with more force. “Show me…fuck! Show me what you deserve, kitten! Mewl for me again! Be a good kitty, and I’ll give you the reward you fucking deserve!” As if to give him more motivation, Lance slammed into Keith’s prostate, immediately making Keith scream in electrifying pleasure.

“Lance! Fuck yes! Oh god Lance!” Keith clawed at the bedsheet desperately, bucking his ass back as much as he could, his chest pressed down against the mattress. He swallowed down the accumulating saliva in his throat before letting out a stream of pleading mewls. “Please…fuck me…give me…LANCE!” His soft whimpers turned into screams all over again as Lance kicked things up a notch, ramming into Keith’s prostate with every thrust and sending them both into a flurry passion and ecstasy. Their names slipped from each other’s mouths over and over again as they lost themselves in the primal lust and pleasures of their bodies.

“Keith…god, I’m gonna cum, Keith! I’m gonna cum inside you!”

Hearing Lance say that sent shockwaves through Keith’s body, driving his ecstasy over the edge as pleasure tore through him. He was going to cum untouched, from just having Lance fucking him. Keith wanted this more than he wanted anything else in that moment as he clenched his fists around the sheets and thrust his hips back with desperation.

“I’m so close Lance…so close…please! Make me cum, Lance!” He turned to look at his lover with pleading eyes, and that seemed to do the trick as Lance moved his hands down to seize Keith’s hips, burying his cock into his body and letting out a loud moan as he came.

“Cum with me, kitten! Cum! FUCK!”

Between his speaking and the feeling of Lance’s hot cum gushing into him, the stimulation Keith was receiving was too much for his body to handle, and he immediately felt his cock twitching with release.

“Lance!” He pressed his head back into Lance’s shoulder as he came with him. “Lance, cumming!” Those were the only comprehensible words he could get out before his voice transitioned into a cry of pure bliss, ass contracting around Lance’s cock like a vice grip and milking him for everything he was worth as Keith’s orgasm hit him like a brick. Both of their voices rang out together as they rode out their peaks, body temperatures hot enough to melt into each other.

When the mind blowing pleasure started to die down, Keith let out a couple of breathy mewls, which caused Lance to groan and shoot another small load into him. Both of them were trying to remember how to breathe, though, panting with their red faces side by side.

Lance finally pulled out of Keith so that he could collapse onto his side on the bed, dragging a yelping Keith down with him and spooning him despite their current body heat.

“Lance…can’t I at least take this stuff off?” Keith complained, but he was too tired after their session to sound very convincing, instead simply snuggling back closer against Lance.

His boyfriend chuckled. “But you look so cuuuute…plus, you played the part of kitten way better than I thought you would. I think it suits you.”

Keith blushed, remembering how to feel embarrassed again now that he wasn’t riding out his lust for Lance. They both shut their eyes as Lance’s arms wrapped around his torso, and they began to drift off to sleep. That was when Keith suddenly wondered why Lance wanted him to dress as a cat boy in the first place, since he never explained…


“…what is it, babe?”

“…you’re a fucking furry, aren’t you?”

Lance ‘fell asleep’ before answering, whether voluntary or not.

BTS| You have a nipple piercing

It feels so strange to write again…..we are so sorry, but there was so much going on and yesss…..forgive us please….

Requests are open



our small picnic got interrupted by a downpour and before you could do anything, the both of you were completely soaked with rain. When you finally reached a shelter, Jin observed you with a strange expression. Before you could do anything, he took his wet jacket and put it around your body.

“Did you wear a white shirt on purpose? Do you wanted to make me angry? And why are there PIERCINGS on your….body???”

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Wouldn’t waste more than two seconds with thinking about it.


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You told him before he could find it out. But you shouldn’t have  since he seems to be very interested in your shirt whenever he talks to you.

“Namjoon? I’m talking to you!”

“What? Oh….sorry babe. I was….distracted…”

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When he felt them as he hugged you, the world around you would be forgotten. After millisceonds of confusion, you could feel how the mood in the room changed.

“I think we need to talk about something jagi..”

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He saw the outline of your “body decoration” and drifted away in his own world with two questions filling his head.

“Since when? And why haven’t I noticed?”

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He would be so curious when he saw your piercings for the first time. He would ask you everything about it like ‘Did it hurt?’ or ‘Why there?’.


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When he saw your piercings piercing through your wet shirt for the first time, he would pretend like nothing happened and contine with what he did before while thinking about life.

*It’s okay Jungkook. You’re a manly man. You can handle this.*

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Request:  Do a super kinky Brendon Urie x female reader

A/n: I’m back! This is like the 100th time I’ve disappeared, but yeah I’m back. I’ve literally been playing overwatch instead of writing, but that’s over now, so be sure to leave me some requests. Also, I’m sorry this is 1) Not that good and 2) Kinda short. Hope you enjoy anyways xx

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I still can’t stop laughing at Dagoth Ur’s voice. He doesn’t sound like some twisted entity. He sounds like a nice guy in a pricey suit, but from a rival company. He doesn’t have anything against you, if he had a coffee he’d offer you some. But alas Nerevarine’s presence is kinda against his plans. What a shame. Off you go fella.

confession time: I slap pastel on everything. even the things that arent supposed to be in pastel

(thank you @novembon for the request and the kind words!!! I’m glad you enjoy what Ive got on my blog. hope this reigen trying to be cool suits your taste.)

this request post predicts the pastel apocalypse. find out how the world will end right here

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taakitz & blupjeans fall-themed double date (apple picking or some other romanticized autumn activities?)

Silence fell upon the living room where a pair of twins eyed their significant others, dressed warmly and endearingly in fall attire. “You want us to—“ Taako’s voice drifted.

And Lup picked up seamlessly right after, “double date?” They shared a collective look that didn’t seem as pumped as their counterparts. Personally Taako had big plans to …do nothing all day and Lup thought she and Barry were going to kanoodle around in private. “I don’t know I mean, double dates are kinda lame, where would we even go?”

“Well, there is an autumn festival happening in town. We can check it out…” Barry smiled at Lup who’s face went from unsure to completely uninterested, he decided to sweeten the pot a little. “There is a ‘dunk’ game where you toss balls at a target and dunk a person into a vat of port wine.”

Lup’s eyes seemed to gleam with a unsettled fire for mischief. “Ooo~” She purred already quite interested. “And who are we dunking?”

“I believe the person who volunteered was Magnus. Its for charity and…OFT!” Before Barry could finish Lup had bounded over to him and linked arms pulling him towards the door.

“Well come on, babe! I want to get first dibs to sink that meathead into some good sherry~”

Barry chuckled allowed himself to be carted off by his beloved. He gave Kravitz and Taako a small wave and yelled out, “we’ll meet you guys there!” And just like that they were gone. Kravitz bashfully turned his attention to Taako who was still on the couch, sprawled like a model waiting to be painted. He carefully looked over his nails showing the same amount of distant disinterest as before.

“Like I said, I-I-uh had some serious plans to do…nothing, absolutely nothing. Now I have to reschedule for some…outdoorsy, folk thing?” Taako rolled his eyes at Kravitz’s direction. “Plus if I wanted to see Mangus doused in wine I could have done that myself without throwing a thing.”

Gently and with very minimal touching Kravitz sat down on the couch by Taako’s feet. “Actually I was hoping you’d walk around the apple orchard with me. Pick some fresh, seasonal apples.” He spoke with a softness that made Taako’s ears droop and flush at the end of them. Kravitz gently placed his cold hand on Taako’s covered arm. That devilishly handsome face combined with the wholesome sweetness that coated every inch of his expression, it was downright unfair.

“Apple picking might be nice…pie season is among us.” He began to melt a little.

“And I believe there is going to be a pie tasting contest and…” just as Lup had done to Barry, Taako was suddenly on his feet. In one fluid motion of getting up he had also transformed into another outfit. An orange, thick knitted sweater and high waisted shorts, even his hat changed colors and was decorated with pinecones and twigs for a more festive look.

“What are we waiting for, Taako is making a surprise debut~”

The fall faire was pretty much as one would expect it to be. As promised Magnus was shirtlessly displayed, sitting on a geared platform that would drop and dunk him into a vat of old port wine. Somewhere around Lucretia and Davenport were discussing coolly the tragedy of the wasted wine once Magnus’s body tainted it. To everyone’s surprise it was a fairly hard target to hit. Not at all charmed by Angus who Magnus asked politely to help him, a charm that would have been detected and demolished the second Lup stepped up to the plate. Magnus, who was dry at one point was at the mercy of Lup and without fail she managed to dunk him each and every time he took his seat back on the top of the stool.

There were after little stands, mostly food and candles, trinkets that were homemade. Taako and Kravitz enjoyed some quiet apple picking. Taako spoke only to talk about the different traits and qualities of the types of apples. Sampling each one without the intention to pick most of them, a free sample was a free sample. They would have stayed longer around the trees if the two didn’t run into Merle having a very intimate conversation with a Granny Smith. With Kravitz’s hand in his, Taako very slowly retreated out of the orchard with a small basket of goodies.

The day was nice, Taako would admit and having Kravitz on his arm was well, eye candy for miles. But his grasp on his boyfriend was loosened when the sign to a ‘pie bake off’ was put up and just like that, Kravitz found himself partnerless.

“Taako! Oh gosh, TAAKO!” Ren waved from a table where her, Angus and Mavis were setting up prep work.

“Ren, Aggie…Mauve?”

“Close enough.” Both Angus and Mavis adjusted their glasses with a small smile. “Are you gonna be baking here too, sir?” Angus beamed.

“Well i—“

“That would be a tad unfair to the rest of us, Taako baking we might as well pack up shop.” Ren smiled with only a smallest defeat in her eyes. Taako had planned on joining in …but she had a point, it would have been a waste of time for everyone involved if Taako was going to enter. Taako pondered for only a second, tapping a slender finger against his lips.

“Actually” he smiled constructing a natural lie, “I’m here as a celebrity judge~”

“Really?! What an honor!” Ren clapped her hands together, the defeat replaced with unmatched ambition to impress her long time idol and her current mentor and business partner.

“Oh yea, I wasn’t going to join because nat, would have won by a landslide. I figure I could uh-uh use my vast knowledge of the cooking arts to uh-you know, eat some mad rad pie.”

Kravitz didn’t intervene much. He did look over at Lup and Barry, hand in hand constantly as she howled with laughter, tossing flaming baseballs at the target and dunking Magnus before he even had a chance to fully reset himself on his seat. Kravitz noticed, truly, how different the twins were in personality. Lup was raw power, raw emotion, everything she felt and she was clear on the surface like a crystalline raging river constantly moving and powering through. He looked away from the inseparable pair at his boyfriend and saw something different.

If Lup was a raging riptide of glass like translucency then Taako was a misted lake. Taako was still water lake, murky and misted with emotions. He knew Taako had many fronts, the ones he wore so perfectly like a second skin. He wore the part of over the top celebrity, acting as though this was all his original intentions. He spoke, joked, teased and smiled living for the publicity in them moment. Kravitz enjoyed observing him, he had for a while and that hadn’t changed even now while they were together.

Watching Taako, the century old enigma that stole him away from what was supposed to be a pretty bleak eternity.

“Ugh…” Taako groaned leaning against Kravitz. The both had stolen away after Taako had completely destroyed Lucas with criticism over his pie. Of course, Ren and her team managed a pie so good Taako might have taken more than one piece. “I’m stuffed.” He laid back on a bile of hay watching the warm, orange sunset settle by the tops of the tricolored autumn colored trees.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have went in for thirds of Ren’s pie.”

“They roasted the cinnamon themselves, you can taste the difference.” Taako smiled up at Kravtiz, “this was fun.”

“But?” He gently wrapped his arm around Taako making sure not to touch any bare or exposed skin.

“But nothing, I’m happy.” Taako paused and then chuckled a bit, “huh…you know its weird to say that outloud. Like I’m pretty fucking stoked about life these days.”

Kravitz turned slowly, his head inclining towards Taako who was already semi beginning to coil himself around his reaper. “I wonder why”

“I wonder~”

“TAAKO” Lup pulled Barry around and paused finding her brother with a deadpan expression and his leg half hitched on a now embarrassed to death Kravitz. “Oh…”

“This better be hilarious”

“Magnus is purple.” She answered immediately, then started to bite back tearful laughter. “I dunked him—so much…he’s actually stained purple and-and Merle and Carey and trying to …hose him down in front of everyone—PFT AHHAA” She held her side again and started to laugh.

“Babe…Lup…you’re actually going to laugh yourself to death…” He spoke with some concern that Lup’s physical form would give out.

Taako’s eyes lit up a bit and he unfurled himself from his boyfriend. “I gotta see, this, my god this is great. I’m totally going to transfigure the water into wine again.”

“OH GOD, TAAKO THAT’S HILAROUS” Lup roared in joyful laughter and abandoned her link with Barry to link arms with Taako and take off to cause more mischief.

“…those two are going to terrorize the town if we let them.” Barry watched their happy, retreating figures. A sight everyone would have died to see.

“Its…pretty great.” Kravitz stood by Barry with a smile.

“Yea…yeah it is.”