wasted afternoon

I wasted the afternoon watching Donald Trump litigate his Russian connection live on CNN. This shit show of a president continues to paint himself into every available corner.

First rule of hole digging: if you’re in the hole, stop digging.

He will die in prison, mark my words.

*50/100 days of productivity*

 7.3.16//  Goodbye Huck Finn, Welcome Modernism
- currently working on F.S. Fitzgerald “the great Gatsby” -
 Next stop in the “waste land”, afternoon tea with Sir T.S.Eliot ( desperately faking British origins)

I figured out the reasons my room is never tidy...

…and they are rather autistic.

1. When I come home I’m too tired and drained to do any chores.
2. Meet my executive dysfunction: I can’t figure out where to start so I just don’t.
3. I always find some little corner or irrelevant thing that I NEED to do immediately. My room usually looks worse after that than it did before.
4. I hate not finishing tasks in one sitting so once I start tidying up I’ll be busy the whole afternoon.
5. Meet my executive dysfunction again. I’m unable to keep the room clean anyway so after all it’s rather a wasted afternoon.

Check it. Look how Thranduil’s guards react to Tauriel threatening him:

That archer behind him is reaching for an arrow and to his left, Feren has shifted his stance.

Another shot where you can see that Feren, who had been following his king with his sword drawn but slack at his side (presumably secure in the knowledge that his king would easily take care of any orcs that popped up) has now raised his sword in a defensive posture. 

And when Thranduil breaks Tauriel’s bow, they stand down. Not at ease, but back into ranks. Their king has this in hand.

all that glitters (cuts like a knife)

Pairing: Kanan/Mari

Summary: Mari, for all her life, has always been inexplicably drawn to things, shiny and bright. 

So it goes without saying, when she is first approached by Kanan in grade school, all smiles and straight ivory teeth, Mari had been struck, left completely dazzled by her radiance.

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Dress to Impress - Max Stanley Imagine

You come home to a quiet house, most of the lights turned off and none of the electronics on. It’s a rare occurrence, and even an indicator that something’s up- Max is usually doing something at all times, be it shouting into his mic at his friends over some sort of gaming platform, filming, or even just puttering around in the kitchen making himself something to eat.

You know he’s home- the two of your were texting not five minutes ago- and you can’t help but wonder what the deal is.

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Smart and Sarcastic- Peter Hale

A/N: I’m so sorry that i haven’t uploaded recently, i was in Paris for 3 days and had no time to write and i’m sorry that this is super short and probably not the best but i hope you guys like it! Send in your requests!

Requested by anonymous: Could you do a oneshot where the reader is Derek’s sister, and she gets in trouble at school so she has to have a conference with the principle and Peter?xD and if you could make it like really funny bc it’s Peter and he’s so sassy hahahah!

You stepped out of your uncle’s car and sighed. You were wasting another afternoon talking to the principal about your lack of attendance and disruptive attitude, you were just glad that it was Peter with you and not your brother Derek.

“Come on then” Peter said heading to the main entrance of the school, you rolled your eyes and grudgingly followed him

“Do we have to do this?” You whined

“This isn’t exactly how I wanted to spend my afternoon either” Peter replied and continued to the principal’s office. When you both got there you took a seat and waited to be called in

“So what have you done this time?” Peter whispered

“How should I know?” You shrugged

You both sat in silence until the lady at reception told you that you could go through to the principal now, you rolled your eyes again and slowly lead the way.

“Mr Hale” The principal said and extended his hand towards Peter who didn’t shake it.

“What is it exactly that I’m doing here?” Peter asked “because believe it or not I actually have better things to be doing right now”

“Well” The principal cleared his throat “It seems Y/N has been rather disruptive in class and sometimes doesn’t even turn up to class”

“Well believe it or not I also have better things to do then turning up to class” You responded, repeating your uncles earlier statement

“I’m afraid that isn’t an acceptable excuse” The principal glared at you

“Okay then,” You began “I was ill. Is that an acceptable excuse?”

“You were ill for 6 different classes in 1 week?” The principal asked patronisingly

You shrugged your shoulders in reply

“Let me ask you a question” Peter started “How many classes is Y/N failing?”

The principal readjusted himself in his seat and glanced down at some paper which you presumed was your file “Well, um, n-none” He replied

“There we go then” Peter responded and glanced over at you “She’s not failing so why does it matter?”

“Mr Hale I think you’re missing the point” The principal laughed nervously

“No I don’t think he is” You chipped in “I’m not failing so why do I need to attend those classes? I mean biology is boring, maths is easy and chemistry is a complete waste of time”

“May I remind you that all of those classes are AP, you need to attend in order to achieve”

“So what did I score on the latest tests?” You asked with a slight patronising tone in your voice “actually I can tell you that, Biology 100%, Maths 100% and Chemistry hmm let me think oh yeah 100%”

“You obviously don’t need to attend in order to achieve” Peter said and rose from his seat

“Mr Hale I’m not quite sure you understand” The principal said sounding a little agitated

“I understand perfectly thank you very much” Peter replied but by now he was already out of the door. You just smirked and stood up too

“What a lovely afternoon this has been” You said sarcastically “but if you don’t mind, he’s my ride home” and with that you walked out and found Peter waiting just around the corner for you.

“Well wasn’t that a great waste of time” You said

“Smart and sarcastic” Peter laughed “you’re definitely a Hale”

You laughed and walked out towards his car, as you got in Peter said “just don’t tell Derek”

“Wouldn’t dream of it” You smirked.