A/N: Wow, I didn’t know how many imagines I had until someone requested a Masterlist. I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed writing them. I have posted a link to this in my description

Peter Pan/Robbie Kay Imagines

Having A Bad Leg 

Peter Finding Out That You Have Eternal Youth, Part 2 Part 3

Peter Finding Out That You Came To Save Henry

Singing Distant Melody To The Lost Boys

Bringing Peter Back To Life

Peter Finding Out That You’re Working For Hook

Peter Changing Neverland’s Moon For You

Peter Having To Choose Between You Or Wendy

Peter Finding Out That You Have Dark Magic

Peter Being Overly Protective When You’re With The Lost Boys

Being The Little Mermaid And Peter Taking You To Neverland, Part 2

Peter Pan Saving You From The Evil Pirates

Peter Catching You Singing In The Woods

Losing Your Memory, Part 2

Peter Pan Liking You, But You Have No Idea

Leaving Neverland, But Coming Back To Save Henry, Part 2, Part 3

Being Thomas Brodie Sangster’s Little Sister And Meeting Robbie Kay 

Wendy Accidentally Telling Peter That You Fancy Him, Part 2

Robbie Being Caught Cheating On You(Hamilton), Prequel, Part 2

Knowing Pan Before Neverland, Part 2

Being the Only Girl That Could Stand Up to Pan, Part 2, Part 3

Having the “Perfect” Life with Peter

Peter Seeing No Faults In You

Not Being Able To Get Peter Out of Your Mind

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Being Taken to Neverland After the Maze, Part 2, Part 3

Losing Peter to Wendy in Storybrooke

Causing Trouble on Neverland Which Makes Pan Interested In You

Peter Getting Jealous of a Poetic Lost Boy(ft. Neil from Dead Poet’s Society)

Peter Hating You until He Finds Out Your Gender

Newt/Thomas Brodie Sangster Imagines

Playing Hide And Seek With The Scorch Trial Cast

Being Really Small Compared to Thomas

Having A Crush On Thomas Brodie Sangster, But He Has A Girlfriend

“Hating” Newt

The Glade Changes You, Part 2, Part 3

Bonding Over A Bad Leg

Trying To Help Newt After His Suicide Attempt

Rule 1, Greenie: Don’t Even Think About Y/N

Being Thomas’s Sister And Newt Liking You

The Gladers Flirting With You And Newt Doesn’t Like It 

Being Accidentally Sent To Group A

Meeting Thomas Brodie Sangster At A 1960s Diner

Coming Up In The Box, Knowing Newt’s Name

The Gladers Finding Your Feminine Items Before You

Newt Always Being Too Tired After Running

Dating Newt In The Glade, But He Leaves You For Another Girl, Part 2

Newt’s Reaction To Some Of The Gladers Treating You Like A Slave

You And Newt Being Competitive With Each Other And The Whole Glade Knows Why, Part 2, Part 3

Putting Your Feelings For Newt And Minho In A Diary And Newt Finds It

Getting Stuck In The Maze Overnight

Newt Getting Jealous(With A Twist)

Newt Having to Prove Himself to Your Brother, Aris

Being Sad Because Newt Doesn’t Remember You

Being Thomas Brodie-Sangster’s Nanny

All I Want for Christmas Is You

Being Taken to Neverland After the Maze, Part 2, Part 3

Being in Nowhere Boys with Thomas

Being Thomas’s Love Interest

Newt Gathering His Courage to Ask You Out

Being in a Relationship, But In Love with Thomas

This One is Plain Bad and I should Delete It but This is your warning

Newt Scamander Imagines

Convincing Newt to Stop at a Cafe in Paris

Being a Flapper and Interested in Newt

Newt Having to Erase your Memories

Being with Newt the Day Before He Starts Traveling 

Peter Parker(Tom Holland) Imagines

Peter Parker Being Your Superman

Being Tony Stark’s Daughter and Meeting Peter

Being a Speedster and Helping Spiderman

Being the Eponine to Peter’s Marius (I’m not even sorry)

Being the Pizza Delivery Girl for Peter

Peter Getting Jealous When You Get a Boyfriend, Part 2

Not Being Cool Enough for Peter

Peter Parker(Andrew Garfield) Imagines

Getting Struck by the Electrical Blast from Electro

Liam Dunbar Imagines

You Belong With Me

Your Powers Change

Liam Overhears His Friends Talking About You

Being Scott’s Little Sister And There When He Kidnaps Liam

Liam Ditching You For Hayden, Part 2 Part 3, Part 4

Writing A Song About Being With Liam Once He Starts Dating Hayden

Liam Being Forced to Do a Song With You

Becoming A True Alpha After Being Kicked Out of Your Old Pack

Being Brett’s Sister and Unaware of his Rivalry with Liam

Stiles Stilinski Imagines

Being Nervous Around Your Boyfriend

Being Stiles’s Heartbreak Girl

Stiles’s Reaction To You Changing Your Look Over The Summer

Scott McCall Imagines

Scott Thinking That You Like Stiles

Tommy Clarke Imagines

Being Tommy’s Best Friend and Falling for Him

The Flash Imagines

Being Considered Out of Barry’s League

Meeting Barry, a Metahuman Like Yourself

What Happened Between You and Barry on the Day that Never Happened

Once Upon A Time Imagines

Being Snow’s And Charming’s Best Friend, But Not Remembering Them In Storybrooke

Doctor Who Imagines

Being A Teacher With Clara And Coming With Her And The Doctor

Thomas Imagines

Liking Thomas, But Newt Is Too Overprotective

The Internship Imagines

Being A Huge Harry Potter Fan And The Reason Why Your Team Wins

Supernatural Imagines

Imagine Your Brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, Taking You To Beacon Hills: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Merlin Imagines

Being a Betrothed Princess Who Has Feelings for Merlin

Meeting Merlin When He First Comes to Camelot

Harry Potter Imagines

Being Sent to Hogwarts Despite your Nationality 

Jack Wilder Imagines

Being Jack’s “Something or Other”

Oliver Wood Imagines

Going to Hogwarts and Meeting Oliver Wood

Remus Lupin Imagines

James Knowing About Your Crush on Remus


What Do You Mean By ‘Distracting’?(Maze Runner Newt)

Wasting Time(Stiles Stilinski)

Godzilla’s Revenge(Henry Mills)

Childish(Liam Dunbar) 

Are You Always Like This When You’re Drunk?(Stiles Stilinski)

You’re Ridiculous, You Know That?(Gally)

Go To Bed, Boys(Peter Pan)

Playtime With A Lost Boy(Peter Pan) 

Pastries Are Always the Answer(Sherlock Holmes)

this is my first entry for @shippingwithstiles‘s whole week of Stiles-centric fics!! starting off with some Sterek to ease myself into it (promise i’ve got another ship or two coming soon)

April 1st prompt: Fool For Love



(also on AO3)

Stiles waited until the bell rang for lunch before he made his move. He had determined that to be the optimal time, the moment of maximum exposure and emphasis. Everybody would be flooding out of their classrooms and moving toward the cafeteria in one giant horde, and Lydia would be the last one out of her AP Calculus class like she always was because she stayed back to argue with the teacher.

Stiles had been preparing for this for weeks, building himself up to it and memorizing the pièce de résistance. He glanced over his reference sheet one more time just as the bell rang, mouthing the words to himself before folding it up and stuffing it in his pocket. He might’ve been sweaty with nerves, but unless this went far, far better than he was expecting, Lydia wasn’t likely to be close enough to tell so that was fine. Besides, he was allowed to be nervous; he was taking the final leap.

If this didn’t win him Lydia’s favor, nothing ever would.

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Like I Love You - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

A/N: hello, dearieees! :D I am back with my first Stiles Stilinski imagine! :D and first Teen Wolf imagine xD hope you like it! :D

Anonymous said:  Hi! Can you please do a Teen Wolf imagine in season 1 where reader is Scott’s best friend from childhood and they are like brother and sister and Stiles is in love with her, she helps Scott with all his werewolf problems along with Stiles and when they get traped in the school for the night (when the Alpha attacks them) Stiles conffesses his feelings and the reader says she loves him too😊 Thank you so much!!💗💗💗

so, here it iiis! I re-watched the episode and tried to make it as accurate as possible, so is really long but bear with me people :D

Warnings: I would say that Jackson’s a bit of an asshole, but that’s sort of a given… so yea! :D

Disclaimer: I don’t own Teen Wolf :)

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Like I Love You

“I’m going to kill both of you!” Derek said angrily as Stiles, Scott and (Y/N) walked out of the school.

“There are three of us” Stiles pointed out.

“He likes me better” (Y/N) informed him.

“No, he desn’t!”

“Yes, I do. I know she’s not stupid enough to go along with this idea” he said rolling his eyes and she smirked at Stiles, who was glaring at her. “What the hell was that? What are you trying to do, attract the entire state to the school?”

Scott had let out a loud howl to possibly attract the Alpha. Which was, in fact, stupid because they didn’t have any idea what to do whether it showed up or not.

“Sorry, I didn’t know it was gonna be that loud” Scott said sounding kind of proud, while Stiles smirked at him.

“Yeah, it was loud. And it was awesome!” he added.

“Shut up” Derek said dead serious.

“Come on, don’t be such a sour-wolf” Stiles tried to joke with him.

(Y/N) looked around and got closer to him when she felt like somebody was watching them. And then, Scott noticed something. “What’d you do with him?” he said looking at the back seat of Derek’s car where Deaton was. Only now, it was empty.

“What?” Derek said confused looking back. “I didn’t do anything-“

As soon as he said that, (Y/N) let out a piercing scream when she saw something behind Derek and almost immediately, he felt something on his back before blood started coming out of his mouth. They all heard a loud growl (louder than Scott’s) and there it was. The Alpha. Stiles wasted no time in grabbing (Y/N)’s hand and started pulling her towards the school with Scott running quickly behind them. The Alpha let out another growl before it tossed Derek on the floor and (Y/N) was sure he was dead.

“Oh my God!”

“(Y/N), come on!” Scott hurried her.

This had been her life this past year. (Y/N) was used to running away from trouble since she had grown up with Scott and Stiles. They were her best friends and trouble didn’t really stay away from them. But ever since that night when Stiles made them go out to find a body in the woods and Scott was bitten by a werewolf, she wasn’t just running out of trouble. She was running for her life. The three of them finally made it inside the school and Stiles and Scott tried to pull the doors shut.

“Lock it! Lock it!” Scott yelled at Stiles while (Y/N) tried to help by pulling the doors too.

“Do I look like I have a key?” Stiles asked upset.

“Grab something!”


“Anything!” Scott and (Y/N) yelled at the same time.

Stiles looked (Y/N) and saw her shaking. She was his and Scott’s best friend in the entire world and everyone could tell you that she was the bravest out of the three of them. So he knew this was bad. He then looked through the window of the door to see he had dropped the car tongs.

“No!” Scott quickly said.


“No! Stiles you CANNOT GO OUTSIDE!” (Y/N) said hysterically. “Have you lost your mind! You saw what he did to Derek! He’s dead!”

“Stay with Scott” he said quickly giving her a kiss on the head and walking out of the school.

“STILES!” (Y/N) was about to go after him but Scott pulled her back.

“He’ll be fine” he assured her as the two of them stared at him through the window.

Stiles carefully made his way to the tool when (Y/N) suddenly saw it. It was coming from behind Stiles’ Jeep. This horrible beast was the scariest thing she had ever seen. It had completely black fur and deep red eyes.

“STILES!” she yelled hysterically pounding the window of the door.

“COME BACK!” Scott yelled as they saw the Alpha making its way towards him. Stiles turned around to look at it before it took a leap and started running towards him. He froze for a second before he quickly got up and ran towards his friend just in time to put the tongs to hold the door. As soon as he did, (Y/N) threw herself at him, crying.

“Oh my God, Stiles!” she whispered holding him as if her life depended on it.

“I’m ok” Stiles said stroking her back before she pulled away and hit the back of his head. “Ouch! What the hell?”

“How stupid can you be, Stiles? Honestly!”

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When Daydreams Come True *SMUT*

Author: stephobrien25

Pairing: Stiles X Reader

Warning: SMUT, it’s pretty long

A/N: First of all, I would like to thank everyone who like/re-blogged the first smut I posted! I really didn’t think it was gonna go so well! Since we’re FINALLY in November and Teen Wolf starts in 2 weeks (TWO WEEKS!) I decided to share with ya’ll the first smut I ever wrote and it’s a Stilinski one, so I hope you enjoy it! 

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines


‘God I want him.’

We were in Stiles’ room ‘studying’ and I couldn’t stop staring at him. I was on his bed while he was across the room in his desk. Mr. Stilinski had already left for the night shift. Stiles and I have been best friends for the past three years since I moved to Beacon Hills from Florida. On my first day of class, I overheard him talking to Scott about ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Marvel’, and saying how Thor is the best hero out of the Avengers. My geeky self couldn’t help but jump into the conversation and state that he was wrong, that Captain America was the best Avenger. We argued back and forth during the whole lunch period, until the bell rang signaling to get to class. Ignoring the bell we just sat there glaring at each other, finally Stiles smiled and held out his hand, “I’m Stiles Stilinski. You’re the new girl, right?”

Smiling back I shook his hand, ignoring the small tingles that shot up my arm, “Yeah, I’m (Y/N).”

“Well (Y/N), despite your horrible taste in heroes…I think we’re going to be good friends.”

Ever since then we’ve bonded over Star Wars and Marvel and me teaching him Spanish, with him always saying ‘It’s a sexy language.’ I’ve also become the third human in the pack, helping them with all the supernatural problems plaguing the town. But for the past couple of months I couldn’t get my mind off of him. Every night I’d have these dreams of him and wake up panting, sweating…and with a certain itch I couldn’t quite scratch no matter what – if you know what I mean.

And today was one of those in which my eyes lingered on his lean frame for too long. Not that he noticed. ‘Thank God.’

My eyes traveled to his tousled brown just-had-sex hair that I wished to run my fingers through, wished to pull while writhing in pleasure underneath him. His handsome face that I wished to see panting above mine or buried in between my legs. His beautiful amber eyes made me melt every time, and I wished to see them clouded with lust whenever he sees me. His sexy mouth, the wicked things he could do to my body with his mouth.  His freckles, they were so adorable yet sexy at the same time, oh how I wanted to kiss every single one of them and trace them with my fingers. His long neck was made for love bites, my love bites, showing everyone that he was mine and only mine. His lean muscular back, oh how I wished to leave scratch marks while he’s pounding into me mercilessly. His arms, god those were my weakness along with his large strong hands and long calloused fingers. I can just imagine holding onto his broad sexy shoulders as he invades my body or him holding my arms above my head with his large hands as he dominates me. Imagine him thrusting his long fingers into my –

“(Y/N)?” My dirty fantasy was interrupted when his sexy voice called my name. I wished to hear him moan my name while I pleasured him with my mouth.



Stiles looked at me with concern, “You okay?”

Ever since these thoughts have been invading my head, I’ve been meaning to tell him. But, I’m too afraid of losing the friendship that we have. Plus, everyone knows that he’s head over heels for Lydia. There’s no way he’d want me.

“What? Oh, yeah I’m fine. Why?”

“Well for the past five minutes you’ve been kind of spaced out and um,” he gulped and briefly looked down to my lips while licking his own. “You’ve been biting your lip a lot.”

Mesmerized by him licking his lips I answered, “I was thinking of – “ I blushed and shook my head. “Nothing.  Don’t worry about it.”

“Are-are you blushing? Oh my God! You were thinking of someone weren’t you?” He teased.

“Wha- ? Pfft. No!” I stumbled out my lie. I inwardly groaned, ‘totally believable right?’

Stiles just smirked, “So who was it?”

“Stiles it was no one,” I groaned. I put my red face in my hands while he continued to tease me.

“Let me guess, it was Scott.” I just shook my head.

“Liam. No? Derek. Umm Kira…”

At that I glared at him, “I’m not gay.”

“Okay then, Mason?”

I laughed at that, “Stiles! He’s gay!”

He smiled, “I’m not going to stop you know,” I groaned and put my face back in my hands. “I’ll keep on saying names if you don’t tell me.”

True to his word, when I didn’t respond back he continued listing off names; Deaton, Peter (I literally growled at that one), Coach, he even want as far to saying Sheriff Stilinski. I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I did the most reckless thing I’ve done in my whole life – and that’s saying a lot since I deal with the supernatural on a daily basis.

I quickly got up from his bed and grabbed his surprised face in between my hands and growled, “It was you,” before planting my lips onto his. At first he was shocked, but then I felt Stiles kiss back. When I felt his hands travel to my waist, warning bells went off in my head.

I quickly pushed him off me and turned away. “I should uh, I should go.” I grabbed my bag and opened the door.

“(Y/N)! Wait!”

I didn’t listen to him, I just rushed down the stairs while mentally kicking myself. ‘Stupid, stupid, stupid!’

Before I could reach the front door, I felt Stiles grabbing my shoulder and turning me to face him, “I said wait, dammit!”

There was no room for me to escape; I was trapped between him and the wall. Oh, the irony of being able to escape from supernatural things that want to kill me, but not this infuriating boy. I tried to look anywhere but him, I didn’t trust myself to see his face mere inches from mine.

“Look at me.” I refused.

I felt his hand on my chin, forcing me to look at him and I quickly closed my eyes. I heard him sigh. “(Y/N). Baby, open your eyes for me.”

Baby. The way he said it sent shivers down my spine. I gave in and slowly opened my eyes. “There are those beautiful doe eyes,” he whispered while stroking my bottom lip with his thumb. Unconsciously, I licked the tip of his thumb and lightly bit it while staring into his eyes.

His eyes got darker and I heard him groan before crashing his lips onto mine. I couldn’t help the little moan that escaped my lips as I felt him grope my ass through my leggings. Stiles smirked into the kiss and groped even harder.

‘Two can play that game, Stilinski,’ I thought to myself. My hands went up to his hair and softly pulled while biting his lower lip. He groaned into the kiss, just that sound made me wetter than I already was. I could already feel myself dripping. Stiles tightly gripped onto my waist and grinded his hard dick into my wet core, making me gasp. He took the opportunity and shoved his tongue into my mouth, fighting for dominance with my own until I gave up and he started sucking in my tongue making me moan. My hair tugging became more persistent and I started to grind back against his hard dick. Too soon for my liking, I had to pull away from the kiss to breath. That didn’t stop Stiles though.

His wicked lips traveled down to my jaw all the way down to my neck making me whimper. Softly turning his head to the side I started to kiss his neck, loving the taste of his skin on my tongue. Boldly, I bit into the crook of his neck making his knees go weak and moan into my neck. I began to lick at the fresh love bite, when I felt him do the same to my neck. I couldn’t help the loud moan that came from my mouth, “Ay, papi si!”

Stiles stiffened before me and looked into my lust crazed eyes. “’Papi’ means ‘daddy’ in Spanish, right,” he asked huskily. Smirking, I leaned into his ear and whispered, “Yes, daddy,” before biting lightly onto his earlobe. He growled and quickly lifted me into his arms, my legs wrapping around his waist like it was second nature. He turned us around and started walking up the stairs, while I continued kissing his neck, he stumbled a few times making me giggle.

Once inside his room, he softly threw me onto his bed and jumped on me making me squeal and laugh. He chuckled as well before softly kissing my lips and taking his hoodie (that I stole a while back) off. He gazed down at my bare chest, while I blushed under his lustful stare. “Oh, baby,” he whispered. I closed, my eyes and moaned when his hot mouth latched onto my right breast. My hands gripped his head as he softly bit my nipple making me gasp over and over again. Stiles moved his head to my left breast giving it the same attention.

“Stiles,” I moaned. He hummed in appreciation. With a burning need to feel his chest against my own, I gripped onto it and pulled it off. Once it was off, Stiles wasted no time before sucking at my breast again, feeling his hot skin against mine was indescribable, but everything I ever dreamed of. He then started kissing his way down my chest and stomach, until he reached my leggings. In a quick second he roughly pulled them down and took them off along with my underwear and shoes.

He was above me looking at my naked body before him. Suddenly, I felt shy under his gaze and I tried to cover myself with my hands. When Stiles saw my intentions he growled and held onto my arms above my head. “Don’t. Don’t you dare cover yourself before me. You’re so fucking beautiful. Even better than what I imagined.”

I looked up at him in confusion, “You’ve thought about this before?”

He gazed into my eyes as he replied, “Ever since I saw you on you first day of school. God, you have no idea how hard I got when you started to argue with me over Marvel.” I softly laughed at the last part.

“I love your laugh,” he whispered before kissing me on the lips. His lips made their way to my neck again, giving me even more hickeys. Suddenly I felt his calloused fingers on my pussy making me moan. “Baby, you’re so wet. Is this for me?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

He pushed one finger in me, “Yes what?”

“Stiles,” I gasped.

“Uh uh,” he lightly bit on my earlobe making me jump. “Say it in Spanish baby,” he whispered as he pushed in another finger.

“Yes papi!” I moaned as his thumb circled my clit.

“That’s my good girl,” his words were a trigger to my already moist area making me even wetter if possible. I whined when he took his fingers out. Lazily with my hooded eyes I looked up at him longingly as he stuck one finger into his mouth and sucked, “Mmm, you taste delicious baby girl. Wanna taste?” I opened my mouth when he offered me his other finger. I sensually sucked on it while looking at him right in his beautiful amber eyes. On impulse, I grazed his finger with my teeth.

Before I knew it, his finger was out of my mouth, my arms were free from his grasp and his hot breath was fanning on my wet cunt. “Time to taste it from the source.” He slowly licked from the bottom all the way to my clit and then softly blew over it, my eyes rolled all the way to the back of my head. “Oh God, Yes!”

My moan must’ve spurred him on, because he started feasting on my pussy like it was his last meal on earth. With my arms finally free, I grasped his head and pushed it even further.

“Mmm, you like that baby? You like my tongue on your sweet little pussy?” The sight of him between my legs was the sexiest thing ever.

“Oh, fuck Stiles! Yes right there. Oh, god baby you eat my pussy so good.”

I finally lost control when he stuck his tongue deep inside me. My back lifted off the mattress and a silent scream left my lips. That didn’t stop him though, Stiles continued to lap up my juices and sucking on my clit. It was like his tongue was making love to my pussy and it felt, oh so good. My pussy was still super sensitive from my last orgasm, so when he looked me in the eyes, pushed his fingers into me and lightly bit on my clit, I screamed. I screamed louder than Lydia. Even then he continued his ruthless attack on my pussy and I had to literally pull his face up. His whole face was covered in my juices.

“Your taste is so addicting, I can eat you out all day and never get tired.” He went to lick me again, but I tugged on his hair.

“Stiles, I’m sensitive right now.” I pulled him to my face and kissed him, tasting myself on his lips. Slowly I ran my fingers down his chest, smiling when I felt him shiver under my touch. Since he was wearing sweats it was easy to slip my hand into his boxers and grasp his hard dick. He groaned into my mouth.

Somehow, I managed to flip us over and I was straddling his waist. Looking down at him, I teasingly started to grind my hips into his dick making him moan and close his eyes and tightly hold my hips. Keeping up with my grinding, I leaned down and began to kiss every single one of his freckles. All the way from his face, to his neck, to his shoulders, down to his chest, until I reached the waistband of his sweats. I pulled them down and the only barrier left between us was his boxers.

Locking my eyes with his I grasped the waistband of his boxers with my teeth and slowly pulled down. His Adams apple bobbed up and down while he looked at me with lust. Finally, his dick was before my eyes and my mouth watered, it was perfect. Like in a trance I took it into my small hand and began to move it up and down motion. His groan encouraged me and my movements became faster. Stiles eyes were screwed shut in pleasure, until I licked his dick from the base all the way to the tip, like it was my personal lollipop and I couldn’t get enough of it. There was some precum on the tip; it looked to inviting I had to taste it. Licking it off the tip I said, “Mmmm, Stiles you taste so good.”

“Shit, (Y/N) you’re driving me crazy,” he moaned. While he was lost in his own pleasure I wrapped my lips around the head and slowly began to suck. “Fuck!” His hand automatically went to my hair and he pulled. I moaned loving the feel of him in my mouth. Looking up at Stiles I could see that he was panting heavily, “(Y/N), baby, oh god. I’m so close.” His words only encouraged me and I sucked even harder. Wanting to see him lose control before me, I lightly grazed my teeth against his dick and he lost it.

“Baby! Fuck!” His cum came in huge spurts into my mouth and I greedily swallowed it up. He tasted delicious. Swallowing his cum, I let go with a ‘pop’ and said the same thing he said to me, “You’re taste is addicting, Stilinski.”

Next thing I know I’m pinned underneath him and he’s devouring my mouth with his. His dick was already hard again and I felt it against my wet pussy like a burning hot iron, and I felt the tip go in. Stiles looked at me in the eyes and asked, “Are you sure? We don’t have to.” Smiling, I touched his cheek and nodded. He slowly began to push in, “Fuck, you’re so tight.” And then as I expected to happen, he stopped when he came across a barrier.


“Yes Stiles, I want you to be my first. Please, you’ve made this night so special and made me so happy and wanted. Take me. Make me yours.”

His eyes were shining with love as he kissed me passionately and took my small hands into his large ones. “This is going to hurt a bit. But, I’ll be gentle.”

And true to his word he continued to push into me gently, and made me his. I closed my eyes in pain, but Stiles whispered sweet nothings into my ear and peppered kisses along my neck, and I relaxed. He stayed still for a minute, giving me time to adjust, once the pain subsided I began to clench my walls around him. “I’m ready Stiles. Make love to me,” I whispered.

He smiles down at me and began to kiss me with so much passion, I almost came right there. At the same time he began to move slowly at first, not wanting to hurt me. His dick felt perfect inside of me, as cliché as it sounds it was like a perfect puzzle piece. But I wanted more. My body knew how to ask what it wanted and my hips began to meet each of his thrusts. “OH, Stiles. Baby harder,” I moaned.

“Anything for my princess.” He slid almost all the way out and slammed right back inside making me arch my back and groan aloud. “You like that baby? You like my dick inside you?” His dirty talk was so sexy all I could do was nod. “Tell me baby, what do you want?”

“Let me touch you,” I managed to say.

“Oh fuck, as you wish baby.” He let go of my hands and I immediately grabbed onto his shoulders.

“Fuck Stiles. Oh my god. Faster, papi, faster.”

“Shit, I love it when you call me that.” His thrusts became faster and faster. “You’re mine now. Understand? This pussy belongs to me. You’re all mine.” Possessive Stiles was hot as fuck, all I could do was dig my nails into his back. He groaned and hid his face into my neck; kissing, licking, biting.

His movements started to become sloppier and I was getting close to my climax, “Stiles, I’m gonna… fuck! I’m going to…”

“Come for me baby. Let go.”

His words were my undoing and I cried out his name. My walls clenched tightly around him and he groaned my name, when I felt him shooting his hot seed into me.

After a minute he looked into my eyes, removing my hair from my face. “You’re so beautiful. God, I’m lucky. I love you (Y/N). From the minute I laid eyes on you, I knew ‘love at first sight’ existed.”

I felt tears spring to my eyes as I looked up at my best friend and now the love of my life. “I love you too Stiles. So much. You made my wishes come true.” I brought his lips to mine and he began to slowly kiss back. “But I still have some more wishes I’d like to fulfill,” I huskily said while moving my hips a little, I felt Stiles harden inside of me.

“(Y/N), don’t start something you can’t finish. I’ll have you screaming my name all night,” Stiles said while holding my hips still.

Smirking, I moaned, “Stiles…papi,” and bit his lip.

He growled, “You asked for it baby.”

I laughed and moaned.

‘God, I love him.’

Intervention/Stiles Stilinski Smut/Part2

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

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Imagine Lydia had to leave for a business trip for one week. She’d rather not leave her kids or Stiles, specially Stiles because she knows he’s going to mess something up without her. But when she leaves, it’s exactly what she would have predicted. Stiles, with their two kids go and eat at a fast food place every single night. He invites Scott over to help with the kids as well. And when they all watch a movie together, the table gets covered in popcorn being thrown around, curnels stuck between the couch, cups still filled half way with pop and they let the kids stay up till midnight on school nights. And when their energy is all wasted: Scott and stiles carry and cradle them up to their beds. Then ofcourse as responsible adults they should clean up the huge mess in the living room, but they leave it for “tomorrow mornings priority” then they over sleep and forget to wake the kids up on time for school so they rush them out of the house and break the speed limit making the kids scream through the window and stick their tongues out like wild dogs. And Scott’s just laughing because he used to do that feeling his werewolf sense. Then the whole process repeats the next night, the garbage keeps piling on top of garbage. Then the laundry hasn’t been done yet, there’s random objects placed in the middle of the living room, like Scott’s motorcycle since he doesn’t want his precious vehicle to get stolen and he’s been driving with stiles every morning anyways. But by the end of the week the house has turned into complete madness and Stiles was thinking they could do some insane hard core clean up before he has to pick up Lydia at the airport. But what he didn’t realize was Lydia’s plane got scheduled to take off and arrive 2 hours earlier than planned. She doesn’t want to call stiles and the kids and trouble them all so she takes a cab home. When she unlocks the front door to the living room this is what she sees: her 5 year old boy sliding down the railing on his stomach shirtless with a rag, her 6 year old girl vacuuming between the couches and placing cups in a huge garbage bag, Scott cleaning up the juice that stained the wall 4 days before when him and stiles Junior were playing a game of waterfall, and stiles; is the first one she sees. He’s the closest to the front door, with his back turned and head phones in his ears with his phone being held in a pocket on Lydia’s cooking apron that he has one, with a pathetic pattern designed headband holding his hair up. And he’s dancing with the mop, and then placing it back on the ground going back and forth. When everyone hears the front door open they all stop what they’re doing and freeze in absolute shock, but Stiles keeps going and dancing because his music is cranked way to loudly. Then Lydia grabs his phone out of his pocket and unplugs the chord to.his headphone and he turns around and jumps in fright when he sees his angry wife in front of him.“WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!! I WAS GONE FOR ONE WEEK, ONE WEEK MIECZYSLAW STILES STILINSKI… AND THIS HAPPENS!!” Then Scott starts slowly backing away into the kitchen hoping he doesn’t get in trouble too “WHERE THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING SCOTT?!? I CAN STILL SEE YOU”

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Are they're any fics with the pack in a polyamorous relationship that includes everyone from season 1 and 2? I've been looking but I can't find many. Thx so so much

Some of these are s1 and s2 but mostly they’re just polyamorous pack! (I didn’t add pairings since their all pretty much everyone/everyone.) And our polyamory tag.  - Anastasia

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melt by stonerskittles

(1/1 I 912 I Explicit)

“Oh Peter…”

10 Things I Hate About You by Arriefifangirl

(1/1 I 1,918 I Mature)

Stiles loved his pack he really did. Even though Jackson acted like a jackass, Scott started ignoring him, Danny was replacing him, Isaac hated him and Derek thought he was a waste of space. Stiles hated the things they did but he did not hate his pack. Not a little bit. Not even at all.

Running With Wolves by BabyMilk

(1/1 I 3,069 I Explicit)

Stiles is courted by his pack, but he doesn’t play favorites

Down, Down, Down by DontTouchMySeaweedBrain

(1/1 I 3,775 I Teen)

It’s just the adrenaline. That’s all.

East by TheEloquentDecadent

(1/1 I 4,063 I Explicit)

The pack has an agreement. Whoever needs to be the center of attention for the day sets the paddle on the kitchen counter.

It’s Isaac’s turn.

Isaac is sprawled across his Alpha’s lap in his softest nightie, Boyd in his mouth. He thinks this might actually be heaven.

Pack Dynamics by Inell

(1/1 I 4,263 I Explicit)

Scott decides it’s finally time to make Stiles his official alpha mate, and the pack helps them make sure the process is a success.

Give Me Something Else (Than Affection) by Schizzar

(1/1 I 4,779 I Mature)

Isaac has trouble with authority. A lot of trouble with authority. But when some new hunters decide to use Isaac’s weakness to their advantage, his Alpha turns out to be the only one he feel safe with.

Christmasing With You by lonniek

(2/2 I 4,931 I Not Rated)

It’s the holidays, and Isaac’s “holiday cheer” is missing…until Scott, Allison, Lydia, and Jackson are done with him, that is.

And Then There Were Five by SuperfluousEmi, Winchesterek

(1/1 I 5,003 I Mature)

Derek, Lydia and Stiles have settled into their post-apocalypse life. Everything changes when the time comes to bring their children into the world.

You’ll Never Be Alone by werewolvesandarrows (nerdy_farm_girl)

(1/1 I 5,559 I Explicit)

He watches through the haze as Scott pulls off his shirt and lays flat on his back, giggling like an idiot when Stiles licks a long line up the side of his neck. Stiles’ obscene fingers curl around the salt shaker, white salt stark against Scott’s skin, other hand plucking a lime from the bowl sitting in front of Lydia and placing it between Scott’s teeth. “Stop laughing asshole,” Stiles demands, not able to follow the command himself as he attempts to fill Scott’s belly button was tequila. Scott’s still giggling, rivets of alcohol running across his abs and down the cut of his hips. Derek’s mouth begins to water as Lydia starts screeching at Stiles to get on with it. It’s both the best and worst thing Derek’s ever seen. Stiles lips sucking harshly against the column of Scott’s throat, the absolutely awful slurping as he sucks the tequila up, Scott’s laughter quieting when Stiles’ closes his mouth over his lips, biting at the lime but not pulling away nearly as fast as he should have. Derek’s jeans are feeling a little tight and there’s a part of him that wants them to keep going, wants to watch.

Children of the Wild by GeorginaWolf

(5/? I 7,074 I Teen)

n the Kingdom of Beacon, everything changed when the Fox King’s most important and trusted visor died by unexpected circumstances.
However, a day later there had been several rumors of a wolf/dog-kin by the name of Scott McCall who had killed the adviser.
All wolf-kin without having a paid permanent certificate were to be chased out and put down.

Six years later the Prince of Foxes slipped out of the guards security and travels far beyond the castle walls in search for adventure.
‘Adventure’ came in the form of two massive wolves and a Pack that won’t let him go back home.

Loving is sharing ~ Amar es compartir by Karenmightbereal

(3/? I 9,786 I Explicit)

After years of being away from home, the pack members slowly come back to town. With the Hale House turned into a mansion for them to share and a future threat in the Horizon, the least they thought they had to worry about was the relationships between them. Turns out it did matter, A LOT. 

pockets full of stones (lay me down) by Trojie

(1/1 I 11,037 I Explicit)

It’s a toss-up as to whether Stiles would prefer the screaming night-terrors about all his friends dying, or the statistically-significant likelihood of supernatural disembowelment that comes with wandering comatose around this freaking town after dark.

Stiles can’t sleep. Scott’s pack is falling apart around his ears, and yet apparently the biggest problem in their little world is that Stiles can’t sleep. Stiles does not feel good about this.

when all my world is sleeping by Loslote

(1/1 I 46,020 I Explicit)

Now that Beacon Hills is finally at peace, Derek’s pack has time to bond. But as they form relationships and learn to love each other, will they be strong enough to survive the looming threat of the alpha pack? Will all their hard work pay off, or will Derek lose everything for a third time?

Scarlet by Red Whip the Destoyer of Law (tajita_chan)

(17/19 I 75.065 I Explicit)

Fed up with being taken for granted and tired of feeling rejected, Stiles starts to pull away from the pack he’s not sure he’s even a part of in the first place. Along the way of building up his self image, he meets some new fabulously flamboyant friends and rediscovers a side of himself he’d forgotten about.

Fixed - Part 2

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Stiles was pissed.

I mean I can’t say that I blame him, I was a complete and total bitch, but for tonight he decided to put that aside for Heather.

Stiles and I, like most things, went to nursery school together, at that point we were already best friends, but nursery school is where we met another good friend, Heather.

Today was her birthday party and since the three of us were so close when we were younger, Stiles decided that he was going to pretend that he wasn’t totally hating being in the same car, let alone the same house as me.

I was trailing behind Scott and Stiles, everything between the three of us was silent, except for the clicking of my heels against the concrete.

“What?” Stiles asked Scott who kept looking at his feet.

“What do you mean, ‘what’?” Scott asked, looking around.

“I mean ‘what’ and you know what.” Stiles insisted, making no sense.

“What ‘what’?” Scott insisted.

“That look you’re giving.” Stiles said as he rubbed his chin.

“I didn’t give a look.” Scott said, not looking at either of us.

“You gave a look.” I piped up, but I was ignored.

“Oh, there was a distinct look, Scott.” Stiles insisted.

“What look?” He asked, slightly annoyed by our friend.

“The look that says that the last thing you feel like doing right now is going to a party.” Stiles insisted, waving his hands around and pointing at Scott.

“It’s not that.” Scott insisted, shrugging his shoulders. “It just seems weird going to another high school’s party.”

“But Scotty, that’s the best kind of party you can let all of you inhibitions fly out the window and you don’t know anyone who will be around to judge you later. But please, just have one drink? Stiles and I have known Heather since nursery school, and she promised that she would introduce us to all of her friends.” I said and the boys gave me an odd look at the first part of my statement.

“Tonight, no Allison, no Lydia. Tonight we’re moving on.” Stiles declared and I couldn’t help but smile. Apparently my harsh words had actually gotten through to him.

“You’re right.” Scott said as he checked his phone, quickly stuffing it back into his pocket.

“That’s right I’m right.” Stiles said, making a random, spastic gesture.

“Moving on.” Scott said, he and Stiles turning to face each other as we slowed to a stop.

“Onward and upward!” Stiles exclaimed, pointing upwards.

“Let’s do this!” Scott exclaimed, pumped up by Stiles’ pep talk.

“That’s what I’m talking about.” Stiles said and they did a weird double high-five thing before making their way up the driveway.

“How’s my breath smell?” Scott asked and I rolled my eyes.

“We’re not smelling your breath, Scott.” I sighed.

“Do you have any gum?”

“No. No gum. You’re fine.” Stiles said, slightly annoyed.

“Can you at least tell me what kind of party this is?” Scott whined and I sighed.

“It’s a birthday party.” I said as we walked through the door. The three of us barely came to a stop when Heather noticed us.

“Stiles! Hi!” Heather said, completely ignoring Scott and I, as she walked over.

“Hey! There’s the birthday gir-” He began, but was cut off by Heather’s lips on his. My jaw dropped as she pulled away, grabbing Stiles’ hand.

“I’m so glad you made it.” Heather practically purred as she gave my crush the stare down.

“Me too.” I couldn’t see his face, but I knew that he had that adorable smirk was plastered on his face.

“Come downstairs with me and help me pick out a bottle of wine.” She said and my heart sank to my stomach.

“Yes.” He said and eagerly followed Heather down the stairs to her cellar. 

“I need a drink.” I practically sneered as I stormed off to the kitchen.

I had no idea how much time had passed, all that I knew was that I was actually starting to feel great. I couldn’t quite see straight, but I didn’t care, all I cared about was the drink in my hand and the song that I was dancing to.

“Liv!” I heard someone shout over the music and I stumbled as I stopped dancing, causing a fit of giggles to bubble out of me. I rested my hand on the person’s shoulders as I balanced myself and their face slowly came into focus.

“Ooh, you’re cute! You look like Stiles!” I giggled as I pulled my face closer to his, trying to get a better look, then I gasped. “Wait! Are you Stiles? Noooo, you can’t be him, he hates me. He’s having sex with burfday gurrl.” 

I made a disgusted face and gulped down the rest of my drink at the thought of Stiles sleeping with someone. I picked my head up as the song changed and I gasped.

“I love this song!” I exclaimed, swaying my hips a few times before I looked down at my empty cup and whining. “I need more.”

I let go of the guy’s shoulder and stumbled into the kitchen, grabbing a random bottle and refilling my solo cup. I turned around, taking a sip of the bitter liquid, and looked up over the rim of my cup to find that guy right there.

“Why are you following me?” I asked and he opened his mouth to answer, but I cut him off. “Nevermind, I don’t care, you’re hot. Dance with me!”

I grabbed the guy’s wrist and pulled him back over to the dance floor. I turned my back to him, pressing my body to his and rolling my hips to the beat. I hoped that he could be the guy to help me get over Stiles, but that changed when he took a step back, causing me to stumble and almost fall before turning around to face him.

“What’s wrong?” I pouted, my eyes wide, tears welling in them as an idea hit me in the face. “Am I not pretty enough?”

“No, it-it’s not that it’s just-.” He began before he shook his head. “Come on, let’s get you home.” He said as he put his hand on the small of my back and guided me through the house, he took the drink out of my hand and set it on a table. We made our way outside and he helped me into the passenger’s seat his car. We were silent for a few minutes as he drove down the road.

“You know, I’ll sleep with you if you want me to.” I slurred, as my head lolled to the side so that I could look at him and his head whipped towards me for second before he averted his eyes back to the road. “But don’t expect to ever hear from me again, I just- I just need to sleep with you so I won’t love Stiles anymore.”

He said nothing and I sighed, my eyes suddenly feeling heavy. I curled up into a ball in the seat, staring at the handsome man driving as my eyes began to shut.

“’M sleepy…” I muttered and he gave me an affectionate smile, resting a reassuring and on my knee.

“Go to sleep.” He said and I nodded, his soothing voice was all that I needed to convince me to close my eyes and let sleep take me.

Little did I know, I was being rocked to sleep by my best friend’s infamous powder blue Jeep.

I groaned as I woke up. My head felt like there was someone with a jackhammer trapped inside, trying to drill their way out. My eyes slowly slid open and I saw that, luckily, all of my curtains were closed, not even letting so much as a peep of sunlight stream into my room. I sat up as slow as possible, tossing my feet over the edge of the bed and shuffling to my bathroom in desperate need of a shower, I wasn’t sure weather I was the one that smelled like alcohol, or if the stench was branded into my nostrils.

I stood in the shower for quite a few minutes, trying to remember what happened last night and how I got home. The last thing I remember was a whole bunch of people cheering as I downed shot after shot in attempt to drown my pain. It hadn’t worked, of course, I still had the picture of Stiles and Heather kissing burned into my brain.

When I was finally clean and no longer smelled alcohol, I stepped out and wrapped myself in my fluffy robe and shuffled back into my room, not expecting Stiles to be sitting on my bed, staring at his clasped hands.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, my brows furrowing in confusion.

“I wanted to make sure you were okay. You were pretty wasted last night.” Stiles, not looking up from his hands.

“Oh god.” I sighed as my shoulders slumped. “Please tell me I didn’t do anything stupid.”

“You were trying to hook up with some guy, and I figured that it was time to get you home.” He said, face tinged pink as he played with his fingers.

“Lovely, I’m a slutty drunk.” The bitterly sarcastic tinge in my voice got Stiles to finally look up from his hands as I walked over to my closet.

“Actually you said something about only wanting to hook up with him to get over someone else.” Stiles said, curiosity lacing his words and I froze.

No, no, no, no. He can’t know. I know him, he’ll get all awkward and ignore me for the rest of my life. I’d rather pine from a distance and be his friend than have him avoid me for forever.

“Liv?” Stiles called, pulling me from my internal freak out. I forced myself to relax and search for a decent outfit.

“I was drunk Stiles, I was probably trying to get over Taylor Lautner, so thank you for saving me from an awkward and scary morning after.” I said, keeping my voice monotone as I dug out a pair of black high waisted shorts and a light blue tank top. I closed the door to my closet most of the way, hiding me from Stiles as I changed. 

“So you’re not mad at me anymore?” I asked hopefully and I could hear Stiles’ sigh.

“No, I’m not mad.” He said begrudgingly and I couldn’t help but smile.

“You seriously have no idea how happy I am to hear that .” I sighed as I pulled my top over my head and stepped out of my closet, making my way over to my vanity. “Though I would never blame you for never speaking to me after the horrible things that I said. I am so sorry for saying them.”

I glanced behind me to see Stiles wearing a sad smile as I pulled my hair into a loose bun, attempting to ease my hangover in anyway possible. I started on my makeup as he sighed again.

“I don’t think I could ever not talk to you, you’re my best friend, Liv.” I paused my eyeliner and gave him a grateful smile.

“Do you think I could catch a ride with you?” I asked as I flicked wings onto the top of my lids, trading my eyeliner for my mascara.

“Of course you can.”

“I don’t see anything.” Derek said as I took a sip of my mom’s truck stop coffee, pushing my sunglasses up the bridge of my nose.

“Look again.” Scott insisted quietly for my benefit.

“How is a bruise gonna tell me where Erica and Boyd are?” Derek asked rather loudly and I groaned.

“It’s the same on both sides. Exactly the same.” Scott stressed.

“It’s nothing.” Derek insisted.

“Pareidolia.” I muttered, taking another sip of my bitter drink and everyone looked at me with blank faces, except for Lydia.

“Seeing patterns that aren’t there.” Lydia explained for me, still greeted by blank faces. “It’s a subset of apophenia.”

“They’re trying to help.” Scott whispered and Derek was instantly pissed.

“These two. This one who used me to resurrect my psychotic uncle. Thank you.” Derek said sarcastically to Lydia before turning to Allison. “And this one, who shot about thirty arrows into me and my pack.”

“Can we argue quietly, please?” I grumbled as I held my head, leaning into Stiles’ side and he wrapped his arm around my waist, making my heart flutter.

“Okay, alright, now, come on. No one died, alright? Look, there may have been a little maiming, okay, a little mangling, but no death. Now that’s what I call an important distinction.” Stiles said, trying to put a positive spin on everything.

“My mother died.” Allison whispered to Derek.

“Your family’s little honor code killed your mother. Not me.” He replied in a hard tone.

“That girl was looking for Scott. I’m here to help him, not you.” Allison said, clearly annoyed by the sourwolf.

“You wanna help? Find something real.” Derek said before walking away.

I jumped as Coach slammed a book onto his desk, signaling that he was about to begin is very loud lesson.

“The stock market is based on two principles. What are they? Scott, glasses off. Yes, McCall, you can go to the bathroom.” Cach dismissed Scott and I, very slowly, pulled off my sunglasses. “Anybody else?”

“Uh, no, Coach, I know the answer.” Scott said, and Coach began to laugh very loudly, before his face went serious.

“Oh, you’re serious.”

“Yeah, it’s risk and reward.” Scott said and everyone, except for Stiles and I, stared at him, shocked.

“Wow! Who are you and what have you done to McCall?” Coach asked as he made his way down the aisle to Scott. “Don’t answer that, I like you better. I like you better.

Coach nodded and pointed his finger approvingly at Scott before standing up and looking around. “Does anyone have a quarter?”

“Yeah.” Stiles said as he pulled his hand out of his pocket, causing a condom to go flying and I could feel my face heat up.

“Stilinski, I think you, uh, you dropped this.” Coach said as he picked up the XXL condom off of the floor, smiling at Stiles as he handed the condom to my friend, trading it for the quarter. “And congratulations.”

I could feel everyone’s eyes on Stiles and I looked over to Scott, only to see his ‘dude, you never told me’ face and I put my head down. I was too hungover for this shit. 

I know it’s always dangerous when I retreat into my head because I start to overthink things, but I couldn’t help myself this time. Why did Stiles have a condom? For a second, I thought, there’s no way that he’s having sex, he’s so awkward and nervous when it comes to girls, but then I thought back to last night before I got completely wasted. Stiles went down to Heather’s basement with her to have sex, he was probably going to meet up with her after school.

I got so lost in my thoughts, that the next thing I knew, the bell was ringing and I slipped my glasses back on, rushing out of class before Scott or Stiles could question why I was suddenly quiet.

I had gotten a ride home from Allison and managed to sleep off my hangover before Stiles called me to help him and Scott do research on Beacon Hills First National Bank.

I was woken up by whatever I was laying on, suddenly not being under me anymore. I let out a small groan as my head hit the floor and curled into a ball on my side, taking over a warm spot. I let out a happy sigh as I drifted back to sleep.

“Liv. Liv, wake up.” I heard a voice coax but I just groaned, reaching a hand out to push them away. “Come on, Liv, we have to get to school.”

My eyes fluttered open and I realised that I was in a dream. A perfect dream that I never wanted to leave. I was cuddled up to Stiles in his bed as he brushed my hair out of my face and kissed my forehead. He pulled away and smiled at me with love in his eyes, I smiled back as I somehow managed to pull myself even closer to him.

“Let’s skip today.” I muttered as I admired his handsome features.

“We can’t we have Coach’s quiz today. We have to get up.”

“I don’t wanna, Mi, I want to stay here forever.” I said with a smile and he smiled back

“Olivia, wake up!” Stiles shouted, but his voice had changed and I could feel the dream world slipping away from me. I groaned as I opened my eyes for real, narrowing my eyes at Scott as he took his hand off of my shoulder.

“I hate you right now.” I said as I sat up and cracked my back.

“You were talking in your sleep.” Scott said as he scrunched his eyebrows. I stood up and stretched out my back before making my way over to Stiles’  dresser in search of a new shirt.

“What did I say?” I groaned as I realised that I could’ve let my crush slip to Stiles.

“You said ‘I don’t wanna go, Mi’.” Scott said before cocking his head, “Who’s Mi?”

I laughed at my friend’s confusion as I pulled out a red v-neck and walked over to Stiles’ bed, tossing the shirt down as I pulled my own over my head. “If Stiles hasn’t told you his real name by now, it’s likely that he never will.”

I pulled the shirt over head when Stiles walked in, stopping in his tracks, mouth open slightly like he was going to say something. I raised my eyebrows at him as I tugged the loose fabric over my body, tucking the front into my black shorts.

“Uh, earth to Stiles.” I said, waving my hand in front of his face, before walking past him, grabbing my makeup bag out of my knapsack and making my way to the bathroom, shutting the door and pressing my back to it, closing my eyes and grinning as I thought about the way that Stiles had looked at me only seconds before.

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em, i'm having a really off night so i dropped by to say that i hope you have a really good day. take care of yourself and be kind. love you and your cute behind (why am i like this lmao) xx

Aww, nonnie, sweetheart. I am so sorry, I didn’t see this when you sent it to me. I am so sorry you are/were having an off night. Let me know if there is anything I can do, okay? My message box is always open to you if you want to talk. 

Let me just leave you with the headcanon that whenever Derek is having an off night, Stiles orders Derek’s favourite pizza - the kind with mushroom and pineapple (how the fuck he still wants to kiss Derek with his poor taste in food, he’ll never know). 

After that, he carefully assess the situation. Sometimes Derek needs to be left alone but Derek is actually a very tactile person and he’s more than a little touch starved. So more often than not, Stiles just sits next to him and holds Derek’s hand, letting him know he’s there. That he’s not leaving.

He doesn’t encroach too much on Derek’s space because Stiles knows Derek is still funny about “taking up Stiles’ time” (like cuddling Derek is ever a waste of Stiles’ time), and so he sits there, tracing patterns on Derek’s hand, pretending to amuse himself by tracing his palm lines. Sometimes he makes up random shit: this line means you have many orgasms in your future, like you may die having an orgasm, dude. That’s how long this line is. 

Mostly though, he just sits there, checking Derek’s breathing okay, heart fluttering stupidly when Derek smiles at nothing, despite how shitty he feels. 

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Malia as a cheerleader and Stiles bing his normal self? AU

So like I played around with this prompt a lot but I only liked it when I came up with the Concept “Malia is a cheerleader and she sets her sights on Stiles, who is baffled and awkward, and she is thoroughly amused by him, ”And here we are. I only did a cursory editing sweep so I apologize for any mistakes! - Jay

You can also read here

The first time Malia saw Stiles was when she was on her way to cheerleading tryouts. It was only a week after she had moved to Beacon Hills so she had gotten lost trying to find the small gym, eventually learning she was to cut through the bigger gym to get there. Some people she recognized from her classes were in the big gym, dribbling basketballs, running around, or pretending to stretch.

Malia was halfway across the gym when she saw a boy standing alone, dribbling a ball lazily near one of the baskets. He decided to try shooting the ball, but instead of going into the basket, the ball hit the backboard and came back like a boomerang to bounce off his head.

Malia chuckled as she saw him scramble after the ball and then check to see if anyone saw what happened. He didn’t seem to notice her at all, but in the brief moment she saw his face, Malia was able to discern that he was very cute. The boy went back to dribbling, or rather tried to, but the basketball bounced off the toe of his shoe and he had to chase it down again.

Malia smiled, amused by his lack of athletic ability, as she finally exited the gym.


The next time Malia saw him was two weeks later.

She was over by her locker, talking to her only friend and fellow cheerleader, Isaac, when someone barreled past them only to trip on Isaac’s bag and immediately face plant.

Malia made to help the boy up, but he quickly scrambled up off the floor and was off again. She barely recognized that it was the boy from a few weeks ago before he disappeared around the corner.

Isaac groaned, drawing Malia’s attention to where he was crouched next to his bag.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“He broke off part of the glass heart Scott made for me.”

Malia smiled, amusement bleeding into her tone as she said, “I thought it was a cheesy gift that embarrassed you?”

Isaac blushed and stared down into his bag. “It is, but Scott put so much effort into it and I don’t want him to be upset.”

“Mhm.” Malia hummed, clearly not fooled by the lie. “Say, if he gave it to you last Tuesday, why is it still in your bag?”

“I - uh - I -” Isaac sputtered,” - look it doesn’t matter! What does matter is that I’m going to kill Stiles!”

Malia laughed at how flustered he looked, but she didn’t register whatever he mumbled as he rushed off in the direction the boy went.

Stiles, huh? That’s a strange name.


The next day, she found herself looking for Stiles in the cafeteria, pleased when her eyes finally landed on him sitting across the room next to Scott. Kira and Lydia, two of the other cheerleaders had invited Malia and Isaac to sit with them at lunch almost every day since they had joined the team or else Isaac would have invited Malia to sit with him and his boyfriend by now.

Lydia was telling them about about her boyfriend, Jordan, who had graduated last year and was off attending college somewhere on a soccer scholarship. Not that Malia was really paying attention as she was too busy watching Stiles.

He was talking animatedly to Scott about something, his arms flailing wildly when Lydia finally noticed she wasn’t paying attention.

“Does someone have a little crush on Scott’s friend?” Lydia asked.

Malia tore her gaze away from Stiles. “What?”

“You we’re staring at - oh, what’s his name? - Biles?“ Lydia guessed.

“Stiles,” Malia corrected. “And no I wasn’t.”

Lydia gave her this look. “Well, I know you’re not staring at Scott because not only is he Isaac’s boyfriend, but your eyes were tracking movement and he’s sitting perfectly still. Biles, on the other hand, can’t seem to stop moving.”

“Oh god, please tell me you don’t have a crush on that moron,” Isaac groaned.

Malia frowned. “I don’t have a crush on him. I haven’t even talked to him.”

“But you do think he’s cute?” Lydia asked. “You were staring at him for awhile.”

Malia wasn’t the type to blush, but three pairs of curious eyes almost managed it. “He’s alright I guess.”

Malia looked between the others, Isaac appeared to be studying her, Lydia had this curious look in her eyes,  but Kira looked sympathetic and said, “I heard Jackson asked out Danny,” just to shift the attention away from her.

Malia was grateful when both Lydia and Isaac’s heads snapped in her direction.

It took all of her willpower, but Malia forced herself not to look at Stiles again for the rest of lunch.


Malia was stretching on the field next to Isaac when Scott came up to them. He greeted Malia politely, then launched into conversation with Isaac.

Malia thought they were a cute couple, but like all couples, it didn’t take long for them to annoy her. She walked off to go stand next to Kira who pulled her seamlessly into the conversation she had been having with Allison.

A few minutes later, Allison stopped mid-sentence to say incredulously, “He still has a thing for her?”

Malia turned around to see Stiles talking to Lydia. She didn’t seem particularly interested in what he had to say, but he kept speaking to her anyway.

“She barely remembers his name most of the time,” Allison said, shaking her head. “That boy must love torturing himself to still have a crush on a girl who has a boyfriend.”

Malia frowned. Lydia hadn’t mentioned Stiles had a crush on her, but with how completely bored she looked at the moment, it was likely she just thought it didn’t matter.

“He’s liked her since elementary, but she’s barely said two words to him.  I think he just likes the idea of her at this point,” Kira commented.

Malia felt that Kira’s words directed more towards her so she gave her a grateful smile that Allison didn’t seem to notice.

“Alright ladies!” Shouted their cheer Coach. “It’s time for practice!”

Lower and clearly directed towards Scott and Stiles she asked for all non-cheerleaders to clear out. Stiles called something out to Lydia, but she ignored him.

Malia watched Stiles trip after Scott, hoping just a bit that Kira was right about his feelings for Lydia. It was clear where Lydia stood towards him. She only ever acted like an ice queen to boys she didn’t want to deal with, other ice queens, or out of line older men.

Scott looked back and saw her staring so he waved, she waved back, a little more eagerly when Stiles turned around too. Stiles waved to her and ended up tripping over his own two feet, scrambling awkwardly to get up and waving to her again with an embarrassed smile.

Malia laughed.

He’s adorable.


Malia was sat at her usual table with Kira and Lydia when Isaac approached, stopping right in front of her.

“Come with me,” he said, sounding annoyed.

Malia eyed him suspiciously. “Why?”

“I want you to eat lunch with me. Come.” Isaac jerked his head back towards the table he had been occupying with Scott and Stiles.

“You should go,” Lydia said. “Its a nice opportunity for you to actually talk with your crush.”

Malia rolled her eyes. “I don’t have a crush! I don’t even know him!”

“And you won’t unless you go over there and talk to him,” Lydia said.

Malia looked at Kira for support, but felt the sharp sting of betrayal when she said, “You’ve been staring at him all week. I think its time you actually had a conversation with him.”

Fine,” she muttered, resenting them all just a little for being so pushy.

Isaac forced her to sit across from Stiles, but she felt a little relieved when he sat next to her. Neither Scott, nor Stiles even realized they sat down at first, too engrossed in arguing about something.

Isaac rolled his eyes. “God, shut up about it already!”

Both the other boys turned to him.

Stiles glared at him. “You don’t even know what we’re talking about!”

Isaac shrugged.“Doesn’t matter. Any conversation with you is a waste of time.”

Stiles narrowed his eyes and opened his mouth, ready to argue when he finally noticed Malia. She knew he noticed her because his whole demeanor changed and he turned so he was facing her directly.

“Uh, Hi,” he said. “I’m Stiles.”

Malia smiled at him. “Malia.”

Stiles seemed to be momentarily stunned and didn’t snap out of it until Scott nudged him. “Name nice.”

Malia chuckled. A boy had never reacted to her this way before and she found it both amusing and kind of adorable.

“Try again,” Isaac said, smirking at Stiles. “This time, use your words.”

Stiles shot a glare at the other boy. “I meant, that’s a nice name.”

Malia offered a friendly smile. “Thanks. I like the name Stiles too.”

Stiles smiled back. “Are you new here? I haven’t seen you around. Well, besides the other day when you know…”

“You tripped over your own two feet?” Isaac supplied.

Malia pinched his side and he jerked suddenly, glaring at her. “I moved here about a month ago.”

“What made you come to Beacon Hills?” Stiles asked, blushing slightly at the mention of his clumsiness.

“Dad was tired of LA, so he looked for small towns in California and we moved to the first one he was able to find a job in,” Malia explained.

She noticed that Scott and Isaac scooted just a little farther down to let them talk, but not so far that they couldn’t jump into the conversation if they really wanted.

Stiles started asking her the basic questions about her life, seeming to grow more confident the longer they talked. He seemed to grow a bit shy when she asked him the same questions and he ended up rambling on with some of his answers.

She thought it was cute.

Lunch went by way too fast for Malia’s liking. She had really enjoyed talking to Stiles, even when he stumbled over his words or talked a little too fast.

And maybe, just maybe, after that she started to develop a little crush on the clumsy boy she saw in the gym that day.


Malia stood at the edge of the football field, waiting eagerly for the game to start. Some of the other cheerleaders were standing closer to the bleachers, talking to their friends, some just sat stretching around her. It was their first game of the season and her first cheerleading performance in front of a crowd, so obviously Malia was nervous.

She felt someone grab her hand and reflexively spun around, nearly punching Isaac, who managed to catch her fist before it met his face.

“Nervous, Lia?” He asked as he let go of her fist.

She squeezed his other hand. “Maybe a little.”

“Come do stretches with me,” Isaac suggested.

Malia nodded and allowed Isaac to lead her over to a spot of unoccupied turf. It was as they stretched that Malia’s eyes searched the crowd for the boy they always sought out.

“He’s towards the center with Erica and Boyd,” Isaac supplied helpfully.

Malia found him almost instantly, ignoring the urge to smile at the sight of him laughing at something one of the others said. “I thought you hated that I like him.”

Isaac finished stretching his arms. “I do, but that doesn’t mean I won’t feed your little crush.”

Malia chuckled.

A moment passed and then Isaac spoke again,“He thinks you’re gorgeous.”

Malia paused in reaching for her toes. “He does?”

“Yeah, but what does he know?” Isaac teased.

Malia threw her pom poms at him, but he just laughed.

Scott ran up to them, dressed in the red and beige of the Beacons Hills Timberwolves. Isaac jumped up and greeted him with a kiss.

A few of the cheerleaders, including Malia, cheered obnoxiously for them, earning a middle finger from Isaac.

“Hey, Malia,” Scott greeted as soon as Isaac detached himself. “You excited for tonight?”

“Yeah. Just a little nervous.” Malia admitted.

“Don’t be. I’ve seen you guys practice and you’re gonna nail it.” Scott assured her, offering a friendly smile.

Malia smiled back, feeling a little less worried now. “Thanks.”

“Just stating the facts.” Scott said.

“McCall!” Shouted Coach Finstock.

“Good luck you guys!” Scott called as he rushed off.

Isaac sat back down and went back to stretching. “So, are you ever going to talk to him again?”

Malia stole a quick glance at the boy in question. “When I get the chance.”

Isaac frowned at her, giving her a look that could only be described as disapproving.

“What?” Malia asked.

“You’re not shy, Lia, so why is your progress with him so slow?” Isaac asked.

Malia shrugged. “I don’t know. I just don’t want to rush into anything. Especially since he has a crush on Lydia.”

Isaac rolled his eyes. “Oh come on, you could swoop in with your amazing legs and steal his attention in a heartbeat.”

Malia wasn’t so sure. “He’s liked her forever. I don’t think it would be that easy. I mean, shes been dating Parrish for a year and that still hasn’t deterred him!”

Isaac stared at her for a long minute, then turned to the bleachers and yelled, “STILES, COME HERE!”

Malia’s eyes widened. “What the hell are you doing?”

“I’m giving you your chance,” Isaac answered.

Malia shook her head at him. “Why am I friends with you again?”

Isaac flashed her a charming smile. “Because I already had a boyfriend, but you just couldn’t stay away.”

Malia rolled her eyes. He would never let her forget that she had hit on him when they first met.

Stiles finally reached the edge of the bleachers, leaning against the railing as he said, “I didn’t do anything!”

“You broke my heart,” Isaac said dramatically.

Stiles sputtered. “You said you forgave me for that!”

Isaac shrugged. “I lied to appease Scott, but I know how you can really make it up to me.”

“How?” Stiles asked.

“This one is nervous about tonight,” Isaac gestured to Malia,“and I thought you, ball of anxiety that you are, could help her use it to her advantage like I’ve seen you do.”

Malia had to give Isaac credit, he sure was clever.

“Um, yeah, alright,” Stiles said, looking a mix of confused and excited.

“Excellent!” Isaac exclaimed. “I’m going to go talk to Lydia, and she better be less nervous when I get back or you’ll still owe me.”

Stiles frowned, but nodded anyway.

“He really likes to give you a hard time, doesn’t he?” Malia mused as she watched Isaac jog off.

“We usually give each other a hard time, but Scott’s been getting really fed up with it and insists we make nice,” Stiles said. “It’s harder than it looks.”

Malia nodded. Ever since Isaac discovered she liked him, all he did was complain to her about Stiles and how neither of them seemed to be able to stop picking fights with the other.

Malia turned and smiled at him. “So, how do I use my nerves to my advantage?”

“Well sarcasm is usually my method,” Stiles admitted,“but in your case, I would just focus on what I’m doing instead of what I’m feeling. If you focus on what you’re feeling, you’ll focus on how everyone else will feel about what you’re doing too and that leads to spiraling and panicking.”

Malia took a step forward. “What if I only focus on one person? What if I only care what how they feel about what I’m doing?”

Stiles didn’t seem to pick up on what she was hinting. “Whatever works best for you I suppose.”

Malia decided to be more forward, the way she usually was when a person caught her eye. “Is it okay if I focus on you?”

Stiles’ eyebrows shot up, and he gaped momentarily before stumbling out his reply. “Uh - yeah. Yeah that’s - that’s fine with me.”

Malia beamed. “I feel less anxious already.”

Stiles smiled. “Glad to be of assistance.”

A moment passed where they just looked at each other, and Malia knew that now she had to be a bit more aggressive in her pursuits if she wanted him to keep looking at her like that.

Maybe Isaac was right. Maybe she could swoop in and get the guy if she just stopped doubting she could get his attention.

“I should get back to the others,” Malia said, gesturing behind her.

Stiles nodded. “Yeah. I should get back to my friends.”

“I’ll be sure to tell Isaac you’re even now,” Malia said.

Stiles laughed. “That would be great.”

Malia slowly started backing away. “I’ll see you later.”

Stiles grinned. “Yeah. Later.”

Malia reluctantly turned around and ran off to stand next to Isaac and Lydia.

So?” Lydia asked pointedly.

Malia feigned ignorance. “So?”

Isaac raised his eyebrow at her and somehow that seemed to make her more willing to dish then when Lydia did the same thing. She told them about what happened, surprised by her own level of excitement. She didn’t gush about boys, she dated them occasionally, but she never felt the need to chat about them with her friends.

Lydia seemed particularly pleased by what she told her. “Maybe soon I can actually be nice to him for a change.”

“I won’t be,” Isaac said. “I know you like him, Lia, but there is a limit to supporting your crush.”

Malia rolled her eyes, but this time it was out of an exasperated fondness for her best friend.

The game started not long after that, and Malia took every opportunity to look at Stiles who seemed to be doing the exact same thing. She completely forgot about being nervous in the first place.


Malia was almost asleep when she felt someone kick her foot. Her eyes shot open and she turned to Isaac, silently asking him why the hell he’d woken her up. He simply nodded towards the library doors and she understood the moment she looked over and saw Stiles walk in.

Instead of going over to him immediately, Malia waited for him to disappear behind one of the shelves. Isaac rolled his eyes as she got up to find him.

She found him digging through his backpack at a table in a little sideroom she hadn’t known existed.  He didn’t even notice her approach until she pulled out the chair across from him and sat down.

“Hey,” he said, smiling.

“Hey,” Malia said back. “Do you mind if I sit here?”

Stiles shook his head. “Not at all.”

It was as he pulled out math homework that she realized she’d forgotten her bag and probably wouldn’t have an excuse to stay if he insisted on focusing on his work at some point.

There you are,” Isaac said, walking up from behind her.

She turned and saw he had her bag.

“You forgot this in history,” he lied.

Malia shook her head before taking her bag from him.  "I can’t believe I forgot my bag. Thanks Isaac.“

“Of course, Lia,” he said. “I have to go find Scott, but I’ll see you at practice.”

Malia nodded and then he was off without acknowledging Stiles at all.

“You two are pretty close, huh?” Stiles asked.

“He’s my best friend,” Malia said.

“All his snark doesn’t get to you?”

“Well, believe it or not, he’s actually nice and not always snarky,” Malia informed him. “There must just be something about you that brings out the worst in him.”

“So you’re saying I just happen to be special enough to naturally set him off?”


Stiles shook his head. “Lucky me. At least I’m special to someone.”

Malia felt heart skip a beat as she boldly said. “You’re special to me too.”

Stiles was at a loss for words.

Malia found herself blushing for the first time since her dad explained her period to her.

Finally, after what felt like forever, he managed to say, “I am?”

Malia nodded. “I like you, Stiles.”

“Like a friend? Or…?”

“Like I want to go on a date with you after the game on Friday,” Malia clarifed.

His eyebrows shot up. “Really?”

“Am I that bad at flirting?” Malia asked.

“You really have been flirting with me?” Stiles seemed utterly surprised. “Scott said so, but I didnt really believe it.”


Stiles gestured to her,“Because you’re so…and I’m so,” he gestured to himself.

“You’re cute is what you are. Smart, funny,  and adorable too,” Malia said.

“You too. I mean, you - you’re all those things too.”

Malia grinned.  "So, Friday then?“

A big smile slowly spread across his face. “It’s a date.”

“Okay.” Malia said, grin widening.

“Okay,” Stiles said, smiling so hard it must have hurt a little.

They started working on their homework after that, occasionally exchanging glances and all too happy smiles.


“For someone who claims to hate my little crush, you’ve sure done a lot to get us together,” Malia commented as she and Isaac followed Lydia and Kira around a random clothing store in the mall.

“Yeah, well, you’re my friend and I help my friends,” Isaac said casually. “Even when they fall for a clumsy moron who once asked me if they were attractive to gay guys.”

Malia laughed. “He asked you that? What did you say?”

“I said I’d rather shove my dick in a bee hive and he got all pouty so I apologized and said that he was good enough for a one night stand at least.”

Malia shook her head. “Why are you so mean to him?”

Isaac shrugged. “I don’t know. Something about him just bugs me.”

“And you won’t play nice for me and Scott?”

“Lia, I just physically can’t stop. I see his dumb face and I can’t help myself.”

“What are you going to do if he becomes my boyfriend?”

“Puke?” He guessed.

Malia slapped his arm lightly. “I’m serious.”

“So am I,“Isaac said.

Malia sighed. "Isaac.”

Isaac sighed too. “Look Lia, I’ll try a little harder to be nice, okay? I don’t hate the guy, he just annoys me and I annoy him,  but if he can hold back, so can I.”

Malia kissed his cheek. “Thank you.”

“Anything for you, babe,” Isaac said, smiling at her.

Lydia and Kira both stopped suddenly, almost making Malia and Isaac run right into them.

“Um, guys?” Malia prodded.

“I think we found what you’re going to wear on your date,” Lydia answered.


Isaac finished placing Malia’s hair just right and gave her a thumbs up. It still baffled her how just earlier that day he said dating Stiles was a poor life choice, yet here he was, making sure she looked perfect for their date.

“Ready?” Isaac asked, gathering up all of her cheerleading stuff so he could take it home for her.

“Almost,” Malia said, walking closer to the mirror.

She had to admit, she looked hot in her new dress. It was a dark red - wine red - according to the tag, lacy, not too long, not too short, hugged her body comfortably and really showed off her legs. Her long brown hair was curled slightly, half of it hanging down her chest, half of it down her back, drawing just the right amount of attention to her face. Lydia had lent her some matching heels and some dark red liptisick that wasnt quite the same color as her dress, but so similar it wasn’t likely anyone would notice.

“You’re missing something,” Isaac said suddenly.

Malia frowned. “I am?”

He turned to his cheerleading bag and pulled out a small red box that he handed to her immediately.

“What’s this?” Malia asked as she started to take off the lid.

“Just a little gift,” Isaac shrugged as he said it.

Inside the box was a gold necklace with a little gold heart attached to it.

“Figured you needed some thing to go with your dress,” Isaac said.

Malia smiled and hugged him. “Thank you.”

He hugged her back. “My little Lia has grown up so fast. Already going on her first date.”

Malia chuckled. “It’s not my first date.”

“I choose to block out the part of your life that doesn’t include me,” He said.

Malia shook her head and handed him the necklace. “Help me put it on?”

He nodded and she turned around.

Malia and Isaac had only know each other seven weeks, but they got along so swimmingly that it felt like they’d known each other for years.

After putting on her necklace, Malia hugged Isaac one last time and left to meet Stiles in the parking lot. He was leaning against his jeep, scanning around for her.

“Hey!” She greeted.

He turned around and his eyebrows shot up. “Wow. You look amazing.”

Malia smiled. “Thanks. You look quite handsome yourself.”

He wore a simple light blue dress shirt tucked into his black jeans, a simple black bowtie around his neck and the same blue converse he always wore.

They filed into the jeep and talked about school, their friends and the game that night on their way to the diner Stiles had picked out. The building looked new and clean, but had the aesthetics of a diner from the 50’s. It was called Rocko’s and was apparently Scott and Stiles’ favorite place to eat.

Stiles led her over to a booth in the corner, claiming it was his favorite place to sit.

“So, what do you recommend from here?” Malia asked.

“Well the food here is all delicious, but I recommend Rocko’s Brunch Belly Burger and a Lynette’s Heavenly Shake,” Stiles said.

Malia raised her eyebrow at him. “What exactly are those?”

Stiles grinned. “Nothing weird. I swear. It’s just a burger with a fried egg, and a peanut butter brownie milkshake.”

“That actually sounds really good.” Malia said. “I’ll get that.”

The waitress came to take their drink order and seemed pleased they already knew what they wanted.

“So, I’ve been wondering,” Stiles said after the waitress left, “what made you want to be a cheerleader?”

Malia shrugged. “I’ve never really been the type to participate in school activities, but it’s my last year of high school and I wanted to get involved somehow.”

Stiles nodded.

“I considered the soccer team, but the season doesn’t start until next semester and I wanted to start something now. I saw that there were late tryouts for cheerleading and thought, why not?”

“Huh. Funny. Both you and Isaac joined for the same reason,” Stiles said.

Malia smiled. “Yeah. It’s part of the reason we stuck with each other all throughout try outs.”

“I tried out for football with Scott,” Stiles said. “Well, I tried to try out, but Coach took one look at me and just laughed. When he stopped he said, I saw you trip on air this morning Stilinski. Get out of here.

Malia tried to not to laugh.

“No, go ahead, its only fair,” Stiles said.

Malia laughed then said, “I’m sorry! It’s just that I always see you tripping or almost falling. As mean as Coach is, he has a point.”

Stiles just shrugged. “I know. That’s why I just watched Scott try out.”

It seemed easy for them to talk, even when their nerves bled through because it felt comforting to know that the other was nervous too. So dinner flew by with mouthwatering food and flowing conversation about music, movies, TV shows and random little stories about their childhoods or teenaged adventures.

They ended up staying at the diner long after they’d eaten, too engrossed in one another and not wanting the night to end. It wasnt until Malia’s dad called, telling her she need to come home that they finally left.

Slience only replaced their chattering when Stiles stopped outside her house. She didn’t make to get out and he didn’t try to suggest It, so they just sat there in awkward silence for the first time that night.

Malia had thought their date was almost perfect, all she wanted was a kiss to make it so, but she really liked Stiles, in a way she hadn’t liked any of her other boyfriends and that made her hesitate.

“So, uh, I had a lot of fun tonight,” Stiles said.

“Me too.” Malia said.

“We should do this again sometime,” Stiles suggested.

Malia nodded. “I’d like that.”

Malia saw light spill through the front door as it swung open and knew that she needed to just go for it before her dad marched over. Malia grabbed Stiles face and kissed him softly, smiling when she felt him kiss back. It was a short, sweet kiss, but it was amazing.

Stiles smiled at her and she couldn’t resist giving him one last peck on the cheek before she hopped out of the jeep and ran into her house.

Her crush wasn’t so little after that.

I actually did those things with a basketball and I’m just glad no one ever noticed when I accidentally hit myself in the face. Anyways, I hope you liked this!- Jay

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Date night with Stiles!

Requested by anon


Originally posted by tweenw

(A/N: the text messages are in italics)

You had been so overwhelmed for the past few weeks, you could barely keep yourself going. Testing had been ruthless this year, especially since you knew colleges were going to be looking at your scores. You wanted to be sure to do well, so you had spent the past few weeks cooped up in your room attempting to study as much as you could. You couldn’t waste a single minute.

Stiles began to notice that you were getting really stressed over testing in the weeks leading up to it. He knew there was no convincing you to relax before the tests came, so he just decided to lay low and make sure you were surviving before anything else. He knew that you would have to unwind once tests were done or you would explode, so he created a small plan in his head: a date night completely catered to you.

You flopped down face first on your couch as soon as you got back to your house. You were so drained from testing that all you wanted to do was sleep. You were about to drift off when your phone vibrated in your hand. You groaned loudly, wondering who the asshole was that drove you away from your precious, well-deserved nap. You immediately regretted internally calling the person texting you an “asshole” when you saw that is was your boyfriend, Stiles.

Hey, babe! You’ve been working so hard all week that I haven’t had the chance to see you :( please come over to my place tonight for date night?

You smiled, knowing that Stiles really wanted to see you and that he missed you. You sighed, knowing that if you said no he was going to come over and get you anyway. You returned the text. 

What time do you want me over?

You waited for a few moments before getting a response from him.

Come over at 6:00. I’ll have everything ready by then.

You had no idea what Stiles meant by “everything”, but you shrugged and went along with it.

Okay, see you then. Love you.

Moments later, you feel your phone vibrate again.

I know <3.

You giggled at Stiles’ obvious Star Wars reference before getting up off the couch. You threw all your stuff on the floor of your room before deciding to clean yourself up. Testing week had taken its toll on you. You hopped in the shower and cleaned off. You re-did the little amount of makeup you had on, even though Stiles would tell you that he didn’t care if you wore makeup or not, he thought you were beautiful either way. You got dressed in comfortable clothes, knowing that Stiles would most likely have prepared a night in for the both of you. Before you knew it, it was time to head out to his house.

As soon as you stepped up onto his porch, Stiles had the door open and waiting for you. You were surprised because Stiles would usually still be frantically trying to get things ready when his dad let you in (more than often making you laugh because he would look ridiculous).

“Well, this is a surprising turn of events. You’re actually ready this time,” you joked.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Come on in, I have a surprise for you,” Stiles smiled as he escorted you inside.

You were shocked to see that the entire living room was covered in blankets and pillows, forming one giant pile of cushions for you to lay on. On the coffee table were your favorite snacks and drinks, as well as your usual meal from your favorite restaurant. The TV in the room was already on, showing the main menu of your favorite movie.

“I have some more of your favorite movies in the DVD cabinet if you want to watch something else,” Stiles mentioned.

You were speechless. Had he really done all of this for you?

“I knew you were working really hard to pass these past few weeks, and I knew that there was no way I could convince you to relax before they were done. So, I’ve been planning this night for the past few days to congratulate you on finishing and to help you relax. It’s all your favorites,” he told you.

“Stiles, I don’t even know what to say,” you whispered. 

Stiles brought you in for one of his signature bear hugs. You wrapped your arms tightly around his torso, nuzzling your face into his chest. Stiles pulled back a little bit so he could look in your eyes.

“Do you like it?” he asked you.

“Like it? Stiles, I love it,” you smiled at him.

He gently kissed your nose before walking you over to the blanket-covered couch. Lifting up a few of the blankets, you both shuffled your way underneath before fully curling in to the warmth. You rested your head on Stiles’ shoulder as he pressed the play button on the remote.

You both spent the evening watching your favorite films as you ate all of your favorites. Stiles stared at you lovingly as he saw you visibly relax, letting go of the tension the past few weeks had brought you. In between movies, he looked over to you.

“Do you feel a bit better now?” he asked.

“Better than ever. Thank you, Stiles,” you kissed him sweetly before popping another one of the candies in your mouth.

“I’m glad I could make you feel better. Please don’t stress yourself out like that again, though,” he begged.

“I’ll be sure to,” you giggled. “You’re the best, you know that.”

“I do know that, thank you,” he joked. 

You laughed as you playfully smacked him in the shoulder.

“I love you, Stiles,” you spoke softly to him.

“I know,” he replied, a soft smile etched on his face.

You once again rested your head on his shoulder, the both of you sitting in loving bliss. 

How Do You Fake Feelings (when you know they're real): Sunkissed

Fic Request: Stiles and Lydia fake dating but actually dating in the end

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Fake Dating!Stydia

Author: holybellamy

Part 5/?

Summary: Lydia meets Jackson at the supermarket, and he is back in town for his wedding. He invites her, and she doesn’t want to go there alone.

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Sex Deprived

Author: obrosey-af

Characters: reader x Stiles

Word count: 1,940

Warning: smutty smut smut!

A/N Holy crap THANK YOU guys for over 300 followers, ya’ll are awesome! Here’s another Stiles smut because, again, I’m trash. Let ya girl know whatcya think! -Er

Originally posted by teenwolfict

Stiles, your boyfriend of almost a year, rests his body on yours, pushing you gently against your locker. The kiss turns into a light make out session until Scott slams his locker door shut a few feet away, causing you to jump.

“We’re kinda busy here, if you didn’t notice,” Stiles complained, mumbling against your lips.

“Yeah, I did notice. I notice every morning when this happens actually,” Scott teased as he threw his backpack over one shoulder. “It’s like all you guys do lately is make out,” he scrunched his face.

“Have you seen my girl? It’s kind of hard to do anything else,” Stiles smirked, kissing your nose before turning to his best friend. “You’re just jealous,” he teased.

“Jealous of what? My relationship with Kira involves more than what you guys are doing,” Scott laughs, motioning towards the action that had unfortunately stopped.

“We do more than just make you,” you say as you playfully hit Scott in the arm.

“Yeah, the sex is pretty great too,” Stiles smirked, wrapping his arm around your lower waist. You pushed him away, rolling your eyes.

“We can stop whenever we want,” you explained confidently.

“I’ll believe that when I see it,” Scott joked, patting Stiles on the shoulder before walking down the hall.

Stiles pulled you closer and placed a sweet kiss on your lips before you pulled away.

“We’re not actually stopping, right?” he asked, concern in his eyes.

“I mean, we could tone it down a bit,” you said, turning to open up your locker.

“Why would I want to do that?” he smiled, leaning against the metal door to your left.

“Just forget it, it’s not like you could restrain yourself anyways,” you teased, shoving an unbelievably large textbook in your locker, shutting his quietly right after.

“Are you insinuating that I have no self control?” Stiles asked, placing a hand over his chest, pretending to be offended.

“You said it, not me,” you winked, walking around him. He ran ahead and stopped you in your tracks.

“Hey, I have self control woman,” he exclaimed, wagging a finger in your face. “You’re the one who can’t keep her hands to herself,” he shot back.

“I bet I could go longer without kissing or making out than you could,” you bet, crossing your arms over your body. “In fact, I think I could go without sex longer than you too,”  you boasted.

“Uh-uh, no way. I would totally dominate,” he said, narrowing his eyes at you.

“You wouldn’t be able to keep it in your pants for more than a day tops, Stilinski,” you challenged.

“You’re on,” he held out his hand and you took it in yours, shaking it firmly.

“It’s a bet,” you agreed, “and I’m assuming you forgot we were supposed to meet in the locker room during lunch today to-uh, ya know,” you smirked, flicking your eyes down to his pants and back up. You placed a prolonged kiss to his lips before walking away. “Starting now!” you called over your shoulder.

“Yeah, whatever,” Stiles commented, giving Malia a cold shoulder to something she had said.

You just met up with your friends at your lunch table and sat down, opening up your bottle of water and taking a sip.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Stilinski?” Malia shot back, annoyed, “You’ve been acting weird for weeks.”

“Our friend has just been a little sexually frustrated since he and y/n stopped having sex,” Scott grinned, swinging an arm over Stiles’ shoulder.

You choked on your water when Scott said that., your face turning red after. “We didn’t stop having sex, we made a bet to see who could go longer without it,” you explained, “A bet that I’m going to win, by the way,” you smirked at Stiles.

“You just keep telling yourself that, baby,” Stiles said, starring at his lunch tray. It was so obvious this bet was killing him.

Later that night, you and Stiles were snuggled up on the couch in your living room, watching a Star Wars movie. You’ve watched all six with Stiles so many times, you couldn’t even keep track of what events happened in which movie.

You were laying against Stiles with your left arm draped across his waist, his left arm around your shoulder. Your leg was falling asleep and when you went to readjust your position, your elbow grazed over Stiles’ crotch, causing his body to tense up.

“Oops, sorry,” you smiled innocently. It really was an accident, but you didn’t see the harm in having a little fun.

“C-can we just watch the movie please,” Stiles stuttered, not taking his eyes off of the tv.

You couldn’t believe how stressed out he was over this stupid bet. You have both spent weeks away from each other between all of the holidays that came in the past ten months. He didn’t seem completely sex deprived when you got back together. Maybe it’s the fact that he can touch you, but not touch you that’s eating away at him. Not to say that you aren’t suffering as well; you totally are! You haven’t kissed your boyfriend in almost three weeks and you missed it. Not enough to forfeit the bet, of course. Being the competitive person that your are, you decided to try to make Stiles lose. It shouldn’t take that long, considering the condition he’s in. You delicately dragged the hand that was around his waist up to his chest and slowly dragging it down until it rested on his abdomen, just above the top of his grey sweatpants. The same sweatpants that he’s never wearing for longer than an hour before you’re ripping them off of him. Yeah, they make him look that good.

“Y/N,” Stiles said calmly.

“Hmm?” you pretended to be focused on the movie as you lightly traced circles against his shirt, making it ride up a little every so often.

“Whatcya doin’?” he asked, with an annoyed smile.

“Watching Star Wars? What’re you doing?” you asked, nonchalantly.

“I think you’re close to making yourself lose the bet,” he smirked his ‘i know i’m right’ smile.

“You couldn’t be more wrong, Stilinski, I’m as cool as a cucumber,” you explained, pulling away and sitting back against the couch, “I could keep at this for another month if I had to.”

“Y/N, you might as well just give up now because there is nothing you can do that would make me lose this bet,” he crossed his arms over his chest triumphantly.

Without any hesitation, you stood up from the couch and pulled your black v-neck over your head and tossed it to the side, revealing your lavender lace bra. Stiles’ jaw was practically on the floor. Before he could wrap his head around what you had done, you bent down and pulled your grey leggings down with you. Stiles racked his eyes up and down your body, focusing longer on your chest and the matching panties that you wore below.

“I’m pretty sure this is cheating,” he whispered, swallowing the lump in his throat.

“It’s only cheating if you do something about it,” you smirked.

Stiles shot up from his spot on the couch and yanked his shirt over his head, starring you down as he did so. He hooked his thumbs in the elastic of his sweatpants, those goddamn sweatpants, and pushed them down, letting them pool at his ankles before kicking them to the side. You both stood there, in your underwear, starring at each other with straight faces, neither of you daring to look anywhere else.

“Oh, screw it,” Stiles whispered before lunging at you, grabbing onto your hips with his rough hands and slamming his lips into yours.

Thank god, you thought. Another second and you would’ve been the one to make the first move. You threw your arms around his neck and jumped up, knowing Stiles would catch you. He did and you wrapped your legs around his lower waist as he carried you down the hallway to your bedroom. Once there, he dropped you on your bed so suddenly that you let out a yelp. Stiles didn’t waste any time with hastily pulling your panties down your legs. He crawled back up on the bed and rested in an oh so familiar spot; between your legs. He hiked your right leg over his shoulder before attacking your clit with his tongue, earning a cry from you. Stiles often referred to you as his cheerleader because the louder you moaned and groaned, the faster and harder he was. You reached down and grasped a hand full of hair and tugged it hard, causing Stiles to moan in return. He slipped two digits inside of you and continued to swirl patterns around your bundle of nerves with his tongue. You’ve know it for awhile, but there were so many better things Stiles could do with his mouth besides making sarcastic, smartass comments.

“Stiles, oh my god,” you breathily screamed, your head falling back against bed.

In no time you were coming and your breathing became longer and deeper as you began to come down from your high. Without a word, Stiles placed his two fingers in his mouth, sucking all of your juices off because crawling past you and laying his head on a pillow. You took a second to catch your breath, but when you looked back at Stiles, you saw he had already removed his boxers. He pumped himself a few times before you felt the need to take over what he was doing. You firmly grasped his length in your hand, moving it up and down, running your thumb over the tip and spreading the precum that had formed. You sucked the tip for a second before dropping your head all the way down until his member was tapping the back of your throat. You bobbed your head up and down, hallowing out your cheeks to take more of him in.

“God, y/n,” Stiles groaned, tugging at your hair. You let out a moan that sent vibrations through Stiles, making him moan so much louder.

You were suddenly being pulled up on top of Stiles. He kissed your lips furiously before flipping you over and pressing his body against yours. He thrusted his hips against you a few times before you reached down to stroke his dick a handful of times, pun intended, and lined him up with your entrance. He immediately slammed into you.

“Stiles, fuck,” you shouted, when he didn’t give you a chance to adjust to him before thrusting in and out of you. You scrapped your nails down his body, leaving faint red marks behind. You placed opened mouth kisses up and down his neck and you jerked at his hair. About five more minutes passed and Stiles was coming inside of you with a low growl. He continued thrusting in and out, helping you ride out your high until you were coming for the second time tonight. Completely out of breath, Stiles pulled out and flopped down next to you on the bed. He wrapped both arms around you and pulled you close to him as he peppered your forehead with sweet kisses.

“Just for the record,” you breathed out, “I totally won.”

“Yeah, whatever, babe,” he smirked, rolling his eyes.

“Just admit it, Stilinski, I won and you lost,” you sang.

“Okay fine, you won,” he smiled sweetly, holding you tighter.

“Also for the record, we are never ever ever making a bet like that again,” he added.

Part of Your World

Submitted by: dylanobrienstyler (prev holdyourbreathuntilyouseelight)

Description: ‘My kid is in your class and you called me in for a parent-teacher conference and I don’t know what she did but she didn’t learn it from me and wait what do you mean you think she should skip a grade AU’ stolen from this list (x) aka fluffy cute times followed by shameless smut

Genre: Fluff, Romance, Smut, AU

Rating: MA

Author’s Note: Previously posted on my blog last year - figured it couldn’t hurt to have it up here too. Hope you enjoy!

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Hide n Seek-TW preference


  •  Hide and seek for the hell of it
  • hide and seek in the dark

  • power goes out and you touch their penis or they touch ur boobs

  • hide and seek and you accidentally touch their private parts or they do

 A/N: hello, the intro is the sae for all of them so please read :)



You did not know how or why it happened, it was a werewolf party with slightly wolfsabaned drinks and stuff but after an hour or two you and the pack were extremely drunk. Someone suggested Hide and Seek in a dark room and the whole pack just sort of went along with it.



‘’Aaaand hide !’’ Scott announced as he started counting in the dark. You had spotted a place before the lights were off so now you knew how to navigate yourself in the thick blackness.

On your way to your hiding place you bumped against Lydia who whispered a sorry and kept walking and then minutes later you felt the wood of the furniture you were aiming for. It was a huge desk with a chair and a tiny spot beneath it. Scott had stopped counting and was crawling around the room touching random stuff. The rest of the pack would avoid him once hearing him, but your hiding place was so good that you thought you’d never have to move.

Scott was cheating using his scent to smell you and he realized everyone else was constantly moving, besides you, making you an easier target. He silently walked towards the desk he remembered being in the room and just as he was about to bend and grab you, you felt someone tugging at your feet, pulling you from under the desk. You were about to make a sound when that someone lifted you up and placed his hand on your lips. He walked with you until you heard Scott moving further.

‘’That was close…’’ You recognized Derek’s voice. You were about to thank him and move on , when as your body shifted you felt pressure applied on a specific part of your body. Derek immediately heard the change in your heartbeat.

‘’what’s wrong ?’’ he asked you. You had to admit, the feeling of his big strong hands cupping your breast like that. It made you go weak on the knees. If he would just squeeze them…you nearly moaned in excitement of the thought but held it in and answered.

‘’you’re um…kinda …holding my tit.’’ You said and an

‘’OW !’’ was heard from Stiles banging on the couch.

‘’oh, I’m sorry…’’ Derek said and you could practically hear him smirking, but he did not remove his hand.

‘’still holding it…’’ you mumbled. And he smirked even louder.

‘’I know’’ he leaned in and whispered giving it a light squeeze.




‘’AAaaand hide !’’ Derek yelled as he begun counting in Spanish. Where did he even learn that ? Stiles , your best friend held your hand as he lead you through the room , trying to find a hiding place.

‘’who farted?’’ someone you thought was Liam yelled and you laughed.

Derek begun looking under furniture, and you heard the curtains being dragged once.

‘’how the hell are we supposed to hide if we can’t even see our noses ?’’ you whispered to Stiles. You two were behind a pillar.

‘’I saw a torch somewhere. If we can find it, we’ll have a privilege.’’ Stiles instructed.

‘’you go.’’ You said.

‘’what ? why me ? , no you’re smaller , you’ll get around easier…’’ he argued.

‘’rock paper scissors ?’’ you asked and he sighed saying fine. Youpulled out a rock and he pulled out a paper.

‘’DAMN ! okay I’ll be back Stilinski’’ you said falling on your knees and crawling on the floor. You started feeling furniture and things in an attempt to get a hold of the torch when your fingers traced something like a shoe.

‘’ehem’’ you heard Derek’s voice.

‘’SHIT !’’ you cried out. You did not want to lose just yet so you started running in the dark with Derek following you, As you were running , you felt your feet tripping and you grabbed something. You run your fingers against it and heard someone calling your name

‘’y/n’’ it was Stiles, you smiled

‘’HEY I THINK I FOUND THE TORCH !’’you said and you felt a pair of hands pulling yours away.

‘’that’s…that wasn’t..a torch…’’ Stiles explained and maybe it was the fact that you were drunk but you did not understand.

‘’but it was hard !’ you protested and Stiles felt his cheeks getting red.

‘’I will not apologize for getting hard at a beautiful girl caressing me whilst on her knees. I will not.’’ He defended himself.




‘’AAAaaand hide !’’ Stiles yelled. You had decided on a strategy where you would not hide, but rather stay in an open space that you would be able to move, if you heard Stiles. You jumped on the couch and felt the wall.

Seconds later the couch’s mattress slightly shifted and you felt someone next to you.

‘’IS THAT YOU LYDIA ?’’ Stiles asked and you assumed he had taken hold of someone.

‘’yes’’ Derek replied sarcastically in his deep voice and the person next to you laughed.

You would recognize that laughter anywhere.

‘’I think he’s coming our way…’’ Liam told you . You focused on the sound and indeed , Stiles was heading towards the couch.

‘’did he stop ?’’ you asked , not being able to hear him approaching anymore. Then you heard a warrior’s cry and realized Stiles was taking a run up to jump onto the couch as well.

‘’abandon ship !’’ you yelled as you and Liam jumped in the air awkwardly. Once landing, Liam stepped onto something sharp that caused him to lose balance and trip. In an attempt to not hit the ground he raised his hands and tried to hold onto.

You let out a cry of pain and only then did he realize what he had done.

‘’please tell me these are your shoulders…’’ Liam whispered and you chuckled.

It was awkward but he had taken a very strong grip on them, and as it had always been happening, when someone violently grabbed the delicate skin, your nipples hardened. Liam felt that beneath his fingers and let out a groan.

‘’sorry…’’ he mumbled.

‘’you can let go now…?’’ you said and he removed his hands.

‘’right.. um sorry. Sorry’’ He thanked god the lights were off or you would be able to see the crimson color in which he had turned into.




‘’Aaaand Hide!’’Liam said and the game was on. You walked around, trying to avoid making a mess when you fell onto someone.

‘’ouch!’’ him and you let out at the same time.

‘’oh sorry Scott’’ you said figuring it was him, as you got up and kept moving. A few steps later you were supporting your back on the wall and walking at its length when you bumped again into someone.

‘’oops’’ he said

‘’we need to stop meeting like this’’ you joked and Scott kept walking.

You finally felt the knobs of the wardrobe and smiled in victory, This was your ticket to it, anyway. You pulled it open and entered, pushing aside some of the clothes and closing the door again. You tried to keep quiet by controlling your breathing. Then one of the hangers of the clothes fell onto your head and you cried out.

‘’hush’ someone said and you froze realizing you were not alone in there.

‘’excuse you. I hurt my head and you’re hushing me ?’’ you asked and heard Scott chuckling. His hand came to your waist pulling you closer.

‘’I don’t really want to be found right now…’’ he whispered.

‘’Scott that’s not my waist…’’ you mumbled against him and he gave your ass a slight spank

‘’I definitely don’t want to be found..’’ he smirked and you sighed.

‘’let go’’ you demanded.

‘’ not fair. For all I know your hand could be on my bum as well’’ he argued.  

‘’it isn’t..’’ you reassured him and he made his eyes glow. The red illuminated the wardrobe and gave you both a perfect view of your innocence, since both of your hands were resting against his torso.

‘’see they aren’t ‘’ you whispered.

‘’they should be’’ he leaned in smashing his lips onto yours, closing his eyes , as the dark returned.



‘’I’m so bloody wasted !’’ Isaac said and Stiles smacked his shoulder.

‘’just say it.’’

‘’AAaaand hide !’’ Isaac finally said as he started counting. The room was very dark and huge and thus you had already lost precious time trying to walk without hurting anything or anyone , that when Isaac announced he was done counting you were yet without a hiding place.

‘’ this is my butt !’’ Liam said from somewhere in the room. You panicked, not knowing what to do. Why wasn’t Kira playing? She’d  lighten things up. Literally

‘’ I can hear your heartbeaaat’’ Isaac said as if he was the villain in a children’s nursery story.

‘’fuck ‘’ you let out and started walking in a faster pace hoping to avoid him. You leaned against what felt like  doorframe and breathed slowly.

Then all of a sudden you felt fingers brushing against your private parts.

‘’um…’’ you mumbled wanting to warn whoever it was, that they had made things sort of awkward.

‘’if you were going for my hands…you missed.’’ You informed the person next to you and then you felt one strong hand pressing against your centre, shifting the fabric as you pressed further against the wall.

‘’ I didn’t miss’’ Isaac smiled and you laughed pulling him in for a kiss.




‘’Aaand- whatever just hide.’’ Peter said holding his bottle as he walked around in the room searching for the pack, without even counting.

Scott , who was walking behind him trying to avoid him pinched the back of his neck causing Peter to groan.

‘’playing hide and seek with a bunch of teenagers was not on this years resolution…’’he mumbled as he kept looking for you.

Apparently he was very drunk and useless at the game.


‘’I hate this game’’ he mubled giving up and sitting on a couch.

‘’That’s against the rules !’’ Stiles cried and Peter motioned his fingers ignoring him. You made your way to the couch , and bumped into it due to the darkness of the room , but then you sat down next to Peter, placing your hand on his thigh.

‘’pretty sure that’s against the rules as well y/n..’’ Peter raised an eyebrow and you squeezed his thigh moving your hand upwards.


‘’do you still hate this game ?’’ you asked reaching his crotch as he flipped you on the couch , getting on top of you.

‘’so much.’’ He mumbled against you.

Wanted (Stiles Stilinski x Reader oneshot)

A/N: this is pretty shitty and short but oh well 

Originally posted by welightuptheworld

As you walked through the door, you see Stiles laying flat on his bed. Hiding a smile you knock on the door lightly and he jolts up, looking at you and giving a small wave. 

 "Hiya, Stiles.“ You smile excitedly. You were always happy to be with Stiles, he brightened up your day and never failed to put you in a good mood. He is an extraordinary friend, but terrible at hiding things and right now you could tell something was wrong, "What’s wrong?” You question and Stiles looks confused.

 "How did you know something was wrong?“ Stiles asks with a small, fake laugh. You sit next to him on the bed and he leans his elbows on his knees as he bends over. The silence fills the room before he speaks up, "Why does nobody want me?” And that’s where your heart breaks. Placing a hand on his back, you rub it soothingly and Stiles looks back at you with kind eyes but a sad expression. You notice his eyes are red and puffy. 

 "I want you.“ You admit and Stiles looks at you with furrowed eyebrows and you look at him with a serious expression, "You’re my best friend, Stiles." 

 "I don’t want a friend.” He snaps, annoyed and you feel a pang of hurt in your heart, “I want someone who loves me and… I want everything Scott and Kira have but–” he stops himself and looks down with his head in his hands. You sigh as you place your hands on his and remove them from his face but he looks away. 

 "Stiles,“ you call but he doesn’t look, "Look at me, please.” He turns around and you can’t help but feel so horribly for him. It’s always been known that Stiles has never had a girlfriend (or boyfriend too, you guess) or a first kiss but you didn’t know it affected him to this extent. 

 "I’m.. A joke.“ He adds incredulously, "No girl wants me and I get why I mean I–” you cut him off, crashing your lips against his and he gasps in shock before pulling back and you feel fear get a tight grip on your chest. What if he doesn’t want you? Stiles’ eyes study you for a few seconds, his lips red as he puffs out air, before he places one hand on your cheek and the other on your waist. He leans in slowly and all you can hear is your heart beating really loudly. As his chest rises and falls and finally, he places his soft lips on yours. Your eyes flutter closed and you run your hand to the nape of his neck, lightly tugging on his hair. He moans loudly into your mouth and you smile into the kiss before pulling back, “I want you.” You repeat from before and Stiles wastes no time crashing his lips back on to yours. 

“I want you too.” He replies. And you know now, neither of you mean it as friends. As he pushes you back on his bed and hovers over you in the confines of his messy room, you’re glad you decided to come today.